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  1. Columbian Vet Smuggled Heroin Inside Puppies: medium, hurt, people - Dogs
  2. Two weeks after Immiticide (Heartworm treatment): how much, vet, heartworms, surgery - Dogs
  3. Scientific Experiment: poop, food, cats, eating - Dogs
  4. Oats For Picky Eater: diet, food, weight, problems - Dogs
  5. Old school-Sevin dust for fleas on dogs: labs, biting, treatment
  6. know a Tick Yard Spray that is animal safe?: science, black - Dogs
  7. anipryl: vet, symptoms, food, humans - Dogs
  8. My dog walker feels bullied by my dog: retriever, vet - Dogs
  9. Study: Could noise sensitivity in dogs be a cry for pain relief?: veterinary, mean
  10. How long is it ok to keep/used canned dog food in fridge?: diet, odor - Dogs
  11. K9advantix11: shih tzu, allergic, bites, vet - Dogs
  12. Can't Get Puggle Housebroken: lab, housebreak, training, puppy - Dogs
  13. Mobile Vet Tipping: cost, free, chocolate, year - Dogs
  14. Control Unleashed: rescue, paws, puppy, best - Dogs
  15. Sad News on Beemo: how much, vet, rescue, adopted - Dogs
  16. Doorbell Bark: barking, train, rescued, cost - Dogs
  17. Desensitizing to the door: bite, barking, black, train - Dogs
  18. How much Glucosamine is too much.: border collie, shepherd, vet, collie - Dogs
  19. Lick Wound: chew, store, spray, eat - Dogs
  20. Lola's first all-day car trip yesterday: border collie, poop, vet, toy - Dogs
  21. My parents' dog just keeps on kicking lol: poodle, terrier, retriever - Dogs
  22. what am i..?: border collie, shepherd, lab, chihuahuas - Dogs
  23. Peter Piper Picked a Picky Poodle-mix: how much, bite, clean, vet - Dogs
  24. Fenzi Dog Sports- free and amazing e-book: biting, training, puppies - Dogs
  25. Dog behavior -dog p slams the cat: border collie, collie, puppies - Dogs
  26. Recall: 4/21/18óBotulism: treats - Dogs
  27. If THIS doesn't make your heart melt....: lab, black, children - Dogs
  28. Help with a Dog - Iím So Upset: housebreak, teeth, rescue - Dogs
  29. Confirmed phenobarbital in tallow used to manufacture dogfood: popular, safe, euthanasia - Dogs
  30. Puppy's drinking habits: labs, walk, bowl, water - Dogs
  31. Itís that time of year again - shaving double coated dogs: how much, vets
  32. Do you clean your dogs teeth?: shepherd, vet, cleaning, train
  33. dog walking client died.. do something for the family?: best, normal, year - Dogs
  34. Does your Doberman puppy play mind games?: ridgeback, how much, poop - Dogs
  35. Challenges with Lola's potty training: how much, lab, bite, clean - Dogs
  36. Fox Terrier Breeders: best, grooming, people, information - Dogs
  37. Puppy goes wild after making putt - Dogs
  38. New travel restrictions for pets on United Airlines: shepherd, labs, bulldog - Dogs
  39. Happy National Purebred Dog Day!: shepherd, poodles, terriers, retrievers - Dogs
  40. Normal to bleed after fecal test: poop, vet, wound, black - Dogs
  41. hair loss, dry skin, personality changes, weight gain in my senior dog: vet, diet - Dogs
  42. dog food: stomach, skin, diet, best - Dogs
  43. Happy Easter, show us your bunnies!: cost, chew, pups, best - Dogs
  44. What kind of dog is this in this picuture?: toy, husky, pup - Dogs
  45. My dog Loosie stepped into pine tar: legs, ears, year - Dogs
  46. Heart Murmur in small yorkies: chihuahua, vet, cough, failure - Dogs
  47. Update on rescue dog with cats: clean, vet, barking, aggressive - Dogs
  48. Tramadol ween period: poodle, vet, wound, rescue - Dogs
  49. Has your dog taken Ursiodol and had issues?: vet, stomach, infection - Dogs
  50. Does have experience with Vitality Science's dog supplements?: test, keep, reviews - Dogs
  51. Tobi got his squirrel: terrier, pinscher, clean, bird - Dogs
  52. not eating like he used to: poop, diarrhea, breeds, adult - Dogs
  53. Senior Pug Sleeps Standing Up: vet, pugs, breeds, problems - Dogs
  54. Low fat dog food w/o poultry: allergic, vet, schnauzer - Dogs
  55. Wednesday: Recall Expanded: chews, brand - Dogs
  56. Rescued a homeless pregnant dog + newborn 8 puppies - Dogs
  57. Recall For Tuesday: Wyoming, stop, information - Dogs
  58. Dog wonít go potty without being on leash and walked: train, outside - Dogs
  59. Using apoquel: shepherd, lab, allergy, tumors - Dogs
  60. Weird changes in behavior: aggressive, treatment, rescue, adopted - Dogs
  61. help?: labrador, skin, cross, breed - Dogs
  62. Recall 5/23/18: treats - Dogs
  63. Why Dogs Really Do Love You, According to Science: training, reactions, puppy
  64. Why We Love Them: breeders, science, dominant, breed - Dogs
  65. Roundworm in 13 week old pup ?: clean, poop, vet, breeders - Dogs
  66. Does Do Rotation Feeding?: clean, vet, stomach, skin - Dogs
  67. Belgian Malinois - Parkour Dog Athelete: clean, barking, black, rescued - Dogs
  68. Careful! Another raw food recall.: lab, clean, veterinarians, diarrhea - Dogs
  69. How to sanitize/disinfect carpet after dog poop got on it: clean, cleaning - Dogs
  70. Squamous cell carcinoma in dogs: vet, aggressive, adopted, puppy
  71. Potty schedule for my new dog: barking, housebreak, train, surgery - Dogs
  72. My daughter had to put her dog down July 4th & it stirred up memories: vet, treatment - Dogs
  73. Denali - a tribute to man's best friend - Dogs
  74. Dog saved on JetBlue flight: bulldogs, rescue, kennels, breed
  75. I Am Being Trained To Trade: toy, training, bones, bird - Dogs
  76. Veterinarian in Horry county thats affordable?: chihuahuas, vet, skin, teeth - Dogs
  77. Fly Attack: bite, breeders, barking, shaking - Dogs
  78. Recall: clean, bones, food, store - Dogs
  79. The First Point Of Spring: bird, puppies, outside, breeds - Dogs
  80. 9 wk old Boston Terrier Pup: how much, vet, breeders, fleas - Dogs
  81. Neighbor complained about my new puppy.: clean, training, chew, noise - Dogs
  82. My dog wants me to entertain him all the time: adopted, chew - Dogs
  83. Dogs got into a kerfluffle: aggressive, train, diet, humping
  84. Do you have pet insurance? Is it worth it?: clean, vet, cleaning - Dogs
  85. Will someone explain the advantages of feeding grain free food.: border collie, allergy - Dogs
  86. Removing ticks from between dog's toes?: vet, aggressive, black, train - Dogs
  87. Best online site for canine DNA testing?: how much, breeding, shaking - Dogs
  88. How do I cook chicken gizzards & liver for my dog?: skin, training - Dogs
  89. Empathetic dogs: border collie, how much, boxer, bite
  90. 3 month old labradoodle and my work: chihuahua, poop, training, rescue - Dogs
  91. rimadyl: border collie, laser, vet, prescription - Dogs
  92. My little buddy got hit and killed by a car and I am sick to death: costs, best - Dogs
  93. Enclosed my yard, and now my chihuahua/terrier rescue is peeing in the house: yorkie, poop - Dogs
  94. Can I take Daughter's Dog?: clean, vet, toy, legal - Dogs
  95. Is the blue heeler the right breed for us?: border collie, shepherd, shih tzu - Dogs
  96. Our new dog pooped in our bed last night!: vet, training, surgery - Dogs
  97. Saltwater poisoning: how much, training, paws, puppy - Dogs
  98. Cough and when to go to vet: aggressive, allergies, symptoms - Dogs
  99. Service Dog fell ill at PetSmart and Passed Away: border collie, lab, vet - Dogs
  100. Aggressive dogs in an urban environment: pitbull, shepherd, labrador, allergic
  101. live where landscapers spray lawns: veterinarian, shaking, stomach, fleas - Dogs
  102. Grain free diets and heart disease: allergic, vet, science, skin - Dogs
  103. Dog has severe environmental allergies! How to improve?: pitbull, border collie, shepherd - Dogs
  104. Is it for a dog to be fed only vegan and be healthy?: patella, vet - Dogs
  105. Need to fly pet to another state, advice needed: terrier, clean, poop - Dogs
  106. Take your dog to work day.: bite, clean, teeth, fleas - Dogs
  107. A long lasting safe chewable option??: retriever, clean, vet, cleaning - Dogs
  108. 10 months old is smarter than we: paws, puppy, best - Dogs
  109. ideas to make homemade dog food: how much, clean, poop - Dogs
  110. Dog proof area rug: yorkies, clean, cleaning, training - Dogs
  111. What just happened?: bite, vet, rescue, infection - Dogs
  112. have a Carolina Dog (American Dingo)?: aggressive, science - Dogs
  113. Is it time to say goodbye?: bites, vet, cost, kennels - Dogs
  114. Petting and hugging your dogs, do they hate it?: paws, cross, outside
  115. Our new dog is wearing me out!: border collie, shih tzu, clean - Dogs
  116. What breed is this dog? Lab mix?: border collie, shepherd, boxer - Dogs
  117. We might be getting a new dog tomorrow.: neutered, cross, dachshund - Dogs
  118. Comments and opinions on German Shepherd, Malinois or Siberian Retriever (50/50 Alaska husky/Lab Retriever): border collie, labrador - Dogs
  119. Funny Craigslist Ad: yorkies, toy, breeders, black - Dogs
  120. Is it to train a dog to leave the indoor cats alone?: barking, aggressive - Dogs
  121. Flea drops: allergic, vet, prescription, heartworms - Dogs
  122. Dog Helps To Save Baby From Burning Home Fire: barking, science, train - Dogs
  123. Why Does New Puppy Leak ?: terrier, vet, science - Dogs
  124. Rattlesnake Vaccine For Dogs: border collie, shepherd, bite, vet
  125. Dog is terrified of thunder/doesn't like rain. how to encourage him to potty: how much, clean - Dogs
  126. Rescue Puppy poorly socialized barks too much need advice.: terrier, chihuahua, barking - Dogs
  127. Neutered male who is still excited...: yorkie, vet, schnauzer, breeder - Dogs
  128. Our dog pees on everything: lab, boxer, yorkie, clean - Dogs
  129. Losing a Dog: westie, cancer, white, bleed - Dogs
  130. My dog ate a wooden toothpick: golden retriever, bite, vet, stomach - Dogs
  131. Canines Are Everyone Best Friends: ridgeback, border collie, lab, poodle - Dogs
  132. Middle of the night visit: poop, barking, skin, rescue - Dogs
  133. do legitimate rescues use craigslist ?: rescue, adoption, cross, puppies - Dogs
  134. Vaccinate at home-do you need a prescription?: bites, vet, breeder - Dogs
  135. Building confidence in a previously abused rescue: toy, barking, train - Dogs
  136. Mother collie with 3 puppies found me: vet, rescue, bird, cross - Dogs
  137. How did you train your puppy?: biting, clean, poop, shaking - Dogs
  138. New Strange Behavior: shepherd, miniature, clean, vet - Dogs
  139. Puppy suspected liver shunt: how much, vet, breeder, symptoms - Dogs
  140. My Rescue Greyhound Freaks Out At Thunder: border collie, shepherd, bulldog - Dogs
  141. Was surprised to find out shar peis are dangerous: Shar-Pei, rottweiler, bite - Dogs
  142. Shock collar to keep dogs within ~250 yards?: spaniel, barking, science
  143. Cancer diagnosis yesterday: how much, vet, stomach, diet - Dogs
  144. Dog Only Barks when left alone at night: barking, training, chew - Dogs
  145. Good video about the need for animal rescue transport: vets, black, neutered - Dogs
  146. I'm not sure what's wrong with my puppy..: vet, science, stomach - Dogs
  147. Had a scary incident today.: pitbulls, chihuahua, wound, aggressive - Dogs
  148. Best dog breed/age for 1st time owners: terrier, golden retriever, yorkie - Dogs
  149. Hounds, Black Dogs and Seniors: labrador, vets, spaniel, barking
  150. Second major surgery for 12-year-old dog -- advice: lab, vet, wound - Dogs
  151. Dog going to bathroom all over carpets in new house: poodle, clean - Dogs
  152. The nerve of people with pets: how much, vet, rescue - Dogs
  153. For having trouble adopting a dog...: pitbulls, lab, breeders - Dogs
  154. The death of dogmanship!: shepherd, bulldog, barking, aggressive - Dogs
  155. Rain day dogs.: sheltie, kids, best, walk
  156. How soon after your beloved dog has passed, do you get another ?: shepherd, poodle - Dogs
  157. Why has it become nearly impossible to adopt a dog?: golden retriever, vet - Dogs
  158. does febreeze mess with the dog: clean, cleaning, natural, chewing - Dogs
  159. Looking for Doggy-door (the kind that attaches to sliding glass doorwalls) advice: bulldogs, clean
  160. Don't tell me how to take care of my dog: shepherd, boxer - Dogs
  161. Bird Dog Fail: retrievers, poop, spaniel, breeders - Dogs
  162. Recurrent bouts of diarrhea: allergic, tumors, poop, vet - Dogs
  163. Dog doesn't want to walk with me: shepherd, vet, prescription - Dogs
  164. needed ASAP: border collie, shepherd, bite, clean - Dogs
  165. Which theory of wolf to dog evolution do you believe?: breeding, teeth - Dogs
  166. having challenges with their geriatric dog?: lab, vet, cataracts - Dogs
  167. How can I move my dog long distance?: barking, train, rescue - Dogs
  168. Not Shopping at Home Depot more: allergic, clean, skin - Dogs
  169. Scientific American: What a Dog Geneticist Wants You to Know....: shepherd, terrier - Dogs
  170. Unfamiliar skin condition: shepherd, allergic, shepherds, clean - Dogs
  171. Do you believe that dogs are a better judge of character: shepherd, labrador
  172. Dog Goes Walkabout: vet, training, outside, walk - Dogs
  173. Advice from a wise old dog: best, food, legs, grass - Dogs
  174. News, Woman Killed in Attack by 7 Dachshund-Mix Dogs: border collie, shepherd, goldendoodle
  175. Altering dogs may increase canine aggression: vet, breeders, skin, training
  176. When should we take our pets to the hospital ?: shepherd, clean, poop - Dogs
  177. Trying to convince my mom not to adopt a certain dog breed: Staffordshire Terriers, breeders - Dogs
  178. Realistic expectations for housebreaking a puppy: how much, shepherd, clean, poop - Dogs
  179. Is this dog cruelty?: barking, doxie, dachshund, food - Dogs
  180. End of the line for this dog?: how much, poodle, retriever - Dogs
  181. Pensive Is Worried: vet, barking, cross, best - Dogs
  182. Dental surgery for dogs. Questions/Tips?: how much, lab, rottweiler, clean
  183. Submissive dog needs a companion?: how much, vet, aggressive, training - Dogs
  184. How common is serious dog phobia?: shepherd, shepherds, aggressive, black - Dogs
  185. Im just a lovely lady: biting, aggressive, black, train - Dogs
  186. Dog old and can no longer hold all day.: clean, vet, cleaning - Dogs
  187. Dogs and coyotes: bite, shaking, aggressive, rabies
  188. super glue on thin pads: wound, skin, paws, best - Dogs
  189. Anything to Deter Barking from Afar?: how much, spaniel, rescue, noise - Dogs
  190. Breed restriction enforcers getting it wrong.: pitbulls, ridgeback, bulldog, terrier - Dogs
  191. Dog rescuers, flush with donations, buy animals from the breeders they scorn: black, skin - Dogs
  192. how do we stop this depravity.: skin, rescue, best, food - Dogs
  193. What breed could he be: rottweiler, black, skin, rescue - Dogs
  194. Spot On!: owner - Dogs
  195. FDA warns Darwin - raw food manufacturing plant: owner - Dogs
  196. Dog Food Recall: 4/19/18 - Dogs
  197. Recall: 3/27/18 - Dogs
  198. Raw Food Preparation for Beasties: diet, eat, work - Dogs
  199. dog food recalls: medium, treats - Dogs
  200. Dog Food Recall: 4/14/18: natural - Dogs