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  1. Stray dog called Serenity,is found cuddling five kittens abandoned in the snow to keep them alive: litter, rescue - Cats
  2. Internet cat Lil Bub has died at age 8: felines, kitty, washing - Cats
  3. Vital Essentials raw food?: foods, dog, quality - Cats
  4. Green with envy.: older - Cats
  5. Introducing a kitten to a dog?: kittens, dogs, house, rescue - Cats
  6. Ziwi Peak food & your opinions?: foods, kitty, healthy, meat - Cats
  7. Cats do have facial expressions (you are just really bad at reading them): scratch, floor
  8. Favorite kitten food?: foods, house, feed, feast - Cats
  9. Meet ‘Meow Meow’, the new grumpy cat that’s angrier than her precursor: feline, hair - Cats
  10. Magnificent cats.
  11. A cat's definition of a doggie bed.: kitty - Cats
  12. Special Kitty canned food recall: salmon, Walmart - Cats
  13. Play behavior decline- how to get Stark's spark back?: weight, rug, throw - Cats
  14. How much to feed a 9 month old kitten: kittens, food, hungry - Cats
  15. Littergenie / litter disposal system: cheap, kitchen, amount, sounds - Cats
  16. Cats + electric blanket: eating, safe, blankets, house
  17. Twin Kittens from Different Litters: siamese, butt, kitty, white - Cats
  18. Cat is only nibbling, no appetite: kidney, ferral, blood, food - Cats
  19. Couple Saved From House Collapse During Landslide By Their Cats: time, survive
  20. Cat with Heart Murmur - Looking for: eating, male, feline - Cats
  21. Severa rhino sinusitis help??: felines, food, liquid, dogs - Cats
  22. Fractured Trachea in Cat: eating, feline, safe, food - Cats
  23. Cat tapeworm cure: eating, weight, vomiting, food - Cats
  24. Cat Food Recall: 11/19/2019: dog, diet, feed, meat - Cats
  25. Hyperthyroidism in cats?: eating, vomiting, kidney, blood
  26. Cat enjoys spa treatment with help of two preschoolers: kidney, house, rescue - Cats
  27. Kitten feeding schedule: kittens, eating, food, appetite - Cats
  28. Cat Food Recall: 12/17/2019: kitty, special - Cats
  29. Cat dental and anesthesia: kitten, eating, food, meows - Cats
  30. Banfield stops declawing!: vaccine, surgery, kitty, vets - Cats
  31. Anemia w/ a 22 level?: blood, throwing, liquid, house - Cats
  32. Losing paws pads due to Mega Paw: surgery, tuna, ideas - Cats
  33. Orphan kitties rescued.: kittens, paws, kitty, water - Cats
  34. Does your cat sneeze?: blood, appetite, healthy, vet - Cats
  35. Opinions--New Cat: kitten, drinks, dog, constantly - Cats
  36. Holistic vet visit: foods, sneeze, antibiotics, dogs - Cats
  37. Recommendations for cat with IBD?: eating, feline, blood, stomach - Cats
  38. Could low potassium be caused by excess urination?: weight, kidney, food - Cats
  39. How important is it to keep them uiet ?: kittens, eating - Cats
  40. best way to prevent the litter from being tracked all over the house: carpet, dog - Cats
  41. A truckers cat: dogs, main, litter, feed - Cats
  42. Tiny Paws Volunteers Rescue Many Neonatal Orphaned Kittens - Cats
  43. Introducing new kitten into the house: feline, dog, litter, paws - Cats
  44. Mornings are cuddle time :-): butt, couch, licks, kitty - Cats
  45. Cats' Stress re Cross US move/fly w/ 13-14yo & unknow 4-5yo?: kidney, litter
  46. Recue kitten with a Cuteness Alert.: rescue, time, outside - Cats
  47. How can you make a cat stop meowing?: diet, neutered, how much - Cats
  48. Help! Cat won't stop peeing everywhere.: male, safe, smells, litter - Cats
  49. Do cats bond: dogs, time, special, humans
  50. Fiv & Interferon, cold weather, resistance to heart/kidney health & infections?: eating, main - Cats
  51. Bonded pair...and then there was one...: elderly, vets, how much - Cats
  52. Look what my cat got me for Christmas: house, kitty, urine - Cats
  53. Does this sound like FIP?: kitten, food, appetite, cheap - Cats
  54. Will neutering male stop aggression towards sister?: kittens, eating, sleeping - Cats
  55. Stupid people and cats: kitten, eating, food, feed
  56. Adding 2 new kittens?: feline, blood, smells, throw - Cats
  57. All you calico lovers, check this girl out.: kittens, litter, house - Cats
  58. ever use Gabapentin for pain control for their cat?: eating, kidney - Cats
  59. What time do you feed your cat at night?: weight, blood, belly - Cats
  60. unneutered male house cat being introduced to new spayed female cat: eating, food - Cats
  61. I Dare You...: kittens, names - Cats
  62. How to stop neutered male kitten from spraying: kittens, smells, food - Cats
  63. Casto Pollux Organix Chicken & Turkey ONLY w/out carrageenan!: kittens, eating - Cats
  64. An exceptionally pretty Mom cat & babies.: kittens, appetite, hair - Cats
  65. My morning greeting at work: sleeping, feed, scratch, special - Cats
  66. Weruva BFF cans w/ low phosphorous but BPA??: canned food, cheap - Cats
  67. NY Times: Cats Like People! People,: food, dogs, feed
  68. No Ordinary Cat: female, kitty, orange - Cats
  69. Senior Cat Vomiting After Eating/Drinking: weight, feline, kidney, stomach - Cats
  70. Tatarian honeysuckle has catnip effect on your cat?: kitty, scratch, grown - Cats
  71. My Corky sick, vet can't find cause: kitten, eating, weight - Cats
  72. Earn Cats Love or Respect: food, house, best, water
  73. How do you celebrate your cat's birthday? An update on our rescue cat!: canned food, antibiotics - Cats
  74. Companion Cat: kittens, felines, blood, smells - Cats
  75. My 16 year old cat peed on me: weight, kidney, smells - Cats
  76. Neosporin for treating kitten Conjutivist will work !: kittens, rescue, vet - Cats
  77. This should make you smile (doggie alert).: kittens, dogs, constantly - Cats
  78. People Can Just Barely Handle This Friendship Between This Dog and Its Cat Buddy: couch - Cats
  79. cleaning cardboard scratchers: sleeping, throw, canned food, cheap - Cats
  80. First report on Bubbas cat urine eliminator.: male, carpet, smells - Cats
  81. Rafferty doesn't like Scarlett: kittens, older, ragdoll, yellow - Cats
  82. Small Communities with Large Feral Cat Issues: kittens, food, litter - Cats
  83. FYI Upper Respiratory not eating solution: food, vet, infection, infections - Cats
  84. Cat anxiety after getting a new cat: kitten, male, domestic - Cats
  85. Weruva BFF Grain free food & Acepromazine med to calm?: weight, kidney - Cats
  86. Cost Dental Cleaning DOUBLED???: food, antibiotics, dog, diet - Cats
  87. Cats eye changing to dark yellow and he is laying in a weird position.: kitten, eating
  88. cat with cancer: eating, male, kidney, food - Cats
  89. Bald Spots On Cat: weight, blood, safe, food - Cats
  90. Stumped Vet - Kidneys or Infection? Mixed test results: smelling, food, antibiotic - Cats
  91. Coronavirus & food from Thaliland?: foods, feed, vet, indoor - Cats
  92. Advice for cat feline oral fibrosarcoma: medication, house, surgery, kitty - Cats
  93. Kitten Smuggling. - Cats
  94. Use the Tidy Cat Breeze System?: dog, furniture, litter - Cats
  95. The Saga of White Dot: kittens, eating, male, feline - Cats
  96. Fresh Pet Select Chicken & Beef raw food for cat?: kitten, cheap - Cats
  97. Senior Cat with Kidney Disease and Pancreatitis-What can I feed her?: feline, foods - Cats
  98. How Do You Get A Cat to Drink Water???: vomiting, drinks, throws up - Cats
  99. Cat Opens Tupperware Full Of Cookies And Takes A Bite Of Every Single One: eating, carpet - Cats
  100. Litter box rejection - URGENT!: feline, carpet, smelling, belly - Cats
  101. Need Claw Trimming Advice: kittens, male, house, female - Cats
  102. Indoor/Outdoor Cats: dogs, fleas, house, surgery
  103. Flushing non-clumping litter with poop: house, meat, best, deter - Cats
  104. Should I replace my senior cat's deceased companion?: kittens, male - Cats
  105. Use low phosphorous food in all cats to guard kidneys?: safe, foods
  106. OTC Meds for hairballs?: eating, stomach, puking, food - Cats
  107. stop vaccinating their cat?: blood, dogs, vaccine, flea - Cats
  108. Cat surgery this Thurs.: laser, stomach, chews, hair - Cats
  109. How to keep cat from using my garden for a potty: weight, food - Cats
  110. 120 year old cat photograph: dog, kitty, time - Cats
  111. Cats in Cold?: sleeping, throw, canned food, dog
  112. What do you feed your Adult Cat?: eating, kidney, canned food - Cats
  113. Shelter Cat Still Looking For Forever Home After No One Shows Up To Her Birthday Party: male, dogs - Cats
  114. Horrorshow In The Back Yard: kittens, safe, sleeping, dogs - Cats
  115. Introducing...Luna: kittens, main, house, rescue - Cats
  116. Kitten Biting Neck Of Older Kitten: kittens, eating, male, siamese - Cats
  117. VCA USA takes a stand against declawing: kitten, declaw, weight - Cats
  118. Feral way too smart to retrap 2nd time?: kittens, eating, food - Cats
  119. Would getting a second cat make things better?: kittens, carpet, dogs - Cats
  120. Wendy's battle with cancer: eating, smells, sleeping, dogs - Cats
  121. how to stop itching at home: vomiting, blood, foods, appetite - Cats
  122. Cat Door for Outside Cats: eating, food, dogs, houses
  123. Old cat won't chill out: litter, rescue, paws, vet - Cats
  124. Front paw limp: eating, food, furniture, litter - Cats
  125. Missing cat found 11 years after escaping from owner's car: hair, house, rescue - Cats
  126. Vaccinate your indoor cat for rabies!: kitten, eating, dogs, bite - Cats
  127. I am going to have to put my cat down: kidney, blood - Cats
  128. Do of your cats watch TV ?: dog, paws, night
  129. Feral cat parents: eating, food, house, feed - Cats
  130. Feral Cat Parents: What Do You FEED Your Ferals?: kittens, eating, male - Cats
  131. twin xl bed where cat does not come on bed.: sleeping, house - Cats
  132. Cat at home for 7 days: diet, house, vet, travel - Cats
  133. Samson is going to make it...: eating, weight, blood, food - Cats
  134. Little rash on cats belly: stomach, foods, sneeze, bite
  135. Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office: house, rescue, wax, time - Cats
  136. First vet appointment (something with her ears): weight, safe, foods - Cats
  137. Wet food: knows Performatrin Ultra Grain Free: safe, canned food, main - Cats
  138. After two years of trying I trapped the feral Mama!: kittens, safe - Cats
  139. Everyone's Rooting For Cinder-Block, An Obese Cat Who Dislikes Her Workout: weight, diet - Cats
  140. Can I leave my 7-month kitten alone overnight?: kittens, male, vomit - Cats
  141. Co-sleeping Cat: kidney, blood, dog, medication - Cats
  142. Do you let a feral cat into your house?: kittens, eating, male - Cats
  143. Need advice on situation btwn neighbor and myself: declawed, male, hair - Cats
  144. Very dilute urine and increased drinking/urination?: eating, weight, kidney - Cats
  145. Can I get sick?: eating, carpet, food, antibiotics - Cats
  146. urine scald: weight, safe, foods, antibiotic - Cats
  147. weird things that kitties are afraid of (PIC): food, sneeze, dogs - Cats
  148. Another peeing: eating, male, carpet, safe - Cats
  149. Does Have a Cat with Lung Disease?: throwing up, food, diet - Cats
  150. My cat is too fat...: weight, laser, blood, food - Cats
  151. How much love is safe for kittens to receive ?: male, weight, sleeping - Cats
  152. 2 newly neutered kittens. HeLp!!!: eating, male, food, litter - Cats
  153. Blue Buffalo Canned Cat Food: foods, diet, kitty, healthy - Cats
  154. Daisy the cat can't find a home because of her unfortunate facial marking: hair, kitty - Cats
  155. Fancy Feast vs Friskies cans: when desperate to feed?: eating, male, kidney - Cats
  156. Journey of finding a new furry friend ...: medication, house, rescue - Cats
  157. Day 2, shouldn't the anti-biotics be making UTI better?: eating, male, blood - Cats
  158. kitty has a leg tumor: blood, medication, surgery, younger - Cats
  159. Older Cat Peeing in House: kidney, blood, safe, dog - Cats
  160. Chewy vs Petco ?: kittens, canned food, dog, litter - Cats
  161. Worried about my arthritic senior cat...: weight, carpet, kidney, laser - Cats
  162. Penelope passed on last night: kitty, shelter, grown - Cats
  163. Can I be allergic to Clumping cat litter: eating, weight, food - Cats
  164. average length of grieving period?: kittens, feline, medicine - Cats
  165. Cat in the bag carrier: main, medicine, kitty, vet - Cats
  166. My cat's constipation issues today: eating, vomitting, kidney, stomach - Cats
  167. Cat loosing hair & itchy: kitten, eating, carpet, belly - Cats
  168. After 2+ yrs trapped our feral to vet today!!!: kitten, feline, kidney - Cats
  169. 4 cats/700 sq ft house?: dogs, litter, room, indoor
  170. Cat home-boarding vs catsitter: kitten, smells, dogs, litter
  171. My cat is limping....: vomits, blood, blanket, butt - Cats
  172. About our sphinxes: kittens, eating, sleeping, food - Cats
  173. Big drama dilemma re changing vets due to surgery?: male, neutered, best - Cats
  174. Homeless man with pet cat: eating, male, food, dogs - Cats
  175. Today I woke up with no faith in veterinarians anymore - VERY LONG, sorry: eating, carpet - Cats
  176. Tips for Rehoming Indoor Cats to Indoor/Outdoor Status?: kitten, safe, throw
  177. Single Cat Syndrome or something: kittens, carpet, kidney - Cats
  178. How to stop cat from doing this?: carpet, sneeze, dog - Cats
  179. How to wash a cat?: kittens, kitty, vet, bathroom - Cats
  180. Electra Is Gone At 18 & 1/2 Years: sleeping, hair, younger, couch - Cats
  181. Using Snuggle Safe Microwave pad or Ororo battery heated jackets for ferals?: blankets, butt - Cats
  182. Not so sure about converting from dry to canned: eating, weight, vomiting - Cats
  183. Eosinophilic Granuloma in Cats: kitten, eating, weight, food
  184. Cat Throwing up for months: eating, weight, vomiting, feline - Cats
  185. use Organix organic canned foods?: eating, feline, kidney - Cats
  186. how to go about parting with two adult cats?: eating, declawed, male
  187. Thoughts on my next furkids after losing my 14-year-old cat last week: kittens, weight - Cats
  188. Recovery time after spay?: kittens, male, dog, vaccines - Cats
  189. Grieving senior cat with separation anxiety; help!: kitten, dogs, medication - Cats
  190. New Cat Parent - How Often Should I play with my 2.5 y/o Cat? How to address biting?: kittens, blood - Cats
  191. Savage Raw or Stella & Chewy's Selects Raw Cat food?: eating, foods - Cats
  192. Adopted an abandoned kitten: kittens, dog, vaccines, blanket - Cats
  193. Unsocial new kitten.: kittens, declawed, male, safe - Cats
  194. 17 year old cat with hyperthyroidism and kidney disease: kitten, eating, male - Cats
  195. Adoptions way down--shelters need fosters ASAP! - Cats
  196. delete - Cats
  197. KITTY ER! Does This Sound Like Feline Lymphoma?: kidney, blood, drinks - Cats
  198. Need a good, reliable holistic vet metro NYC only for my cat who had biopsy to confirm intestinal lymphoma: medicine, cancer - Cats
  199. have book - The Cat: Clinical Medicine & Management?: vet - Cats
  200. SDMA positive CKD marker/test?: kidney, meows, kitty, vet - Cats