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  81. Samheim Publishing - Books
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  114. Has enjoyed reading a play more than the performance or enjoying the film version more than the book?: novel, drama - Books
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  116. The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher: cover, fantasy, comedy, characters - Books
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  127. Books or Authors that you have read because of: cover, book club
  128. worked or owns a use bookstore?: novel, edition, cover
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  140. read Defending Jacob by William Landay?: characters, author, written - Books
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  164. Christian Grey - Books
  165. The man who turned his home into a public library: ebook, literature - Books
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  168. What's the most interesting PERSON's biography ever read?: poetry, literature, human - Books
  169. Gone Girl: novel, diary, romance, characters - Books
  170. Is childrens/young adult fiction so good it transcends its genre?: best, literature - Books
  171. Fictional Books about American Expats: novels, encyclopedia, great, series
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  182. anne rice. . ..violin - Books
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  187. Create e-books from Wikipedia articles
  188. reading the Star Trek relaunch novels, post Dominion war?: best, drama - Books
  189. How to store books
  190. Hebrew novel wins fiction prize. - Books
  191. Songs & Poems: poetry, written - Books
  192. i love books
  193. Linchpin by Seth Godin: writing - Books
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