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  28. Can mushroom compound mean a cure for cancer in dogs and humans?: vet, food
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  32. Portraits of Wet Dogs
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  62. Reddit Found my Dog - Dogs
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  88. Baby Chewbacca- This is not a Halloween Costume - Dogs
  89. Happy halloween! - Dogs
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  101. I hold your hand! - Dogs
  102. gentamicin spray: vet, neutered, puppy, dental - Dogs
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  110. Should we start feedings our dogs only once a day?: poop, toy
  111. Does your dog bring things home?: clean, poop, cleaning, mice - Dogs
  112. CHF - Coughing: gagging, vet, stomach, skin - Dogs
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  134. black lab/golden retriever mix puppy: labs, training, adopt, chew - Dogs
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  136. Puppy eating furniture: biting, poop, toy, stomach - Dogs
  137. Dogs Who Love Clothing: lab, terrier, black, cost
  138. Crate Type: shepherd, training, symptoms, kennel - Dogs
  139. alternatives to teeth brushing?: lab, retriever, clean, vet - Dogs
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  141. Is Trifexis killing dogs.: lab, vet, black, cost
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  143. Cavapoochon: cockapoos, drool, puppy, shelters - Dogs
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  145. vets sell unnecessary shots duh - Ya think?: vet, science - Dogs
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  147. Satin balls: how much, vet, stomach, skin - Dogs
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  153. Oil for Dry SKin: shepherd, lab, bite, vet - Dogs
  154. to adopt a bonded pair: shepherd, lab, retriever, shepherds - Dogs
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  156. It's important to clean your computer screen from the inside.: pugs, outside - Dogs
  157. Would you or could you: ears, year, sick - Dogs
  158. Deadly Dog Virus: train, kennels, vaccine, cross - Dogs
  159. pacing at night: border collie, poop, collie, outside - Dogs
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  181. what is a vet?: surgery, treatment, costs, vaccinations - Dogs
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  189. Dogs at Thanksgiving
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