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  19. What are your Favorite African Movies?: cinema, filmed, Hollywood, adventure
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  21. Movies you have seen that were released 10+ years before your birth?: horror, picture
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  35. Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. George C. Scott. - Movies
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  55. Godzilla fans: Favorite movies, Gojira thru Destroyah: film, scenes, vs
  56. Man from the Earth(2007): film, theater, script, action - Movies
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  60. Discover new movies with friends: 2014
  61. Batman or Superman: best film, action, actor, greatest - Movies
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  72. Scariest short film ever made? Lights Out: horror, director, watch - Movies
  73. The Purge 2: Anarchy: action, crime, family, watch - Movies
  74. What are the best fictional movies about real disasters?: film, cast, drama
  75. A Day of Fury was a flop due to the location? (Los Angeles?: filmed, scripts - Movies
  76. Censorship: filmed, theater, scenes, actors - Movies
  77. The Call 2: good film, watched, Halle Berry, singer - Movies
  78. Se7en vs Zodiac, Which do you prefer?: best film, scene, actors - Movies
  79. 10 Facts You Might Not Know About Police Academy On Its 30th Anniversary.: films, scene - Movies
  80. WoW completely awesome... - Movies
  81. Actors who played next generation type roles?: film, comedy, Goodfellas - Movies
  82. 2-Minute Short horror Film.: watched, spoiler, scary, Cary - Movies
  83. Under The Skin (Scarlett Johansson Movie): theater, scenes, sci-fi, watching - Movies
  84. Exorcist II: The Heretic....Am I the only one who ...: worst film, theaters - Movies
  85. Gatsby: scene, actors, oscar, Leonardo DiCaprio - Movies
  86. Don't go see Haunted House 2, terrible and disgusting: film, theater, scene - Movies
  87. The Yearly Hollywood Holocaust Film is: family, horror, war - Movies
  88. Wolfcop: comedy, Netflix, horror, watch - Movies
  89. For Planet of the Apes fans: good film, action, drama, music - Movies
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  92. about Wonder Woman...: films, Hollywood, animation, Fox - Movies
  93. Why do I have this feeling that Star Wars Episode VII is going to suck?: film, scripts - Movies
  94. Diabetic escorted out of movie by cops when he brought in strawberries: theaters, Netflix - Movies
  95. Mondo film (exploitation/pseudo-documentaries): scene, watched, recommendation, score - Movies
  96. Do you cry at the movie theater?: films, scenes, action - Movies
  97. Oh my, I saw Noah: good film, theater, action, actors - Movies
  98. Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014): film, scenes, action, Fox - Movies
  99. Poll: Do You Ever Go to the Movies Alone?: theaters, animation, watch
  100. Whats the OLDEST and NEWEST movie you own?: films, Blu-ray, adventure - Movies
  101. 'American Sniper' Actor Bradley Cooper becomes unrecognizable with new role: cinema, films - Movies
  102. Women will see movies about men but not vice versa?: films, action
  103. What did you think of the movie Colors (1988)?: good film, vhs - Movies
  104. Upcoming 2014 summer movies: looking, Hawaii, New York
  105. Cameos from person portrayed by actors in based on true story movies: film, scene
  106. Saddest Disney scenes that don't involve someone's death?: Fox, watched, best - Movies
  107. Fav. Movie Villian: fantasy, actors, watching, Alec Guinness - Movies
  108. Movies with the most shocking twists: John Cusack, Bruce Willis, Memento, looking
  109. What IS the hype over Disney's Frozen?: films, theaters, scenes - Movies
  110. Favourite movie from each decade?: western, music, Kevin Costner, Cary Grant - Movies
  111. Inspiration for Steve McQueen Character in The Great Escape Dies: vhs, cast - Movies
  112. Lucy movie: film, dvd, watching, 2014 - Movies
  113. Movie theaters may start cutting prices: Bluray, Netflix, family, fantasy - Movies
  114. Saw Marilyn In A 1/2Way Decent Performance: funny film, movie theater, script - Movies
  115. stopped watching Bollywood movies because of talkative audience?: theaters, Hollywood
  116. The Patriot with Mel Gibson: film, scene, accuracy, history - Movies
  117. What movie has the absolute best car chase scene?: scenes, watch, Raiders of the Lost Ark - Movies
  118. Best Action movie of 2014: filmed, scenes, cast, Robert Redford - Movies
  119. Saddest movie scenes that made you cry: cinema, film, watch - Movies
  120. Under-rated, under '90s movies ?: cinema, films, theaters, scenes
  121. Movies you want to see: watch, Michael Douglas, 2014, coming
  122. Mad Max: Fury Road 2015: film, theater, Hollywood, action - Movies
  123. Top 5 horror movie villains: films, Christopher Lee, Psycho, Alien - Movies
  124. Back To The Future II: theater, scenes, director, scifi - Movies
  125. New Bill Murray comedy St. Vincent: film, theater, Netflix - Movies
  126. 1980s Nuclear War film: good film, vhs, Frankie Avalon, watching - Movies
  127. Justice League Movie announced: Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Charlie Sheen, coming - Movies
  128. 'Pacific Rim 2' May Be A Box Office Game-Changer: film, Warner Bros, adventure - Movies
  129. Dallas Buyers Club: film, scene, actors, oscar - Movies
  130. Dracula untold.: films, theater, scene, history - Movies
  131. New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie: crime, cast, short, William Fichtner - Movies
  132. So I watched Gone With The Wind.: movie theater, scenes, disturbing - Movies
  133. Movies you loved, but could only watch once: film, scene, disturbing
  134. What are good scary movies?: scene, comedy, horror, watch
  135. Cinerama who remembers.: cinema, theaters, Hollywood, family - Movies
  136. Seeking name of obscure 40's movie: film, theater, script, scene - Movies
  137. Flash Gordon Headed Back to the Big Screen?: film, movie theater, 20th Century - Movies
  138. What are your favorite actors best movies?: films, scene, documentary
  139. Boyhood movie by Richard Linklater: filming, scenes, documentary, actors - Movies
  140. Dumb & Dumber To Trailer: film, theater, adventure, comedies - Movies
  141. Adam Sandler's new movie Blended .... Hit or Bomb?: films, adventure - Movies
  142. I Am Legend vs World War Z: horror, actors, watching - Movies
  143. X-Men: Days Of Futures Past: film, theaters, dvd, actor - Movies
  144. Fatal Attraction - 1987: film, theater, scene, vs - Movies
  145. Are There Bad Mark Wahlberg Films?: filming, actors, watching - Movies
  146. Too many remakes... Books you'd like to see made into movies.: film, crime
  147. Summer Movie Season: 2014: films, movie theater, Sony, action - Movies
  148. Who's Going To See A Million Ways To Die In The West: film, scripts - Movies
  149. 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ – New Title & Logo Confirmed: film, Warner Bros - Movies
  150. The demise of movie theatres: cinemas, films, movie theater, Sony - Movies
  151. Denzel Washington as The Equalizer: crime, actors, watch - Movies
  152. The Breakfast Club, from 2014 point of view: filmed, theaters, action - Movies
  153. Disney Renaissance VS new Disney animation films. (Spoilers!!): theaters, accuracy, drama - Movies
  154. Don Jon: best film, Netflix, watched, Joseph Gordon Levitt - Movies
  155. What are great foreign movies you have ever seen?: films, crime
  156. What movie scared you as a child?: actor, watching, Tim Curry - Movies
  157. Religious Themed Hollywood Movies: films, actor, Anthony Quinn, Schindler's List
  158. Should they ever stop making star wars movies?: movie theater, script, Hollywood
  159. Jurassic World: films, history, documentary, watched - Movies
  160. Interstellar (2014): theater, animation, must-see, sci-fi - Movies
  161. Jersey Boys: cast, family, actors, music - Movies
  162. Paul Walker’s brothers will lend their voices for ‘Fast & Furious 7′: scenes, family - Movies
  163. Whats the most hysterically funny comedy movie you have seen?: theater, comedies - Movies
  164. Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie: film, theaters, scene, dvd - Movies
  165. What is the best 3-D movie ever seen?: film, action, animation - Movies
  166. The Monuments Men and Lone Survivor: film, Hollywood, drama, directors - Movies
  167. Maleficent and Frozen (Spoiler Inside): films, vs, action, short - Movies
  168. What movies awed you?: movie theater, watching, Pulp Fiction, Schindler's List
  169. Horror: ever lost sleep or been afraid?: films, theater, watching - Movies
  170. Edge of Tomorrow (2014): sci-fi, watch, Tom Cruise, Alien - Movies
  171. Favourite Frank Sinatra film?: films, actor, Las Vegas - Movies
  172. Why does De Niro do mediocre movies?: script, actors, director
  173. Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier: cinema, films, theater, scenes - Movies
  174. The Raid 2 is best action film of 2014.: cinema, films, theaters - Movies
  175. Gravity sucked!: best film, action, documentary, picture - Movies
  176. Divergent: scenes, dvd, action, actors - Movies
  177. Wiseman's Top 100 Songs of All Time:: cinema, scene, animation, history - Movies
  178. Looking for a suspense/thriller movies from late 70s or 80s: script, dvd
  179. “Godzilla” tramples rivals with beast $93 million introduction: film, scenes, greatest - Movies
  180. Movies that rip your heart out and stomp on it: film, movie theater
  181. Jeepers Creepers 3: film, scene, horror, director - Movies
  182. Bechelorette: comedy, romance, spoiler, best - Movies
  183. The devil's 8: Christopher George, 60s, soundtrack - Movies
  184. Ant-Man Loses Director: cinema, 2014, life - Movies
  185. What Movies Did You Think Were Awesome--But You Could Stand to Watch Only Once?
  186. Watch the movie Blue Ruin: film, thriller - Movies
  187. Need for Speed: best film, best, based, acting - Movies
  188. Dying ain't much of a living!: actor, watching, Morgan Freeman - Movies
  189. For Zombie Fans: Netflix - Movies
  190. Gravity movie makers sued by author Tess Gerritsen: film, 2014 - Movies
  191. A wonderful documentary!: vhs - Movies
  192. Dark Matter Movie: film, Aidan Quinn, character, plot - Movies
  193. Has ever been to adultcon?: stars - Movies
  194. I picked up Give 'Em Hell Malone DVD at the pawn shop: bad movie - Movies
  195. see that Other Woman movie?: actress - Movies
  196. find me this movie: scenes, English, based - Movies
  197. Johnny Deep to play Houdini in new movie: film, Lionsgate, Johnny Depp - Movies
  198. Nymphomaniac (2014): film, watch - Movies
  199. Star trek 4 Bloopers: best - Movies
  200. Two Trailers about forthcoming films. Fury and The Expendables 3: watch, Brad Pitt, 2014 - Movies