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  32. The Villain Gap: Why Soviet Movies Rarely Had American Bad Guys
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  46. Heart of a Dog (2015): film, watch - Movies
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  61. The Age of Adaline: film, watched, Harrison Ford, 2015 - Movies
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  72. 8 movies that are too scary to watch alone: horror, 2015
  73. Hail, Caesar! (Clooney + Coen Bros.): theater, Hollywood, comedy, directors - Movies
  74. The Danish Girl --a platform for pure love.: scene, oscar, score - Movies
  75. What magazines do you like to read/subscribe to?: film, script, editor - Movies
  76. What are the name of Military Aviation movie. and Documentaries of Militart Aircraft should I look for?: Hollywood, history - Movies
  77. Mary Poppins: family, watched, theatre - Movies
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  79. dressing up for the opening of Star Wars - Movies
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  83. Cloverfield (the original movie) --contains spoilers, but the movie is 8 years old so don't complain: film, theater - Movies
  84. Disney's Zootopia: theater, scenes, comedy, famous - Movies
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  98. Your top most patriotic, pro-American movies and near misses?: films, theater, Hollywood
  99. Who will not be waiting in line for Star Wars:The Force Awakens?: films, theaters - Movies
  100. Why are there Dec. 17 showings of Star Wars 7?: film, theaters, watching - Movies
  101. Age of actors portraying teens: cinema, filmed, accuracy, watching - Movies
  102. NO SPOILERS BATMAN VS SUPERMAN; worth seeing?: theater, watching, Star Wars - Movies
  103. Trumbo -- Favorite Movie of the Year: Hollywood, oscar, watching - Movies
  104. Who is the Cavefamily in The Good Dinosaur? SPOILERS: film, editor, scene - Movies
  105. What Classic Movies Do You Dislike; While Critics/Viewers Loved Them AND WHY?: films, action
  106. Wonder Woman movie {Merged Threads}: cinema, film, vs, war - Movies
  107. Creed....AKA Rocky 7: good film, scenes, action, actors - Movies
  108. Captain America: Cival War Trailer: watch, best, storyline, flicks - Movies
  109. Summer Movie Season: 2016: films, theater, dvd, action - Movies
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  111. Spotlight (2015): film, action, cast, actor - Movies
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  114. HBO original series': cinema, Netflix, watching, 2015 - Movies
  115. 100 Things That I Learned From Watching The Movies: cinema, films, scene
  116. Ben-Hur remake trailer.: filmed, theater, Hollywood, scenes - Movies
  117. Parents taking very young children to R-rated movies: cinema, films, theaters
  118. Movies you would like to see made: Warner Bros, Hollywood, family
  119. Most overrated male and female movie actors?: film, Hollywood, oscar - Movies
  120. What is so great about Blade Runner? [spoiler alert]: cinema, films, Hollywood - Movies
  121. Accuracy of Scarface vs Sicario?: cinema, film, Hollywood, crime - Movies
  122. Celebrities you hated due to a movie role: films, actors, watching - Movies
  123. Best Christmas movies?: filmed, actors, Patrick Stewart, It's a Wonderful Life
  124. The Witch.: good film, theaters, family, horror - Movies
  125. Allegiant, not a whole lot of love for this movie: cinema, films - Movies
  126. Things that bug you in movies: script, Hollywood, scenes, cast
  127. New TARZAN: film, Hollywood, action, watch - Movies
  128. It Looks like there will be another Indiana Jones Movie.: Hollywood, adventure - Movies
  129. Batman vs. Superman: Another ode to fascism from director Zack Snyder?: film, versus - Movies
  130. Nine to five OR Office Space?: scene, vhs, comedies, thriller - Movies
  131. Hardcore Henry - STX Entertainment: film, theater, action, watching - Movies
  132. Do Star Trek movies make you ponder the beauty of life?: Alien, greatest
  133. The Oscar nominations 2016: cinema, best film, war, documentary - Movies
  134. The Fans' Campaign for the young Han Solo Actor Has Begun: film, scene - Movies
  135. Secret Netflix codes: films, Sony, actor, director - Movies
  136. Best Picture Nominees 2016: best film, Hollywood, animation, actor - Movies
  137. Concussion (football movie): watching - Movies
  138. 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016): film, theater, watching, location - Movies
  139. Romance movies: adventure, drama, a must see, watched
  140. Independence Day: Resurgence | Official Trailer: films, scene, war, Fox - Movies
  141. Favorite score work in a movie?: films, scenes, dvd, action - Movies
  142. Which comics have attractive female characters: Dc or marvel?: watch, 80s, classic - Movies
  143. Boycotting the Oscars? is this necessary??: film, Hollywood, actors, directors - Movies
  144. Favorite Cartoons of All-Time?: Warner, watch, characters, animated - Movies
  145. The hoopla over Straight Outta Compton is too much....: cinema, films, script - Movies
  146. 13 Hours Non-Poltical Discussion: theater, war, watch, matinee - Movies
  147. Movies were the Villains was right/had a point?: action, crime, watch
  148. R rated movies felt could've been PG/PG-13?: films, scenes, adventure
  149. Russian/Soviet Cinema: good film, theater, scene, dvd - Movies
  150. What Movies Did You See at the Theater in 2015?: films, movie theater, action
  151. Star Trek Beyond: theaters, Blu-ray, watch, Star Wars - Movies
  152. Cameron has a release date for Avatar II, III, and IV......: films, watching - Movies
  153. Why JJ Abrams did not follow the Star Wars Expanded Universe Novels aka Post Return of the Jedi?: films, theater - Movies
  154. Mark Hamill (Star Wars Force Awakens) (vague spoiler): film, scene, short - Movies
  155. Force Awakens Still Wasn't Great- Spoilers: cinema, films, scenes, actors - Movies
  156. 13 Hours will NOT tell the full Benghazi story: film, Hollywood, scenes - Movies
  157. Star Wars: The Box office records: film, theaters, family, Titanic - Movies
  158. The Visit (M Night Shyamalan film): theater, watch, greatest, bad movie - Movies
  159. Fascinating chart showing the Top 10 grossing movies of the past 20 years: films, Hollywood
  160. Incredible dishonest by the critics about new Star Wars movie: film, scenes - Movies
  161. Actors who always seem to play the same roles: Eric Bana, Pierce Brosnan, Tom Cruise - Movies
  162. Dirty Grandpa (Robert DeNiro): film, theaters, Hollywood, comedy - Movies
  163. Why I Think The DC Universe Logic Is Flawed (Batman V. Superman, Suicide Squad, Justice League, ): films, Sony - Movies
  164. Star Wars today: cinemas, film, movie theater, Netflix - Movies
  165. Gene Hackman: Gone........from acting still: adventure, actors, John Candy, Sean Connery - Movies
  166. Movies that sparked a long-term interest in their subject: film, history, war
  167. Why the apes could not actually win the war (planet of the apes): film, short - Movies
  168. Great comedy villians that enhanced the movie: cast, thriller, actor - Movies
  169. Harold and Maude from 1971: film, scripts, scene, comedy - Movies
  170. Deadpool: keep away from it: film, action, comedy, watch - Movies
  171. 'Tootsie' or 'Mrs Doubtfire'- whats your favourite?: comedy, Robin Williams, 90s - Movies
  172. Looking to become a Film director...: films, history, Fox, actor - Movies
  173. Room: film, Blu-ray, Netflix, oscar - Movies
  174. Why are Disney films exceptionally lucrative?: theater, script, dvd, action - Movies
  175. movies where they say the title in the script...: film, family, watching
  176. Romantic Movies for the Over-40 Crowd: films, cast, romance, James Garner
  177. Star Wars The Force Awakens Discussions: WARNING--SPOILER ALERT!: film, theaters, script - Movies
  178. Good Movies to watch with Boyfriend for Christmas?: theme
  179. The Big Short--: film, action, comedy, history - Movies
  180. Movies with trans-generational popularity?: film, theater, music, watching
  181. Movies in Which the Title Is Never Said: films, scene, actor
  182. Rocky Horror remake?????: films, Hollywood, picture, Johnny Depp - Movies
  183. What are your top ten movie recommendations for Valentines Day?: action, animation - Movies
  184. What to Binge-Watch ?: Netflix, watching, best - Movies
  185. Movie Goofs: films, scenes, action, documentary - Movies
  186. Honour: film, disturbing, family, watch - Movies
  187. Help me find movies: scene, children, cartoon
  188. StarWars VII. New trailer.: film - Movies
  189. TVU replacement, sort of, for bad online movies and shows: film, adventure
  190. George Lucas interview on Charlie Rose - Movies
  191. Star Trek Horizon - Fan Film - Must See: watch - Movies
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  193. Hollywood and women: 2015, New York - Movies
  194. Stanford Prison Experiment: Redbox, watched - Movies
  195. Gods of Egypt: plot, made - Movies
  196. Miracles from Heaven: good movie - Movies
  197. The Conjuring 2: watch - Movies
  198. RISEN Official Trailer: watch - Movies
  199. Tom Morris golfer movie being made in Falkland: filming, Sean Connery, Andrew - Movies
  200. The Young Messiah Official Trailer: watch - Movies