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  20. For Daily Record Low temps by city, are actually becoming less frequently observed: climate, warm - Weather
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  31. Longshot . Weather patterns: earthquakes, place, world, USA
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  33. Which US City most like Ireland?: climate, warm, record, inches - Weather
  34. Rate this Fictional_Monterey: climate, warm, average, temperatures - Weather
  35. Power bill, R-values, types of insulation: climate, snow, warm, average - Weather
  36. Seeking ideal climate [wind, variation, low humidity]: snowy, hot, average - Weather
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  38. Each year, does every continental US city get at least 1 70-80F degree day free of clouds and with dew point <60F?: climate, snow - Weather
  39. What is the stereotypical tundra climate to you?: snow, warmest - Weather
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  44. Portland, Oregon sets new record for number of days in a year reaching 90F: climate, records - Weather
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  53. Weather: a map of how often you'll wear what: climate, warm, average
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  64. A 100-metre (330ft) high iceberg drifts to Greenland West Coast: ice, record - Weather
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  72. What if South America connected to Antarctica?: climate, warm, ice - Weather
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  77. When is open swimming pool season in North Carolina (Charlotte)?: climate, hot - Weather
  78. Is Tampico really colder than Hong Kong?: record, city, America - Weather
  79. Which of the following locales in CA, AZ, NM, & TX has best year-round weather?: climate, snow
  80. Five ways to keep cties cooler during heat waves: climate, warm, ice - Weather
  81. 2018 is on pace to be the fourth hottest year on record: warmest, ice - Weather
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  85. October 2018 Summary: hottest, warm, average, warming - Weather
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  87. Climate battle Newark, USA vs. Veliko Gradite, Serbia vs. Stuttgart, Germany: snow, warmest - Weather
  88. Hottest rain on record: warm, storm, degree, dew point - Weather
  89. Which city has the best subtropical highland climate?: rainfall, storms, cities - Weather
  90. Rate this climate, Shelter Cove, California: warm, temperature, precipitation, place - Weather
  91. Rate the climate: Fremont, CA (warmest, averages, temperatures, rainfall) - Weather
  92. Rate the climate: Leskovac, southern Serbia: average, precipitation, annual, maximum - Weather
  93. Wildfire: city, world, rain, november - Weather
  94. Rate the Climate - Falls Creek, VIC (AUS): snowy, hot, warm - Weather
  95. Rate the Climate-Kitimat, BC: snowy, most, sunniest, cloudy - Weather
  96. Will Las Vegas ever reach 50C (122F) ?: climate, hot, record - Weather
  97. Which tilted Earth do you like the most?: climate, city - Weather
  98. Creation of a semicontinental climate: an apparent solution to the NE of US and the long subtropical strip: hot, average - Weather
  99. How much does sunshine/seasonal variation affect your indoor temperatures for otherwise identical outdoor temperatures?: climate, warm - Weather
  100. How to get 70f every day of the year!: average, temperatures, most - Weather
  101. September 2018 Summary: snowfall, hottest, warmest, records - Weather
  102. Is winter in the Eastern United States canceled this year? :P: climate, snow - Weather
  103. Rank the temperature ranges (70s, 80s, 90s, from your most to least favorite.: hot, warm - Weather
  104. Climate Battle: Tucson vs Manaus: hot, warm, rainfall, season - Weather
  105. Not Winter but at least it's sub-zero ('F): climate, snow, hot - Weather
  106. My Nightmare Climate: N'Djamena, Chad: hottest, average, temperatures, nights - Weather
  107. Looking for city suggestions based on climate: snow, hot, warm - Weather
  108. Climate Battle: Adelaide vs Houston: snowfall, hot, warm, average - Weather
  109. November 15-16, 2018 Winter Storm: snow, ice, city, freezing - Weather
  110. Rate The Climate, Rimouski, Quebec, Canada: snow, warm, records, temperatures - Weather
  111. 2100 Projected FUTURE Climates: snow, warm, ice, recorded - Weather
  112. Climate Battle: Phoenix vs. Houston: hottest, warm, record, temperature - Weather
  113. What latitudes and above do you consider north?: climate, city, seasons - Weather
  114. Climate Battle: International Falls, MN vs Ufa, Russia: snowy, warm, average - Weather
  115. Rate This Subarctic Climate: snowy, warmest, season, world - Weather
  116. Based on average climatology, which beach would you rather spend an October?: warm, record - Weather
  117. What's up with Late Foliage?: snow, warm, average, temperature - Weather
  118. Why is Flagstaff so snowy?: climate, snowfalls, warm, record - Weather
  119. When will Orlando drop below 70 F?: climate, warm, record - Weather
  120. What if Florida and the Gulf Coast didn't have hurricanes or tornadoes?: climate, warm - Weather
  121. Mountain View, MO: the southernmost city in North America with a Dfa climate at low altitude?: warm, average - Weather
  122. 0 vs 100: snowy, city, humidity, january - Weather
  123. Snowfall totals for 2018-2019 Season: warm, average, 2015, city - Weather
  124. October to April in the United States: snowfall, hot, warm - Weather
  125. Brief on the frequency of single digit above zero and subzero temperatures in your location: snow, record - Weather
  126. Rate the climate Cetinje, Montenegro: snowy, warm, average, temperatures - Weather
  127. Rate The Climate: Pollock Pines, California, USA: snow, warm, record - Weather
  128. Did you get a lot of sunshine hours the past 6 weeks?: averages, days - Weather
  129. What if South Africa were rotated this way? (fictional geography): climate, hot - Weather
  130. Do you live in a hot place?: climate, warm, temperatures - Weather
  131. New Orleans vs Kuwait City Climate Battle: snow, hot, average - Weather
  132. Where would you rather spend this weekend weatherwise?: hot, temperature, day
  133. July 2018 Summary: hottest, warmest, record, temperatures - Weather
  134. Is Mount Washington, New Hampshire the least sunny place in the US?: climate, snow - Weather
  135. When will New York City Central Park reach 100F again ?: ice, days - Weather
  136. What is the closest spot to the southernmost US East Coast that receives snow annually?: snowing, averages - Weather
  137. Hotter And Hotter Planet, Cooler Places To Live?: climate, snow, warm - Weather
  138. Rate this climate, improved San Francisco: snow, warm, days, precipitation - Weather
  139. Rank the months of the year from most to least favorite:: hottest, warm - Weather
  140. Which cities are liveable without air conditioning and for how much longer?: climate, hot - Weather
  141. Who Has The Most Oppressive Weather? - Forbes: warm, average, temperature
  142. Every contiguous US state is forecast to experience smoke from western wildfires on Wednesday: days, storm - Weather
  143. California Wildfires - Man Arrested: climate, warm, global warming, days - Weather
  144. Which receives the most hurricanes/typhoons? Southern US vs. East Asia: records, rainfall - Weather
  145. Most rain that ever fell in a 24 hour period for you?: snowfall, recorded - Weather
  146. Countries with four distinct seasons.: climate, snowing, warm, temperatures - Weather
  147. -62C in Winter to +35C in Summer -: climate, snow, hot - Weather
  148. Does U.S. actually have a cold climate ?: snowy, hot, warm - Weather
  149. Which climate is closest to a typical 4 season climate?: snow, warm, record - Weather
  150. i warned you Canadians I was going to do this: climate, hot - Weather
  151. Fall 2018;Northern Hemisphere: hot, warm, record, 2015 - Weather
  152. At what temperature do you set your thermostat at in the summer: hot, warm - Weather
  153. Summer battle : Chicago vs New York City: warmest, averages, temperatures - Weather
  154. Wettest season of the year where you live?: average, precipitation, inches - Weather
  155. Do you consider 70s/80s hot: warm, temp, humidity, South - Weather
  156. July Climate Battle: Where would you rather spend July only?: snow, hot - Weather
  157. Which of weather events does your city experience?: climate, snowfalls, average
  158. Do Europeans consider Vancouver a snowy city in winter?: climate, snowfall, average - Weather
  159. 90F(32C) or Warmer Days in 2018: hottest, record, temperature, 2015 - Weather
  160. What do you think about southeastern France climate ?: snow, hot, warm - Weather
  161. Do you think theres a strong correlation between cold weather preferences and the holiday season?: climate, snow storm
  162. How much hotter is your hometown compared to when you were born?: climate, snow - Weather
  163. other place like Ireland? Esp in the U.S.: climate, snow - Weather
  164. Fictional Maps: climate, warm, ice, cities - Weather
  165. Climate Battle Hanoi Vietnam vs Buffalo NY: snow, hot, warm - Weather
  166. This morning the windchill was below freezing: climate, snow, warm - Weather
  167. Favorite US city climate(excluding southern California and Hawaii): snow, recorded, storms - Weather
  168. Verkhoyansk Russia Climate (why is September colder than May)?: hot, warm, averages - Weather
  169. Does 59 F feel more like 70 or 40 F?: warmest, temperature, rainfall - Weather
  170. Why don't people evacuate when the chance?: days, storm, city - Weather
  171. Is the Climate out West almost as comfortable like Fall back East?: hot, averages - Weather
  172. Do you trust the weather channel?: climate, tornado, snow, warm
  173. Best Place to Spend October?: climate, snow, hot, warm - Weather
  174. Rate the Climate: Edmonton, Alberta: snow, warm, city, seasons - Weather
  175. Do you prefer dynamic weather or stagnant weather?: climate, snowy, hot
  176. Rate the climate: Worcester, Massachusetts: snow, average, temperature, days - Weather
  177. Based on average climatology, where would you rather spend a September?: warm, city - Weather
  178. in rainy climates: How often do you need to wash your car/water the lawn?: snow, hot - Weather
  179. Today is the last day of 90+ 'F in 2018: snow, hottest, temperature - Weather
  180. At what temperature do you start wearing a jacket?: snow, precipitation, freezing - Weather
  181. Winter 2018-19 (Northern Hemisphere): snowy, warm, record, temperatures - Weather
  182. Oranges could be a viable agricultural crop in the Seattle area by 2050: climate, snow - Weather
  183. Best cities with arid or semi-arid climates?: rainfall, world, inches - Weather
  184. Fall 2018's photo northern hemesphire): snow, average, city, season - Weather
  185. Summer 2018's summary: climate, hot, warmest, recorded - Weather
  186. Spring 2018: Southern Hemisphere: climate, snowfall, hot, warm - Weather
  187. Days above 90 in the year you were born vs now: climate, warm - Weather
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  189. Spring 2019: months, North, northern - Weather
  190. Microburst caught on camera in Nevada: predict, perfect, area - Weather
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  192. Sunset sunrise discussion - Weather
  193. Big Island rainfall totals: inches, ground, Hawaii, live - Weather
  194. Hurricane Sergio going to miss CA again? Hurricane Rosa once forecasted to be a Frankenstorm like storm: rainfall, 2015 - Weather
  195. Looking for a good website for avg monthly lo temps and rainfall for Anza, CA: climate, averages - Weather
  196. Breckenridge, Colorado - Earliest Open in Decade: snow - Weather
  197. Baseball sized hail around Colorado Springs, Co yesterday: storm, West, live - Weather
  198. Past and future climate averages: warm, ice, warming, temperature - Weather
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  200. Cheap warning device to indicate lightning: storm, wear, clouds - Weather