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  10. Barking Christmas Dogs (youtube)
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  61. If you have a Facebook account, you can help animals in Southern Calif (* read**): rescue, paws - Dogs
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  76. Who is your REAL friend?: black, mean, work, afraid - Dogs
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  82. My New Little Baby Puppy Pitbull, Bailey! :): clean, poop, stomach - Dogs
  83. The ever-popular anal gland issue (poop descriptions and other fun): clean, vet - Dogs
  84. UI's and cranberry vitamins: dangers?: how much, allergy, vet, skin - Dogs
  85. A about a Pit Bull Puppy.: English Bulldog, bite, aggressive - Dogs
  86. The Doggy's Getting Nuttin for Christmas: poop, chew, cross, best - Dogs
  87. Weird Bone under my dogs knee: vet, surgery, best
  88. Anal Sac problems?: allergy, poop, vet, diet - Dogs
  89. order vaccs and vacc at home?: vet, breeder, legal - Dogs
  90. short hair dogs in winter: shepherd, schnauzers, schnauzer, training
  91. elizabethan collar: biting, clean, vet, surgery - Dogs
  92. How to cure my Dogs Seperation Anxiety????????: shih-tzu, barking, rescue
  93. Funniest Treats Your Dog will Eat: clean, black, teeth, bones - Dogs
  94. My 8 Week Old Pit Bull Puppy (Bailey) First Bath Video! :): best, man - Dogs
  95. pooping string: vet, toy, treatment, chewing - Dogs
  96. Which Ones are Healthier, Purebreds or Mutts?: ridgeback, lab, vet - Dogs
  97. Is she a purebred? Shih tzu: allergic, patella, vet, housebreak - Dogs
  98. Todays the transport day!: vet, wound, beagle, adoption - Dogs
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  101. Cody the gas station dog has to stay home: pup, food, store - Dogs
  102. Igloo dog houses pros or cons: chew, puppies, outside, weight - Dogs
  103. Recurent Staph Infection on Black Lab: allergic, vet, skin, allergies - Dogs
  104. suggestions for cutting costs on dog medical care: how much, vet, prescription - Dogs
  105. Jupiter's: border collie, yorkie, toy, training - Dogs
  106. Breed Specific Rescue Groups: shepherd, labradors, vet, breeders - Dogs
  107. Did 6 mo old puppy's fall cause eyes to dialate ?: labs, allergic, clean - Dogs
  108. New Ad to Encourage Adoption vs. Buying: how much, skin, rescue - Dogs
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  111. Dogs and toys: toy, rescue, bones, chews
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  116. I wonnnnnnnnnn!!!: laser, drool, food, treats - Dogs
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  118. Furbabies meeting Santa, 2009! - Dogs
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  124. Stupid: yorkie, westie, adult, home - Dogs
  125. Dog thinks pooping is bad: clean, stomach, train, kennel - Dogs
  126. Aus.Cattle Dogs vs. Aus.Sheps, vs. Corgis???: border collie, shepherd, lab
  127. weimaraner puppy wont stop morning barking: vet, train, rescue, adopt - Dogs
  128. Breed suggestions for us....: labrador, poodle, terrier, golden retriever - Dogs
  129. Emotional Dog: best, ears, home, Kansas - Dogs
  130. leashed big dog bites unleashed little dog: ridgeback, shepherd, vet - Dogs
  131. Dog loose in neighbourhood- what to do?: lab, legal, skin - Dogs
  132. Vitamin E Oil: allergic, laser, vet, wound - Dogs
  133. Problem with playing fetch: poodle, rescued, beagle, adopting - Dogs
  134. BYB stole my dog's picture for his site: bulldog, bite, breeders - Dogs
  135. Chew toys that don't fall apart: lab, poop, vet, toy - Dogs
  136. Help, my dog has fear aggression and has snapped at a child..what do I do: poodle, miniature - Dogs
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  138. Beesley graduates tonight: training, puppy, home, mean - Dogs
  139. Bugs on dog larger than fleas but not ticks: bite, vet, legs - Dogs
  140. Evoo ???: vet, pups, food, supplement - Dogs
  141. Molly si Gone Now, and Now I have Tasha 3yr Golden, Now she has cancer Help: clean, vet - Dogs
  142. Another Poop --new topic---Vegetable Gardens: food, fertilizer, cats, eating - Dogs
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  147. king charles cavalier spaniel: patella, breeders, spaniels, rescue - Dogs
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  149. 10 week old Dachshund/potty and bedtime: bite, clean, poop, toy - Dogs
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  151. how does everyone manage dog poop?: clean, train, cross, store - Dogs
  152. Opinion on this guy?: border collie, labs, retriever, schnauzer - Dogs
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  171. Does own a Griffon Bruxellois (Griffon Brussels)?: boxer, bite, clean - Dogs
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  175. Our 50 pound cat: train, bones, best, food - Dogs
  176. Are bulldogs (english, I'm assuming) closely related to Pit Bulls?: pitbulls, lab
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  200. Common problems and the search feature: shih-tzu, breeders, housebreak, skin - Dogs