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  1. Flea meds can it be on two different dogs: vet, weight, cheap
  2. post trauma to back..still peeing: clean, greyhound, medication, female - Dogs
  3. Obsessive behavior only in presence of certain people: toy, barks, wound - Dogs
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  6. German shepherd owners in Tampa Bay - Dogs
  7. Dog Sitter's Home Gave My Dogs Fleas!: how much, shih-tzu, clean
  8. Wil-Gro Lawn Fertilizer and my Dog :(: poop, paws, cats, walk - Dogs
  9. Itchy hives on my beautiful spaniel: allergy, vet, skin, treatment - Dogs
  10. How do you teach retrieve (both play and formal)?: labrador, poodles, retriever - Dogs
  11. Our 15 year old dauchsaund sprained her ankle...keep her on meds or get her the patch?: vet, surgery - Dogs
  12. garlic mustard plant: effects, shelter, cats, weight - Dogs
  13. Dog who eats everything: how much, stomach, training, surgery - Dogs
  14. My Dog Is Sick: terrier, vet, wound, stomach - Dogs
  15. Advantix II for my 24 lb dog dosage?: chihuahua, cost, best - Dogs
  16. Worried. Dog has lump on head.: terriers, tumors, vet, skin - Dogs
  17. What is the right size crate?: poop, vet, training, infection - Dogs
  18. Apoquel for allergies: lab, allergy, vet, treatment - Dogs
  19. PAWS New England Experiences?: border collie, shepherd, poodle, bite - Dogs
  20. News, A UPS driver ran over a woman’s 14-year-old dog, left behind a note and the owner is outraged: cross, medium - Dogs
  21. Good recipe book for dog food???: allergy, vet, diet, allergies - Dogs
  22. Looking to donate items to a local Los Angeles area dog rescue shelter.: dachshund, food - Dogs
  23. Wandering cats in yard: home, keep, backyard, fear - Dogs
  24. Cushing's Disease in dogs: shepherd, lab, poodle, clean
  25. daughters co worker said rescue wont take dog with bite history: border collie, skin - Dogs
  26. Canned Food that is Not Pasty: bones, cheap, keep, feeding - Dogs
  27. Paranoid Dog: terrier, clean, vet, breeder - Dogs
  28. Resident cat, new dog: adopting, puppy, best, cats - Dogs
  29. Smallbatch Dog and Cat Food Recall of May 2017: best, California, Colorado - Dogs
  30. Staph issues - boxer puppy: labs, allergic, vet, stomach - Dogs
  31. Vet Serenades Frightened Pup Before Surgery: neutering, puppy, best, animals - Dogs
  32. German Shepherd friendly apartments in Denver area: exercise - Dogs
  33. Indoor Dog Games: laser, clean, toy, black - Dogs
  34. lawn chemicals: clean, vet, cleaning, treatment - Dogs
  35. My girl mostly group up: toy, puppy, ears, mean - Dogs
  36. Puppy With Warts.....: vet, skin, breed, mixed - Dogs
  37. Water Toxicity or Hyponatremia in Dogs = Water playtime can be deadly!: laser, stomach
  38. Huge, homely mastiff named Martha wins world's ugliest dog: gagging, breeders, skin - Dogs
  39. Need PROIN for incontinance without RX from Vet: prescription, skin, rescue - Dogs
  40. Kidney failure in young dog: lab, miniature, vet, schnauzer - Dogs
  41. Pekingese: chihuahua, vet, skin, teeth - Dogs
  42. Chews for dogs: vet, teeth, bones, puppy
  43. Schnauzer Puppy Frequently Poops: how much, poodle, clean, vet - Dogs
  44. Contradictory Commands: toy, train, bird, chew - Dogs
  45. dogs bed: clean, vet, cost, chews
  46. Mini Dachshund pregnancy: vet, natural, puppy, food - Dogs
  47. Mini dauchsaund tore a ligament on May 27, surgery may be too hard at her age...: poodle, miniature - Dogs
  48. My dog has bite wounds on her head and snout from our other dog.: clean, poop - Dogs
  49. Dangers Of Xylitol for dogs: vet, kennel, puppy, medium
  50. is my lab a winter dog??: ridgeback, labs, black, paws - Dogs
  51. Has your dog ever eaten human hair?: poop, pup, floor - Dogs
  52. News, Cat in a tree? No, it's a dog _ who had to be rescued: bird, dachshund - Dogs
  53. Dog doors and micro chips: rescue, adopt, best, problems - Dogs
  54. Shocking: blanket, hair, afraid - Dogs
  55. Dog refuses water during traveling during the day: odor, walk, home - Dogs
  56. Do certain foods make dogs more hyper?: puppy, food, treats
  57. red nose pitty rash help: allergic, vet, stomach, allergies - Dogs
  58. My experience with vets: vet, surgery, treatment, cost - Dogs
  59. Feeding Taste of the Wild BEWARE: allergic, chihuahua, natural, food - Dogs
  60. Pic Of Husky With Shaved Body Causes Concern: shih tzu, poodle, schnauzer - Dogs
  61. Puppy photo share: shepherd, shih tzu, terrier, yorkie - Dogs
  62. claw or paw covers to protect floors ?: paws, walk, ears - Dogs
  63. Enter The Dog: allergy, allergies, kids, paws - Dogs
  64. Porphryn stains on White Shia tzu Cross: shih tzu, allergic, clean - Dogs
  65. Long Trot: shepherd, terrier, miniature, pinscher - Dogs
  66. rescueme and craigslist are just alike with the posters on there: breeders, train - Dogs
  67. Dog to pee and poop around brother: schnauzer, adopted, cross - Dogs
  68. You're supposed to let sleeping dogs lie! Hilarious photos capture dejected pooches pushed out of their beds ...: natural, cats
  69. Do you spoil your older dog?: shih tzu, terrier, vet, husky - Dogs
  70. UTI update and plan: vet, prescription, teeth, diet - Dogs
  71. have receipe for dog biscuit w/good ingredients?: allergy, schnauzer, diet - Dogs
  72. My 8 year old Chihuahua and his congestive heart failure: vet, coughing, puppy - Dogs
  73. How can I remove ticks?: bite, diet, home, medication - Dogs
  74. Yorkie shaking: chihuahuas, poop, vet, stomach - Dogs
  75. News, Dog thieves are posing as animal control officers in southern Illinois, police say.: poodle, vet - Dogs
  76. one use Bravecto for fleas?: allergic, bite, vet, skin - Dogs
  77. DNA Test Results: border collie, lab, terrier, miniature - Dogs
  78. Keeping the big puppy off the doors and windows: boxer, train, adopted - Dogs
  79. Dog food made w/o exposure to chicken???: how much, allergic, tumors - Dogs
  80. Finding an apartment for your pitbull: pitbulls, border collie, boxer, Staffordshire Terrier - Dogs
  81. Daylight savings and dogs: lab, food, cats, eat
  82. Silky terriers?: terrier, breeders, aggressive, rescue - Dogs
  83. Documentary- Pet Fooled: diet, animals, people - Dogs
  84. The alternative tx (Adequan) to ACL surgery... is my story: shepherd, lab - Dogs
  85. What's wrong with my aunt's dog??: vets, breed, animals, female - Dogs
  86. Weight fluctation: poodles, miniature, vet, skin - Dogs
  87. The amazing 6th sense of dogs.. Earthquake alarm: barks, shaking, doxie
  88. HELP! Vomiting & Diarrhea since being spayed: vet, spaniel, stomach - Dogs
  89. Do your dogs ever tattle on each other?: chihuahua, bite
  90. my friend was looking into pet therapy: poodle, costs, kids - Dogs
  91. Is t it funny how dogs can tell time?: barks, pup, food
  92. Puppy Potty Training: golden retriever, clean, poop, train - Dogs
  93. Benefits of a purebred vs a mixed breed?: how much, bulldogs, boxers
  94. Home cooked food for my dog's meals: allergic, clean, vet - Dogs
  95. Dog adjusting to new kitty. Need help!: pomeranian, adopted, best - Dogs
  96. Dogs and summer temps: bite, skin, paws, puppy
  97. Spaying - Higher Liver Value: vet, breeding, surgery, infection - Dogs
  98. Would you treat a thyroid issue in a 12.5 yr old dog?: lab, poop - Dogs
  99. Best vehicle To Transport Dogs: pups, carpet, spray, ears
  100. How I can I save a Stray Dog from the street?: chihuahua, vet - Dogs
  101. What's a good food that won't make your dog hyper?: shih tzu, vet - Dogs
  102. Fake service dogs... don't do it!: train, cross, food, illegal
  103. Which BREED has the cutest puppies?: pitbull, labradors, bulldogs, spaniel
  104. Dog allergies...and service dogs: allergic, toy, outside
  105. Keto diet for dogs?: how much, vet, diarrhea, symptoms
  106. Shaking and panting dog. (Occasionally): lab, vet, rescue, symptoms - Dogs
  107. adopt/save a life instead of buying$$$$: pitbulls, chihuahuas, bites - Dogs
  108. Urgent! 501c3 hoarding situation: clean, aggressive, heartworms, skin - Dogs
  109. Three Dog Limit: clean, barking, breeds, problems - Dogs
  110. Guilty for getting a puppy because of inability to cope...: how much, vet - Dogs
  111. Dog occasionally urinates in house. Help!: clean, poop, vet, spaniel - Dogs
  112. My dog is becoming mean?: border collie, labrador, retriever, bite - Dogs
  113. 11 month old pure bread German Shepherd: vet, breeder, aggressive, legal - Dogs
  114. Adopting Senior Dogs: shepherd, retrievers, rescue, adopt
  115. German Shepherd or Wolf Hybrid?: labs, vet, aggressive, teeth - Dogs
  116. Teaching down to a little dog: natural, paws, puppy - Dogs
  117. Creepy encounter: lab, boxers, skin, adopted - Dogs
  118. Dog wanders onstage during a classical concert: labrador, golden retriever, biting - Dogs
  119. Ringo ~ my walking buddy ~ turns 11: yorkie, vet, pomeranian, skin - Dogs
  120. What kind of dog is she?: pitbull, poodle, beagle, cross - Dogs
  121. Competitive application process for rescues: chihuahuas, veterinarian, spaniel, huskies - Dogs
  122. Curious change in dog's coat over a year: border collie, poop, vet - Dogs
  123. Pros and cons of having more than one dog: border collie, chihuahua, bite - Dogs
  124. Dog bite, owners do not cooperate with my request for vaccination records: yorkie, vet - Dogs
  125. Does your dog love fruits & veggies?: lab, boxer, yorkie - Dogs
  126. Pugs - need :): golden retriever, compatibility, toy, breeders - Dogs
  127. Do emotional support dogs trump HOA policy?: poop, training, treatment
  128. where's the off button on this thing?: how much, boxers, clean - Dogs
  129. $700 dog teeth cleaning by veterinarian: vet, diet, rescue, bones - Dogs
  130. My daughter wants her dog to have one liter of puppies.: how much, shih tzu - Dogs
  131. Dogs going to Church: allergic, cross, ears, allowed
  132. Potatoes bad for dogs?: how much, clean, science, skin
  133. just had lunch with a friend who told me her old gsd took a nip at her 5 yr old: border collie, shepherd - Dogs
  134. Toy Recommendation: black, skin, teeth, bones - Dogs
  135. Fixed feeding times vs. Open feeding times: how much, bites, drool - Dogs
  136. Doggie dementia and tought decisions.......: border collie, vet, diet, effects - Dogs
  137. Looks like I'll be training a little bird dog soon!!: black, basenji - Dogs
  138. walking my dog in Syracuse,ny: clean, poop, cross, walk - Dogs
  139. How to get 8 y/o yorkie used to new water jug?: infections, best - Dogs
  140. Do you keep your dog's collar on indoors?: infections, yeast, children - Dogs
  141. 20 Worst Dog Foods: vet, diet, cost, natural - Dogs
  142. How old is too old to spay?: lab, bulldog, terriers - Dogs
  143. Dogs: appeasement =/= guilt: border collie, pomeranian, black, training
  144. Requesting tips on putting dog more at ease during insulin inections.: vet, skin - Dogs
  145. So Sad When Our Dogs Get Old...When To Help?: clean, poop
  146. Anal Glands - express or not?: chihuahua, clean, poop, vet - Dogs
  147. Family Dog Randomly Barks at The Kids: shepherd, miniature, vet - Dogs
  148. I hate my dog: poop, barking, kids, puppy - Dogs
  149. Do you bark at your dog? What happens?: barking, noise, cross - Dogs
  150. City Ordinances and Pets: vet, barking, legal, rescue - Dogs
  151. Dog hanging out of the window on the highway. 70-75MPH: vet, size - Dogs
  152. What could she be mixed with?: terrier, chihuahua, huskies, adopted - Dogs
  153. Dog has a hotspot between toes - need advice: allergic, tumors, clean - Dogs
  154. Bordetella vaccine worth getting?: allergy, vet, schnauzer, skin - Dogs
  155. not sure if that was playing rough....: golden retriever, schnauzer, shaking - Dogs
  156. Lab has seziures: border collie, labs, golden retrievers, vet - Dogs
  157. I Love Her But ...: lab, cross, puppies, walk - Dogs
  158. Getting medications into a dog: lab, bite, vet, wound - Dogs
  159. Do you home groom or pro-groom your pet?: shih tzu, terriers, clean - Dogs
  160. adding a GSD to our family... advice (1st time owner): shepherd, shepherds - Dogs
  161. Help getting dog urine smell out of the carpet??: clean, cleaning, black - Dogs
  162. How Much Do They Understand?: shepherd, lab, beagle, kennels - Dogs
  163. vet visit frequency: labs, clean, black, infection - Dogs
  164. Owner/Pet Behavior: clean, poop, aggressive, husky - Dogs
  165. this floored me LOL: pitbull, lab, breeders, barks - Dogs
  166. Rottweiler 'puppy'. My God, what a handful.: pitbulls, shepherd, shepherds - Dogs
  167. Trying to decide if its time to say goodby...: vet, aggressive, rescue - Dogs
  168. Do you board your pet (dog) or not?: vet, training, kennels - Dogs
  169. Puppy Car Sickness: clean, vet, shaking, stomach - Dogs
  170. Why is night time so stressful for my dog?: how much, vet, treatment - Dogs
  171. Rescue pets and OOS transportation: shih tzu, bulldogs, chihuahuas, vet
  172. Pet store scams, don't be taken: vet, rescues, cost, adopt - Dogs
  173. OFF the sofa!: how much, lab, chihuahua, clean - Dogs
  174. I want my city to install ultrasonic anti-barking units. Seriously what is wrong with so many owners?: toy, aggressive - Dogs
  175. Is this a good reason not to get dog?: adopt, children, best - Dogs
  176. Dog Park dog fight: bite, home, control, owner - Dogs
  177. The other end of the service dog scam threads: shepherd, lab, golden retriever - Dogs
  178. Can a dog that has been an outside for more than a year adapt to being an inside dog ?: clean, vet - Dogs
  179. How Did My Dog Get Loose from Her Collar: train, collars, walk - Dogs
  180. Dog totally freaked out: boxer, odor, outside, ears - Dogs
  181. Breed for inexperienced owners?: labrador, shih tzu, poodle, retriever - Dogs
  182. For who crate their dogs while you're gone, do you leave TV or radio on?: train, kids
  183. Dog Boarding - competing prices.: poop, walk, problems, home - Dogs
  184. Terrified dog after boarding: bite, vet, barks, skin - Dogs
  185. Neighbor harassing me about my bully pit: pitbull, barking, legal - Dogs
  186. Recall - Barnsdale Farms Pig Ears Because of Salmonella: medium, liver - Dogs
  187. Do Not distract service dogs on the job
  188. Stem Cell Treatment: border collie, collie, paws, injections - Dogs
  189. Have you ever used magnesium to help you pet, especially a dog, calm down?: best, cheap - Dogs
  190. Video clips that make your dog go crazy - Dogs
  191. Dog Was Exerting So Much Energy To Say So She Made Her A Peeking Spot: pup, California - Dogs
  192. My dog indicates he doesn't understand something? - Dogs
  193. Non Toxic Artifical Grass: problems, Arizona, months, water - Dogs
  194. My baby has CHF: vet, coughing, greyhound, home - Dogs
  195. Loving Pets Voluntarily Recalls Limited Lot Numbers of Air-Puffed Dog Treats Because of Salmonella Health Risk: barks, medium - Dogs
  196. Dog saves wedding party from suicide bomber in Nigeria: animal - Dogs
  197. Phenobarbital recall: medicine - Dogs
  198. Are your dogs this sensitive?: dental, hurt, cold
  199. Dog attacks on postal carriers are increasing: Washington, liver, people - Dogs
  200. Canine immune-mediated polyarthritis (IMPA) - Dogs