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  24. News, In This State of Florida thief Is Targeting a Particular Breed.: bulldogs, maltese
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  27. dog mats for large dogs: clean, collies, sheltie
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  32. Owning a dog tied to lowering your risk of dying early by 24%, says science: ears, American - Dogs
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  72. dont let your dogs swim in ponds this time of year: fertilizer, causes
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  84. Conflicting Jobs: weight, solution, stop, work - Dogs
  85. Where are your Santa Photos?: puppy, year, months - Dogs
  86. Dog vacuum???: border collie, clean, collie, outside - Dogs
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  90. Beagle: how much, breeders, rescue, adopt - Dogs
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  93. Off Leash Dogs: lab, golden retriever, barks, aggressive
  94. Over Whelmed Dog: border collie, vet, skin, rescue - Dogs
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  96. Dog walkers that group walk dogs: lab, bite, clean, poop
  97. For BIG dog lovers: shepherd, boxers, English Mastiff, rottweiler - Dogs
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  99. Flying with our two corgis this weekend on 3-4 hour flight: vet, skin - Dogs
  100. My dog is mourning the loss of her sister.: lab, vet, adopted - Dogs
  101. Nothing new; so why does my blood boil??: how much, treatment, rescue - Dogs
  102. From Metacam to CBD? How's it working?: lab, vet, prescription - Dogs
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  105. Why do healthy young outdoor dogs freeze to death around -30C ? Natural Selection ?: poodle, breeding
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  115. Should You Rent A Carpet Cleaner Machine Or Hire A Pro?: toy, cleaning - Dogs
  116. A crate for Houdini?: clean, vet, toy, cleaning - Dogs
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  118. What is the dog breed that has dreadlocks, and is it easy to groom them?: poodles, clean - Dogs
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  123. Preserving Rare Breeds: pitbull, terriers, breeders, rescue - Dogs
  124. Has used Proin for dog urinary incontinence?: Shar-Pei, terrier, vet - Dogs
  125. Russian scientists present ancient puppy found in permafrost: labs, legal, teeth - Dogs
  126. What can I do about the chihuahua: barking, teeth, noise - Dogs
  127. Unconsiderate dog owners: clean, poop, barking, drool - Dogs
  128. Bloody Stools: clean, vet, treatment, diarrhea - Dogs
  129. When puppies learn to fly: labs, breeders, black, kids - Dogs
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  131. Tomato Theif: border collie, pomeranian, black, collie - Dogs
  132. Zignature dog food vs Farmina dog food: vet, prescription, diet - Dogs
  133. Dog Eats Poop?: terrier, golden retriever, clean, vet - Dogs
  134. First time going in season: terrier, vet, spaniel, breeder - Dogs
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  136. Health Problems Caused By Castration? Especially In A Dog That's Been Mistreated.: shepherd, vet - Dogs
  137. Are dogs better than people?: clean, poop, barking, tooth
  138. 18 month bishon/shizu chewing and licking feet: how much, shepherd, allergy - Dogs
  139. Dog - sudden but intermittent limping: labs, patella, vet, black - Dogs
  140. Keep dog from bring ticks inside?: bite, costs, adopted, Oregon - Dogs
  141. How many times a day should you feed your puppy: how much, labrador - Dogs
  142. Electric boundary fences - pros and cons: lab, boxer, aggressive - Dogs
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  146. Grain free foods linked to heart disease: biting, vet, prescription - Dogs
  147. So when did this dogs and fireworks thing start?: how much, golden retriever, shaking
  148. Bichon Bolognese, Ziti passes too soon and unexpectedly: puppy, ears, test - Dogs
  149. dogs, backyard swimming pools: shepherd, lab, bulldogs, vet
  150. How did your dog get their name?: shepherd, boxer, chihuahua - Dogs
  151. 11 year old Chocolate Lab and diarrhea: vet, stomach, foods, eating - Dogs
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  153. Senior dog / kidneys / home made food / raw: how much, clean, vet - Dogs
  154. Cost to bathe a lab?: labs, clean, vets, collies - Dogs
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  161. Seperation anxiety?: clean, prescription, black, kennel - Dogs
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  164. [Seeking Advice] Girlfriend's dog needs new home, but shelter said they will euthanize: shepherd, lab - Dogs
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  166. Getting a 2nd dog after one passes away??: how much, allergic, rottweiler - Dogs
  167. How to make laminate floors less slippery: cats, walk, spray - Dogs
  168. breed of dog that you don't like or hate: pitbulls, daschund - Dogs
  169. Dog training: border collie, shepherd, shepherds, toy - Dogs
  170. E. collar/cone of shame: poop, vet, wound, skin - Dogs
  171. Our corgi puppies are doing great, just I'd share: how much, breeder - Dogs
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  191. Recall Summary: 11/06/2019 - Dogs
  192. Salmonella outbreak tied to dog treats expands to 27 states - Dogs
  193. My dog contest - Dogs
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  200. new rescue has hot spots - Dogs