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  105. My Top 20 Movies - Whats Yours: adventure, Kenneth Branagh, Errol Flynn, The Godfather
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  153. Why Did I Get Married Too?: cinema, filmed, theater, scenes - Movies
  154. Do y'all like Vampire movies?: films, script, scenes, actors
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  157. What's Of Your Fave Movies About or Featuring The ''South'': filmed, war
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  168. Movies you liked up until the ending.: film, Clint Eastwood, Paul Muni
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  170. batman 3: films, directors, Adrien Brody, Johnny Depp - Movies
  171. Top five underrated Movie Tough Guys All Time: Hollywood, William Bendix, Ernest Borgnine - Movies
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  173. wow! the orphan was damn scary: films, scene, Blu-ray - Movies
  174. Taxi Driver...Meh: cinema, films, picture, watching - Movies
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  176. Ten Films I Just Got: Vittorio De Sica, Jean Reno, book, Reno - Movies
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  178. Movies that you hate that everyone to love.: cinema, action
  179. What are Your favorite War movies?: films, western, watch, Michael Caine
  180. Black and White or Color: films, action, directors, Schindler's List - Movies
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  183. new Disney... Tangled: watch - Movies
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  187. Passengers: watching - Movies
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  198. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter: book, Ohio - Movies
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