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  2. Crate bedding: training, chew, puppies, ears - Dogs
  3. Euthanasia/Ashes/Sad Details included: bite, vet, barks, surgery - Dogs
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  9. Slow feed dog bowls: border collie, labs, vet, spaniel - Dogs
  10. Puppy Potty Stations: clean, kennel, rabies, ears - Dogs
  11. healthy bomb-sniffing dogs killed by American security company after its contract ended: costs, adult
  12. Give this to your vet to explain why you don't re-vaccinate your dog: lab, science - Dogs
  13. What to look for towards the end: chihuahua, symptoms, best - Dogs
  14. Fatty heart on dog?: yorkie, vet, surgery, rescues - Dogs
  15. Dog has cancer: how much, terrier, vet, pomeranian - Dogs
  16. Slip leads - pulling dogs? Opinions needed: train, walk, treats
  17. making your black dog visible in the dark: clean, collars, outside - Dogs
  18. Vet Tech: 5 Things You Should Know Before Euthanasia: chihuahua, stomach, surgery - Dogs
  19. 276 dogs in one New Jersey house: breeders, rescued, breed
  20. This pup really misses winter: labrador, black, medium - Dogs
  21. Dogs and Exercise.... What works for me!!!: border collie, clean, cleaning
  22. Invisible fence suggestions: size, yard, work - Dogs
  23. Dog hair!: how much, lab, spaniel, shaking - Dogs
  24. double dose of Cefpodoxime for my dog: vet, skin, rescue - Dogs
  25. Dog worries: poodle, vet, year - Dogs
  26. Last 9/11 Ground Zero search dog dies short of 17th birthday: vet, rescue - Dogs
  27. 19 pUPPIES! oH mY!: Alabama, owner, people - Dogs
  28. Bichon frise ears: clean, vet, treatment, allergies - Dogs
  29. Little boy sneaks into neighbor's garage...: test, neighbors - Dogs
  30. Another reason to love Lowes!!!! - Dogs
  31. Raised dog food bowls/storage? options?: spaniel, best, feeder, ears - Dogs
  32. He adopts senior dogs: adopt, shelter, animals
  33. Ugly haircut for my shih tzu: clean, vet, spaniel, barking - Dogs
  34. Pet carrier for Plane Rides: best, walk, safe, size - Dogs
  35. Year-Round Heartworm Meds in Very Cold Climates?: lab, vet, heartworms - Dogs
  36. dog bite: shihtzu, wound, skin, shots - Dogs
  37. Sick Dog and I'm Lost: bite, vet, rescue, beagle - Dogs
  38. Wyatt Tricks The Public: train, allergies, kids, puppy - Dogs
  39. The Lab Results Are In: Genes Might Be To Blame For Retrievers' Obesity: border collie, labradors - Dogs
  40. Could this ever happen in this country?: shelters, breed, ears - Dogs
  41. cooling pads for dogs: pups, cheap, hair, senior
  42. Are Brittany Spaniels prone to urine dribbling?: border collie, poodle, boxer - Dogs
  43. What is the risk of dog getting fleas or ticks or other at a dog friendly hotel: treatment, kennels - Dogs
  44. Don't let your dog eat this plant: veterinarian, chew, legs - Dogs
  45. UnCrate Train Dog: barking, kennel, natural, chew - Dogs
  46. My Pomeranians bad heart: terrier, vet, rescue, symptoms - Dogs
  47. Sundowner's Syndrome in Dogs: biting, vet, symptoms, natural
  48. Cloning dogs, 100,000 dollars: lab, breeder, treatment, rescue
  49. Best Source heartworm meds & flea treatment: vet, test, normal - Dogs
  50. A Few Cancer Treatments for Dogs ?: terrier, clean, vet, husky
  51. puppy training resources: shepherd, lab, bones, adopt - Dogs
  52. Cop writes good-bye letter to his K9 partner: medium - Dogs
  53. Teeth pulled: clean, vet, rescue, infection - Dogs
  54. Underground Fence - Cavalier King Charles?: vet, spaniel, aggressive, black - Dogs
  55. How bad is your dog for the environment?: clean, poop, cleaning - Dogs
  56. Cyst rupture under the skin. Inflammation: miniature, clean, vet, schnauzer - Dogs
  57. 99 year prison sentence: ears, animal, man - Dogs
  58. How a dog brought a rich guy and a homeless woman together: New York, people - Dogs
  59. New Drug for Dogs Scared of Noise: vet, effects, ears
  60. Backyard breeder deliberately breeding deformed puppies: rescued, sick - Dogs
  61. Heartbroken Shelter Dog: breeding, odor, shelters, breed - Dogs
  62. Canine Tetanus: owner - Dogs
  63. Heart Warm Dose: how much, poop, vet, stomach - Dogs
  64. Found after 27 days in the mountains: shih tzu, animals, senior, stories - Dogs
  65. Remember the couple at Green Acre who were responsible for the deaths of 23 dogs?: kennel, animals
  66. New dog adjustment advice: shaking, training, kids, noise - Dogs
  67. Dog saved from euthanasia only minutes before procedure: vet, euthanize, ears - Dogs
  68. walking dog and snakes: training, basenji, paws, cross - Dogs
  69. dog sick?: vet, train, puppy, walk - Dogs
  70. DOBIE: Rescue, Rehome, Breeder Pup?: vet, breeders, training, surgery - Dogs
  71. Our Toby is very smart: border collie, lab, bulldog, barking - Dogs
  72. English Mastiff + Lyme + awful lethargy: lab, bite, vet, stomach - Dogs
  73. Dogs ...Diabetes & Food Advice Needed...Thanks!: vet, husky, science
  74. Judge throw the book at puppy killer: children, adult, Ohio - Dogs
  75. Entertaining an older German Shepherd.: bite, vet, training, teeth - Dogs
  76. Kiko and Watson: best, medium - Dogs
  77. Dog pacing?: chihuahua, vet, basenji, seizures - Dogs
  78. When is it time to put your dog down?: lab, golden retriever, vet - Dogs
  79. Poor dog is scared of the jet noise.: terriers, vet, barking - Dogs
  80. When to transition from puppy food to adult food?: breeds, store, ears - Dogs
  81. pup losing baby teeth: vet, toy, adopted, neutering - Dogs
  82. Golden retriever runs away from home... and goes straight to the Doggy Day Care.: how much, bones - Dogs
  83. Rescue dog saves little girl from rattlesnake: bite, adult, causes - Dogs
  84. Are short-muzzled rottweilers the latest craze?: rottweiler, breeders, skin, cross - Dogs
  85. New puppy blues!: poodle, clean, poop, train - Dogs
  86. Confessions of a Brittany Spaniel (rescue) owner: border collie, vet, training - Dogs
  87. Animal evacuation from wildfires at Fort Mcmurray Alberta: best, shelter, ears - Dogs
  88. Doggie Parasites In Denver Area?: terrier, vet, treatment, fleas - Dogs
  89. Genetically Modified Dogs: ears, year, animals
  90. Pet Cameras for monitoring your dog: lab, yorkies, training, rescue - Dogs
  91. Doggie backpacks...have you used them?: yorkie, clean, train, chew - Dogs
  92. Teeth cleaning for dogs without sedation: vet, bones, chews, keep
  93. this made me cry: shepherd, allergic, golden retriever, allergies - Dogs
  94. Woodchucks and my dog: daschund, lab, terrier, miniature - Dogs
  95. Have a picky eater? Try this.: golden retriever, medium, eat, owner - Dogs
  96. Leash Reactive Dog: labrador, barking, aggressive, adopted - Dogs
  97. Life jacket keeps dog alive 3 hours in Gulf of Mexico: poop, puppy - Dogs
  98. Acclimating Our Dog To Altitude?: vet, pup, food, problems - Dogs
  99. Vizslas?: barks, aggressive, bird, puppy - Dogs
  100. Our first swim race this year.....: breeding, puppy, breed, adult - Dogs
  101. Costco Grain Free - The closest name brand?: border collie, shepherd, allergy - Dogs
  102. How do you train a dog to pee on command?: outside, walk - Dogs
  103. Well stocked Doggie First Aid Bag: kids, cross, spray, home - Dogs
  104. To understand dogs better -don't force in training: biting, test, animal
  105. What to do with our dog?: how much, shepherd, bite, vet - Dogs
  106. My dog has congestive heart disease not eating help: vet, stomach, skin - Dogs
  107. My dog was found using a microchip and collar tag!: yorkie, bite - Dogs
  108. Animal Relations between Neighbors: pitbulls, shepherd, bulldog, terriers - Dogs
  109. Day in the life of a chained dog.: rescued, bones, kennel - Dogs
  110. Medical issue: poop, vet, pomeranian, stomach - Dogs
  111. Need advice!!: poodle, breeder, skin, train - Dogs
  112. A dog thats loose on the streets, would you pick him up or leave it there?: clean, vet - Dogs
  113. My dog got bit by another dog: bite, clean, vet - Dogs
  114. Play fighting near me: toy, chew, puppies, eating - Dogs
  115. Can we talk about nails?: chihuahua, vet, black, noise - Dogs
  116. One of the dogs next door killed the other one. How worried should I be about this?: how much, aggressive
  117. Why Do People Bring Their Dogs To Public Fireworks Displays ?: how much, allergic
  118. Shorter life spans for breeds: spaniel, breeders, science, spaniels - Dogs
  119. 100s of Greyhounds need homes: how much, clean, veterinarian, skin - Dogs
  120. Confessions of a first time Border Collie owner: shepherd, allergic, shepherds - Dogs
  121. 'Typical' Puppy Illnesses?: lab, allergy, golden retriever, clean - Dogs
  122. Pug in a choke collar: shih tzu, vet, surgery, pugs - Dogs
  123. X-Pen or Crate: What do you have for your dog: yorkie, vet - Dogs
  124. Puppy mill and store owner charged with over 100 animal cruelty acts: breeders, adoption - Dogs
  125. switching to free feeding: how much, bulldog, terriers, clean - Dogs
  126. BEST brand joint supplement for senior dogs?: vet, puppy, Great Dane
  127. Rehomed our Beagle: border collie, boxer, bite, vet - Dogs
  128. New dog update: biting, aggressive, science, diet - Dogs
  129. Help with monthly/annual budget for a Border Collie?: how much, vet, aggressive - Dogs
  130. This dog is killing me.: training, food, treats, work - Dogs
  131. Dogs and snakes: border collie, vet, black, skin
  132. For all of people who dump animals in the country: lab, clean - Dogs
  133. Variety or Consistency?: mice, natural, noise, cross - Dogs
  134. Puppy ingested diluted chorox bleach: how much, poop, vet, shaking - Dogs
  135. about a dog...: clean, vet, toy, cleaning - Dogs
  136. How Do You Stop an Aggressive Dog From Killing Another Dog?: bulldogs, golden retriever
  137. Dog afraid of thunder?: shih tzu, schnauzers, schnauzer, shaking - Dogs
  138. Other dogs' rolling over - why can a dog dislike it?: labrador, terriers
  139. 13 Years later: breeders, rescue, adopt, kennels - Dogs
  140. own a Sheba Inyou?: vet, prescription, treatment, symptoms - Dogs
  141. want guess what breeds are in my old friend?: border collie, shepherd - Dogs
  142. Helping with others' Vet bills: skin, surgery, rescue, adopted - Dogs
  143. Need ideas on how to stop dog from going in the house: clean, poop - Dogs
  144. Personal experiences with Schipperkes?: border collie, shepherd, terrier, miniature - Dogs
  145. Dog might have UTI: lab, clean, poop, vet - Dogs
  146. Well wishes for my Obie dog =): terrier, patella, surgery - Dogs
  147. Tips on introducing a 2nd adult dog to the household?: lab, poodle - Dogs
  148. What brand of dry food do you feed your dog(s)?: shepherd, allergy - Dogs
  149. Another dog is dead at the hands of a Petsmart groomer: how much, bulldogs
  150. Guard dog sought: veterinary, training, rescue, cost - Dogs
  151. Training a Great Pyrenees: barking, train, rescue, children - Dogs
  152. How do you handle a dog fight?: bites, barking, aggressive - Dogs
  153. Dog food ..What dry food does your small dog love?: shih tzu, poodle - Dogs
  154. Problem with neighborhood walks: terrier, barks, aggressive, training - Dogs
  155. Puppy Dog food?: labs, allergy, allergies, cost - Dogs
  156. about vaccines?: lab, yorkies, vet, breeders - Dogs
  157. goldendoodle breeder: northeast: allergic, poodles, spaniel, wound - Dogs
  158. WHY did this dog bite me?: border collie, shepherd, allergy, clean - Dogs
  159. Pet Food recommendation: bites, natural, best, weight - Dogs
  160. Gibson the Samoyed: shepherd, breeder, husky, training - Dogs
  161. Fruits and veggies are healthy for dogs too.: vet, training, diet
  162. Pet insurance? Pros--Cons? Suggestions??: shepherd, allergy, shepherds, vet - Dogs
  163. male dog now squatting to pee: poodle, vet, infection, symptoms - Dogs
  164. So Many Designer Dogs: poodles, spaniel, breeders, barking
  165. Raised feeding bowls for large dogs: shepherd, shih tzu, bulldogs, rottweiler
  166. Barking and the Mailman: border collie, rottweiler, bites, train - Dogs
  167. Going away for a couple weeks - how do I prep the dog?: border collie, barking - Dogs
  168. dog with sudden dry hacking cough: vet, coughing, kennel, failure - Dogs
  169. Helena Montana City Park- a leash free zone!: spaniel, basenji, spaniels - Dogs
  170. How should a well adjusted dog react to this?: bite, vets, toy - Dogs
  171. Fireworks and dogs: vet, barks, shaking, kennel
  172. Dog or Deer Tick?: bites, clean, poop, vet - Dogs
  173. Housebreaking a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: how much, terrier, poop, toy - Dogs
  174. Vet appt. this eve: lab, rabies, vaccinations, canine - Dogs
  175. Walking Tiny Chi in Bad Weather; Advice?: chihuahuas, vet, toy - Dogs
  176. 7.5 month old puppy refuses to house train: clean, poop, vet - Dogs
  177. Road trip with dogs: terrier, chihuahua, bite, clean
  178. Update on Obie post surgery.: patella, vet, infection, best - Dogs
  179. What dog food brands do you swear by?: allergic, clean, science - Dogs
  180. Sudden Passing of Our Dog: vet, stomach, coughing, kids - Dogs
  181. Doggie socialization help!: border collie, shepherd, lab, shepherds - Dogs
  182. I'm Putting My Dog Down Tonight: chihuahua, vet, barks, skin - Dogs
  183. Anniversary of Sam's death..will I always feel this pain?: how much, shepherd - Dogs
  184. Looking for the perfect companion dog? Adopt a retired racing Greyhound: border collie, poodle - Dogs
  185. Need help for lawn with dog worms: clean, poop, vet - Dogs
  186. Does your puppy actually chew his kibble?: poop, vet, stomach - Dogs
  187. I'm sorry your dog does not have better humans: wound, rescued - Dogs
  188. Not something you see everyday- Minnie Aussie attacks child: shepherd, poodle, miniature - Dogs
  189. Best Apartment Dogs: how much, shih tzu, bulldogs, poodle
  190. experience w/Apoquel for dog's itching??: how much, bulldog, allergy - Dogs
  191. Prescription flea meds: terrier, vet, breeding, skin - Dogs
  192. Dog-Man Duo Sets Running Record - Dogs
  193. SAVE THE PETS IN FORT MCMURRAY, Alberta, Canada They are TRAPPED IN HOUSES: skin, rescue - Dogs
  194. Stanley is different: golden retriever - Dogs
  195. Police dog dies in hot car: Texas - Dogs
  196. Doggie confidence help: border collie, spaniel, adopted, puppy - Dogs
  197. Look at That exercise LAT: border collie, training, collie, - Dogs
  198. Detectives find stolen puppy: Dallas, Fort Worth, family - Dogs
  199. Andis clippers: cocker, hair - Dogs
  200. Dog food recall: Buffalo - Dogs