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  1. take a trip across the USA with your dog?: lab, vet - Dogs
  2. Craigslist Ad: children, cats, yard, man - Dogs
  3. know near Kansas City that does rescue?: boxer, free, owner - Dogs
  4. The Other Door Crate /Does Have One?: retrievers, shelter, legs - Dogs
  5. have on Cushing's Disease???: shih tzu, poop, vet, schnauzer - Dogs
  6. short term foster care for my dog.: boxer, terrier, vet - Dogs
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  8. It's just a dog - Dogs
  9. Rich dog: chihuahua, ears, home, treats - Dogs
  10. Training a puppy on stairs: train, paws, puppies, walk - Dogs
  11. New member of the pack...but we have to wait :(: adopted, paws - Dogs
  12. Amazing and Heart-Warming Rescue from Canyon: skin, shots, puppy, man - Dogs
  13. Ramp suggestions: yorkie, cost, best, carpet - Dogs
  14. Microchip Database: vet, cost, shelters, cats - Dogs
  15. Natural Balance recall: skin, food, store, eating - Dogs
  16. Old Black Labrador, Suddenly ill?: clean, shaking, symptoms, adoption - Dogs
  17. oral med for ticks?: odor, legs, medication, disease - Dogs
  18. dogs helping cute!: vet, rescue, adopted, food
  19. Who is going to the dog park tomorrow?: lab, terrier, miniature - Dogs
  20. A good summer read for dog lovers: poop, surgery, adopted - Dogs
  21. Elderly Lhasa Apso with sleep disorder: shih tzu, vet, treatment, infection - Dogs
  22. Update on MY DOG HAS A MASSIVE EAR INFECTION: allergy, vet - Dogs
  23. Jack Russell Terriers: terrier, breeders, rescued, outside - Dogs
  24. Has your male dog ever had a bladder infection?: shih tzu, vet, training - Dogs
  25. This is pretty neat - Dogs
  26. Has Tried Barf or Barf Recipes?: poop, training, diet - Dogs
  27. Questions about cleaning outside ear and diet: chihuahuas, vet, skin - Dogs
  28. Eyelid Tumor..What Will Get Rid Of It? Natural Remedies??: tumors, diet - Dogs
  29. XL owners - where do you buy accessories?: breeds, size, work - Dogs
  30. Ox Tails and Hamburger?? Can They Have This??: retriever, clean, cleaning - Dogs
  31. Cancer defense in dogs?: how much, chihuahua, vet, stomach
  32. Today's NY Times: legal, animal, fight, people - Dogs
  33. Beesley's first time swimming!: spaniel, adopting, keep, man - Dogs
  34. Dog lovers prepare to cry: sheltie, ears, keep, animal - Dogs
  35. Escape Artist/Are Bits of Ziploc Bag...: poop, toy, training - Dogs
  36. Got my canvas!: English Bulldog, skin, blanket - Dogs
  37. Thoughts on one dog moving out...: how much, lab, adoption, pups - Dogs
  38. Worried about my pups: boxer, diet, normal - Dogs
  39. Furry dogs & prickly weeds... HELP: schnauzer, children, paws, cross
  40. News: Cute dog stories aside, do you want to know what your pooch is really thinking?: shepherd, shepherds - Dogs
  41. How do I stop our dog from urinating on an interior door: clean, cleaning - Dogs
  42. Hey Facebookers, vote for this and win one for the animals: rescue, paws - Dogs
  43. Iams/Eukanuba Did A Nice Thing: rescue - Dogs
  44. Shadow Update: skin, shots, cross, food - Dogs
  45. Flea and Tick Medications: vet, fleas, cross, best - Dogs
  46. Spay: boxer, kennel, test, home - Dogs
  47. My toy fox terrier acts afraid of me: noise, outside, ears - Dogs
  48. Help! I have my puppy K9 Advantix for big dogs!: vet, safe
  49. Running Loose does NOT excuse NOT cleaning up: pitbull, lab, poop - Dogs
  50. my dog sneezes a lot: clean, vet, schnauzer, cleaning - Dogs
  51. What many of us would like to say to people who don't care for their dogs.: puppies, keep
  52. My pug needs Cesar's help... - Dogs
  53. Dog Run Maintenance - Grass/Weed Control Advice: border collie, poodles, clean - Dogs
  54. Dog in pool clip: black, pups, test, work - Dogs
  55. Yorkie scared of owner: yorkies, breeder, housebreak, training - Dogs
  56. about a Border Collie Mix: allergy, clean, toy, allergies - Dogs
  57. Feeding BARF - gaining weight. Is this normal? help!: how much, shih tzu - Dogs
  58. Do we need two crates?: vet, train, adopting, kennel - Dogs
  59. How Much to Charge?: terrier, vet, home, treats - Dogs
  60. Experiences with hip dysplasia/arthritis?: labrador, retriever, clean, vet - Dogs
  61. Pittie Rescue in Houston: pitbull, skin, best, breed - Dogs
  62. Postman Evades Dog, Dodges Idiot Man: how much, boxer, rottweiler, bite - Dogs
  63. News, 'Staff member' at golf club has four legs.: border collie, clean, black - Dogs
  64. lasier surgery for a elongated palate: vet, rescue, outside, breed - Dogs
  65. My what the heck moment of the day...: lab, shih-tzu - Dogs
  66. Old dogs rule!: toy, breeds, walk, home
  67. Help! KENNEL COUGH: bites, vet, wound, treatment - Dogs
  68. Happy Experience: barking, surgery, teeth, rescue - Dogs
  69. Our dog cries and whines when he gets a good treat: border collie, boxer - Dogs
  70. Rejoice!: lab, terrier, adopted, best - Dogs
  71. picture of my dog in mid-yawn: bite, ears, Atlanta, stop - Dogs
  72. Neutering costs (from vet -- too expensive??): lab, surgery, teeth - Dogs
  73. Why is my dog whining?: terrier, vet, pomeranian, train - Dogs
  74. puppy class at pet smart...worth it?: vet, barking, training - Dogs
  75. Asking for a hand... or a vote.....: spaniel, spaniels, rescue - Dogs
  76. SoCal man charged with throwing puppy at train: outside, animal, owner - Dogs
  77. Quick housebreaking?: lab, clean, poop, breeder - Dogs
  78. can help?: how much, golden retriever, vet, science - Dogs
  79. Take your dog to work day: barking, husky, ears, home - Dogs
  80. One Happy Blind Dog: rescue, puppy, canine, ears - Dogs
  81. Fed Studying for of Control of Puppy Mills: boxers, vet, breeders - Dogs
  82. New puppy and summer vacation: vet, training, rabies, children - Dogs
  83. Questions about pet sitters/sitting: boxer, poop, vets, barking - Dogs
  84. What's your dog's favorite outdoor toy?: poop, surgery, teeth, bones - Dogs
  85. give it to me straight.....: chihuahua, clean, poop, housebreak - Dogs
  86. dog identification ;): vets, basenji, breed, legs - Dogs
  87. Rolling?: shepherd, poop, pup, outside - Dogs
  88. Chihuahua hacking cough: vet, train, coughing, breeds - Dogs
  89. Opinions,: labs, black, skin, teeth - Dogs
  90. The Dog Food: how much, bulldog, allergy, retrievers - Dogs
  91. Bored Dogs in the House- ideas?: training, bones, chew
  92. Dog Beach! (pics): how much, pups, keep, San Diego - Dogs
  93. Black and white dog: border collie, vet, skin, collie - Dogs
  94. Meet Georgia: training, kids, puppy, test - Dogs
  95. Help! Getting two dogs to get along??: vet, neutered, shelters
  96. Biting dog: how much, bite, vet, aggressive - Dogs
  97. Rottweilers: shih-tzu, rottweiler, biting, pomeranian - Dogs
  98. Selling a house with dog-kids: border collie, lab, poodle, clean - Dogs
  99. Labrador Puppy Advice: retriever, bite, aggressive, train - Dogs
  100. My Princess has a hacking cough?: shihtzu, terrier, yorkie, vet - Dogs
  101. Is This Pretty Normal?: allergic, biting, vet, diet - Dogs
  102. calming aids? D.A.P.? Do they work?: vet, rescue, best - Dogs
  103. House training a puppy~can they hold it all night?: border collie, spaniel - Dogs
  104. MAK - Help!! Bad allergies!: bulldog, allergic, bite, vet - Dogs
  105. Introducing my pup to...another human: how much, biting, barking, train - Dogs
  106. Differences Between Field and Bench Bred Springers?: border collie, labradors, poodles - Dogs
  107. Bark training collars: toy, barking, train, rescued - Dogs
  108. White dog owners: clean, schnauzer, black, skin - Dogs
  109. I freaked out today over a dog running out of a house: spaniel, barking - Dogs
  110. Overwhelmed by my 3 dogs: labs, boxers, terriers, barking
  111. Porkchop is one happy dog today!: grass, liver, kidney - Dogs
  112. July 4th photo shoot: bulldog, teeth, mouth - Dogs
  113. Where do you get your pet's meds?: vet, prescription, legal - Dogs
  114. Underground dog fence: golden retriever, spaniel, breeder, train - Dogs
  115. Separation Anxiety..: how much, boxer, vet, barking - Dogs
  116. Newly adopted dog won't eat. Help!: shih tzu, terrier, vet, rescues - Dogs
  117. Does Play the Name Game?: puppy, home, Georgia - Dogs
  118. Bull Mastiffs: lab, bulldog, English Mastiff, train - Dogs
  119. What's with the cops shooting dogs in MO?: bite, aggressive, science
  120. Hello New: skin, best, ears, home - Dogs
  121. Puppy just spayed: shepherd, yorkie, poop, vet - Dogs
  122. New whinning puppy-HELP: shih-tzu, breeders, kennel, natural - Dogs
  123. New Show Coming on Animal Planet: how much, treatment, rescue, cost - Dogs
  124. Did the pet store tell us the correct breed?: vet, breeder, skin - Dogs
  125. A dog and a baby: bites, kids, shelters, ears - Dogs
  126. Do of you do your own grooming??: poodle, yorkie, clean - Dogs
  127. Incoming!!!! Making a shelter trip Thursday!: poodle, boxer, terrier, yorkie - Dogs
  128. What is your pet's name and how did you choose it?: chihuahuas, adopted - Dogs
  129. WHOOHOO!! Top 200! Vote for Beesley!!!: yorkie, pups, keep, Arizona - Dogs
  130. If you work during the day, where does your dog stay?: border collie, clean - Dogs
  131. Dog quirks and funny behaviors.: clean, poop, toy, diet - Dogs
  132. The continuing saga of Jai's ears: toy, aggressive, best, cats - Dogs
  133. Another Craigslist post-I am at a total loss: bulldog, boxers, bite - Dogs
  134. Have your dogs helped you through things?: shepherd, boxer, neutered
  135. Toads and frogs - toxic?: bites, vet, skin, mice - Dogs
  136. taught their dogs to swim ??: border collie, lab, shih tzu
  137. Traveling with your dog/s: how much, allergic, clean, cleaning - Dogs
  138. What do you do when: poodle, boxers, bite, barking - Dogs
  139. Dogs groomed to look like wild animals: chihuahua, black, natural
  140. does your dog have a fetish?: how much, shepherd, poodle, clean - Dogs
  141. Does s dogs sit on each other?: spaniel, wound, best
  142. How much do you pay to board your dog(s)??: yorkie, vet - Dogs
  143. What do you think help pets live longer lives?: shepherd, labs, bulldog - Dogs
  144. Going to apply at a vet clinic: paws, cross, cats - Dogs
  145. A note of caution about creeks and other bodies of water: clean, vet - Dogs
  146. SASHA is home: adoption, best, breed, spaying - Dogs
  147. Need help with transporting a pup to me?: rescue, adopt, cross - Dogs
  148. Rescue Dogs: clean, vet, training, teeth
  149. German Shepherd Ban?: pitbulls, labrador, bulldog, boxer - Dogs
  150. Tips for helping cat and dog co-exist...: border collie, shepherd, bites - Dogs
  151. Which photo?: cost, shots, puppy, best - Dogs
  152. My Pitbull has a MASSIVE EAR INFECTION AND A RASH...: allergic, clean - Dogs
  153. What breed is your dog and what do you love about it?!: labs, bulldog - Dogs
  154. have an indoor dog park in their area?: lab, terrier, schnauzer - Dogs
  155. What are of your favorite movies with Dogs in them?: border collie, bulldog
  156. How to kill a shelter dog: bulldog, boxer, breeders, barking - Dogs
  157. Spaniel stinks after!!: vet, treatment, diet, best - Dogs
  158. A new house for my new dog: English Mastiff, vet, diarrhea - Dogs
  159. In your town, which stores allow you to bring your dog in with you?: pitbull, boxer - Dogs
  160. My New Addition (a sweet little rescue mix): yorkie, schnauzers, schnauzer - Dogs
  161. For all pulling for me and my pups.........: boxer, best, home - Dogs
  162. Dog was attacked help.: pitbull, bite, clean, vet - Dogs
  163. New Pup - Few s: border collie, poop, vet, housebreak - Dogs
  164. have a doggie birthday cake recipe?: allergic, tooth, allergies - Dogs
  165. Tell me I can't get another dog!: bulldog, black, collie - Dogs
  166. Dog Emergency First Aid for Poisonous Snake Bites.: terriers, bite, clean - Dogs
  167. Dog poop is like a bank?!: clean, surgery, chew, grass - Dogs
  168. Pit Bulls... Need I say more?: pitbulls, lab, aggressive, black - Dogs
  169. Sick Dog - Help!: chihuahua, yorkie, vet, skin - Dogs
  170. O M G soooooo upset: lab, yorkie, vet, training - Dogs
  171. Name for our new family member!: border collie, lab, vet, breeder - Dogs
  172. Experience/advice with seizures...: lab, poodle, bite, poop - Dogs
  173. Dangerous obsession: retriever, bite, laser, clean - Dogs
  174. traveling with medium size dog: boxer, poop, spaniel, cross - Dogs
  175. Allergy? Chewing paws & biting legs: allergic, golden retriever, bites, vet - Dogs
  176. Make sure a Maltese-Yorkie is right for you: poodle, vet, breeders - Dogs
  177. What to do with my beloved dog!: border collie, rottweiler, pinscher - Dogs
  178. Jai EARS!: barking, neighbors, backyard, park - Dogs
  179. Hey MA - Guess what we pulled??!!!!: how much, bulldog, breeders - Dogs
  180. Is it REALLY a Pitbull?: pitbulls, poodle, boerboel, training - Dogs
  181. Microchipping your dog (for ID purposes): vet, treatment, rescue - Dogs
  182. Doggies still sick and Evil neighbor acting strange: lab, boxer, vet - Dogs
  183. Retired Drug Detection Dogs: shepherd, vet, training, adoption
  184. Another Neighbor Rant: boxer, breeders, legal, neutered - Dogs
  185. Why Are Pit Bulls Popular with Certain Classes of Folks?: pitbulls, boxers - Dogs
  186. Need on Parvo ASAP!: labs, rottweilers, clean, poop - Dogs
  187. HELP! she is having puppies right now!: clean, vet, stomach - Dogs
  188. How dogs act when someone dies: vet, adopting, puppy, best
  189. Help! Need to overcome fear aggression issues!: labs, yorkies, biting - Dogs
  190. More Problems for Shadow: vet, treatment, infection, test - Dogs
  191. Penning my blind/deaf dog for 3 days... help: bite, clean, surgery - Dogs
  192. For all that have herding dogs or herding dog mixes: border collie, poop
  193. Is the trainer right about this?: lab, bite, toy, barking - Dogs
  194. Naming AKC german shepherd: breeders, rescues, kennels, neuter - Dogs
  195. How many times a day do you feed your dog(s)?: vet, diet - Dogs
  196. NYT News: Putting the Pounce Back in Your Pup: science, training, kennel - Dogs
  197. To Blondie621: cross - Dogs
  198. Small rural HSUS - ?: pitbulls, breeder, wound, rescues - Dogs
  199. Lost dog returns home after 4 yrs (NY): ears, year, family - Dogs
  200. Introducing my agressive Boxer(1,5 yr old) to a adopted Frenchie (2 yr old): daschund, bulldog - Dogs