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  33. a dogs work is never done :)
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  84. parents/kids/dogs: terrier, bite, toy, adopted
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  107. 1,200 Dogs Euthanized At One Of Jeff Fortin's Facilities: terriers, clean, breeder
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  109. OK now this is ridiculous: clean, poop, cleaning, black - Dogs
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  132. Delta Airlines loses GSD Nala on Dec. 22nd; owner still searching: shepherd, vet - Dogs
  133. Happy New Year!: best, NYC - Dogs
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  148. Inexpensive grain-free food: cost, kids, floor, people - Dogs
  149. To introduce us...: chihuahua, yorkie, rescues, pugs - Dogs
  150. Jupiter Limping.. help! <:(: golden retriever, vet, stomach, bones - Dogs
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  169. Pooping while sleeping: diarrhea, food, protein, weight - Dogs
  170. Chase LOVES the Snow: how much, backyard, mouth, doggie - Dogs
  171. Snow Day for the Dogs: how much, lab, bulldogs, black
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  173. Pesty Neighbor HELP: vet, legal, skin, cost - Dogs
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  178. Foster boy!: boxer, skin, rescue, cost - Dogs
  179. I have to ask, how many toys does your dog have?: toy, mice - Dogs
  180. Brutus- swollen ass sac affair: lab, poop, vet, barking - Dogs
  181. Scared the poop out of him...: barking, drool, natural, outside - Dogs
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  183. More frugal--dogs or cats?: shih tzu, poodles, clean, vet
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  185. fighting like cats and dogs: biting, training, rescue, chewing
  186. Moving with dogs: clean, poop, vet, barking
  187. My dog is a hero!: barking, cross, pups, best - Dogs
  188. Wake up call....habit or normal: lab, boxer, barking, cross - Dogs
  189. Why do people call dog food kibble?: store, eating, free - Dogs
  190. Oil added to food?: terrier, vet, stomach, skin - Dogs
  191. sick chihuahua with swollen mouth: allergic, bite, clean, vet - Dogs
  192. my neighbor's dog thinks i am a monster.: neighbors, solution, sleep - Dogs
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  194. Mast Cell Tumor in Dogs: pitbull, terrier, tumors, clean
  195. Strangers and your dog?: labrador, retriever, biting, skin - Dogs
  196. If your friend was watching your dog for free...: vet, surgery, rescue - Dogs
  197. Healing thoughts needed: vet, surgery, infection, pup - Dogs
  198. Need transport - SE TN to Cullman, AL: rescue, kennel, vaccinations - Dogs
  199. PSA to promote adoption of homeless dogs: poodle, spaniel, wound
  200. News, Swiss village: pay your dog tax or Fido gets it: cough, owner - Dogs