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  84. It's a good thing somebody is keeping track of things. - Dogs
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  144. Hepatocutaneous Syndrome (our Murphy might have this): vet, surgery, treatment - Dogs
  145. for cold weather state dog owners: vet, heartworms, treatment - Dogs
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  148. yeast: allergy, vet, black, skin - Dogs
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  154. idea as to what kinda dog this is?: shepherd, rottweiler, spaniel - Dogs
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  156. Another Dirty Dog: natural, paws, pup, problems - Dogs
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  161. with large 3-legged dog?: shepherd, labs, vet, skin - Dogs
  162. Sleeping Dogs: best, shelter, mixed, hurt
  163. Dog Names: lab, poodles, miniature, black - Dogs
  164. $4K raised to reunite dog from Afghanistan and ex-marine: skin, rescue, costs - Dogs
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  167. suggest an RX Arthritis Med: how much, vet, prescription, treatment - Dogs
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  169. Canned dog food.: mice, bones, adopted, natural - Dogs
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  182. Canine Idiopathic Vesibular Disease: lab, clean, vet, husky - Dogs
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  192. Good for you, Burbank, CA! pet sales) - Dogs
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