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  1. Dog victim of Katrina found in N.C. 7 years later: poodle, vets - Dogs
  2. A Trail of Puppies: eat - Dogs
  3. Max is having a crappy day (literally): lab, vet, stomach - Dogs
  4. Nail trim: vet, black, paws, claw - Dogs
  5. A bit of help: bite, vet, barking, aggressive - Dogs
  6. When dogs laugh at cats.: bowl, water
  7. How old do puppies need to be to bark?: lab, terriers, vet - Dogs
  8. Capstar & Little City Dogs & Program & Comfortis????: vets, skin, allergies
  9. Pain in dogs: how much, vet, symptoms, adopting
  10. agility update: puppy, home, Denver, sleep - Dogs
  11. Just a Dog By Richard A. Biby: skin, cats, animal - Dogs
  12. Puppy wants you to stay: adult, ears, year, owner - Dogs
  13. Does your community have a Friends With Fences program?: aggressive, rescue, food - Dogs
  14. How long after shots is a dog sore?: how much, allergic, vet - Dogs
  15. funny and cute dog paradox - Dogs
  16. Speaking of Great Danes.: yorkie, rescued, children, breed - Dogs
  17. Two New Puppies. Can tell me, What are the best bathing products: clean, vet - Dogs
  18. How an Incredible Dog Changes the Life of a Woman: train, pup - Dogs
  19. Once a Drug Dog, Always a Drug Dog: ears, Washington, year - Dogs
  20. Broccoli can be very Scary!: black, puppy, eating, licking - Dogs
  21. Will Shiba Inu Ever Become Close to Labs....: clean, breeding, cleaning - Dogs
  22. Puppy stepped in sap: clean, skin, best, walk - Dogs
  23. I need your help with a new behavior!: bulldog, terrier, barks - Dogs
  24. Imagine a world where....: retrievers, poop, spaniel, spaniels - Dogs
  25. Dog Rescue (happy ending): collars, GPS - Dogs
  26. Something to wash the sandwich down.. - Dogs
  27. Do you look like your dog?: black, collies, maltese, weight - Dogs
  28. Dog steals the horse: boxers, best, walk, ears - Dogs
  29. Deer antlers: bulldog, aggressive, teeth, cost - Dogs
  30. check out cupcakes, esp. if you have a white fluffy dog: ears - Dogs
  31. The downside of Labs as service dogs: chihuahuas, black, training
  32. Dog on a Trampoline- turn down speakers! - Dogs
  33. One of my recent passengers......: how much, rescue, adopting, children - Dogs
  34. Swimming lesson: lab, bulldogs, black, rescue
  35. Sad story I read about online....United Airlines Killed Our Golden Retriever, Bea: costs, cross - Dogs
  36. Bouncing Boxer: boxers, children, best, walk - Dogs
  37. Homemade Pumpkin Dog treats - Dogs
  38. Beagle survives jump off bridge: owner, bought, fear - Dogs
  39. Does know what is going on with Novartis days?: vets, fleas - Dogs
  40. Spoiled, lazy or defiant?: chihuahuas, clean, poop, housebreak - Dogs
  41. Neighbors' dog sold on Craigslist: failure, puppy, shelter, ears - Dogs
  42. Bernese Mt Dog takes a puppy for a walk: shepherd, labs, german - Dogs
  43. News, Man wrestles gator to rescue dog.: best, outside, Florida - Dogs
  44. tender eye-locking moments - Dogs
  45. Does this happen at your house?: puppy, size - Dogs
  46. A Tonic for the Heart and Soul: ears, year, hair - Dogs
  47. Dog locked in house...: clean, poop, black, kennel - Dogs
  48. After 3.5 years away, Cassie is home: owner, work, family - Dogs
  49. GSD Wins!: people - Dogs
  50. When will they come back?: black, cross, food, outside - Dogs
  51. Deaf Dog Greets her Dad home from Army Training: adoption, cross, best - Dogs
  52. 19 y.o. dog to shelter finds a new home: adopted, cats - Dogs
  53. This is what it's all about: Denver, power - Dogs
  54. Take guess what is Chaos up too?: eat - Dogs
  55. Wonderful rescue story and picture: animals, sold, humans - Dogs
  56. Results and best price for Atopica.: allergic, vet, allergies, cost - Dogs
  57. Guard Dog: toy, best, breeds - Dogs
  58. Going on trip- Should I use kennel or use a dog sitter?: vet, kennels - Dogs
  59. Hooray! It's Friday! - Dogs
  60. When you have to PTS a good friend and don't have to talk to: vets, cross - Dogs
  61. What is it about Bulldog puppies?: pugs, breeds, adult, ears - Dogs
  62. US Great Dane is planet's tallest dog: poop, breeder, shaking - Dogs
  63. Two legged puppies -Doing just Fine: hairs - Dogs
  64. Dawn, don't look at this- it will make you cry!: natural, best - Dogs
  65. News, Dog quickly takes in, nurses stray kitten in Minn.: Minnesota, Minneapolis - Dogs
  66. Dog finds and tracks orca whales in Seattle: lab, barking, black - Dogs
  67. If you are travelling to new jersey.....beware: stop, owner, people - Dogs
  68. remember that photo of the guy helping his arthritic dog swim? (update): treatment, kids - Dogs
  69. News, New Jersey Voters Say Mandatory Doggie Seat Belts A Good Idea.: Great Dane, keep - Dogs
  70. Barking when I am home: training, adopted, shelter, breed - Dogs
  71. Resistance is Futile: puppy - Dogs
  72. Can little dogs be trained: chihuahua, barking, train, natural
  73. A Blind Great Dane who has her own Seeing Eye Dog: vet, surgery - Dogs
  74. The Most Comfortable Dog Bed of All: size, sleep, pound - Dogs
  75. Handle it like a dog - Dogs
  76. Tibetan Spaniel- The Dog for Cat People - Dogs
  77. You are the world: children - Dogs
  78. Stop hurting our dogs!!: treatment, rescued, best, outside
  79. Posh Pet Hotel in NYC: clean, treatment, people - Dogs
  80. Update on the Google Maps dog is below): teeth, rescue, best - Dogs
  81. Dogs at Work- great stress relievers: barking, symptoms, kids, noise
  82. Ultrasonic bark stopper?: allergy, chihuahua, toy, barking - Dogs
  83. how to better socialize my dog: how much, bulldog, retriever, poop - Dogs
  84. Pooh Bear - Dogs
  85. Aww...Someone must need a hug - Dogs
  86. When my dog Lucky died, I disappeared too: biting, adopt, puppy - Dogs
  87. Meet Happy, Semi-Happy and Sad: how much, beach - Dogs
  88. Trouble at Dogs Deserve Better: rescue, ears, Philadelphia, animal
  89. Corup Christi Pound full to capacity: adoption, shelter, causes, free - Dogs
  90. What the dickens?: breeders, rescue, adoption, cross - Dogs
  91. Dying dog finds new life: training, ears, animals, stop - Dogs
  92. Dog Bite Epidemic... pfffft.: how much, breeding, training, kids - Dogs
  93. Chinese dieing puppies with tiger stripes: poodles, vet, black, treatment - Dogs
  94. Vicious Doberman!: pomeranian, aggressive, puppy, walk - Dogs
  95. Looking at pictures of cute puppies could make you do better at work: breed - Dogs
  96. Can dog read our emotions? Can we understand them?: barks, reactions, best - Dogs
  97. Trust Me Baby- Parody of Call Me: how much, train, problems - Dogs
  98. 9/11 Hero Dog: puppy - Dogs
  99. Poor Kodi: vet, infections, kennel, neuter - Dogs
  100. In 15 minutes we saved 15 dogs: terrier, rescue, puppies
  101. Dog Version of Call Me uot;: popular, work - Dogs
  102. Officer K9 Makes a Dare - Dogs
  103. Good news for Kabang the hero dog: surgery, shelter, mean - Dogs
  104. Dog Park FUN!!! Sawyer's afternoon in the dog park: shots, allowed, work - Dogs
  105. Sometimes I feel like we all are preaching to the choir: vet, barking - Dogs
  106. Black Rescue Dogs Have a Hard Time: lab, adopt, puppy
  107. My gentle and crazy reminder - Xylitol: lab, poodle, clean - Dogs
  108. My neighbors dog was shot: how much, vet, barking, wound - Dogs
  109. ??? About Grooming.... @ Petsmart: vet, skin, teeth, treatment - Dogs
  110. Why are newborn pups so trusting?: breeding, puppies, breed, cats - Dogs
  111. Collapsing trachea and seizures?: shih tzu, vet, teeth, symptoms - Dogs
  112. Puppy Update: poop, vet, skin, odor - Dogs
  113. Tell us about your BDE: border collie, shepherd, boxer, English Mastiff - Dogs
  114. Furry Problem Child: vet, stomach, mice, tooth - Dogs
  115. Bittersweet....: bite, vet, costs, adopt - Dogs
  116. Separation Anxiety manifests itself in poo/pee: poop, vet, rescue - Dogs
  117. Neighbor problems: how much, allergic, vet, barking - Dogs
  118. Help for blind dog w ears - no, help for ME: shepherd, allergy - Dogs
  119. Why can't people scoop the poop?: vet, cost, puppies, outside - Dogs
  120. Can I have of that sandwich: stomach, keep, supplement - Dogs
  121. have and use a dog safety harness in the car?: labs, barking - Dogs
  122. Tiny's getting neutered tomorrow: vet, black, puppy, cats - Dogs
  123. Dog taken for being obese: terrier, stomach, surgery, diet - Dogs
  124. can I an awwwww?: retriever, toy, aggressive, skin - Dogs
  125. Looking for a name, female dog, mid size, lad/shephard mix, *bent tail*: shepherd, lab - Dogs
  126. True Love: vet, rescued, best, food - Dogs
  127. Feel sorry for the dog next door: lab, training, beagle - Dogs
  128. used/using Trifexis?: lab, chihuahua, bites, fleas - Dogs
  129. I found a Boston Terrier today...: lab, vet, legal, rescue - Dogs
  130. Weekend with the bulldog, drool, shots, best - Dogs
  131. New to dog foster: clean, poop, vet, barking - Dogs
  132. Thinking of purchasing a puppy: how much, shepherd, labs, terriers - Dogs
  133. Dog aggression with treats: biting, aggressive, children, food - Dogs
  134. Three aussies ( photos): bulldog, shots, best, breeds - Dogs
  135. Puppy Questions: lab, shih-tzu, bulldog, poodle - Dogs
  136. No Good Options: yorkie, vet, toy, training - Dogs
  137. We are not their pack?: skin, train, natural, chewing - Dogs
  138. Walmart debuts decent brand of dog food: cost, adopting, children - Dogs
  139. Dog stands guard over deceased owner’s grave for six years: shepherd, best - Dogs
  140. Tell me all the possibilities with me agreeing to dog sit?: labradors, bites - Dogs
  141. idiot neighbor's dog: rottweiler, chihuahuas, cross, cats - Dogs
  142. What I learned at the Vet today: how much, poodle, clean - Dogs
  143. What Color of Dogs Do You Like........: black, rescue, adopted
  144. Talking to the ghost dog: terrier, clean, toy, wound - Dogs
  145. Moving across country with dogs: retriever, clean, poop, vet
  146. fish oil for dogs?: how much, allergic, vet, skin
  147. Cystotomy and spaying at the same time - a good idea?: clean, vet - Dogs
  148. See This Yellow Ribbon On My Dog's Leash ?: skin, adopt - Dogs
  149. Questions to ask a breeder: clean, breeders, skin, rescue - Dogs
  150. Reason Why I can't use Cheap People Shampoo on my Dogs?: clean, skin
  151. Measuring out Advantix - Foxy, where are you???: lab, shih tzu, bite - Dogs
  152. its destiny: shepherd, terrier, rescue, adoption - Dogs
  153. idea what mix this is?: shepherd, black, training, shelter - Dogs
  154. Google Maps Helps Rescue Street Dog: how much, ears, test, year - Dogs
  155. Shelters Guessing Breeds: pitbulls, border collie, how much, shepherd - Dogs
  156. I ......: labs, poop, breeders, black - Dogs
  157. VA won't pay for cost of service dogs for PTSD: vet, science
  158. have a CHILD who likes dog biscuits?: bones, kids, best - Dogs
  159. Do you ever get your dog in the shower with you?: chihuahuas, clean - Dogs
  160. Tiny..our 3rd chihuahua: labs, breeder, black, kennel - Dogs
  161. Puppy has diarrhea: clean, poop, vet, breeder - Dogs
  162. Dog bites Dog: poodle, bite, vet, schnauzer - Dogs
  163. What Percentage of People Actually......: how much, chihuahuas, barking, costs - Dogs
  164. Dog trying to kick me off couch: bite, laser, vet - Dogs
  165. When it is time to put a dog down. Do you go in or stay away?: shepherd, vet - Dogs
  166. what breed do you admire most but realize wouldn't fit your lifestyle?: border collie, shepherd - Dogs
  167. Big Dog Beach day ..yes pics.: afraid, humans - Dogs
  168. Dog snaps at owner....Owner's next move is to?: pitbulls, shepherd, bite - Dogs
  169. read My dog is dying: poodles, miniature, vet, toy - Dogs
  170. How to walk two dogs together: how much, poop, training, natural
  171. speaking of new dogs.....: breeder, neutered, best, food
  172. A Dogs Purpose: cross, ears, euthanasia, cancer
  173. Dog getting upset tummy: lab, poop, vet, stomach - Dogs
  174. Watching Dogs or Dogs Watching ?: how much, adopted, cross, pups
  175. What to make of a dog, who at 4 years old, is not trained to sit or stay when told?: how much, toy - Dogs
  176. getting a GSD puppy: shepherd, lab, black, bird - Dogs
  177. NY: Animal abusers may have to register like sex abusers: how much, rescue - Dogs
  178. advice on how to get dogs to shut up: labs, shih-tzu, barking
  179. What's the Difference between an Akita and a Shiba Inu???: bite, clean - Dogs
  180. I would Never Leave my Babies Behind: rescued, best, ears - Dogs
  181. Dogs FAKING injuries, do you believe they are smart enough?: vet, skin
  182. cat-hating dog and outdoor cats :-O: boxer, chihuahua, poop, barks - Dogs
  183. Do you brush your dog's teeth?: shepherd, shih tzu, poodles, yorkies - Dogs
  184. Today is My Birthday: maltese, bought, doggie - Dogs
  185. What Do You Think of This Dog House.......: black, cost, chew - Dogs
  186. Team of 40 people rescue 2 dogs: paws, beach
  187. Innocence - Dogs
  188. Kabang the hero dog: surgery, California - Dogs
  189. It's no fun without water.: puppies, swimming - Dogs
  190. Protect your dogs during hunting season
  191. How is a Dog Like a Squirrel? - Dogs
  192. Every Dog Needs a Well-Trained Person: water - Dogs
  193. Tortoise chases dog - Dogs
  194. Why chained dogs get agressive
  195. Dog herds and feeds sheep: animal - Dogs
  196. Beautiful photo leads to aid in caring for older dog: year - Dogs
  197. Recall: Boots & Barkley American Beef Bully Sticks: test, Denver - Dogs
  198. What do you get when you cross a Panda Bear and a Dog? Wait for it.... - Dogs
  199. Police Force down to One member and it's a Dog - Dogs
  200. Video, Two-Legged Puppies Almost Unaffected by Disability: veterinarian, rescue, Texas - Dogs