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  2. People with Tiny Dogs... What Heartworm Prevenative Do You Use?: owner, pound
  3. Great book about Tuesday the service dog: vets, wound - Dogs
  4. Woman shoots husband while aiming at puppy: animal, people, stories - Dogs
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  8. Dogs are wonderful: cross, puppies, best, home
  9. Chihuahua takes on robbers: best, Washington, hurt, people - Dogs
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  11. TN transport - 2 chis - Greeneville to Crossville: rescue, shelter, neighbors - Dogs
  12. Worms: clean, poop, barks, stomach - Dogs
  13. Looking for a reputable bulldog breeder: lab, vet, breeders, wound - Dogs
  14. Who is pee'ing in my house?: clean, skin, beagle, puppy - Dogs
  15. Help me break habits?: clean, poop, barks, skin - Dogs
  16. a dog accident solved!!!: clean, diet, foods, outside - Dogs
  17. How long to wait for drops after removing flea collar?: vet, skin - Dogs
  18. Another heart tugger: lab, home, Minnesota, yellow - Dogs
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  20. good cat repellents? Dog getting sick from cat feces.: poop, vet - Dogs
  21. Wheaten Terrier Questions: breeder, black, skin, teeth - Dogs
  22. my dog keeps eating my cherry tomatoes!: labrador, bite, cocker - Dogs
  23. Puppy Goodness: terrier - Dogs
  24. Dogs attacking indigenous animals: pups, eating, keep, control
  25. I have no idea what Breed my dog is help?!?!?: poodle, terrier - Dogs
  26. Puppy in a Bucket: Boston, water - Dogs
  27. Dog barking: bite, odor, adopted, kennel - Dogs
  28. News, Drug Could Someday Replace Spaying for Dogs.: veterinary, surgery, mice
  29. Newest fosters: bite, vet, coughing, adoption - Dogs
  30. Emmy Lou is getting surgery today: pitbulls, vet, rescue, adopted - Dogs
  31. Undercover Investigation of Rabies Vaccine: vet, vaccination, year, animal - Dogs
  32. The Dog. LOL: bulldog, breed, American, people - Dogs
  33. How to housebreak your puppy or dog: boxers, clean, poop - Dogs
  34. track with their dog?: breeders, wound, training, kennel - Dogs
  35. Long Island County proposal to ban puppy sales: golden retriever, breeder, rescue - Dogs
  36. Leo & Max Across America: shelters, Arizona, Missouri, animals - Dogs
  37. Lhaso Apso Marking territory What to do: vet, rescue, cost - Dogs
  38. Terriers: &: terrier, training, outside, breed - Dogs
  39. Tips needed: training dog to run vs chase: chihuahua, rescue, fleas - Dogs
  40. Yorkshire terrier or King charles spaniel: labs, shih tzu, chihuahua, yorkies - Dogs
  41. Does your dog eat from the table?: clean, teeth, food - Dogs
  42. My dog ​​Lalo.: shih tzu, poodle, legs, ears - Dogs
  43. Better than a pill pocket!: chewing, food, excited - Dogs
  44. George the Great Dane: chihuahuas, test, Washington - Dogs
  45. Just a little fun...: bulldog, poodle, black, doxie - Dogs
  46. My Australian Shephard is just weird: terriers, breeder, barking, natural - Dogs
  47. Feeding guidelines: how much, shih tzu, boxer, vet - Dogs
  48. Transitional neighborhood = huge stray dog problem: pitbull, terrier, biting, vet - Dogs
  49. giving up before you start: children, food, cats, year - Dogs
  50. Rip gets to go hunting....: training, kids, spray, ears - Dogs
  51. The worse thing than watching a dog eat cat poop....: vet, symptoms - Dogs
  52. I want a vacation like this: vets, skin, costs, paws - Dogs
  53. Dogs feeding raw meat: how much, vet, diet, bones
  54. help me capture a stray!: vet, barking, teeth, best - Dogs
  55. Lazy Days Of Summer - Dogs
  56. Speed Dating for Dogs!?: Texas, hair, owner, people
  57. Biting and barking: lab, bite, clean, poop - Dogs
  58. Antibiotics and Frontline - ? interaction: allergic, terriers, bite, vet - Dogs
  59. Gabe rocks!: walk, owner - Dogs
  60. Potty Training!: clean, poop, breeder, housebreak - Dogs
  61. Mira's Story: golden retriever, vet, science, skin - Dogs
  62. Dogs and Cats: barks, beagle, chews, puppy
  63. Which Dog is guilty: lab, black, owner, work - Dogs
  64. Hair follicle tumor- pilomatricoma: tumors, vet, skin, rabies - Dogs
  65. Doggie bed: lab, clean, black, pup - Dogs
  66. Rehoming/rescue advice: border collie, bulldogs, clean, vet
  67. of the best before & after rescues photos: vet, husky, skin - Dogs
  68. DNA testing to discover pet-poop non-picker-uppers???: children, walk, grass, apartments - Dogs
  69. Amazing Canine Surfers!: work, beach - Dogs
  70. help!! Looking for English Springer Spaniel.: vet, train, treatment - Dogs
  71. July 4th: black, shots, eating, safe - Dogs
  72. 100 mg. Voltaren(anti-inflammatory) Poisoning Dog Dying: vet, black, diarrhea, symptoms - Dogs
  73. I just loved this video.....: water, work, humans, doggie - Dogs
  74. Dog afraid of leash- he is used to outside pen but wont walk: training, puppy - Dogs
  75. Perfect family for Lola??: boxer, skin, teeth, rescued - Dogs
  76. Odd Behavior, Itchy, Scabby Skin. Thoughts?: allergic, clean, vet, cleaning - Dogs
  77. Signs of a True Dog Lover: bite, tooth, bones, kennel - Dogs
  78. Home cures for hot spots.: labrador, allergy, golden retriever, clean - Dogs
  79. Why racing greyhounds wear muzzles.: labrador, rottweiler, boerboel, bite - Dogs
  80. Granny and the pug-napping: pomeranian, black, ears, Alaska - Dogs
  81. Travel east to west coast with a dog and 2 kids on the road: bites, wound - Dogs
  82. Dogs teeth cleaning: chihuahua, vet, skin, surgery
  83. Corgi being aggressive towards 15 Bichon: bite, vet, skin, training - Dogs
  84. News, Ozzy Osbourne shells out $10,000 for a Yorkie.: clean, vet, wound - Dogs
  85. What do you do to keep your dog's ear clean?: vet, cleaning - Dogs
  86. Runaway Dog Found at Owners Grave ~ video: adopt, puppy, ears - Dogs
  87. Dog rescues 6 year old from drowning: skin, children, best, food - Dogs
  88. Does tramadol make dogs thirsty?: terrier, poop, vet, stomach
  89. s on where I should live?: lab, miniature, pinscher - Dogs
  90. Why is this dog available?: rottweiler, clean, vet, barking - Dogs
  91. Do you always keep your dog on a leash?: border collie, bulldog, bites - Dogs
  92. Pedigree Dogs Exposed - Documentary: ridgeback, shepherd, English Bulldog, terrier
  93. My boston terrier doesn't listen to me: bites, vet, toy - Dogs
  94. How to keep 5yo from torturing Dog: pitbull, biting, treatment - Dogs
  95. Alien Monster or dog: shepherd, terrier, kennel, breeds - Dogs
  96. Mild Neighbor Dispute - Weigh In!: barking, rabies, outside, ears - Dogs
  97. Our dog brings us 'gifts' and I don't want them!: lab, rottweiler - Dogs
  98. Fleas - Frontline Failure or Fake?: allergic, clean, vet, prescription - Dogs
  99. help!: how much, vet, housebreak, train - Dogs
  100. Dogs more aggressive towards small dogs?: beagle, neutered, puppy, Great Dane
  101. Need advice: pitbull, shepherd, labrador, poodle - Dogs
  102. photos of dog park friends: vets, shots, home, - Dogs
  103. Pugs!: clean, breeder, teeth, kennel - Dogs
  104. I want to get a Bulldog, but I'm scared.: pitbull, English Bulldog, terrier - Dogs
  105. my puppy has a staring problem: shepherd, bulldogs, barking, aggressive
  106. Rescue Dog/s Story Share =): pitbull, border collie, shepherd, lab - Dogs
  107. allergies/raw: bulldog, allergic, boxer, clean - Dogs
  108. got my first raw feeding warning: shepherd, rottweiler, shepherds - Dogs
  109. My dog chipped a tooth. Now what?: vet, surgery, teeth - Dogs
  110. Want to find people and dogs in my area to hang out with: vet, adopted
  111. I'm a terrible mother!: labrador, chihuahuas, clean, vet - Dogs
  112. Has your dog ever stolen food from the table?: husky, training, kids - Dogs
  113. Miss Isabella Grace is two years old today!!!!!: aggressive, puppy, eat - Dogs
  114. Seperation with the dog after baby's arrival: boxer, vet, aggressive - Dogs
  115. Got my first warning about pitbulls yesterday: labradors, rottweiler, bite - Dogs
  116. Hot dogs....: lab, bulldog, terrier, rottweiler
  117. Say Hello to Roxie!!: chihuahua, vet, black, beagle - Dogs
  118. Pet Insurance: shepherd, labrador, allergic, rottweiler - Dogs
  119. Flabergasted!! Dangerous dog up for adoption!: vet, aggressive, heartworms, black - Dogs
  120. Craigslist Poser pretending to be Rescue Group: how much, bulldog, terrier - Dogs
  121. Was I taken advantage of? I'm kind of angry about this...: how much, vet - Dogs
  122. East coast dog found on West coast... and returned: kennel, humping, pup - Dogs
  123. Help: vet, prescription, allergies, fleas - Dogs
  124. It's 'Hammer' time!: bulldog, yorkie, clean, wound - Dogs
  125. Suspected abuse, what to do?: how much, vet, diet, diarrhea - Dogs
  126. warning - Gross poo: poop, vet, toy, treatment - Dogs
  127. How many of us would gladly do this!: keep, dental, owner - Dogs
  128. Food recommendations for a Chihuahua?: vet, toy, cost, adopted - Dogs
  129. Help! I think our puppy might have pit in her: lab, terrier - Dogs
  130. HELP! Wild plant Va Poison ..: bite, poop, vet, stomach - Dogs
  131. Need Prayers for Oskars health condition....: vet, black, pups, best - Dogs
  132. Will two spayed female dogs get along o.k.?: lab, golden retriever, bite
  133. Scratching Dog: shepherd, allergic, bite, vet - Dogs
  134. Need moral support!!: clean, cleaning, skin, training - Dogs
  135. How can I get a bull arab dog?: pitbull, lab, terrier - Dogs
  136. how to stop drooling??: poodle, clean, vet, barking - Dogs
  137. Who has an adjustable patio pet door?: store, weight, ears - Dogs
  138. new dog: how much, labradoodles, schnauzers, clean - Dogs
  139. Tarantula and Dogs: poodle, bite, treatment, best
  140. Coloring your dog: poodles, terrier, clean, black - Dogs
  141. The big Bad wolf: collies, shots, best, stop - Dogs
  142. I went looking for a dog tonight.: lab, clean, rescue - Dogs
  143. Police Dogs Die In Hot Car!: black, training, best, ears
  144. reason to spay or neuter: breeders, neutered, euthanize, puppies - Dogs
  145. Why I hate people....: lab, treatment, adopt, paws - Dogs
  146. Ant spray and dogs: lab, skin, treatment, diet
  147. Kohla's swimming lesson: shots, outside, home, bowl - Dogs
  148. What do you feed your dog/s?: border collie, shepherd, prescription - Dogs
  149. Incontenance Issue: lab, clean, poop, vet - Dogs
  150. hear of this pee and poop product?: chihuahua, clean - Dogs
  151. People are trying to buy Artie's love: barking, teeth, bones - Dogs
  152. Cute little guy.: labs, black, sheltie, puppy - Dogs
  153. I saw the saddest dog today (not abuse type sad, this is SAFE TO READ): boxer, cross - Dogs
  154. Your dog's eccentric rituals: barking, science, kennel, bird - Dogs
  155. Found Dog, what to do?: vet, black, skin, kennel - Dogs
  156. Do you think Animal Control Officers are prejudiced?: boxer, terrier, rottweiler - Dogs
  157. clipping my border collie for the summer: poodles, tropical - Dogs
  158. What do you suppose upset this dog?: shepherd, shepherds, barking - Dogs
  159. needed (worms): allergic, vet, prescription, legal - Dogs
  160. have problems with Comfortis?: lab, poodle, vet, treatment - Dogs
  161. Chelsea had diabetes and went blind in 4 days: border collie, shihtzu, vet - Dogs
  162. Is 's dog experiencing this mysterious illness?: clean, poop, vet - Dogs
  163. PetArmor generic Frontline didn't work: bites, clean, vet, fleas - Dogs
  164. help with new poodle puppy: lab, clean, poop, toy - Dogs
  165. the continuing saga of a (seriously) psychotic dog: bite, vet, aggressive - Dogs
  166. My 7 month blue nose pit demolishes every toy.....: pitbull, bulldog, black - Dogs
  167. Gabby is older now. new ideas on her breed?: shepherd, lab - Dogs
  168. have a dream of starting a rescue?: pitbulls, veterinarian, breeders - Dogs
  169. News, Airlines Banning Short-Faced Dogs.: bulldogs, boxers, treatment, cost
  170. Trim or not to trim: clean, spaniel, skin, collies - Dogs
  171. People can be really strange sometimes....: pitbull, lab, vet, barking - Dogs
  172. Issues: Walking Your Dog: terrier, husky, black, paws - Dogs
  173. ever used Tramadol for their dog?: shepherd, shih tzu, bulldog - Dogs
  174. Heartworm preventative: clean, vet, breeding, prescription - Dogs
  175. doggie decals on your auto?: shepherd, schnauzers, clean, poop - Dogs
  176. I wonder what dogs think when they see us naked: poop, barks
  177. My dog doesn't do well when I'm away--what to do?: lab, vet - Dogs
  178. What's your dog's new thing ?: vet, skin, chewing - Dogs
  179. My dog killed a skunk last night.: daschund, border collie, terrier - Dogs
  180. Severe allergies - Don't know what to do: allergy, chihuahuas, bite - Dogs
  181. Just curious.......Synlawn and dogs: clean, poop, aggressive, cost
  182. Adoption Frustration: vet, breeders, aggressive, rescue - Dogs
  183. Generic Frontline? Safe? Effective?: allergic, vet, prescription, treatment - Dogs
  184. Could bones from butcher shop be tainted?: clean, vet, stomach - Dogs
  185. and this makes 4 BIG dogs....: lab, rottweiler, vet, rescued
  186. Dog obsessed with Coffee: terrier, bite, black, paws - Dogs
  187. Unintended Consequence of Dog Ownership!: train, rescue, kids, cross - Dogs
  188. Pair of daschunds in need of rehoming...ideas?: breeder, training, rescue - Dogs
  189. Shih Tzu & Bichon Mix?: poodle, boxer, breeders, train - Dogs
  190. Laser Pain Therapy Treatments?: lab, vet, surgery, symptoms - Dogs
  191. Link to pet foods lawsuit & brands: cats - Dogs
  192. Dogs in a restaurant who have better manners than people~~: medium
  193. News, Therapy dog made honorary nurse.: golden retriever, children, paws, San Antonio - Dogs
  194. Dog on helium - Dogs
  195. Dog Wedding at Wisconsin State Fair: puppies - Dogs
  196. Be aware of the Petarmor Display at the store: puppies, weight, free - Dogs
  197. News, Judge: Barking not protected speech.: Ohio, Cincinnati - Dogs
  198. Long Island COunty to Ban Puppy Sales From Pet Stores - Dogs
  199. For cutting big, thick grizzly bear nails: ears, claw, year - Dogs
  200. Scientists Create Glow in the Dark Beagle! - Dogs