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  1. Melissa Leo - two other movies she's in with good reviews: films, cast
  2. The Conspirator is great example of historical film: films, Hollywood, dvd - Movies
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  10. Do most people(includingthe young ones) know anything about movies?: films, horror
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  17. MADEA'S BIG HAPPY FAMILY (Tyler Perry): films, Hollywood, drama, actors - Movies
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  25. remember name: scenes, Dabney Coleman, Henry Thomas, spoiler - Movies
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  28. W.....the Oliver Stone movie (discussion?): theaters, Hollywood, dvd, cast - Movies
  29. Is interested In see daniel day lewis as abraham lincoln ?: film, drama - Movies
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  34. Romantic Movies Quiz: film, script, picture, short
  35. 60 day window: film, theaters, locations, theatre - Movies
  36. I like the Fast And The Furious movies but do you think the movie have so many cliches?: film, scene
  37. know which war movie this is?: watched, place, made - Movies
  38. Need movie title - 80s or 90s era: scene, comedy, actor - Movies
  39. Cedar Rapids: scenes, comedies, western, watching - Movies
  40. LINCOLN LAWYER staring Matthew McConaughey: scenes, action, comedies, drama - Movies
  41. News, Clint Eastwood Tsunami Film Yanked in Japan.: cinemas, theaters, scenes - Movies
  42. to Star fans: Do you think Darth Maul could give Darth Vader a good fight?: Star Wars, characters - Movies
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  44. Can't remember name of a movie help!: 60s, made - Movies
  45. Pauly Shore - In The Army Now: spoiler, classic - Movies
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  49. Water for Elephants: film, theater, script, scenes - Movies
  50. Sparkly vampire joins the circus?: dvd, watch, book - Movies
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  53. Movies: film, scene, price, best movie
  54. Treasure Trove of old Silent Movies in Russian Archive: films, Washington, made
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  56. Monogamy: film, dvd, theatre, coming - Movies
  57. THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN and ALAN MOORE: film, editor, action - Movies
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  61. This summer could prove to be a turning point in superhero movies: good film, Hollywood
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  64. Case 39: watching - Movies
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  68. The Manchurian Candidate: Strayed Too Far: film, theater, action, family - Movies
  69. The Mechanic: Charles Bronson - Movies
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  71. Funniest scene ever- what movie does it comes from? Help!: made - Movies
  72. Faster -- Nice Little Revenge Flick: cinemas, films, cast, thriller - Movies
  73. Favortie Slasher Movie Series?: film, mystery, best - Movies
  74. I am looking for an old indian witch story...: scenes, actors, watch - Movies
  75. movie: watch, videos, scary, 70s - Movies
  76. How many of you stream movies and from where?: Netflix, watch, screen
  77. Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?: watch - Movies
  78. vampire fans going to see Priest?: films, sci-fi, watched - Movies
  79. Movie about teaching in a ghetto area?: film, actress, Morgan Freeman - Movies
  80. Hobo with a shotgun!: film, theaters, dvd, Rutger Hauer - Movies
  81. I Am #4: film, action, comedy, acting - Movies
  82. Hailee Steinfeld Will Be Forgotten: film, Paramount, actress, oscar - Movies
  83. Realistic, True-to-life movies: films, theater, family, history
  84. Adam Sandler - the most bankable star of the past decade?: films, theater - Movies
  85. Most talented current Hollywood actor?: comedies, actors, Johnny Depp, Zac Efron - Movies
  86. Moments to Remember!!!: theater, picture, watching, Charlie Sheen - Movies
  87. Are you going to see the movie : Insidious ?: film, theater, Blu-ray - Movies
  88. The Films of Robert Redford: theater, Hollywood, drama, family - Movies
  89. Scream 4: crime, horror, watching, showing - Movies
  90. What is your favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger movie?: film, history, watch - Movies
  91. I love you anthony morris: worst film, script, family, watching - Movies
  92. Most talented current Hollywood actress?: comedy, actor, oscar, Val Kilmer - Movies
  93. Disconcerting Actor in a Movie with a Favorite Actor: film, cast, family - Movies
  94. The Source Code: film, scenes, dvd, actors - Movies
  95. 'The Big Lebowski' Dude Cardigan sequel.........: watch, 2014, greatest, coming - Movies
  96. Who is your favorite actress?: actors, Angelina Jolie, Kate Hudson, Nicole Kidman - Movies
  97. Short films: editor, action, animation, musical - Movies
  98. Hurt Locker Team to make a movie on the hunt for Bin Laden: good film, theaters - Movies
  99. What about Lonesome Dove?: western, actors, watching, Tommy Lee Jones - Movies
  100. like the movie choices of actor Ryan Gosling?: films, action, mystery - Movies
  101. Fast Five: It was entertaining.......: scenes, action, mystery, Paul Walker - Movies
  102. What Are You Favorite Movie Series........And/Or Recurring Movie Characters?: films, action - Movies
  103. Summer Movie Season: 2011: film, Hollywood, action, animation - Movies
  104. poll:Harry Potter: film, watching, best, characters - Movies
  105. News, Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Ready to Play Terminator Once Again.: films, Hollywood - Movies
  106. Movies you feel asleep to: film, movie theater, action, comedy
  107. Sally Field has signed on to potray Mary Todd Lincoln: films, actor - Movies
  108. Try This Personality Test: good film, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Apocalypse Now, greatest - Movies
  109. Thor: film, scenes, action, fantasy - Movies
  110. Made-for-TV movies: theater, Hollywood, comedy, drama
  111. Hanna: scene, action, disturbing, thrillers - Movies
  112. The Greatest Movie Ever Sold: theaters, Sony, picture, watching - Movies
  113. What's the scariest movie you have ever seen?: films, movie theater, scene - Movies
  114. Soul Surfer Movie: theater, action, Dennis Quaid, popular - Movies
  115. the man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.: film, theaters - Movies
  116. Best and worst sequels: sci-fi, The Godfather, Star Wars, Alien - Movies
  117. Who is your favorite actor?: films, comedy, drama, actors - Movies
  118. News, China Bans Time Travel Movies.: film, drama, western, watched
  119. Movie pet-peeves: cinema, Hollywood, scenes, action - Movies
  120. In the Mood to Laugh: film, Hollywood, scene, comedies - Movies
  121. What is your opinion about E.T the Extraterrestrial ?: scenes, dvd, watched - Movies
  122. Los Angeles vs. The Aliens: filmed, Dreamworks, scene, towns - Movies
  123. Movies you could care less about coming out soon: vs, director, watch
  124. Renting Movies: dvd, Netflix, watching, rental
  125. Atlas Shrugged will soon hit the big screen.: movie theater, script, Hollywood - Movies
  126. Best Love Story in a movie?: film, watch, Colin Firth, book - Movies
  127. Titanic Movie: film, movie theater, Hollywood, family - Movies
  128. Animal House-What's your favorite line/scene?: classic, dance - Movies
  129. Worst matched couples in a movie?: scenes, romance, actors, Ben Affleck - Movies
  130. Do you care about the Oscars this year?: films, Hollywood, watching - Movies
  131. Why do people think Annette Bening deserves an Oscar for longevity?: film, Hollywood - Movies
  132. Movies seen and liked that you think no one has heard of: cinema, films
  133. 10 Movies: dvd, watch, Colin Firth, The Shawshank Redemption
  134. Blade Runner - The Final Cut: film, scene, watching, 2015 - Movies
  135. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides: adventure, watch, Johnny Depp - Movies
  136. Favorite Southern Movies.: Harry Dean Stanton, Forrest Gump, Mississippi, Nashville
  137. Review: Let Me In -- Horror fans only!: Hollywood, scene, Blu-ray - Movies
  138. Non-Starring Roles That Made a Movie...: films, romance, western, picture - Movies
  139. Do you hate it when somebody is talking through the whole movie while you and others are watching it?: movie theater, action - Movies
  140. Why 3D doesn't work and never will. Case closed.: film, theater, Sony - Movies
  141. What's your favorite James Bond film(s)...: cinema, films, action - Movies
  142. Battle: Los Angeles 3 1 11: films, scenes, directors, watch - Movies
  143. The Top 25 Left-Wing Films: Warner Bros, Hollywood, scenes, vs - Movies
  144. Oscar Nominations: best film, documentary, actor, director - Movies
  145. Best Holocaust Movies: best film, comedy, drama, documentary
  146. Henry Cavill set to be Superman: cast, actors, watched, setting - Movies
  147. Captain America's wonderful poster teaser !!!: film, animation, war, storyline - Movies
  148. Did see The Roomate ?: review, Greenville - Movies
  149. politically incorrect movies that would not be made today: film, comedies, family
  150. Movies that depict British culture?: films, comedies, drama, war
  151. Tyler perry's new movie coming out in april: family, watching, Morgan Freeman - Movies
  152. What do you think when you see Bill Paxton?: script, western, actors - Movies
  153. Battlefield LA is coming 3/11/2011!: films, scenes, action, Alien - Movies
  154. Why don't they ever update movie credits?: films, dvd, Netflix - Movies
  155. An Observation on Cinema-Goers (IMPORTANT): movie theater, watched, matinee, message - Movies
  156. Hitchcock: Your 3 Favourites?: film, Rear Window, Psycho, North by Northwest - Movies
  157. Japanese movie making has room for improvement: cinema, films, Hollywood - Movies
  158. Why are the remakes never as good as the originals?: film, family - Movies
  159. Movies that got good reviews that you did not like....: watching, Star Wars
  160. pg-13 movies for little kids: film, scene, family, watching
  161. Distric Nine: cinema, good film, action, oscar - Movies
  162. ‘Red Dawn’ Villains Switched from China to North Korea: films, theaters - Movies
  163. Older Movies for Children: films, action, adventure, family
  164. If an actor is rude to the general public does that stop you from going to see thier films ?: filmed, theater - Movies
  165. What actress do you think would make a good mary todd lincoln ?: films, cast - Movies
  166. Disturbing movies that ruin your mood: good film, drama, family, watched
  167. Worst movie you ever saw?: cinema, worst film, watching, Kevin Costner - Movies
  168. Worst Movies Of 2010: films, watch, Johnny Depp, Billy Bob Thornton
  169. Limitless Rocks!: thriller, watched, Robert De Niro, Angelina Jolie - Movies
  170. Get Low; Robert Duvall, Sissy Spacek, Bill Murray GREAT: cinema, filmed, script - Movies
  171. How many years gone by until a movie is considered old?: theaters, 20th Century - Movies
  172. Shame on the Filmmakers of RANGO: scenes, family, score, good movie - Movies
  173. Paul: theater, scifi, watched, Alien - Movies
  174. The Adjustment Bureau: films, theater, scripts, scenes - Movies
  175. trying to find a movie i watched before: comedy, drama, actors - Movies
  176. Critiquing the movie : The Quick and the Dead: best film, Hollywood, scenes - Movies
  177. Movie: Opera Carmen in 3D ???: cinemas, filmed, movie theater, script - Movies
  178. Little speeches; messages in movies that you remember: films, movie quote, scene
  179. Castaway what was in the Fed Ex box?: dvd, director - Movies
  180. Red Riding-Hood: film, scenes, horror, romance - Movies
  181. Rango rates High ! :): theater, dvd, animation, actor - Movies
  182. Film Adaptation: Cloud Atlas: films, Tom Hanks, screen, book - Movies
  183. Musicals/Film: films, theater, Warner Bros, cast - Movies
  184. Old movie featuring abstract art: scene, picture, location, looking - Movies
  185. French actress, Annie Girardot, dead at 79: cinema, film, actresses - Movies
  186. Old movie,around late 60's ??? - Movies
  187. Hanna: watch, coming - Movies
  188. A Dog Year - Movies
  189. Hunchback of Notre Dame (1982): watched, Anthony Hopkins, characters - Movies
  190. What to see?: family, watching, good movie - Movies
  191. Witness: watched, Alien, book, Maine - Movies
  192. News, Philippines Welcomes Huge Darth Vader.: Star Wars, character - Movies
  193. Kenneth Mars died - Movies
  194. try and tell me what this movie was?: action, adventure, looking - Movies
  195. Opinions on College Student Short Film?: films, drama, Psycho - Movies
  196. marla adams and brooke adams - Movies
  197. VLC Player free Download - Movies
  198. Digital copy to iTouch without a code?: dvd, children - Movies
  199. Man of La Mancha, Fiddler on the Roof & Pride & Prejudice (Mini series w/Colin Firth) - Movies
  200. 2011 Academy Award threat: filmed, Hollywood, cast, actor - Movies