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  1. seen the movie the Deer Hunter?: film, scenes, horror - Movies
  2. Horror movie: film, scenes, dvd, Netflix - Movies
  3. ever watch Bad Lieutenant?: dvd, Harvey Keitel, greatest, best - Movies
  4. Childhood movie search: musical, looking, cartoon - Movies
  5. Gone with the Wind playing on repeat all day today: theater, big screen - Movies
  6. name your favorite scorsese characters: films, scene, comedy, cast - Movies
  7. Ken Russell just died.: film, director, Kurt Russell - Movies
  8. Jim carrey marathon.: films, scene, comedy, watching - Movies
  9. What is this movie, help?: film, family, message, best - Movies
  10. I'm looking for a movie title: crime, disturbing, watching, good movie - Movies
  11. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy: cinema, best film, theaters, scenes - Movies
  12. Tower Heist: film, comedy, crime, cast - Movies
  13. Movies that make say **** just got real!: scenes, watching, spoiler
  14. Good movies about guys loving girls who have boyfriends/love someone: 80s, character
  15. Giving the Tuskegee Airmen their rightful due.....: film, theater, Hollywood - Movies
  16. Immortal: film, scenes, Netflix, oscar - Movies
  17. Old Movie Search: films, script, comedy, horror - Movies
  18. Nothing But Trouble (1991): film, Dan Aykroyd, watched, John Candy - Movies
  19. Drug trafficking movie.: history, watch, bathroom, life - Movies
  20. Help, I need the name of a movie!: tapes, actors, watched - Movies
  21. Searching for old movie title: watched, showing, place - Movies
  22. Has been brave enough to see Melancholia?: films, scenes, action - Movies
  23. Primal Fear: film, watch - Movies
  24. 80's movie help: screen, 80s, buy, looking - Movies
  25. Brainstorm (1983): film, theater, watched, Christopher Walken - Movies
  26. Looking for name of movie in scary movie early 80's: film, watch - Movies
  27. looking for a movie from TV 1967 - 70 ??: scenes, dvd, short - Movies
  28. Haywire..With Gina Carano!: film, action, watch, stars - Movies
  29. What makes Rebel Without a Cause a great movie?: film, watching, Casablanca - Movies
  30. Elevator (foreign film): watched, buy, review - Movies
  31. News, Top Ten Best Christmas Movies Of All Time.: films, watch, Bill Murray
  32. see the John Carter Trailer ?: adventure, war, fantasy - Movies
  33. Why doesn't Hollywood remake Charlie Chan movies?: actors, picture, Peter Lorre
  34. Trying to find Movie name: cinema, scenes, Bluray, action - Movies
  35. Movies with Ambiguous Titles: films, crime, mystery, watched
  36. War & Peace & Holidays: films, message - Movies
  37. know this movie...religious feel good: films, scenes, towns - Movies
  38. Did feel this way about Toy Story 3?: films, scenes, action - Movies
  39. Movies similar to the Notebook: films, Hollywood, romance, actor
  40. Recent Film Noirs (2000s and later): films, drama, history, Tom Cruise - Movies
  41. News, Mystery of incident that inspired 'The Birds' solved?: film, scene, thriller - Movies
  42. ever tire of A-list actors/actresses?: cinema, films, scene - Movies
  43. Night Watch Trilogy: filmed, Fox, watching, best - Movies
  44. Patton and the Russian General: scene, history, ending - Movies
  45. Boy kills a schoolmate girl. (true crime): film, Crispin Glover, Keanu Reeves - Movies
  46. I need help. Who is this lady? - Movies
  47. Resident Evil - Alice and Spence confusion: film, watched, character - Movies
  48. Who are your 5 favorite actors and actresses working in movies today?: Christian Bale, Javier Bardem
  49. The Vow: actress, watch, Channing Tatum, character - Movies
  50. All things Will Smith...a discusion of all of his work, art, entertainment and movies...: best film, scripts
  51. 'Right at Your Door'...what did you think of it? (*Spoilers*) - Movies
  52. Scary movie Reviews...(To include sci-fi): filming, theater, script, Hollywood - Movies
  53. Movie vs Reality: towns, family, romance, war - Movies
  54. I Melt with you.: filmed, theater, drama, music - Movies
  55. Oscars bring back Billy Crystal: film, Hollywood, Eddie Murphy, Robin Williams - Movies
  56. Movies that scared you so bad they made you throw up or not sleep: watch, Alien
  57. Fat, Sick, and Almost Dead....: script, documentary, watched, best - Movies
  58. Halloween on Netflix Instant Stream: film, horror, war, watched - Movies
  59. Dream House is a Nightmare: cinema, film, script, cast - Movies
  60. D. Scott's Movie toss up!: film, scenes, action, score - Movies
  61. Movie B.S.- Why do they underestimate audience intellegence?: western, John Wayne - Movies
  62. The Big Year: theater, Hollywood, scene, action - Movies
  63. The Arrival is a departure for Charlie Sheen: filming, watch, Alien - Movies
  64. Johnny English - Reborn - Movies
  65. help me find an old movie: watching, Beau Bridges, Martin Sheen - Movies
  66. Help naming a movie: film, horror, Matthew McConaughey, Bill Paxton - Movies
  67. Happy Feet Too?: review, ending - Movies
  68. Angry Birds movie: watch, good movie, coming, popular - Movies
  69. Do you remember this Western Movie??: scene, actors, watched - Movies
  70. write your own horror scene: film, script, disturbing, family - Movies
  71. Reel Steel sock em robot movie: Lee Marvin, classic, good movie, flick - Movies
  72. Can't get Munich on instant download: watch, rent, online - Movies
  73. Wild Wonderful Whites of West Virginia: family, documentary, watching, videos - Movies
  74. The way: films, you must see, watching, Charlie Sheen - Movies
  75. Ghost Rider 2: watch, Nicolas Cage - Movies
  76. Do you ever watch films just because they were made in/ portray a certain era?: filmed, history - Movies
  77. Bond 23 villain has been cast: film, actor, oscar, Javier Bardem - Movies
  78. Michele Gondry vs Spike Jonze: filmed, script, directors, music - Movies
  79. Strange feelings watching old movies: scene, history, actors, picture
  80. Trying to find this horror movie: life - Movies
  81. Hellraiser: Revelations...What were they thinking?!!: good film, horror, short, characters - Movies
  82. Are you tired of the same old actors getting all the parts?: Hollywood, Matt Damon - Movies
  83. Drive: music - Movies
  84. Hammer Films are the best - Vampire Lovers: Netflix, watching, Peter Cushing - Movies
  85. Funniest/wackiest movie character ever: scene, oscar, Rowan Atkinson, John Candy - Movies
  86. Kim Kardashian & Tyler Perry join forces.....: scenes, Blu-ray, watch - Movies
  87. The Architect and the Painter: watch, James Franco, New York, features - Movies
  88. RA. One (Bollywood): film, dvd, Netflix, a must see - Movies
  89. Gloria Stuart: filmed, Hollywood, actress, oscar - Movies
  90. 2011 Golden Globes: actors, oscar, watch, made - Movies
  91. Need help IDing a movie: horror, actors, Bruce Campbell, 80s - Movies
  92. Has see Take Shelter?: film, watch, screen, character - Movies
  93. Single greatest Sci-Fi Film of all time - Excluding Horror: theater, scenes - Movies
  94. 21 Jump Street movie: film, Hollywood, comedy, drama - Movies
  95. Best James Bond movie and why?: films, scene, action, adventure - Movies
  96. Online free movies: film, Hollywood, Bollywood, Blu-ray
  97. So what's with the ridiculousness in modern movies?: films, family, watched
  98. Red Dawn - remake: films, MGM, Hollywood, scene - Movies
  99. Film franchises that need to die: films, script, Hollywood, adventure - Movies
  100. Greatest screen actress of all time...: cinema, scene, actresses, best - Movies
  101. Are film snobs still prejudiced against animated films?: cinema, best film, script - Movies
  102. If you read a book and it's adapted to film, is it usually what you imagine it to be?: best film, scripts - Movies
  103. It's just not scary anymore...: film, drama, horror, serial - Movies
  104. The Terminator: theater, scenes, dvd, tapes - Movies
  105. George Lucas basically tells Hollywood he will fund Red Tails a movie about elite African American WWII pilots: films, Paramount - Movies
  106. The Oscars 2012, with a POLL for Best Picture: film, theater, war - Movies
  107. When actors look NOTHING like the real life character they are portraying: film, documentary - Movies
  108. Gone With The Wind Is the Worst Movie Ever: film, Hollywood, accuracy - Movies
  109. Best Scary movie ever: cinema, scenes, drama, horror - Movies
  110. 2011 in Review: best film, theater, Hollywood, scenes - Movies
  111. Worst movies with the best casts: film, actors, serial, Danny Aiello
  112. War Horse: films, theater, scenes, history - Movies
  113. Top 10 overrated movies of all time!: cinema, best film, script, scenes
  114. Your favourite film and why: filmed, scene, Blu-ray, adventure - Movies
  115. Scandinavian Movies: films, comedy, horror, heartbreak
  116. Prometheus: filmed, theater, vs, action - Movies
  117. Star Wars in 3D: theaters, scene, actors, sci-fi - Movies
  118. Worst Movie Lines Ever: Hollywood, scenes, history, war - Movies
  119. Why aren't horror movies as common now as they were decades ago?: films, scripts
  120. Tinker,Tailor, Soldier, Spy: films, script, Hollywood, scene - Movies
  121. Actresses from the past vs the present and sleazy behavior.: script, Hollywood - Movies
  122. Tintin: theater, Hollywood, action, adventure - Movies
  123. Help me find movie title, I remember a scene: film, family, romance - Movies
  124. Movies that were so funny they made you cry?: scenes, history, war
  125. What genres just bore you?: films, script, action, comedies - Movies
  126. Favorite John Wayne movies. Western or Non-Western?: comedy, cast, actor
  127. non-Baltimorean fans of John Waters' movies?: films, theater, horror
  128. Sling Blade: Blu-ray, watch, Billy Bob Thornton, Forrest Gump - Movies
  129. Best uses/scenes of a song in a film: films, Fox, music - Movies
  130. The Grey-Liam Neeson.: film, 20th Century, action, adventure - Movies
  131. Man Movies: heartbreak, watch, Sean Penn, Will Smith
  132. What are your favorite prison movies?: watch, Clint Eastwood, Dustin Hoffman, Martin Lawrence
  133. What's the funniest movie you have ever seen?: film, picture, watching - Movies
  134. New James Bond film has it's title and girls: films, scripts, action - Movies
  135. Glinda The Good Witch (yeah riiiight): Lawrence of Arabia, looking, place - Movies
  136. Cultural relevance of Se7en: films, theater, scene - Movies
  137. Love Story (1970): film, Hollywood, scenes, history - Movies
  138. Old Movie Stars Known for Something Later in Life: film, Hollywood - Movies
  139. Spaghetti Westerns: cinema, films, scene, dvd - Movies
  140. Conan the Barbarian 2011 remake...was this a good or bad idea?: films, theater - Movies
  141. Movie Characters you find Oddly sexy ?: film, actor, picture - Movies
  142. Zombie movies...what are the best ones?: theater, action, drama
  143. Another old movie search: script, scene, actors, watched - Movies
  144. Who is your favorite action movie star?: films, theater, script - Movies
  145. Terminator or Back to the Future? What's the better triology?: films, theaters - Movies
  146. What are your top 5 Horror Movies of all time?: films, theater, scene
  147. Redbox increasing daily rental fee!!!: Paramount, Sony, Hollywood, Blu-ray - Movies
  148. Title of movie very need: film, scene, action, watch - Movies
  149. How will you deal with this movie situation?: cinema, scene, action - Movies
  150. Most undeserving 'Best Picture' winners?: filmed, script, scenes, action - Movies
  151. Will Paranormal Activity 3 Define...: cinema, horror, watch, theatre - Movies
  152. The Avengers or The Dark Knight?? Which One Will Reign Supreme??: films, scene - Movies
  153. Your Most Scary Movies: Netflix, horror, actor, watched
  154. Scariest scene from a horror movie!: film, scenes, action, cast - Movies
  155. No one has posted about Ides of March: film, script, Hollywood - Movies
  156. Movies that start with the plot outcome then recounts the events: film, scenes
  157. Most overrated settings for movies: films, comedy, New York, Texas
  158. Are you ready for ANOTHER 'Die Hard' movie?: action, watch, 2013 - Movies
  159. The Thing: cinema, Hollywood, history, horror - Movies
  160. West Side Story: film, theaters, scene, drama - Movies
  161. Ever see a star before they become a star?: theater, actors, watch - Movies
  162. Twilight Breaking Dawn - spoilers: scenes, action, actors, director - Movies
  163. Two characters in a movie, always wanted to see go at it...and or other dynamics between them...: script, editor - Movies
  164. What is your favorite fictional movie world/realm?: films, history, fantasy - Movies
  165. Poltergeist: After All Years!: scene, family, watching, screen - Movies
  166. The Girl w/ the Dragon Tattoo: films, Hollywood, actors, watch - Movies
  167. Loser people movies.: watched, Seth Rogen, Leon, Katherine Heigl
  168. How many people will be watching this Christmas Classic sometime this month?: family, looking - Movies
  169. The Expendables 2 Trailer: film, action, cast, watch - Movies
  170. Directors: Who gets you out of your living room and into the movie theater: films, Blu-ray - Movies
  171. Good & intelligent thriller films: good film, theater, Hollywood, action - Movies
  172. Movies you loved when you were younger and found them stupid when you watched it again older: action, horror
  173. List your top 10 Favorite movies of all time, and on the list above yours: good film, drama
  174. New Horror Movies Suck: film, theater, scene, mystery
  175. New Alert for Parents about Movies---: theater, scene, dvd, comedy
  176. Saw the new Muppets Movie: filmed, theater, script, cast - Movies
  177. What is your favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger movie?: film, 20th Century, editor - Movies
  178. Nyc: filming, Hollywood, crime, history - Movies
  179. The Artist: cinema, filmed, Hollywood, Netflix - Movies
  180. What is the scariest horror thriller movie of all time?: watching, Psycho - Movies
  181. Nudity and/or sex appropriate in films?: good film, Hollywood, scenes - Movies
  182. Worst Christmas Movies: film, disturbing, mystery, Tim Allen
  183. Can You Name This Movie..Help?: foreign, plot, life, made - Movies
  184. Star Wars Complete Saga: screen - Movies
  185. What movie is this from? - Movies
  186. Wrath of the Titans: watch - Movies
  187. Something I've about of main characters in movies: films, action, adventure
  188. In Time: watch - Movies
  189. Five star day.: film, drama - Movies
  190. Movie Sequel Carryover Songs: soundtrack, dance - Movies
  191. Wavyass Montage 2: watch - Movies
  192. Wavyass Montage: watch, FL, made - Movies
  193. Saw A John Waters Christmas last night: Baltimore - Movies
  194. dasda - Movies
  195. Weight of chains: family, documentary, director, watch - Movies
  196. The nnkeepers, watched on Cable Movie on Demand: theaters, Hollywood, action - Movies
  197. watch Last Exit to Brooklyn: good movie, book, based - Movies
  198. Helping out a friend: book, place - Movies
  199. Your Thoughts??: watch, looking, language - Movies
  200. Happy 100th...: film, Paramount, greatest - Movies