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  9. From Florida State University to Purdue :-): Lafayette, West Lafayette: for rent, house - Indiana (IN)
  10. Kankakee Valley Area - Starke, Pulaski, Jasper, Newton, White Co.,: South Bend: middle-class, house - Indiana (IN)
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  12. Looking for ideas to find fresh fish on Lake Michigan: Michigan City: dangerous, deal - Indiana (IN)
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  14. Muncie area?: Lafayette, Alexandria, Yorktown: low crime, neighborhoods, elementary schools - Indiana (IN)
  15. My Thanks to You: best, job, party - Indiana (IN)
  16. Modular home companies in Indiana and Illinois: Lafayette, Clayton: buying, contractors (IN)
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  18. landlord problems: Hope: lease, month to, home - Indiana (IN)
  19. Need help about Auburn IN: Fort Wayne: high school, auction, suburbs - Indiana
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  21. Fair oaks farms ???: home, purchase, food - Indiana (IN)
  22. RV Hall Of Fame In Elkhart: camping, price, homeless - Indiana (IN)
  23. Real Estate Agent Rules Indiana?: houses, buyers, legally (IN)
  24. Antique hunting ???: Indianapolis, Richmond, Greenfield: how much, prices, shops (IN)
  25. Bloomington Crime: Indianapolis, Lafayette: apartment complexes, crime rate, unemployment (IN)
  26. sold house: Lafayette I come - need: West Lafayette: for sale, real estate - Indiana (IN)
  27. We have moved to Columbus!: school, living in, parks - Indiana (IN)
  28. Preschool help needed in Granger, IN area: South Bend, Mishawaka: daycare, new home - Indiana
  29. New Job in Richmond Indiana help!: Hidden Valley, Centerville: to rent, house, neighborhoods (IN)
  30. Is Mt. Auburn neighborhood a good one in Evansville: St. Joe: real estate, crime - Indiana (IN)
  31. Information: moving, cities, pay - Indiana (IN)
  32. Need Bloomington Subaru mechanic: place, road, near - Indiana (IN)
  33. LaPorte/Michigan City areas?: homes, transfer, school - Indiana (IN)
  34. Places to perform in Indiana?: theater, best, town (IN)
  35. Moving to Evansville...Need Help!!: Hope: affordable apartments, rentals, homes - Indiana (IN)
  36. section 8 housing: Mishawaka: apartments, houses, neighborhood - Indiana (IN)
  37. I-70 Westbound construction: toxic, limit, out of state - Indiana (IN)
  38. Aurora jobs?: Indianapolis, Lawrence, Lawrenceburg: employment, pros and cons, living (IN)
  39. Rural Areas but near an airport: Fort Wayne, Evansville: buying a house, buying, living in - Indiana (IN)
  40. Indiana Business News.: Kokomo: tenant, closing, moving to (IN)
  41. on areas to live near granger: South Bend, Mishawaka: for sale, real estate - Indiana (IN)
  42. Questions on Nestle in Anderson: Indianapolis, Fort Wayne: transfer, childcare, rated (IN)
  43. Public transport between Columbus(Indiana) to Seymour(Indiana): pool, car (IN)
  44. how welcoming are teens to newcomers in Zionsville, IN: Indianapolis: fit in, new home
  45. basements in Indiana?: Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Carmel: houses, crawl space, buyers (IN)
  46. Moving to Jasper, IN or surrounding area with family: Evansville: buy, schools - Indiana
  47. teachers out there?: teacher salaries, education, best - Indiana (IN)
  48. Apartments in Parkside elementary school district in Columbus(Indiana): apartment complexes, health (IN)
  49. From DC to Lafayette--accounting jobs?: Indianapolis: internships, move to, firms (IN)
  50. Warsaw, IN ice rinks?: Fort Wayne, South Bend: to live in, commuting, best - Indiana
  51. Thinking of moving from Northwest Indiana to Indianapolis: Carmel, Washington: to rent, condos (IN)
  52. Apartments in South Bend/ Mishawaka: Granger, Madison: for rent, condos, public school - Indiana (IN)
  53. Artists, Musicians, Weirdos and Hipsters: South Bend: campus, area, community - Indiana (IN)
  54. ged: community college, classes, career - Indiana (IN)
  55. Indiana Manufacturing jobs: Evansville: school, closing, medical (IN)
  56. Flora,Indiana: Indianapolis, Muncie, Anderson: rental, home, schools (IN)
  57. Pig Farming: Indianapolis, Warsaw, Memphis: insurance, house, income (IN)
  58. share stories about growing up in South Bend? - Indiana (IN)
  59. Gyms in South Bend/Mishawaka/Granger/Elkhart??: neighborhoods, live in - Indiana (IN)
  60. Franklin,Indiana: Indianapolis, Greenwood, Whiteland: crime, high school, college (IN)
  61. Cataract surgery in South Bend/ Mishawaka area: Lyons: income, live - Indiana (IN)
  62. Austin, Indiana: New Albany, Madison, Scottsburg: apartments, for rent, crime rate (IN)
  63. Good ways to make money in Bloomington.: apartment, rent - Indiana (IN)
  64. In case is interested ...: Columbus, Warren: road, central - Indiana (IN)
  65. Brain Sandwich -- must be fall in Evansville: Fulton: top, work - Indiana (IN)
  66. HELP me decide where to move !!: Indianapolis, Evansville: house, university (IN)
  67. Granger real estate: homes, school district, live in - Indiana (IN)
  68. Moving to IN, commuting to B-Town and Indy: Indianapolis, Bloomington: apartments, rental
  69. gun ranges on side of road near jasper/pulaski: live, area - Indiana (IN)
  70. Columbus Schools: Tipton: homes, neighborhoods, buy - Indiana (IN)
  71. Looking to live in West Lafayette?: Indianapolis, Cumberland: house, neighborhood, to buy (IN)
  72. moving to the Goshen area: South Bend, Elkhart: homes, neighborhoods, college - Indiana (IN)
  73. Home Buying in Lafayette/W.Lafayette - help on communities: Mulberry: for sale, apartments - Indiana (IN)
  74. New Albany IN.. beware of Asian Buffet!: Charlestown: house, move - Indiana
  75. North Vernon move: Columbus: apartment complex, rental, house - Indiana (IN)
  76. looking into the 46219 area (Irvington): Indianapolis: rentals, crime, home (IN)
  77. Moving to Indiana and need help!: Lafayette, Crawfordsville: to rent, hotel, house (IN)
  78. Something's wrong with this in Marion: Fort Wayne, Columbus: high school, education, money - Indiana (IN)
  79. Indiana State of the State: Indianapolis, Portage: health insurance, how much, job market (IN)
  80. Looking to move to south bend: house, neighborhoods, university - Indiana (IN)
  81. Noblesville/Prairie Lakes: Anderson, Fishers, Carmel: lawyer, house, best schools - Indiana (IN)
  82. Bloomington: Property managers? General rental advice?: cul-de-sac, real estate, sublet - Indiana (IN)
  83. Need nice 2 BR home to rent in NE S.Bend or NW Mishawaka: South Bend: rental - Indiana (IN)
  84. Housing in the Columbus area: Tipton, Grandview: for sale by owner, houses, neighborhoods - Indiana (IN)
  85. with on Brookview and Vinton Woods Subdivisions: neighborhoods, school - Indiana (IN)
  86. When will the property taxes for Morgan County be mailed?: title, office - Indiana (IN)
  87. thinking about moving to noblesville,in: schools, live in, family friendly - Indiana (IN)
  88. Muncie Stereotypes: South Bend, Bloomington, Lafayette: home, high school, camping - Indiana (IN)
  89. New & Expectant Mother Parking: live, law, stores - Indiana (IN)
  90. ahnybody with griffith: store, vacation, reviews - Indiana (IN)
  91. COLTS!!!! News?: camp, rain, training - Indiana (IN)
  92. Mitch Daniel's Reponse to the State of the Union.: tax, bills - Indiana (IN)
  93. Moving to Bloomington ~~ Winslow Ridge Townhomes: sublets, rental - Indiana (IN)
  94. Help with gettin passport: city hall, living in, legal - Indiana (IN)
  95. A mixed bag: Indianapolis, Marion, Hamilton: teaching jobs, live in, moving to (IN)
  96. Yea Columbus!!!!: job, state, growth - Indiana (IN)
  97. Driving to Bonita Springs, Fl from Indiana.....: Nashville, Atlanta: places, towns (IN)
  98. Yogurt for babies/toddlers: Indianapolis, Columbus: hotel, house, tornado (IN)
  99. Rentals (Bloomington, Indy, anywhere in between): Columbus: real estate, month to, house - Indiana (IN)
  100. mosquitos in Bloomington: Hope: apartment, house, buy - Indiana (IN)
  101. cost to run utilities in Warrick county: house, to buy - Indiana (IN)
  102. Indiana Dunes Water: Porter, Buffalo: safe, agriculture, air quality (IN)
  103. Whatever you celebrate: time, permanent, different - Indiana (IN)
  104. Safest Neighborhoods near Notre Dame: South Bend, Auburn: apartment complex, rent, crime - Indiana (IN)
  105. Is Elkhart As Quiet As We Have Read?: Goshen, Middlebury: crime, home - Indiana (IN)
  106. Thanks much. (Not 'Thanks very much'): English: high school, live, county - Indiana (IN)
  107. Bloomington ~ quiet area to live for couple in their 40s?: Hope: real estate, apartments - Indiana (IN)
  108. relocating AR to West Lafayette: sublease, apartment complexes, rentals - Indiana (IN)
  109. best beaches at indiana dunes: Warren: home, beach, commute to - Indiana (IN)
  110. Moved to Greenwood: Indianapolis, Columbus: crime, houses, camp (IN)
  111. Can I get out of my lease?: 2013, apartment - Indiana (IN)
  112. What baseball team does the majority of Indiana cheer for?: Indianapolis: farm, metro area (IN)
  113. Need a Bloomington Indiana Realtor for Dec 27 or 28, 2011: real estate, houses (IN)
  114. Good for Elkhart: park, island, fiberglass - Indiana (IN)
  115. Greenwood dentist: Kokomo: good - Indiana (IN)
  116. God Bless Indiana.: North Judson: military, sold, America (IN)
  117. Place to live near Plymouth,IN: South Bend, Mishawaka: for sale, apartments, house - Indiana
  118. Bloomington Apt to Rent/Might need room-mate: Dana: apartments, lease - Indiana (IN)
  119. summer jobs in Bloomington: apartment, rental, job market - Indiana (IN)
  120. Rogers Park - Is Pottawattomie Park Area Safe: Anderson: condo, crime - Indiana (IN)
  121. Pioneer Cemeteries: St. Paul: cemetery, county, summer - Indiana (IN)
  122. Moving to Carmel in a Hurry! Help!: Indianapolis, Fishers: real estate, apartments (IN)
  123. Moving to Indiana 2011: Indianapolis, Columbus, Greenwood: low crime, home, schools (IN)
  124. Visiting IU...: Bloomington: school, university, restaurants - Indiana (IN)
  125. Interesting.: housing market, market, news - Indiana (IN)
  126. Be cool be safe: Hope: snow, road, year - Indiana (IN)
  127. Indiana has the strongest job growth in the nation.: Indianapolis: school, living (IN)
  128. Right to work has passed!: Indianapolis, Gary: sales, house, income (IN)
  129. move to Evansville, IN...: Indianapolis, Austin: appointed, fit in, transplants
  130. I need advice on what areas in Indianapolis In. are better than other's to live in.: Carmel: houses, school districts (IN)
  131. How Do Residents Of Louisville Treat in Southern Indiana?: New Albany: credit, construction (IN)
  132. Thinking of moving to South Bend and need advice.: Mishawaka: crime, house - Indiana (IN)
  133. Once again, relocation help,: Indianapolis, Evansville: rentals, living in, shop (IN)
  134. The Future of Anderson/Pendleton?: Indianapolis, Gary: homes, unemployment, neighborhoods (IN)
  135. Indiana one of the fastest growing states in the country outside the south?: Indianapolis: sales, home (IN)
  136. Is Evansville pretty?: Newburgh: neighborhoods, university, live in - Indiana (IN)
  137. Choosing between IU Bloomington and Ball State?: Indianapolis, Muncie: affordable apartments, rent (IN)
  138. Moving to Columbus, Indiana: apartments, buy, magnet schools (IN)
  139. Wants to move to Indiana: Indianapolis, Fort Wayne: low crime, to buy, school (IN)
  140. buying in Richmond, In: Muncie, Anderson: for sale, crime, vacation home - Indiana (IN)
  141. Wife, Dog, and Myself Moving to South Bend for Law School...Looking for Safe Home/Neighborhood Near ND.: Mishawaka: transplants, apartment complexes - Indiana (IN)
  142. Another plea for help about Warsaw: Fort Wayne, South Bend: houses, school, tornadoes - Indiana (IN)
  143. Red Gold Tomato Products: Columbus, Madison: how much, price, shop - Indiana (IN)
  144. Speeding Ticket: Fort Wayne: insurance, construction, cost - Indiana (IN)
  145. What are the most common out-of-state license plates in your part of the state?: Fort Wayne: law school, live - Indiana (IN)
  146. I GIVE UP! There are no jobs in Bloomington or anywhere in this state.: Indianapolis: job market, landlords (IN)
  147. elkhart indiana living there?: Mishawaka, Goshen: safe, moving, manufacturing - Indiana (IN)
  148. Which NHL team has the most support in Indiana?: Indianapolis: money, area (IN)
  149. Visiting Bloomington for first time: Indianapolis, Washington: apartments, to rent, how much (IN)
  150. Court: No right to resist illegal cop entry into home: English: attorney, homes - Indiana (IN)
  151. South Bend: Indianapolis, Elkhart, Mishawaka: apartment complexes, rentals, student loan (IN)
  152. Safety Questions Ferdinand, IN / Surrounding Areas: Gary: appointed, home - Indiana
  153. Relocating to Terre Haute: Indianapolis: apartments, rentals, home (IN)
  154. What's the reputation of University of Notre Dame: South Bend, Mishawaka: schools, universities - Indiana (IN)
  155. What's in Indiana?: Gary, Chesterton, Porter: camping, restaurants, club (IN)
  156. Columbus to be featured on Sunday Morning: credit, how much - Indiana (IN)
  157. Is it safe to live in South Bend?: Gary, Mishawaka: crime rate, safe area - Indiana (IN)
  158. It's official - Pence is running for governor: Indianapolis, Fishers: home, tax (IN)
  159. Need help deciding between Wabash and Huntington, IN.: Fort Wayne, Gary: fit in, for sale - Indiana
  160. Move to Indianapolis from NJ...: Carmel, Greenfield: transplants, condo, hotel (IN)
  161. Bloomington Chinese Restaurants: Indianapolis, Columbus, Carmel: college, live in, shopping center (IN)
  162. What do you think about Right to Work?: Mexico: house, unemployed - Indiana (IN)
  163. Warsaw Indiana area: Fort Wayne, Goshen, Plymouth: neighborhood, purchasing, schools (IN)
  164. How cold is South Bend?: Indianapolis: universities, to live in, centers (IN)
  165. help me avoid the mountains: Indianapolis, St. John: home, live, shop (IN)
  166. new resident to south bend!!!: Elkhart, Mishawaka: houses, neighborhoods, public schools - Indiana (IN)
  167. Cougars, Wolves, Bears, Bobcats in Indiana: Bloomington, Lafayette: living in, farmer, yard (IN)
  168. recommended to relocate due to seasonal affective disorder?: Fort Wayne: living in, to move - Indiana (IN)
  169. Wanting to attend USI: Indianapolis, Evansville: apartments, houses, school district (IN)
  170. Company wants us to relocate...: South Bend, Elkhart: homes, school district, subdivisions - Indiana (IN)
  171. Fortwayne,In: Fort Wayne, Franklin, Clinton: for sale, foreclosure, lease - Indiana (IN)
  172. Would you Vote for Steve Lamb as mayor of Brazil, IN?: democrat, Republican - Indiana
  173. Hunting in or near South Bend IN?: Galena: places, fish - Indiana
  174. the growing learning center: how much, year, good - Indiana (IN)
  175. Looking for a vintage appliance repair in Evansville area: refrigerator, places - Indiana (IN)
  176. Favorite restaurant in the New Albany/Louisville area?: restaurants, drive-ins - Indiana (IN)
  177. Who does alterations on West side of Evansville, IN: clothes, job - Indiana
  178. South Bend Area School Offers Second Language Learning: Mishawaka, English: house, preschool - Indiana (IN)
  179. Resources for Latinos in South Bend area: living, centers - Indiana (IN)
  180. And let Freedom Ring!!!: live in, free, state - Indiana (IN)
  181. Crimes in Southern Indiana by Frank Bill: collection (IN)
  182. Cost of Living in Lafayette: homeowners insurance, income, property taxes - Indiana (IN)
  183. Universal Little Italian Deli: place, used - Indiana (IN)
  184. indiana real estate: sale, houses, tax - Indiana (IN)
  185. reasonable priced motels in Jeffersonville?: hotels, prices, pay - Indiana (IN)
  186. in need of a mechanic in Columbus, IN: charges, good - Indiana
  187. new school in southbend??: elementary school, elementary, near - Indiana (IN)
  188. foreclosure listing: Muncie: to rent, house - Indiana (IN)
  189. Vermillion County: live, family, recent - Indiana (IN)
  190. Indiana Unemployment: school, teacher, paycheck (IN)
  191. Goshen, Indiana: live, activity, occupancy (IN)
  192. Reputable Apartment Cleaners: Bloomington?: Evansville: moving to, security deposit, time - Indiana (IN)
  193. Mold Presence as Legal Grounds to Vacate?: lease, tenant - Indiana (IN)
  194. Water and sewer bills in Gas City?: live, around - Indiana (IN)
  195. Locals Advice: Specific Location Needed: Warsaw: house, schools, living in - Indiana (IN)
  196. non profit employee: unemployment, school, teaching - Indiana (IN)
  197. Home Security Systems: crime rate, unemployment, yard - Indiana (IN)
  198. NEEDED 5/27/11 - 2-4 Horse BP Trailer to RENT.... ORANGE COUNTY: Orleans: insurance, riding - Indiana (IN)
  199. Whitmore MFG. Co: baseball, year - Indiana (IN)
  200. A Stray Dog: house, prices, move - Indiana (IN)