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  12. DermCaps discontinued: golden retrievers, clean, vet, skin - Dogs
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  16. Video, Dogs Decorating A Christmas Tree.: white
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  22. PTSD Vets Adopt Shelter Dogs and All Heal
  23. News: Man arrested in Dragging Death of Dog: ears, Denver, Pennsylvania - Dogs
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  27. What a GREAT video: toy, adopt, pups, ears - Dogs
  28. 12.5 Year Old Lab couldn't stand up on her own: labrador, vet, ears - Dogs
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  35. HELP! 11 year-old very healthy hound eats seashells...: food, weight, eat - Dogs
  36. Where's Teddie Ruxpin?: rescues, stories - Dogs
  37. Disease/Cancer prevention?: bulldog, boxers, chihuahuas, tumors - Dogs
  38. Adding one more - could use ideas to work for all of us: shepherd, vet - Dogs
  39. Fleas Navidad!: year - Dogs
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  50. for Amish Puppy Mills: breeders, rescue, puppies, best - Dogs
  51. my neighbors dog, my landlord, need to vent: lab, barking, training - Dogs
  52. There are no reports of nutritional toxicity of vitamin K sources in dogs or cats readily available in the literatur: training, reactions
  53. did puppy gain too much in 1 week?: vet, shots, puppies - Dogs
  54. Very smart puppy - not a swimmer, but a thinker! - Dogs
  55. diarrhea after neutering, is this common?: poop, vet, surgery, diet - Dogs
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  58. a fun site: cats, keep, animal, sleep - Dogs
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  61. Neat Dog Video: paws, ears, doggie, cold - Dogs
  62. panosteitis: how much, shepherd, vet, breeder - Dogs
  63. Dallas Vets: vet, treatment, best, breed - Dogs
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  65. Is There A Pug Magazine?: breeder, breeds, year - Dogs
  66. My dog ate a Jalapeno! YUCK!: labs, vet, science - Dogs
  67. Heart-warming video of surfing dog: San Diego, beach - Dogs
  68. ... a LITTLE bit o' dog justice: how much, train, children - Dogs
  69. News, Dog survives being dragged 2 miles behind truck in Port St. Lucie, man arrested.: pitbull, vet - Dogs
  70. Another Amazing Rescue for Best Friends: ears, home, year - Dogs
  71. Bad beginning, Wonderful Ending: home, Portland, animal, people - Dogs
  72. Reason # 1343874033804830 to always keep an eye on your pet: clean, barking, cleaning - Dogs
  73. Touching dog story.: rescued, puppies, legs, ears - Dogs
  74. Help, I have puppy fever!!: clean, vet, training, teeth - Dogs
  75. about Cavalier: spaniel, barks, rescued, adopting - Dogs
  76. Cesar is blowing my mind in a bad way: aggressive, train, teeth - Dogs
  77. Temperature for short-haired Chihuahua?: pitbull, terrier, vet, doxie - Dogs
  78. Dog Mix-Up at Kennel: border collie, shepherd, lab, bulldog - Dogs
  79. Should I do this?: bite, vet, surgery, cost - Dogs
  80. help about dogs stuck together: chihuahua, breeders, euthanize, puppies
  81. City dogs paws damaged: allergy, chihuahua, vet, skin
  82. In-coming!!!! Latest fosters on the way!: husky, skin, rescue, adopt - Dogs
  83. News: Family's 'Angel' dog saves boy from cougar attack: golden retriever, vet, black - Dogs
  84. What human foods can a dog ABSOLUTELY not eat?: allergy, clean, vet - Dogs
  85. Affordable Dog Boarding for 2 Months??: vet, rescue, cost, kennel - Dogs
  86. Boobytraps Help with Training?: paws, cross, best, food - Dogs
  87. human allergies to dog poop: allergic, terriers, clean, pomeranian - Dogs
  88. My Next New Best Friend: surgery, teeth, adopt, cross - Dogs
  89. Bella's new-ish gas problem: boxer, poop, stomach, skin - Dogs
  90. Small Doggie Brag: golden retriever, aggressive, train, bird - Dogs
  91. TPLO surgery vs Tightrope or other: ridgeback, shepherd, lab, bulldog - Dogs
  92. If Its Not One, its the Other: vet, barks, skin - Dogs
  93. Teach a dog to play?: toy, neutered, children, puppy - Dogs
  94. Cutest dog breed?: shih tzu, retrievers, pomeranian, pugs - Dogs
  95. Puppy Stolen from 8 year old boy in Northeast DC: kids, breeds, walk - Dogs
  96. My yard is a mud pit and my dog looks like the tar baby. Grass alternatives???: bite, clean - Dogs
  97. Video, Shock Elevator Video: NYC Man Tortures Girlfriend’s Dog.: stomach, rescue - Dogs
  98. NC to TN transport - 1/9/10 - available?: vet, husky, rescues - Dogs
  99. Apartment puppy with separation anxiety. HELP!: terrier, miniature, poop, schnauzer - Dogs
  100. Something is wrong with Lucy: bite, vet, stomach, cross - Dogs
  101. I'm so changing vets.....: how much, golden retriever, vet, black - Dogs
  102. New home for Border Collie who bites?: bite, vet, black - Dogs
  103. *****say a prayer for rhino*****: lab, vet, diarrhea, rescue - Dogs
  104. Luxy back at the Vet today: yorkies, stomach, treatment, diet - Dogs
  105. What breed is my dog?: shepherd, lab, breeding, husky - Dogs
  106. What breeds do you see in my mix?: border collie, shepherd, lab - Dogs
  107. Need a cheaper quality dog food: poop, cost, adult, store - Dogs
  108. Small children at a dog park: bite, pugs, cross, ears - Dogs
  109. Itchy eye, now irritated skin--what to do?: how much, allergic, bite - Dogs
  110. What is the best dog food?: border collie, bones, store, weight - Dogs
  111. adopted a shelter dog need advice: boxer, toy, training, teeth - Dogs
  112. Remember Kota, the rescued wolf-hybrid?: retriever, poop, vet, training - Dogs
  113. Just not worth it.: how much, science, train, rescue - Dogs
  114. Sneaking a poop: train, doxie, dachshund, puppy - Dogs
  115. How often does your dog go outside in the cold?: pitbull, poop - Dogs
  116. Was my dog suffering?: vet, ears, home, normal - Dogs
  117. Positive reinforcement/rewards: lab, toy, science, black - Dogs
  118. Sort of silly dog !: lab, boxer, training, rescued - Dogs
  119. How can you tell when your dog is in a lot of pain?: border collie, how much - Dogs
  120. English Bulldog Breeders (Missouri): labrador, boxers, terrier, golden retriever - Dogs
  121. Talking Bone toy -- possibly good for separation anxiety: bites, barking - Dogs
  122. What do you use to de-fur your clothes?: bulldog, clean, black - Dogs
  123. Looking for information on home cooked dog food: vet, prescription, science - Dogs
  124. Poll - What do you feed?: vet, science, diet, rescue - Dogs
  125. Funny things they do: lab, retrievers, barking, skin - Dogs
  126. New Dog Owner help: border collie, terriers, pinscher, spaniel - Dogs
  127. Mutt/pure bred controversy questions: how much, bulldog, yorkies, vet - Dogs
  128. about recent neutering: housebreak, training, neutered, spray - Dogs
  129. Should my family get a doggie?: labrador, golden retriever, clean, poop - Dogs
  130. My little dog got out today through a hold in my fence...: rescued, home - Dogs
  131. Adopting a dog with kennel cough?: shepherd, vet, aggressive, training - Dogs
  132. Lucy: walk, Massachusetts, West Virginia, yard - Dogs
  133. Is it a Itch???: clean, poop, vet, grass - Dogs
  134. rescued corgidor herding the family: border collie, lab, retreiver, breeding - Dogs
  135. Do you have items with pictures of your breed?: yorkie, rescue, beagle - Dogs
  136. What are puppies mixed with??: pitbulls, terrier, chihuahua, black - Dogs
  137. My dog whimpers and cries in the car: vet, husky, train - Dogs
  138. Fuss-up.....: toy, kennels, natural, chews - Dogs
  139. Lucy and Ringo in the snow: California, Florida, Massachusetts, stop - Dogs
  140. Labrador Life span: how much, vet, black, teeth - Dogs
  141. Do you think you bond more strongly with a puppy than an adult dog adoptee?: chihuahua, vet - Dogs
  142. dog humping: bites, neutered, noise, puppy - Dogs
  143. How to keep dog off couch!: train, chew, cross, cats - Dogs
  144. Beagles and colder weather: shepherd, collies, beagle, adopted - Dogs
  145. Dog Doesn't Bark: labrador, boxer, barking, rescue - Dogs
  146. BBC America Pedigree Dogs Exposed: ridgeback, shepherd, boxer
  147. What can be done?? Heartbreaking story: border collie, shepherd, poodles, terriers - Dogs
  148. Looking for a good Dog charity to donate to: bulldog, vet, spaniel - Dogs
  149. We've got puppies!: pitbull, bulldogs, vet, toy
  150. Is he just grumpy or what?: bite, aggressive, humping, noise - Dogs
  151. Busters skin problems: shepherd, allergic, shepherds, biting - Dogs
  152. reverse sneeze.....I had never heard of it: allergy, vet, rescue - Dogs
  153. Made it to his 1 year birthday!: vet, puppy, ears, eating - Dogs
  154. clicker training: shepherd, biscuits, noise, puppies - Dogs
  155. Harper found the heater: black, cost, chewing, ears - Dogs
  156. Opinions: shepherd, shih tzu, bulldog, allergy - Dogs
  157. Help...Female Dog Marking Territory (?): vet, train, infections, symptoms - Dogs
  158. I see why people don't spay/neuter: pitbulls, bulldog, vets - Dogs
  159. Help new puppy won't eat or poop: poodle, clean, toy - Dogs
  160. Need advice about new dog: terriers, toy, training, rescues - Dogs
  161. Dogs are more of an enviromental impact: clean, children, best
  162. Cesar Milan ..: veterinary, aggressive, training, paws - Dogs
  163. New Season of Dogtown: training, surgery, adoption, puppy - Dogs
  164. Who's Been to Best Friends?: how much, shepherd, allergic, breeders - Dogs
  165. Stopping dog from chasing cats??: terrier, yorkie, training, adopted - Dogs
  166. Help! PitBull/Lab mix won't train!: pitbulls, labs, clean, poop - Dogs
  167. Another puppy breed identification?: chihuahua, husky, beagle, adopted - Dogs
  168. Turkey: vet, skin, food, eating - Dogs
  169. How to evaluate a shelter dog for adoption: border collie, toy, spaniel - Dogs
  170. saving a puppy later,need reassurance: pitbull, breeders, breed - Dogs
  171. Housetraining woes HELP!!: poodle, terrier, clean, poop - Dogs
  172. Grain-free diet for dogs: allergy, allergies, symptoms, natural
  173. Dog newb RE giving them big bones: shepherd, poodles, chihuahuas - Dogs
  174. The official 'name dogcrazy's puppy' !: boxer, terrier, adopted, Reno - Dogs
  175. Sad news this am 12-31-09: clean, breeding, adopted, cross - Dogs
  176. Help Dog has Diabetes: how much, rottweiler, vet, diet - Dogs
  177. My big rant about other dog owners: pitbull, labs, chihuahua - Dogs
  178. have a Ratchi??: shepherd, terriers, chihuahua, vet - Dogs
  179. diet & kidney disease in senior dogs: lab, vet, prescription
  180. Dog passed away (heart attack?) today... if .: shepherd, poop, vet - Dogs
  181. Does your dog shock you?: lab, black, blanket, hair - Dogs
  182. Off to Get My Next Best Friends: shepherd, adopted, rabies - Dogs
  183. My dogs won't stop eating poop: yorkie, vet, puppy, outside
  184. Help! My roommate wants a dog and is going to make a mistake: how much, lab - Dogs
  185. News, 2 Dogs That Ate Owner Headed To Indiana.: odor, adopt, pugs
  186. Touching article by Cesar about Daddy: pitbulls, yorkie, kids, cross - Dogs
  187. Florida Boy, 2, Dies After Bitten by Family Dog: pitbulls, bites, train - Dogs
  188. I don't mean to bring down but this makes me sick!: pitbull, aggressive - Dogs
  189. Dog breed guess!!!: ridgeback, shepherd, golden retriever, training - Dogs
  190. News, Dognapping on the Rise: How to Keep Your Pets Safe.: bulldog, training - Dogs
  191. Merry Christmas from Teddy the Dog: how much, odor, puppy, best - Dogs
  192. Having trouble with new puppy: laser, vet, aggressive, train - Dogs
  193. Letter from gassing shelter worker - graphic and a tear jerker: clean, vet - Dogs
  194. Biting Shih Tzu: shihtzu, bite, aggressive, training - Dogs
  195. prayers for Chase: surgery, coughing, adopted, paws - Dogs
  196. Dog flu ..: county, stories - Dogs
  197. Group Chats About Dogs! on ...: kids
  198. Help for Senior Person w/Dog's Teeth Cleaning: dachshund, Reno, year - Dogs
  199. News, Flags down on Joe Namath dogs.: shepherd, labrador, retriever
  200. vets and teeth cleaning: dental, work, cold - Dogs