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  1. the toy fox terrier: English Bulldog, chihuahua, bite, basenji - Dogs
  2. to excited: barking, train, puppy, walk - Dogs
  3. News, Uno, champion beagle, retires from competition.: terrier, rescue, adopt - Dogs
  4. new puppy digging!: clean, poop, cleaning, skin - Dogs
  5. News, Dog Rescues Kangaroo In Dead Mother's Pouch.: cross, Australia, hair - Dogs
  6. Cesky Terriers... warnings?: terrier, schnauzer, breeders, skin - Dogs
  7. Need a space for my dog…..Blacky: labrador, terrier, adoption - Dogs
  8. News, Deaf Woman's Dog Alerts Her To Fire.: children, best, - Dogs
  9. knows dog lover hangouts?: training, rescue, canine, problems - Dogs
  10. Jerry Playing With His Balls - Dogs
  11. Happy Tails: rescued, home, California, owner - Dogs
  12. Separation anxiety: how much, black, rescued, adopted - Dogs
  13. How do veterinarians determine a dog's age?: vet, teeth, diet - Dogs
  14. Between the dog and the 2 year old daughter...: laser, training, children - Dogs
  15. Spring, It's !: clean, cleaning, pup, grass - Dogs
  16. fixing the grass?: ears, year, water, yellow - Dogs
  17. Heartworm tests: allergic, bite, vet, prescription - Dogs
  18. Opinions?: labs, vet, spaniel, skin - Dogs
  19. introducing a new dog to another dog: boxer, clean, aggressive - Dogs
  20. Update on founder of Dogs Deserve Better: science, costs, puppy
  21. Help- dog walking with tail down, his back leg: Shar-Pei, vet, weight - Dogs
  22. An Innocent Trip to the Park Turned into a Disaster!: shepherd, patella - Dogs
  23. Doggie Stairs.. s?: vet, pup, best, cocker - Dogs
  24. doggie acne: clean, vet, skin, treatment - Dogs
  25. wheatons: breeders, puppy, breed - Dogs
  26. Joint Supplements for pain: spray, test, cheap, year - Dogs
  27. help: clean, rescue, puppy, keep - Dogs
  28. does my dog know...: vet, pup, best, food - Dogs
  29. Mozart Got Adopted: clean, adopt, home, white - Dogs
  30. Cleanser for Dog's Eyes: shih tzu, vet, prescription, store - Dogs
  31. Will he ever quit?!!: poodle, golden retriever, toy, train - Dogs
  32. Last agility runs: training, adopt, ears, home - Dogs
  33. Nevada dog finds its way home after a week, 77 miles - Dogs
  34. watch the show Petfinder on Animal Planet? - Dogs
  35. elevated liver enzymes and WBC: border collie, clean, poop, vet - Dogs
  36. Senior parents and a new dog: border collie, shepherd, retrievers, shepherds - Dogs
  37. Teddie Goes to High School: clean, adoption, kids, hairs - Dogs
  38. Pugs & Altitude: vet, breeder, surgery, kids - Dogs
  39. use Only Natural Pet Immune Strengthener?: lab, allergic, breeders - Dogs
  40. Warning about Lyme disease vaccinations: lab, vet, black, symptoms - Dogs
  41. Pro-Meris: chihuahua, biting, infection, reactions - Dogs
  42. News, Man who claimed dog was imposter reunited with right pooch.: labrador, black - Dogs
  43. Video News, Dog Finds Way to Owner's Funeral.: shepherd, barking, best - Dogs
  44. fire ant killer that is nontoxic for dogs?: solution, garden
  45. News, Russia Opens Monument to Space Dog Laika.: natural, ears, normal - Dogs
  46. My dog just learn that my windows have screens: outside, Florida, Wisconsin - Dogs
  47. Video of the world's tallest Great Dane.: Orlando, animals - Dogs
  48. News, Big, Black Dogs May Scare Away Adopters.: lab, rottweiler, collie
  49. News, Family Says Kennel Gave Them Wrong Dog.: labrador, golden retriever, vet - Dogs
  50. The One I Wished To Foster...: how much, lab, shih tzu, vet - Dogs
  51. Somewhat Irritated Nose: yorkie, cancer, licking - Dogs
  52. News, Martha Stewart's dog dies.: paws, failure, renal, New York - Dogs
  53. Oregon man thinks his black Labrador is an impostor - Dogs
  54. Britches Last Few Days: clean, barking, black, teeth - Dogs
  55. My pup strained her back: poop, vet, diet, diarrhea - Dogs
  56. Pit Bulls!: rescue, cross, breed, Mississippi - Dogs
  57. How much is too much exercise?: terriers, poop, vet, husky - Dogs
  58. Paper delivery dog: test, Florida, work - Dogs
  59. Dogs and Fish: rottweiler, clean, black, food
  60. the dog who thinks he's a reindeer....: clean, keep, animal - Dogs
  61. Colorado Groomer Fined $1000 for coloring Poodle pink: border collie, poodles, black - Dogs
  62. Early Easter?: pups, best, ears, keep - Dogs
  63. Help find a home for a lonely and gentle dog in St Croix USVI: adopt, cross - Dogs
  64. Dog hair fashion : Tribute to your pet. Sick!: breeders, skin, cost - Dogs
  65. Do you bike with your dog?: breed, keep, leash, control - Dogs
  66. Can we claim our dogs as dependents for Tax Purposes?: breeding, children
  67. Ted's Take on St Patty's Day: shots, Texas, mean - Dogs
  68. canine cancer cure??: golden retriever, vet, treatment, diet - Dogs
  69. update on Tess: vets, best, problems - Dogs
  70. raw dog food in Black Hills: diet, bones, paws, pup - Dogs
  71. 117 starving/diseased dogs found in shelter raid: treatment, Kentucky, animal
  72. Yippy,: boxers, puppy, breed, brindle - Dogs
  73. I may be twisted, but I love her mean bark: golden retriever, barking - Dogs
  74. Driving with 80lb. lab from Michigan to Texas: how much, clean, vet - Dogs
  75. A Twist on the Usual Housebreaking: poop, training, puppy, food - Dogs
  76. Will I have a problem when the new fence goes up?: lab, outside - Dogs
  77. News, Firefighter saves dog by performing CPR.: how much, lab, black - Dogs
  78. Help with AKC name: breeders, rescue, kennel, sheltie - Dogs
  79. Easter for dogs..: chew, children, ears, treats
  80. Dog hair/fur in front loaders: clean, cats, ears, vs - Dogs
  81. Where can I go backpacking with my dog?: outside, ears, allowed - Dogs
  82. Humane Society Anti-Cruelty Link: illegal, animal, stop - Dogs
  83. Stingray Tail: vet, diet, natural, chews - Dogs
  84. Marine, Iraq Dog Reunited in San Diego: best, year, family - Dogs
  85. my dog climbs trees.: pitbull, lab, vet, toy - Dogs
  86. Is this strange?: clean, vet, schnauzer, adopted - Dogs
  87. My dog ate a bowl of strawberries: lab, sheltie, dachshund - Dogs
  88. My Dog's Annoying Habit That I Can't Fix!! Long: shepherd, barking, aggressive - Dogs
  89. My pup is not feeling good: yorkie, clean, vet, stomach - Dogs
  90. Do Bones & Ribs Cause Stomach Upset?: rottweilers, poop, vet - Dogs
  91. Agressive-Breed friendly housing...: pitbulls, shepherd, shepherds, bite - Dogs
  92. Britches + Flowers = So Cute!: how much, boxer, rescue, adopt - Dogs
  93. 1st time dog owner: shepherd, bite, poop, vet - Dogs
  94. Disc problems in long-backed dogs: shih tzu, poodle, vet, surgery
  95. How do I stop the door-bell craziness: barks, noise, dachshund - Dogs
  96. Animal cruelty, 800 dogs and 82 birds in a trailer!!!: pitbull, chihuahuas, clean
  97. Dog Parks/Dominance: retriever, toy, breeders, barking - Dogs
  98. What on earth....? The dog has started peeing the bed!: pitbull, how much - Dogs
  99. my dog has mrsa: lab, bite, clean, vet - Dogs
  100. Owner Of Dogs, Beware!: rescue, adopted, kennel, neutered
  101. Which breed would be a good 3rd Dog to add to our pack?: border collie, shepherd - Dogs
  102. Dog bathing questions: black, test, Chicago, Columbia - Dogs
  103. oprah's puppy mill special: miniature, pinscher, vet, spaniel - Dogs
  104. Dog on table, what to do?: border collie, barking, collie, kids - Dogs
  105. Urgent request: on dog rescue!!!: golden retriever, skin, treatment, adoption - Dogs
  106. sir barks: border collie, bulldog, barking, training - Dogs
  107. Reaction to shots: shih tzu, allergic, yorkie, vet - Dogs
  108. When do you know it's time?: golden retriever, vet, barks, skin - Dogs
  109. help me know what kind of puppy this is :(: shih tzu, bite - Dogs
  110. Don't feed your dog Grapes.: shepherd, vet, husky, stomach - Dogs
  111. Flea problem with Shih Tzu: how much, labs, shihtzu, allergic - Dogs
  112. Diet Dog Food: how much, poodle, vet, toy - Dogs
  113. dogs and walking woman help: shepherd, lab, shepherds, bite
  114. 1st time fostering abused dog nts: vet, training, rescued, fleas - Dogs
  115. Discussion on Feeding Raw: how much, vet, stomach, diet - Dogs
  116. What should I expect when my puppy comes home from being spayed?: shepherd, biting - Dogs
  117. My dog has Kidney failure-suggestions?: how much, vet, skin, treatment - Dogs
  118. Did you ever taste test your dog's food?: stomach, diet, costs - Dogs
  119. K9 Advantix versus Frontline Plus (topicals) versus Comfortis (oral): veterinarians, skin, train - Dogs
  120. Does your doggy watch television?: barking, ears, American, - Dogs
  121. A nice twist (mix pitbull awared $9k) after police shoot: training, breed - Dogs
  122. Hybrids!!: border collie, labs, poodles, labradoodle - Dogs
  123. My dog was bitten, what do I do?: pitbull, boxer, rottweiler - Dogs
  124. ideas on how to catch this dog? Rescue groups ideas?: collie, bones - Dogs
  125. Small Min Pin: terriers, chihuahua, miniature, pinscher - Dogs
  126. Doxie-Pins And Other Hybrids: lab, breeders, skin, children - Dogs
  127. dog shivering: how much, poodle, vet, toy - Dogs
  128. doxie vs chihuahua: poop, barking, training, mice - Dogs
  129. Significant increase in price of dog food: bulldog, diet, cost - Dogs
  130. A Dog Is A Lifetime Commitment And Not For Who Give Up Easily: how much, vet - Dogs
  131. lost dog: terriers, vet, aggressive, rescues - Dogs
  132. News, Man Clinging to Boat: Save My Dog First.: vet, spaniel, black - Dogs
  133. Calling all dog owners....: lab, shihtzu, allergic, poodles - Dogs
  134. What is the best way to train your dog to alert you when they need to potty?: clean, poop - Dogs
  135. Small Dog ACL injury: yorkie, vet, surgery, rescue - Dogs
  136. My puppy bites HELP!!!: pitbull, border collie, bulldog, bite - Dogs
  137. dogs eating insects: pup, fertilizer, outside, grass
  138. How much $'s will it take to care of your dogs health when they get older and when is enough, enough.: vet, prescription
  139. Information on the Yorkie Poo...: poodle, terrier, yorkies, breeders - Dogs
  140. bros dog died: vet, breeder, husky, diet - Dogs
  141. Pugs and Boston Terriers: allergic, terrier, miniature, schnauzer - Dogs
  142. husky owners (need advice on breeds!): bulldog, boxer, rottweiler - Dogs
  143. Update on my baby Tinkerbell: cough, failure, best, breed - Dogs
  144. Dogs Doing What They Were Bred For: chihuahuas, train, rescue
  145. Why do you love your dog?: labrador, black, rescue, beagle - Dogs
  146. cockapoo owners?: how much, labrador, allergy, poodles - Dogs
  147. I don't know what kind of dog my puppy is!! Help: border collie, poodles - Dogs
  148. Silly things your pet has done...: English Mastiff, barking, black, kennel - Dogs
  149. Advice on a Breed Good for Kids with Allergies: border collie, how much, shepherd - Dogs
  150. Dog eats wood: poop, breeder, teeth, diet - Dogs
  151. want a dog...but would it be fair?: how much, beagle, adopt - Dogs
  152. Shar Pei Fever: Shar-Pei, vet, breeders, skin - Dogs
  153. natural tic repellent?: retriever, vet, skin, treatment - Dogs
  154. Breed types better with cats?: lab, terriers, huskies, black - Dogs
  155. Vaccinations: tumors, vet, skin, rescue - Dogs
  156. Spay charge: yorkie, laser, vet, surgery - Dogs
  157. Warning To That Have Dogs That Chew & Eat Strange Things (aka: Hoovers): poodle, clean
  158. Nasal cancer: border collie, clean, vet, spaniel - Dogs
  159. Looking for a Tiny Teacup Poodle: poodles, yorkies, miniature, vet - Dogs
  160. Boarding your Pup: yorkies, poop, vet, housebreak - Dogs
  161. Strange Behavior Issue - What to do?: vet, mice, kennel - Dogs
  162. DNA the results.: lab, poodle, yorkie, vet - Dogs
  163. Back to pet foods - Now Neutro: how much, vet, diarrhea - Dogs
  164. Winfrey Dedicates Show to Her Late Dog: spaniel, breeders, rescue - Dogs
  165. Hey out there, what can we do to help: vet, toy, breeders - Dogs
  166. My New Foster...: biting, training, adoption, puppies - Dogs
  167. Best Kid Dog: border collie, terrier, golden retriever, rottweilers - Dogs
  168. Ideas on funraisers for animal control: vet, skin, rescue, costs - Dogs
  169. bulldog owners?: shepherd, English Bulldog, clean, breeders - Dogs
  170. My dog acts droopy after vaccinations :(: allergic, vet, adoption, rabies - Dogs
  171. Housebreaking a 1yr. chihuahua: how much, terriers, clean, poop - Dogs
  172. ever buy pet supplies online?: vet, treatment, cost, best - Dogs
  173. help I Dont know what my puppy is!!: shepherd, lab, vet - Dogs
  174. My leashed dog bit an unleashed dog: lab, poodles, bite - Dogs
  175. English bulldog neuter?: vet, surgery, neutered, pugs - Dogs
  176. Heartguard not use it?: how much, vet, collie, fleas - Dogs
  177. chewing: toy, training, teeth, bones - Dogs
  178. My dog owns the floor: lab, training, drool, sheltie - Dogs
  179. Goldendoodles: poodles, retreiver, breeders, barks - Dogs
  180. What to do about a pacing dog??: border collie, toy, train - Dogs
  181. Should we seek a dog psychiatrist?: terrier, bite, vet, spaniel - Dogs
  182. My foster is a ??: border collie, shepherd, lab, rottweiler - Dogs
  183. Dog's teeth cleaned and blood work: vet, cleaning, surgery, rescued - Dogs
  184. News, Man files dog's teeth down for chewing.: treatment, ears, fencing - Dogs
  185. Service dog/Therapy dog: best, food, walk, eating - Dogs
  186. Help am I insane???? don't answer that: yorkies, vet, beagle - Dogs
  187. What is a Lamby-Dog ???: terrier, yorkies, aggressive, black - Dogs
  188. Recommendations for Dog Clippers?: poodles, clean, schnauzer, cost - Dogs
  189. Are we gluttons for punishment?: lab, terrier, rottweilers, rescued - Dogs
  190. I'll miss you: home, North Carolina, London, year - Dogs
  191. Pug Fans??: clean, pugs, free, animals - Dogs
  192. Best Friends website: adoption, breed, cats, animal - Dogs
  193. News, Can your dog do this? - Dogs
  194. Cute pug video: pugs - Dogs
  195. Oprah's Puppy Mill Expose - This Friday - Dogs
  196. HOT TOPICS & ZERO TOLERANCE... read!: breeding, training, euthanize - Dogs
  197. spodulosis in dogs: noise, german, hair, mean
  198. Video News, Implanted Microchip Brings Back Missing Dog — Seven Years Later. - Dogs
  199. DESPERATE SITUATION in Illinois - fosters needed: allowed, free - Dogs
  200. Seize the moment in your life.: training - Dogs