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  58. Does still order Revolution for your dogs or cats off of DEADFLEAZ.COM?: vet, allergies
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  80. Cutie and the Beast - Dogs
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  84. pepper spray: aggressive, allowed, Cary, attack - Dogs
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  86. Palladia for dogs: vet, prescription, weight, medication
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  93. How dogs are cloned: puppies, outside, illegal, adult
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  99. Best joint supplement for dogs?: how much, labs, bulldog, vet
  100. wth ? a rescue fee of 250 .00 ?: how much, clean, vet, breeders - Dogs
  101. Puppy Barks When We Leave In The Afternoon: barking, training, rescue - Dogs
  102. Are American Bulldogs aggressive?: shepherd, bulldog, terriers, golden retriever
  103. Naughty dogs?: border collie, breeders, training, collie
  104. When did you put your dog on: bulldog, biting, vet - Dogs
  105. Adopting First Dog: lab, terriers, yorkies, patella - Dogs
  106. dogs anal glands drained and smell again a few weeks later?: terrier, vet
  107. dog foods?: allergy, poop, vet, stomach - Dogs
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  117. Had to put my dog down yesterday.: yorkie, vet, treatment - Dogs
  118. What kind of breed do you think my dog is?: how much, shepherd - Dogs
  119. How do dogs tell time?: terrier, rescue, ears, test
  120. What do you use for fleas/ticks/heartworms?: bite, vets, skin - Dogs
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  127. Native American Indian Dog: shepherd, shepherds, breeder, skin - Dogs
  128. I adopted a dog a few days ago..... ??s: bites, vet, basenji - Dogs
  129. Nieghbors dog attacks husband and wife: bite, vet, wound, aggressive - Dogs
  130. dog panting,going to the door,hiding in bathtub, slight shaking: vet, skin - Dogs
  131. Body language resources: training, rescue, shelter, carpet - Dogs
  132. Do chipmunks deliberately tease dogs?: barking, teeth, noise, cross
  133. How to stop my two dogs from fighting?: English Bulldog, boxer, terriers
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  136. Don't touch my dog!: biting, training, kids, puppies - Dogs
  137. Very stressed out about my aggressive dog, and not sure what to do...: shepherd, bite - Dogs
  138. owned a Belgian Malinois?: border collie, how much, shepherd, labrador - Dogs
  139. Ever get a dog because your current dog needed a buddy?: border collie, yorkies - Dogs
  140. Struggling with my best friend's decision: biting, train, euthanize, canine - Dogs
  141. Best large breed doggie seat belt harness for the car?: lab, vet - Dogs
  142. NexGard has tried it?: terriers, chihuahua, vet, treatment - Dogs
  143. I am at my wits end!!!: terrier, yorkie, train, surgery - Dogs
  144. Reverse Sneezing in Puppy: shih tzu, yorkies, vet, beagle - Dogs
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  146. Heelers are great dogs?: border collie, shepherd, bite, toy
  147. First Dog Show: shepherd, shepherds, bite, clean - Dogs
  148. Rescued dogs owner: wound, rescue, beagle, adopted
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  156. Need Quiet for 4th of July: terrier, vet, barks, black - Dogs
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  159. Brain tumor: how much, labs, tumors, vet - Dogs
  160. Norwegian buhund: breeders, barking, pomeranian, husky - Dogs
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  162. Do you give your dog peanut butter?: chew, eating, treats - Dogs
  163. Our dog passed away today......: tumors, aggressive, teeth, noise - Dogs
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  166. Training- let's learn, listen, and engage: lab, bulldog, clean, vet - Dogs
  167. The guilt is unbearable: border collie, tumors, vet, stomach - Dogs
  168. Who cooks for their dogs?: shepherd, poodle, vet, toy
  169. What to do about a dog being mean to a blind pack member?: border collie, aggressive - Dogs
  170. Dog bitten. Facial Swelling.: how much, shepherd, bite, vet - Dogs
  171. Canine Vaccinations Issues: schnauzers, tumors, vet, schnauzer - Dogs
  172. Pets....Is it always this painful?: border collie, Shar-Pei, vet, spaniel - Dogs
  173. Tonkey- The fluffy Sharpei: Shar-Pei, breeder, skin, neuter - Dogs
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  176. Will Not Get Along: shepherd, golden retriever, vet, skin - Dogs
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  183. Best companion breeds: shepherd, goldendoodle, poodles, miniature - Dogs
  184. rethink that spay/neuter...: golden retrievers, diet, adopted, neutered - Dogs
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  186. OLDE ENGLISH BULLY POOPS and PEE IN HER CAGE: bulldog, yorkies, clean - Dogs
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  190. VIDEO : Top 10 Guard dogs in the World: best, breeds, temperament
  191. Keep your dog entertained and cool with this - Dogs
  192. Interview with Dr. Ronald Schultz on vaccinology: veterinary, science, vaccine - Dogs
  193. Ballet Dancing Dog - Incredible: border collie, breeds, test, white - Dogs
  194. Elephants' Best Friends: illegal, medium - Dogs
  195. This dog is helping to save our bees: people - Dogs
  196. Blue-green algae can kill: swimming, owner, water, information - Dogs
  197. Gentle leader or harness best for Mr. Hobbs?: lab, training, adopted - Dogs
  198. Frequently Asked Questions about Service Animals and the ADA: American, information - Dogs
  199. This Puppy Pulls a Move That is Hillarious!: owner - Dogs
  200. The press is getting the picture!!!!: paws, Columbia - Dogs