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  1. Dream Home (Catholic woman goes bezerk and kills 12 people): films, director, Psycho - Movies
  2. I just caught Murder By Death on Antenna TV today: cast, classic - Movies
  3. Last American Virgin: theaters, Hollywood, comedies, actor - Movies
  4. European DVD Formats: made - Movies
  5. The Last Picture Show DVD censored: scene, directors, watched, Bruce Dern - Movies
  6. Six Degrees game?: romance, actors, heartbreak, Ben Affleck - Movies
  7. On Oscar night, a list of Sundance winners, just for something different: cinema, filming - Movies
  8. Diggers - 2006 movie, enjoyable not fantastic: comedy, Netflix, actors, watch - Movies
  9. Help Me Remember a Movie: film, actors, ending, based - Movies
  10. This Means War: flick - Movies
  11. Hugo: cinema, films, Hollywood, scenes - Movies
  12. Iron Sky - Movies
  13. Daniel Radcliffs new movie: dvd, watching, Daniel Radcliffe, Elijah Wood - Movies
  14. This is BY FAR THE BEST MOVIE TRAILER I HAVE EVER SEEN.: watching, Russell Crowe - Movies
  15. Lord of the Rings - Theatrical or Extended?: film, scenes, watching - Movies
  16. Ironclad (2011) Movie recommendation: cinema, film, scenes, Redbox - Movies
  17. News, Ghost Rider Pretty Much a Joke: action, horror, fantasy - Movies
  18. American Film Inst: Greatest hero/villian of 100 yrs of films: Anthony Hopkins, Robert Mitchum - Movies
  19. Bin Laden returns as one of the undead in horror film.: films, family - Movies
  20. Trailer for Oscar Movies: watch, coming
  21. What movie is this? It's been on my mind for months now!: scene, family - Movies
  22. Which of the following would you recommend for me to catch up ?: films, dvd - Movies
  23. Longest Day: filmed, scenes, made - Movies
  24. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Boxed Set?: buy, online - Movies
  25. Theater Trailer for The Hobbit.: showing, 3D, looking - Movies
  26. Hatari!: scene, adventure, cast, watched - Movies
  27. Chronicles of Narnia: films, actors, 2014, score - Movies
  28. Mirror Mirror and kids - Movies
  29. Cartier Commercial/Film - Movies
  30. Remember Bruce Li?: theater, action, watch, Bruce Lee - Movies
  31. Where can I rent To Live and Die in LA for streaming: filming, Netflix - Movies
  32. which movie you will choose from last week ?: watch, best, online - Movies
  33. Project X - Absolutely Hilarious: good film, short, Australia, based - Movies
  34. recommend good unexpected pregnancy romantic comedies: Andy Griffith, Alien, best - Movies
  35. Name the movie which you liked the best in this March: Netflix, watch - Movies
  36. What movie is this??: comedy, Gwyneth Paltrow, character - Movies
  37. Kung Fu Hustle: scenes, comedy, actors, watch - Movies
  38. Goon: film, theaters, action, Netflix - Movies
  39. Remember Double Features: film, movie theater, Netflix, watching - Movies
  40. Modern franchises: The Lord of the Rings - Movies
  41. Scary Movies: film, scene, horror, documentary
  42. Movie Wanderlust: film, theater, script, scenes - Movies
  43. Silent house-American version.: filming, horror, watching, scary - Movies
  44. Looper: theater, scene, actor, director - Movies
  45. New Johnny Depp movie.: editor, director, good movie, terrible - Movies
  46. Madagascar 3: film, Paramount, Dreamworks, animation - Movies
  47. MOVIES Best One Liners: movie quote, watch, Apocalypse Now, Jessica Alba
  48. Need help finding movies: films, theater, family, mystery
  49. help to find a romantic moviefilmed in Boston?: watch, Rhode Island, online - Movies
  50. Does Remember This Movie?: Robby Benson, made - Movies
  51. Need help with Movie Sountrack: reviews - Movies
  52. films that touch on homelessness: filmed, Hollywood, dvd, documentary - Movies
  53. Who is the last hero in James BOnd series?: actor, Daniel Craig, character - Movies
  54. The Wee Man: cast, watch, coming, based - Movies
  55. Does know of mostly non-violent thrillers?: films, scenes, horror - Movies
  56. Tabloid - Errol Morris Documentary: Netflix, watched, best - Movies
  57. Is The Deer Hunter a racist film?: scenes, war, The Godfather - Movies
  58. American Reunion 2012: theaters, comedies, cast, watch - Movies
  59. New Christmas Story Movie.. ?: filmed, scenes, family - Movies
  60. A Lonely Place to Die, on TWC On Demand, thumbs up: film, Hollywood - Movies
  61. Scariest movie bad guys in action films.: watching, Javier Bardem, Bruce Dern - Movies
  62. Websites for information on good foreign films?: script, Netflix, drama - Movies
  63. i have the plot of the movie, just not a title and i really want it: script, actor - Movies
  64. Underworld Awakening...don't bother on DVD: scene, director, watch - Movies
  65. Gladiator: Blu Ray release No. 2: film, Blu-ray, Russell Crowe, screen - Movies
  66. Russell Crowe set to play Noah in Aronofsky film: filming, versus, cast - Movies
  67. The Raid: Redemption strongly recommend.: good film, theaters, Hollywood, action - Movies
  68. Hunger Games - Movies
  69. Feedback on Wrath of the Titans ?: cinema, scenes, action - Movies
  70. Do foreign films winning an Oscar make you more likely to go?: best film, theater - Movies
  71. Lonesome Dove: film, western, watch, Henry Fonda - Movies
  72. Pitch Black and Riddick: cinema, filmed, scene, character - Movies
  73. what movie got you REALLY into movies?: watching, Terminator
  74. Sophia Coppola's Bling Ring movie - why make this?: film, Hollywood - Movies
  75. Nazis in Space: film, classic - Movies
  76. The Thin Man Films: best film, watch, best, book - Movies
  77. Amazon Instant Video rental prices all over the map: Blu-ray, Pierce Brosnan, Michael Caine - Movies
  78. The movie Game Change: film, oscar, picture, George Clooney - Movies
  79. Documentary Preview: documentaries, music, watch, rent - Movies
  80. Peter Jackson unveils new Hobbit footage.: films, characters, looking - Movies
  81. Fast , i.e. Jason Statham's latest vehicle.: films, theaters, scene - Movies
  82. God Bless America - a MUST watch: Hollywood, stars - Movies
  83. This is Spinal Tap: scene, heartbreak, watch, Elvis Presley - Movies
  84. News, Family gets $10K Internet bill for watching movies.: Netflix, children, Mobile
  85. Monsieur Lazhar - pitch-perfect film-making: actors, must-see, director - Movies
  86. Is CGI used too much?: scene, action, puppet, Star Wars - Movies
  87. Rent, Buy, or Stream?: movie theater, Blu-ray, Netflix, Redbox - Movies
  88. Anchorman 2 coming!: watch, Will Ferrell, worst movie, character - Movies
  89. B movies that are better than they had a right to be: filming, mystery
  90. Can Someone Name This Movie?: war, characters, children, life - Movies
  91. What Makes A Movie Great?: cinema, filmed, scene, action - Movies
  92. What is the steamiest R-rated movie seen? Keep it clean.: film, scene - Movies
  93. Wrong turn 5?? really??: film, adventure, disturbing, horror - Movies
  94. why was Scareface so popular in the 80s: film, directors, Andy Garcia - Movies
  95. 7500-Ghosts on a plane??: film, cast, director, watch - Movies
  96. Sequels that are better than the original?: film, action, cast - Movies
  97. Three Stooges Movie: theater, script, cast, Redbox - Movies
  98. Documentaries for all!: filmed, vs, watched, Alien - Movies
  99. Curious-What is your favorite all time sports movie?: cinema, good film, documentary - Movies
  100. The Dark Knight Rises (it ends: drama, actress, watching - Movies
  101. The Dictator: scenes, comedy, watch, character - Movies
  102. Name a great feel good movie: romance, western, James Garner - Movies
  103. Old Educational movies in school: filmed, scene, dvd, history
  104. Star Trek 2013: film, history, actor, Leon - Movies
  105. The Dark Knight Rises box office prediction: movie theater, dvd, action - Movies
  106. enjoy bad movies?: bad film, script, Hollywood, actors
  107. Summer Movie Season: 2012: film, theater, Dreamworks, action - Movies
  108. Dark Shadows movie looks dubious...: movie theater, Hollywood, comedies, drama - Movies
  109. Will you see 3D Titanic?: films, theater, Blu-ray, picture - Movies
  110. Vomiting, Funeral, Volvos and Rain.: film, Hollywood, scenes, actors - Movies
  111. The Grey: script, Hollywood, scene, action - Movies
  112. Does a film need an underlying message to be a good film?: cinema, horror - Movies
  113. Dumb and Dumber 2: film, script, scene, comedies - Movies
  114. The Chernobyl diaries.: filmed, Hollywood, scary, setting - Movies
  115. Final Countdown: film, theater, Hollywood, scene - Movies
  116. True story movie...: film, horror, a must see, watch - Movies
  117. Which era had the best looking movie stars?: Hollywood, actresses, Marlon Brando - Movies
  118. Cabin in the Woods: film, scenes, comedy, horror - Movies
  119. Movies about Corporate Scandals?: action, documentary, Charlie Sheen, Charlize Theron
  120. E.T. has not aged well: film, theater, action, sci-fi - Movies
  121. Songs that remind you of movie scene: film, Fox, music - Movies
  122. 2011 Razzie Awards: comedies, actors, watching, Adam Sandler - Movies
  123. Yep, Robocop remake is a go.: film, sci-fi, watch, Alien - Movies
  124. Abraham lincoln: Vampire hunter LOL!: movie theater, Hollywood, action, Terminator - Movies
  125. Bourne Legacy: filming, Hollywood, action, comedy - Movies
  126. Trainspotting 2?: film, watch, Robert Carlyle, Johnny Depp - Movies
  127. Favorite film noir films? 40's and 50s: actor, watched, Sterling Hayden - Movies
  128. Have you ever seen a good made for Syfy movie?: films, script - Movies
  129. Cheesy,ridiculous, bad movies that you still enjoy: films, scene, horror
  130. Best Stephen King movie ever?: horror, watch, The Shining, best movie - Movies
  131. They are remaking heat.: film, scenes, action, history - Movies
  132. Searching a specific movie: scene, action, crime, director - Movies
  133. Who will be going to see The Hunger Games: films, theater, dvd - Movies
  134. Chick flicks: Netflix, watching, best, romantic - Movies
  135. Favourite Star Wars movie?: film, action, sci-fi, watch - Movies
  136. Christopher Plummer Wins Oscar??: film, actors, watch, Gary Oldman - Movies
  137. recommend romantic comedies: theater, Netflix, romance, Alec Baldwin - Movies
  138. Hunger Games Box Office prediction: theater, comedies, horror, romance - Movies
  139. Act of Valor: Hollywood, scenes, action, drama - Movies
  140. Honor for To Kill a Mockingbird---50 yr celebration of film: filming, scene - Movies
  141. seen One For the Money ?: Hollywood, watch, Katherine Heigl - Movies
  142. Taken 2: action, thriller, Liam Neeson, Dennis Quaid - Movies
  143. Single Greatest Fantasy film of all time - Excluding Sci-Fi & Horror: script, Blu-ray - Movies
  144. Bottle Shock; cute true story movie about Napa Valley breaking into wine: films, theater - Movies
  145. chick flicks you love, that your friends give you shiet over: good film, action - Movies
  146. Movie Mistakes: films, scene, actor, directors - Movies
  147. 80s Video Stores: Sony, dvd, action, tapes - Movies
  148. underworld movies: film, theaters, director, watching
  149. Sci Fi geeks, lets do this.: films, vs, puppet, history - Movies
  150. Sid & Nancy: film, scene, Gary Oldman, 80s - Movies
  151. Single Best Werewolf Movie of All Time: films, scene, watch - Movies
  152. Which is the best Dirty Harry movie: watched, soundtrack, character - Movies
  153. I hate the movies my wife likes: films, Hollywood, action
  154. Best opening scenes of movies: film, vs, horror, western
  155. God i miss the 80s: films, action, music, watching - Movies
  156. Gone.: films, theater, scenes, action - Movies
  157. Can't order movies on Showtime: picture, watching, online, names
  158. What is the best Earthquake movie: films, war, Kevin Costner, Alien - Movies
  159. Amazon Prime: Blu-ray, Netflix, watch, videos - Movies
  160. Have you been to a Blockbuster store lately?: Netflix, Redbox, history - Movies
  161. movie you would want to see a Sequel too?: filming, scenes - Movies
  162. What ? American Movie Classics: films, drama, family, serial - Movies
  163. Arn - Knights Templar: film, Hollywood, watch, subtitles - Movies
  164. Who Saw John Carter ?: film, theater, scenes, dvd - Movies
  165. How do you describe Clint Eastwood's character in the Dirty Harry movies?: films, action
  166. What are your favourite movies in last 20 years ?: films, animation, drama
  167. Raise the Titanic: film, vhs, tapes, disturbing - Movies
  168. Did not like the movie The Help ?: dvd, cast - Movies
  169. why they are making a lot of 3D movies: film, watching, purchase
  170. Why there aren't videos stores anymore: Hollywood, Blu-ray, Netflix - Movies
  171. Naked older women in movies: film, Hollywood, scene, oscar
  172. Hero/Famous Person Who You Would Like to See a Movie Made About.: film, script - Movies
  173. Other Superheros in the movies: film, Fox, actor, good movie
  174. Old news, yes, but saw American Psycho - don't know what to think: film, scene - Movies
  175. Snow White & the Huntsman: theater, watching, reviews - Movies
  176. Computer animation fans, must see: Space Alone: watch, screen, animated - Movies
  177. Calling all stoners!: theaters - Movies
  178. Welcom to the Rileys: Hollywood, comedy, watching, ending - Movies
  179. Man on a ledge: film, greatest, ending, suspense - Movies
  180. Who has had the fortune of seeing The Raid?: films, scene, action - Movies
  181. Bob Hope fan: film, watching, best - Movies
  182. Star Wars Day!: life - Movies
  183. News, ‘Flying People’ Stun New Yorkers to Promote New Movie ‘Chronicle’: film - Movies
  184. Casablanca: theaters, showing, looking - Movies
  185. Need movie title: best, English, made - Movies
  186. Good Deeds: family, life - Movies
  187. Name film directors whose movies you tend to study like doing a thesis: cinema, Hollywood
  188. Two old movies - the big challenge: scene, action, western
  189. Eight great Silent Performances from the Sound Era: cinema, language - Movies
  190. Unofficial Jasmine Teaser: watch - Movies
  191. Saw Rampart with Woody Harrelson.: film, watching, spoilers - Movies
  192. Searching for old movies
  193. Star Wars Fan Films: watch - Movies
  194. Needs a follow up - Same Time Next Year: actors, Alan Alda, screen - Movies
  195. Lockout-Guy Pearce!: film, action - Movies
  196. Rare Bird: film, comedy, Netflix, watching - Movies
  197. Mercenaries: film, scenes, action, plot - Movies
  198. Tiptoes: family, life - Movies
  199. Interesting or Unusual Shooting Locations: scenes, place - Movies
  200. Cristiada to be released Jun 1: Hollywood, drama, watch, Mexico - Movies