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  1. Dogs 'learning to bark'?: lab, boxer, barking, huskies
  2. News, New Yorker launches barking mad lawsuit.: chihuahuas, noise, NYC - Dogs
  3. Most Dog Friendly City: bite, vets, spaniel, spaniels - Dogs
  4. Brock Samson (new Akita/husky puppy pix): how much, paws, temperament - Dogs
  5. Diabetic dog: lab, vet, science, treatment - Dogs
  6. about our pup's behavior...: vet, breeder, skin, training - Dogs
  7. free milkbones!: pups, food, shelters, feeding - Dogs
  8. Stop BSL legislation: pitbulls, shepherd, shepherds, biting - Dogs
  9. Big dog owners - how do you weigh them?: shepherd, shepherds, vet - Dogs
  10. Has used Flea tabs?: rescues, fleas, puppy, best - Dogs
  11. Curse of the white dog (grooming): clean, skin, legs, keep - Dogs
  12. neutered: training, humping, breed, test - Dogs
  13. K9 Veterans Day March 13th: adopt, euthanize, American, sold - Dogs
  14. Funny Dog Video: normal, sleep - Dogs
  15. Hotels for dogs Boston MA: barking, walk, treats, leash
  16. What to put down in a large kennel: clean, poop, vet - Dogs
  17. Getting another dog or not...: toy, pomeranian, puppies, shelter - Dogs
  18. Can Dogs Get Laryngitis?: barking, pup, popular, neighbors
  19. Article on Animal Volunteer Vacations: science, best, shelter, Utah - Dogs
  20. Make your own 'loldogs': pitbull, keep, doggie
  21. Filing Taxes..: children, American, treats, animals - Dogs
  22. Beagle help: clean, vet, housebreak, cleaning - Dogs
  23. READ: Chai, tongue amputee from Toy: veterinarians, chew, paws - Dogs
  24. observations about the dog: bulldog, labradoodle, biting, clean - Dogs
  25. your experience with in-cabin pet travel?: yorkie, puppy, best, food - Dogs
  26. Vet vent/lyme disease in dog ..: lab, clean, prescription - Dogs
  27. Maltese dog needs your help: poodle, biting, vet, breeder - Dogs
  28. Lancaster County Ohio, Amish puppy mills: vet, breeders, legal, treatment - Dogs
  29. News: Seized dogs soon to be up for adoption: legal, rescue, puppy
  30. Introducing new rescue to 5 yr old Golden: lab, vet, adopting - Dogs
  31. Picky Eaters: poop, vet, diet, natural - Dogs
  32. News, Little girl gets into the heart, mind of a distant, wary dog.: husky, reactions - Dogs
  33. Symptoms of E-Canis disease read if you have ticts): vet, costs - Dogs
  34. My Friend Has a Yorkshire Terrier: yorkies, patella, vet, cost - Dogs
  35. Recommendation for dog toenail clipping in Fort Lee/Cliffside Park: chihuahua, vet - Dogs
  36. This is sick: terrier, legal, puppy, ears - Dogs
  37. Advice Neighbor dog always loose...: barking, puppy, food, outside - Dogs
  38. Fed Up With Animal Abuse!: labs, boxer, breeder, science - Dogs
  39. Requested Pictures?: shih tzu, shots, best, ears - Dogs
  40. ASPCA dog walk: paws, best, test, Florida - Dogs
  41. 15 mos old shih tzu and fish oil: skin, diet, rescue - Dogs
  42. Man trying to bring dog home from war...: rescue, adopted, cats - Dogs
  43. Showing Dogs: bulldog, aggressive, cost, kennel
  44. Poley Picture Update: adopting, puppy, best, home - Dogs
  45. s?: vet, surgery, best, breed - Dogs
  46. Keeping dog's beard clean???: cost, keep, animals, hairs - Dogs
  47. Dog Laryngitis: laser, barking, training, treatment - Dogs
  48. Dental work fears: clean, vet, cleaning, surgery - Dogs
  49. Dog rescues another dog: safe - Dogs
  50. Di's dog biscuits-excellant!: yeast, food, cats, treats - Dogs
  51. 2 Questions: train, chew, paws, cross - Dogs
  52. Advice - Adopting adult male shih tzu with current adult female shih tzu: rescue, adopt - Dogs
  53. Rachael Ray dog food - free sample: ears - Dogs
  54. Storm is limping!: clean, vet, best, weight - Dogs
  55. News: Pups defy fate’s tough odds: chihuahua, training, natural - Dogs
  56. Recommended Food for Dogs?: poop, vet, science, stomach
  57. mitral valve disease -: terrier, vet, toy, treatment - Dogs
  58. chug?: aggressive, skin, train, neutered - Dogs
  59. Anti-social Whippet: aggressive, train, beagle, best - Dogs
  60. Dog treat recipes (link inside!): treats - Dogs
  61. re Senior Dog Escape Artist Device: labradors, poop, housebreak - Dogs
  62. Are we looking at the end of pets?: vet, breeders, training - Dogs
  63. Mange: bulldog, chihuahua, vet, skin - Dogs
  64. Houdini dogs, cat food and the danger of wire crates/gates: vet, barking
  65. Spitz: miniature, husky, black, rescue - Dogs
  66. Favorite Websites...: natural, food, cats, store - Dogs
  67. The Laziest JRT in the World!: outside, breed, legs, ears - Dogs
  68. New dog breeds: labrador, shih tzu, terrier, retriever - Dogs
  69. Houdini dog, part II: shepherd, training, sheltie, puppies - Dogs
  70. help me identify this breed....: shepherd, lab, black, cross - Dogs
  71. Do you have, or have you met, a Puli?: breeders, black, puppies - Dogs
  72. My baby is gone and I'm heartbroken!: terriers, rescue, adopt - Dogs
  73. the perfect yorkie and she is mine: yorkies, breeding, skin - Dogs
  74. What do you use for potty area?: clean, poop, schnauzer - Dogs
  75. Teddie Possibly has Salmonella: vet, diarrhea, kennel, best - Dogs
  76. Dog ate my GLASSES. FRICK.: toy, adopted, chewing, puppy - Dogs
  77. Rough Weekend: allergic, yorkie, vet, breeders - Dogs
  78. Frontline and neurological issues: vet, skin, symptoms, fleas - Dogs
  79. Puppies are love sick over a stray kitten: daschund, lab, clean - Dogs
  80. to get a puppy or not??!!: aggressive, training, adopt, puppies - Dogs
  81. Bath time: shih tzu, clean, black, skin - Dogs
  82. News: Petland accused of selling sick puppies from mills: vet, breeder, adopt - Dogs
  83. New puppy!: labs, teeth, chewing, test - Dogs
  84. sick chihuahua: vet, shaking, problems, keep - Dogs
  85. Does having a dog make you happy?: children, puppy, best - Dogs
  86. akc breeder and puppy tracking: shih tzu, vet, breeders, rescue - Dogs
  87. Help! puppy problems....: clean, poop, vet, cleaning - Dogs
  88. I Wanted To Share With You; Handmade Harnesses: westie, puppy, size - Dogs
  89. Friday night ABC's Nightline will be investigating puppy mills! (You'll see all the Amish puppy mills): breeders, barking - Dogs
  90. Chewing up everything!: rescue, bones, dachshund, outside - Dogs
  91. How do I stop my dog from barking at everyone?: lab, bite - Dogs
  92. Oldest safe age to breed? Wear diaper at dog park?: how much, vet - Dogs
  93. Do dogs reflect their owner's personality?: lab, terrier, schnauzer, barks
  94. getting our first foster!: labrador, poodle, terrier, husky - Dogs
  95. Long dog leashes/flexi-leads: bite, poop, train, cross - Dogs
  96. new puppy, visiting friends with dogs?: vet, treatment, vaccinations, shots
  97. Do you rotate your dog's food?: allergic, poop, vet, science - Dogs
  98. English Bulldog and black skin...: clean, vet, wound, diet - Dogs
  99. good time to breed my doggie: patella, vet, breeder, euthanize - Dogs
  100. heat...............: poodle, vet, breeding, barking - Dogs
  101. Does Alpha Dog training cause more problems than it solves?: shepherd, shepherds - Dogs
  102. Large breeds and joint supplements: shepherd, lab, English Mastiff, vet - Dogs
  103. Would you fling yourself into the path of a train: how much, children - Dogs
  104. Dog with torn ACL: vet, training, surgery, rescue - Dogs
  105. Happy 5th Birthday To Our Kids!: puppies, food, ears, test - Dogs
  106. Dogs at shelter are sick with no vet care: boxer, terrier, yorkie
  107. Scrub A Dub Dub, Two Shihs in the Tub: shih tzu, clean, vet - Dogs
  108. Wellness Core Original: labs, clean, vet, science - Dogs
  109. Looking for Hemorrhagic GastroEnteritis (HGE)..: pitbull, terrier, yorkies, tumors - Dogs
  110. Guess the Mixed Breed Dog!: ridgeback, border collie, shepherd, lab - Dogs
  111. Introducing...: breeder, shots, puppy, outside - Dogs
  112. Windy Point; Lake PICTURES: barking, teeth, treatment, bones - Dogs
  113. Microchipping...: vets, skin, mice, kids - Dogs
  114. Should I have reported this incident to the police?: train, leash, attacking - Dogs
  115. Let's see your sleeping dogs!: black, shots, transfer, keep
  116. how to make ear cleaning plesant?: poodle, golden retriever, vet, rescue - Dogs
  117. Let's see your doggie smiles!: skin, best, breeds, ears - Dogs
  118. Grain-free treat recommendations?: poop, vet, diarrhea, bones - Dogs
  119. Does use a Dremel for dog's nails?: paws, noise, medium - Dogs
  120. Oprah's new puppy dies from Parvo!: breeder, rescue, cost, adopted - Dogs
  121. Dog Fights with Raccoons: shepherd, lab, terrier, bite - Dogs
  122. ACL Repair Using Tightrope: border collie, how much, shepherd, lab - Dogs
  123. Hastings NE Pit Ordinance ?: spaniel, best, cocker, breed - Dogs
  124. affenpinscher: shih tzu, patella, biting, poop - Dogs
  125. Man accused of breaking puppy's legs: bulldogs, pomeranian, ears, test
  126. Friends wanting you to be happy for them: how much, allergic, yorkie - Dogs
  127. Does your dachshund poop on the floor?: lab, miniature, clean - Dogs
  128. Bio Spot: allergy, vet, skin, cost - Dogs
  129. need digging done?: lab, poop, vet, rescue - Dogs
  130. Lost, Loved, Found... West Dallas Dogs: rescue, adoption, cross, food
  131. high frequency anti bark stopper?: barking, training, noise, puppy - Dogs
  132. watch**WARNING*Will make you cry**: train, rescue, neutering - Dogs
  133. Why I love my big dog: shepherd, lab, clean, stomach - Dogs
  134. News, Oprah adopts puppy from shelter.: shepherd, golden retriever, spaniel, breeder - Dogs
  135. Bloodhounds: how much, lab, bite, vet - Dogs
  136. I seriously need advice. help.: how much, lab, bite - Dogs
  137. Grrrrrrr! Shadow is Making Me Crazy!!: barking, skin, tooth, kids - Dogs
  138. Feeding Amount: yorkie, poop, vet, diet - Dogs
  139. It's time for snake venom vaccinations.: bite, vet, train, treatment - Dogs
  140. Car Reviews for Dog Owners: bulldog, husky, cost, kennel - Dogs
  141. No One Wants Vick's Remaining NFL Contract: test, home, Dallas - Dogs
  142. new puppy showed agression last night: shepherd, lab, toy, aggressive - Dogs
  143. about food brands: labs, bulldog, allergy, boxer - Dogs
  144. Can I order pet meds without a prescription?: vet, breeder, wound - Dogs
  145. Dog STILL has an ear infection...!: shepherd, poodle, terrier, chihuahua - Dogs
  146. normal for dogs to be kicking while sleeping?: breeder, barking, noise
  147. What kind of dog is this?: shepherd, terrier, vet, husky - Dogs
  148. Scheduled feedings: how much, stomach, train, diet - Dogs
  149. I need on dogs.: how much, lab, terriers, vet
  150. Shih Tzu: allergic, poodle, terrier, yorkie - Dogs
  151. Velma Started Her Treatment (pictures): vet, home, keep, Dallas - Dogs
  152. I need advice on cleaning pet urine.: cost, odor, best - Dogs
  153. At my wit's end... Artie's poop: allergy, clean, vet, diarrhea - Dogs
  154. yorkie: yorkies, clean, breeders, teeth - Dogs
  155. Obamas to go w/ a rescue PWD: poodle, terrier, labradoodle - Dogs
  156. Advice for being approached by other dogs while walking: boxer, barking, collie
  157. Vaccine side effects?: allergic, yorkie, vet, allergies - Dogs
  158. Whining: bite, vet, breeders, skin - Dogs
  159. Cleaning Up The Dog.: labrador, odor, bird, spray - Dogs
  160. Crating a dog: pitbull, clean, toy, cleaning - Dogs
  161. good indoor exercise?: lab, toy, train, collie - Dogs
  162. Recommend your dog's bed: clean, cost, chew, best - Dogs
  163. People who pick up their dogs inside dog parks: train, cross, walk
  164. Barking problem: aggressive, training, cross, collars - Dogs
  165. Updated list on dry dog foods ???: bulldog, allergic, poop, vets - Dogs
  166. Very serious allergy problem with my pit bull terrier: pitbull, allergic, bite - Dogs
  167. My baby is sick:(im freakin out: bite, vet, diarrhea - Dogs
  168. Babies and their buds: best, test, free, Connecticut - Dogs
  169. What would you do with this dog?: boxer, vet, train - Dogs
  170. what do you do if your car hits a dog?: chihuahua, poop - Dogs
  171. Looking for a foster to give a dog to: clean, rescue, costs - Dogs
  172. Natural Flea Prevention: allergic, terrier, biting, vet - Dogs
  173. Excessive Salivation: bulldog, vet, breeder, skin - Dogs
  174. Dog attacks, kills puppy at dog park: pitbull, chihuahua, bite - Dogs
  175. Sasha's first 30 days!!! (Pics inside): rescue, kids, best, outside - Dogs
  176. Gaining the Trust of the Neglected: clean, vet, aggressive, treatment - Dogs
  177. house/crate training....: clean, barks, housebreak, skin - Dogs
  178. Diazapam and the groomer: how much, bite, vet, skin - Dogs
  179. 2 week old killed by family dog: train, children, cross, best - Dogs
  180. foster dogs?: bulldog, terrier, vet, breeders
  181. best dog friendly state: fleas, pup, walk, apartments - Dogs
  182. Sad and troubling doggie dilemma: shepherd, bulldog, allergy, vet - Dogs
  183. new dog: lab, adopted, puppy, best - Dogs
  184. Our (Just became) annoying dog: terrier, clean, barking, neutered - Dogs
  185. Roughhousing: shepherd, lab, shih tzu, bulldog - Dogs
  186. Smokers: Stop killing your pets: how much, husky, pups, outside - Dogs
  187. My dumb dumb dog...: odor, cross, puppy, outside - Dogs
  188. do agility?: bulldog, breeder, training, rescue - Dogs
  189. Puppy Problems!: boxer, bite, clean, poop - Dogs
  190. Peanut Butter: diet, natural, pup, food - Dogs
  191. Over the counter human painkillers for dogs: lab, vet, prescription
  192. More Puppy Questions!: bite, breeder, teeth, natural - Dogs
  193. Owners of 'dangerous breeds' read...: black, rescue, sleep, white - Dogs
  194. The World’s Ten Smartest Dogs: border collie, labs, poodles, toy
  195. News, Sometimes St. Bernards need rescuing.: rescue, yard, humans - Dogs
  196. News, Wash. state nears repeal of dog-shooting laws.: best, Washington, owner - Dogs
  197. Video, Bizkit, the Sleepwalking Dog. - Dogs
  198. Are there dog insurances that pay instead of reimburse?: vet, costs - Dogs
  199. Funny SNL commercial - Dogs
  200. Does know Richmond VA Raw Feeders? - Dogs