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  11. Frenchies?: bulldogs, breeders, pugs, breed
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  22. Artificial Sweeteners: lab, clean, vet, best - Dogs
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  27. Zoombak GPS locator for dogs: cost, best, collars
  28. News, Mill Valley Firm To Clone Dogs In Online Auction.: how much, California
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  31. ACV, Apple Cider Vinegar: skin, allergies, fleas, natural - Dogs
  32. For a laugh: pinscher, puppy, breeds, canine - Dogs
  33. Dogs gone wild.
  34. Animal Quarantine in Haiwaii: Hawaii, stories - Dogs
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  36. is it for my dog to be in remission?: shepherd, vet - Dogs
  37. brag: train, beagle, food, keep - Dogs
  38. Designer Dogs......: labrador, bulldog, poodle, boxer
  39. Four-month old pup thinks she's a mom?: chihuahua, clean, vet - Dogs
  40. Shih Tzu: shihtzu, breeder, training, rescue - Dogs
  41. Merle coated dogs: border collie, boxers, vet, breeders
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  44. America's Pet Registry, Inc.: breeders, puppy, breed, yard - Dogs
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  47. Take your dog to work day - Jun 20th: allergic, vet, black - Dogs
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  49. old dog help eating problem and lelly light color diarrhoea: terrier, vet - Dogs
  50. Oil in Dog's Food?: border collie, vet, black, skin - Dogs
  51. Questions To Ask When Interviewing a Vet: how much, lab, prescription - Dogs
  52. Puppy Kennel cough, or worse?: lab, terrier, vet, breeders - Dogs
  53. english mastiffs and newfoundland owners: how much, boxers, bullmastiff, clean - Dogs
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  55. Puppy problem.: boxers, terrier, poop, vet - Dogs
  56. tried peticure?: sheltie, paws, noise, best - Dogs
  57. just read amazing book I think dog lovers would love: how much, keep - Dogs
  58. Great Pyrenees losing hair!: how much, skin, shedding, collie - Dogs
  59. Diamond Naturals Puppy Food: clean, poop, breeders, training - Dogs
  60. Glucosamine, which is better - human supplement or prescribed special for dogs?: labs, rottweilers
  61. chew toys for finicky dog?: clean, vet, toy, pomeranian - Dogs
  62. How to help our grieving blind dog Sadie: how much, shepherd, vet - Dogs
  63. New Foster had puppies last night!!!: clean, poop, vet, breeder - Dogs
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  68. Long Drive From Breeder Home Need Advice: clean, vet, natural - Dogs
  69. Decker Rat Terriers???: terrier, miniature, pinscher, breeders - Dogs
  70. Britches, Britches and MORE BRITCHES! (Video too): how much, clean, toy - Dogs
  71. Natural Diet for Canine IBD...: allergy, poop, vet, stomach - Dogs
  72. Dog DNA Test: border collie, shepherd, spaniel, breeders - Dogs
  73. What do you do with your quiet pet?: shih tzu, schnauzer, barks - Dogs
  74. dogs scared of the rain or the rain hitting the house?: barking, noise
  75. Bullmastiffs?: bulldogs, English Mastiff, vet, train
  76. about my Prego Great Dane..: how much, vet, breeder, skin - Dogs
  77. Ok admit it... got a MySpace for their dog?: border collie, shepherd - Dogs
  78. help me What kind of Dogs is this ???: spaniel, collie, puppy
  79. Scabies????: allergic, vet, stomach, skin - Dogs
  80. Harness VS Collar?: vet, training, surgery, pups - Dogs
  81. Dogs Rear Legs: shepherd, shepherds, biting, poop
  82. Flea Prevention: vet, fleas, reactions, yeast - Dogs
  83. Warning: ProMeris--Flea Prevention: vet, skin, fleas, reactions - Dogs
  84. Dog Acting Weird After A Week at Kennel: clean, poop, vet - Dogs
  85. What can we do to fight fibrosarcoma?: vet, aggressive, surgery - Dogs
  86. Small Breed Puppy Food for a Large Breed Pup?: bite, breeder, natural - Dogs
  87. What kind of mutt?: terrier, breeder, adopted, breeds - Dogs
  88. Can dogs get zits?: shepherd, boxers, terrier, clean
  89. How do you find a good home...FAST?: rottweiler, spaniel, breeder - Dogs
  90. It's Me or the Dog: terrier, weight, eating, England - Dogs
  91. Everyone should read this!!!: training, treatment, adopted, pups - Dogs
  92. Dogs for Kids with Allergies and Asthma: daschund, how much, shih tzu
  93. Dog Run in backyard?: how much, shepherd, clean, poop - Dogs
  94. I Left With A Glazed Look In My Eyes!: allergic, poodle, training - Dogs
  95. How do I get a stupid dog to use his dog house?: black, training - Dogs
  96. Running with the pooch: border collie, bulldogs, allergic, poodle
  97. Dog Foods...One More Time: vet, breeder, stomach, skin - Dogs
  98. How wrong am I when walking my dog?: poop, barks, black - Dogs
  99. K9 Advantix didn't work! ticks: vet, treatment, fleas, collars - Dogs
  100. Getting a schnauzer..ears cropped or uncropped?: how much, schnauzers, clean - Dogs
  101. Boxer Babies: how much, shepherd, poodles, boxers - Dogs
  102. Why Why Why????: bite, rescue, adopt, children - Dogs
  103. How Long Is Your Dog Supposed to Eat Puppy Food?: shepherd, lab - Dogs
  104. Who wants more pictures? Come and get them!: black, adoption, shots - Dogs
  105. When your dog eats something they aren't supposed to...: retriever, vet, stomach - Dogs
  106. Foods Dogs Can't Have: lab, diet, fleas, reactions
  107. Favorite dog quotes.: border collie, shepherd, poodle, bite - Dogs
  108. Funniest experience ever!!!: lab, shihtzu, clean, poop - Dogs
  109. Incontinence in older lab: shepherd, clean, poop, infections - Dogs
  110. Suggestions what kind of dog is she?: border collie, shepherd, lab - Dogs
  111. Do dogs feel many human emotions?: Shar-Pei, how much, husky, teeth
  112. Ok, Let's Be ..: rottweiler, vet, pomeranian, black - Dogs
  113. Can all dogs swim?: labs, bulldogs, natural, children
  114. Help, what did you do with new puppy!: shih tzu, clean, poop - Dogs
  115. location of lymph nodes in dogs: shih tzu, allergic, tumors, bite
  116. how do you live with leaving your dog outside?: clean, toy, cleaning - Dogs
  117. Name that mutt!: spaniel, pomeranian, black, rescued - Dogs
  118. K-laser therapy for inflammation, joint pain: how much, vet, treatment, rescued - Dogs
  119. gout in my min schnauzer: lab, allergy, miniature, tumors - Dogs
  120. Exposure to fleas and/or heartworm: poop, vet, heartworms, treatment - Dogs
  121. Mixed Dog Breeds: ridgeback, lab, poodle, retriever - Dogs
  122. Canine Lymphoma: how much, shepherd, tumors, vet - Dogs
  123. News about vaccinations: vet, rescue, reactions, adopt - Dogs
  124. Infected Lips?: allergic, clean, vet, cleaning - Dogs
  125. How do foster parents do it?: border collie, boxer, cataracts, surgery - Dogs
  126. New puppy! Have pics, need about breed...: ridgeback, border collie, lab - Dogs
  127. Milk?: allergic, poop, vet, westie - Dogs
  128. Love Thy Neighbor - Unless your dog excapes: labs, boxers, chihuahua - Dogs
  129. license tag +: lab, collie, adoption, kids - Dogs
  130. Nail Care: poodles, black, noise, best - Dogs
  131. Does he need that many shots?: labrador, vet, skin, training - Dogs
  132. Jack Russell/mix problems: bites, vet, barking, aggressive - Dogs
  133. Thinking of getting a Dog: clean, vet, cleaning, teeth - Dogs
  134. Dogs eating grass?: vet, stomach, diet, symptoms
  135. Weird habit...: terrier, clean, poop, schnauzer - Dogs
  136. For brightdog lover: vet, breeder, black, skin - Dogs
  137. Balding dog - HELP!!: lab, allergic, vet, prescription - Dogs
  138. Best grooming tool/brush for matted hair: skin, shedding, kids - Dogs
  139. food recommendation for dog with yeast?: lab, poodles, clean, vet - Dogs
  140. preventing ticks on dogs?: shih tzu, vet, skin, costs
  141. dog: border collie, clean, poop, vet - Dogs
  142. how do you protect your dog from getting in a dog fight in public?: pitbull, lab - Dogs
  143. Dog is destroying my fence: how much, terrier, chihuahuas, black - Dogs
  144. Letting go of Dakota: border collie, vet, rescue, adopt - Dogs
  145. dogs with arthritis - temperature/climate: shih tzu, vet, skin
  146. Diamond Dog Food: lab, vet, stomach, diet - Dogs
  147. What kind do you think?: labs, black, skin, rescued - Dogs
  148. Canidae Platinum - skin issues?: lab, shih tzu, allergy, vet - Dogs
  149. Alpha roll?: shepherd, rottweiler, bite, toy - Dogs
  150. watch the Dog whisperer?: border collie, yorkies, training, teeth - Dogs
  151. whistle training?: shih tzu, toy, adopted, food - Dogs
  152. Ohio Legislation to Euthanize All Pit Bulls if Passed!: pitbulls, lab, bulldogs
  153. Dog Fighting Problem! Need (Trainer) Help!: bulldogs, vet, aggressive, training
  154. Dreaming Dogs: poodle, barks, black, beagle
  155. Need help with Husky Nipping: lab, bites, vet, toy - Dogs
  156. Prayers for Morgan, if y'all would!: vet, training, surgery, adopted - Dogs
  157. pitbulls: shepherd, labs, terrier, yorkies - Dogs
  158. Housebreaking an adult shelter dog: clean, poop, vet, skin - Dogs
  159. Limpoma - what is it & treatment?: lab, vet, skin - Dogs
  160. Dog Parks!!!: border collie, how much, boxer, aggressive - Dogs
  161. Puppy vomiting & so on..: terrier, yorkie, poop, vet - Dogs
  162. Adopt or buy?: shih tzu, breeders, rescue, bird - Dogs
  163. Underwear Chewing?: chews, westie, cross, breeds - Dogs
  164. Breeds that dont shed!: shih tzu, allergic, poodles, boxer - Dogs
  165. Bichon not so freindly anymore :(: terrier, bite, vet, aggressive - Dogs
  166. Look who is 5 today!!!!!!: rescued, ears, safe, year - Dogs
  167. My dog is mad at me - peeing in the house: boxer, terrier - Dogs
  168. dogs know best: shepherd, boxer, barks, black
  169. Dog will not eat or take medicines: vet, failure, food - Dogs
  170. Lyme Vac: vet, treatment, infection, symptoms - Dogs
  171. Caine Corso - worth the money?: bite, aggressive, breed, ears - Dogs
  172. third time dog attacks my dog !!: pitbulls, breeders, wound, aggressive - Dogs
  173. Pet sitting: how much, black, cost, kennel - Dogs
  174. Doggy doors for large breeds: golden retriever, rottweilers, husky, rescue - Dogs
  175. about puppy biting: how much, shepherd, shih tzu, bite - Dogs
  176. Does have a dog with Addison's Disease?: how much, shepherd, lab - Dogs
  177. depressed dogs?: labs, poop, vet, prescription
  178. Find out the 10 most popular dog breeds in your Metro!: pitbulls, labrador - Dogs
  179. What kind of dog do I have?: lab, vet, spaniel - Dogs
  180. Unusual commands & tricks?: border collie, lab, shih tzu, poodles - Dogs
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  183. Do Dogs Care About The Weather?: boxers, rottweilers, schnauzers, schnauzer
  184. Which dogs are the best with kids (9 & 3)?: shepherd, labrador, boxer
  185. German shepherd that panics (moved from GA forums): poodle, shepherds, vet - Dogs
  186. Golden Shedding Questions: shepherd, lab, poodle, shepherds - Dogs
  187. Goldens Vs labs: labrador, golden retriever, retreiver, clean - Dogs
  188. Help with getting new puppy: bulldogs, boxers, bite, vet
  189. News, Buddy the 'beautiful bulldog' excels at sleeping, snoring.: test, Iowa, Boston - Dogs
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  191. Salmonella outbreak and Tainted Dog Food: infections, disease, control, prevent - Dogs
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  193. Announcing a Group for Dog Shows...: training, people - Dogs
  194. Sam's post on PETS: cross - Dogs
  195. Bull Terriers - Dogs
  196. interested in a really cute abandon Jack Russell Terrier?: black, rescued - Dogs
  197. News, Street-sweeping truck sucks up, kills dog on leash.: terriers, Boston, New York - Dogs
  198. Pet training videos: train, people - Dogs
  199. about my chihuahuas hair...: chihuahua, breeder, breed, legs - Dogs
  200. News, Helmsley’s well-heeled dog loses $10 million.: New York, animal - Dogs