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  1. Color blind casting: cast, history, actors, Patrick Stewart - Movies
  2. Korean movie The Wailing spoilers!: film, theater, Netflix - Movies
  3. The Great Dictator trivia: Charlie Chaplin - Movies
  4. The Manchurian Candidate (1962): watched, review, made - Movies
  5. good movies about ersatz families: adventure, family, The Godfather, Alien
  6. Elevator to the Gallows restoration: film, theaters, crime - Movies
  7. Finding Dory: films, scenes, watch, Psycho - Movies
  8. seen The Ghost and the Darkness (1996)?: theaters, Paramount, scenes - Movies
  9. The Great Wall (Matt Damon movie): film, Hollywood, cast, western - Movies
  10. Why Batman: The Animated Series Remains the Best Batman Ever: film, family - Movies
  11. New movie about director Brian De Palma: film, theater, watch - Movies
  12. Green Room: film, theaters, thriller, watching - Movies
  13. The D.I.: films, comedies, Jack Webb, language - Movies
  14. The Ritz Brothers: film, scene, history, mystery - Movies
  15. Goodbye R2D2: scene, actor, Mark Hamill, Star Wars - Movies
  16. The Guns of Navarone editing goof: film, editor, scene, action - Movies
  17. Worls War Z. Glasgow subs for Phillie !: filming, scenes, drama - Movies
  18. Movies that shouldn't, but ultimately must be remade...: cinema, films, theater
  19. Spartacus/Heart Castle: famous, California, San Diego, Francisco - Movies
  20. Life, Official Trailer 1 (2016) - Owen Suskind Documentary: watch, videos - Movies
  21. ‘Goodfellas’ Cast Reunites 25 Years Later | TODAY: watch - Movies
  22. Blitz: good film, thriller, watching, Jason Statham - Movies
  23. Movies with changed soundtracks: films, scene, Blu-ray, history
  24. Poor image quality of 1993 The Pelican Brief: film, Warner, Bluray - Movies
  25. Recommending Zero Days: film, disturbing, documentary, theatre - Movies
  26. The Big playing on Netflix: documentary, actors, watch - Movies
  27. The Infiltrator: script, oscar, music, 80s - Movies
  28. Wiener-Dog (2016), Todd Solondz... trailer: films, cast, family, director - Movies
  29. Olivia de Havilland is 100 today: film, adventure, oscar, watch - Movies
  30. Gloria Haven has died at age 91: actress, best, singer - Movies
  31. Need help identifying movie: cinema, script, scene, picture - Movies
  32. Actor David Huddleston (1930-2016): film - Movies
  33. What are inspirational movies?: war, 12 Angry Men, 2014, best
  34. Secret in thier eyes.: film, Hollywood, horror, watched - Movies
  35. title of comedy 60's 70's: films, comedies, actress, 70s - Movies
  36. Did you like James Dean Movies: cinema, films, documentaries, actors
  37. Grace Lee Whitney (Lt. Rand) in STIV: The Voyage Home: scripts, scene - Movies
  38. Hunt for the Wilderpeople: film, scene, action, comedy - Movies
  39. April fools day (1986) or Nightmare on Elm Street (1984): watched, Johnny Depp, overrated - Movies
  40. Making a character your own: film, scenes, vs, fantasy - Movies
  41. This is the greatest short film you will ever see.: watch - Movies
  42. Cinematography/storyboarding reccomendations: films, editor, scene, action - Movies
  43. Which is the dominant movie Studio?: films, Warner, Paramount, Sony - Movies
  44. Ready Player One: theater, cast, screen, setting - Movies
  45. The greatest box office draw from 1980 to 2016 is?: film, theater, scripts - Movies
  46. Your 5 Favorite Trailers/Teasers of all time: sci-fi, watch, book - Movies
  47. Who remembers critter disaster movies?: scenes, actors, directors, James Arness
  48. The Purge Election Year: film, theaters, watch, best - Movies
  49. So is it true that Hollywood cannot find American young males to be leads: film, actors - Movies
  50. Magnificent Seven 2016: theater, watch, screen, looking - Movies
  51. Things learned watching vacation: family, looking, children, cities - Movies
  52. What Harrison Ford movies have ya seen?: films, Hollywood, actor
  53. Will Smith's new film: good film, cast, watch, looking - Movies
  54. Movie Buffs - Can You Identify This One,: film, watched, Will Smith - Movies
  55. The Last Picture Show - It doesn't get better than this film.: oscar, directors - Movies
  56. Silence of the Lambs (spoilers): history, Anthony Hopkins, book, Buffalo - Movies
  57. Snowden opening, plus special 9/14 event: films, theaters, director - Movies
  58. Product placements in movies---: film, Sony, scenes, Netflix
  59. Patricia Highsmith & Carol: film, Dennis Hopper, price, 2015 - Movies
  60. The Ledge: films, Netflix, short, watch - Movies
  61. Elmore Leonard and movie-ness: cinema, Hollywood, short, 2014 - Movies
  62. French Connection---how times have changed...: films, scenes, watching, 70s - Movies
  63. Best decade for horror movies: comedy, thrillers, watching, John Carradine
  64. New Star Trek movie -- need explanation...: filmed, scene, actors - Movies
  65. What was so great about Monster's Ball?: best film, Hollywood, cast - Movies
  66. Jason Bourne starring Matt Damon 2016: theater, Hollywood, actors, director - Movies
  67. Is Top Gun your favorite movie?: scenes, watched, Tom Cruise - Movies
  68. Could Childhood Adventure Movies Work Today?: Netflix, picture, watching, Alien
  69. HH Holmes, Devil in the white city: film, Columbia, crime - Movies
  70. the James Bond franchise: cinema, films, versus, watched - Movies
  71. Your favorite Holiday movies: comedy, horror, watching, Gary Busey
  72. First Blood (Rambo I)...A great film from 1982: action, horror, watch - Movies
  73. Movies of our fathers: dvd, music, watched, Sean Connery
  74. The Outsiders Remake: film, Hollywood, cast, actors - Movies
  75. Mel Gibson confirms Passion of the Christ sequel: film, theaters, 2014 - Movies
  76. Favorite 7 movies (fav7movies): cinema, music, Charlie Chaplin, The Godfather
  77. Kong: Skull Island: watch, 60s, coming - Movies
  78. Favorite Marx Brothers film?: filming, watch, Casablanca, book - Movies
  79. The Batman [DCEU]: film, crime, history, sport - Movies
  80. Blair Witch Sequel: films, comedy, horror, watching - Movies
  81. Grease - Was Sandy Dead The Whole Time ?: theater, Hollywood, fantasy - Movies
  82. The Golden Age of the Hollywood studios: cinema, films, theaters - Movies
  83. The treasure of the sierra madre: films, scene, adventure, western - Movies
  84. Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (Tom Cruise sequel): film, dvd, action - Movies
  85. Justice League [DCEU]: film, scene, Ben Affleck, watching - Movies
  86. A New A-TEAM: film, Hollywood, dvd, action - Movies
  87. 110 movies being remade or brought back this year: filming, scripts, Hollywood
  88. We don't need another Ben-Hur: dvd, history, watching - Movies
  89. Pumpkinhead getting a reboot.: film, cast, horror, actor - Movies
  90. movies with occult themes: films, scene, horror, director
  91. To Kill a Mockingbird (1962) or Its a Wonderful life? (1946): film, biography, watched - Movies
  92. Nolan's Dunkirk summer 2017, just fyi: films, cast, actors, director - Movies
  93. What movie are you thinking about watching NEXT??: vhs, horror, The Shawshank Redemption - Movies
  94. Arrival: cinema, film, sci-fi, watched - Movies
  95. Do you ever get duplicates of movies?: theaters, dvd, vs
  96. Steven Segal movies: good film, scenes, watch, Gary Busey
  97. Kickboxer: Vengeance trailer: films, scene, watch, Miami - Movies
  98. No Good Movies this Fall 2016: film, theaters, Hollywood, action
  99. Hell or High Water (2016): film, theater, script, scenes - Movies
  100. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a one-star film on a good day.: filmed, script - Movies
  101. name of that movie about alien organism that posessed people: film, script - Movies
  102. World War Z...Glasgow doubles for Phillie: cinema, filmed, scenes - Movies
  103. The Bad News Bears (1976 original) greatest sports movie of all time ??: scene, action - Movies
  104. William Demarest, great character actor: films, actors, biography, watch - Movies
  105. Worst Remake Ever: comedy, cast, family, horror - Movies
  106. Non-US big monster movies. Godzilla.): filmed, scene, watched, screen
  107. What WB Must Do to Save the DC Movieverse from Its Worst Enemy: Itself: films, theater - Movies
  108. Reactionary reaction to remakes.: films, theater, Hollywood, actors - Movies
  109. Top 100 films of the 21st century: director, watch, 70s, release date - Movies
  110. Korea's smash summer hit is a zombie movie that strikes a deep chord: cinema, films - Movies
  111. Broken Arrow (1950): cinema, filmed, Hollywood, drama - Movies
  112. Martin Scorsese movies: cinema, films, directors, watching
  113. Split (M. Night Shyamalan's new film): films, theater, horror, a must see - Movies
  114. Why do people hate old movies?: films, family, horror, actors
  115. The Secret Life of Pets trailers: film, animation, watching - Movies
  116. Captain America: Civil War....What did you think?: film, spoiler, good movie - Movies
  117. Of the good old days, who is the best cowboy actor?: war, Richard Boone - Movies
  118. Trainspotting 2: filming, war, watch, Robert Carlyle - Movies
  119. American James Bond?: Hollywood, cast, actor, director - Movies
  120. to me we are in one of the worst lulls in Hollywood movie making: films, theaters - Movies
  121. Snowden: film, Hollywood, crime, a must see - Movies
  122. Unpleasant viewing of Doris: film, comedy, family, actors - Movies
  123. The DC Movie-verse to be imploding: films, Warner, vs - Movies
  124. Have you ever fallen a sleep watching a film: cinema, films, theater - Movies
  125. Old Movie...The Ghost and the Darkness..: good film, theater, Hollywood - Movies
  126. Movies where theatrical release was better than extended/director's cut editions?: cinema, films
  127. Best Western movie villains of all time?: filming, script, Hollywood - Movies
  128. Conjuring 2: film, theaters, Hollywood, dvd - Movies
  129. whenever I hear ___(insert song)___, I think of __(movie)__...: action, watch, Apocalypse Now - Movies
  130. The Power of Music in a A Movie: cinema, worst film, scenes - Movies
  131. Halloween 10: films, Hollywood, horror, mystery - Movies
  132. There are good movies coming out this summer: James Franco, David Krumholtz, Edward Norton
  133. remember the old movies that weren't allowed to show a kiss: filmed, script
  134. Looking for Mr. Goodbar, starring Diane Keaton (1977): films, scenes, Blu-ray - Movies
  135. Playing with casting ideas for the next Fantastic Four movie: cinema, film - Movies
  136. Fandango issue-: cinemas, theaters, towns, showing - Movies
  137. Spider-Man: Homecoming: Sony, names - Movies
  138. Dr Strange!!!: animation, cast, horror, directors - Movies
  139. Favourite Paul Newman movies: films, John Russell, best, popular
  140. 20 Best Stephen King Movies (Ranked): cinema, good film, scenes, heartbreak
  141. Star Wars Rogue One: film, watched, setting, looking - Movies
  142. SPOILER -- Star Wars character future: film, theater, Hollywood, adventure - Movies
  143. Charlize Theron cast as 'Fast & Furious 8' villain: filming, theaters, action - Movies
  144. Godzilla: Resurgence (July 2016): film, horror, watching - Movies
  145. What's the worst film ever seen in a theater?: vs, horror - Movies
  146. The Magnificent Seven (remake): film, Hollywood, action, comedy - Movies
  147. Your Absolute Favorite John Wayne Movie.: best film, actors, director, watching - Movies
  148. The Jungle Book (2016): film, Hollywood, scenes, action - Movies
  149. TV movies you would love having on home media: film, Paramount, scenes
  150. Which movies are considered so bad that you actually think they're good?: film, Sony
  151. The Whitewashing Issue: films, Hollywood, cast, history - Movies
  152. Hateful Eight - tf did I just watch?: films, scene, western - Movies
  153. Warcraft movie: theater, fantasy, director, watched - Movies
  154. We should boycott movies with incomprehensible dialogue...: theaters, Hollywood, actors
  155. The Legend of Tarzan (2016): filmed, scenes, dvd, cast - Movies
  156. Sulu is gay in ST:Beyond: films, Hollywood, action, actor - Movies
  157. The Mummy, starring Tom Cruise: filming, scripts, action, history - Movies
  158. The BFG zzzzzzzzz: film, actors, Robin Williams, 80s - Movies
  159. Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition - Just Amazing: film, theaters, scenes - Movies
  160. Adventures in babysitting 2016: film, theater, comedy, actors - Movies
  161. Fairy Tales and the Like: film, scenes, vhs, action - Movies
  162. Name of an Early 80s Horror Film?: scene, family, classic - Movies
  163. The secret life of pets: films, theaters, Dreamworks, scene - Movies
  164. Favorite/worst comic book movie/TV Show to date and why.: films, scenes - Movies
  165. Enhanced human movies, whatcha got?: film, action, actor
  166. Do you think Hollywood is running out of new movie ideas?: films, scene - Movies
  167. Favorite Clint Eastwood movie.: cinema, film, comedy, crime - Movies
  168. Star Trek Beyond (2016): films, theaters, dvd, watch - Movies
  169. The Right Stuff: films, theater, drama, history - Movies
  170. On The Heels Of Ghostbusters, now Stripes: film, Sony - Movies
  171. Sully (2016), Clint Eastwood... trailer: films, theater, scenes, watched - Movies
  172. problems with the movie 'The Searchers': films, Hollywood, scenes - Movies
  173. Change of actors in Blazing Saddles: good film, Warner Bros, script, scenes - Movies
  174. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice VS Avengers: Age of Ultron: cinema, good film - Movies
  175. The Shallows (2016): film, theaters, watched, screen - Movies
  176. Marylin Monroe Movies: film, comedy, director, best movie
  177. your favorite movie rabbit?: watch, John Hurt, 2014, best - Movies
  178. So Disney is planning to do thing or other with Indiana Jones.: films, adventure - Movies
  179. your favorite movie dream sequence...: scene, fantasy, watch, Javier Bardem - Movies
  180. Can you really enjoy the movie while you multitask?: films, theaters, scene - Movies
  181. Are there movies out there where a resurrected person actually comes back good ?: comedy, Paul Muni
  182. Independence day: Resurgence...I don't get the hate: cinema, film, scenes - Movies
  183. Superman Movies: romance, watching, Gene Hackman, Christopher Reeve
  184. What are good ideas for movies?: films, editor, scenes
  185. The Shallows: film, theaters, vs, actress - Movies
  186. have the monks stopped meditating? they all seem to be tweeting...: film - Movies
  187. Ideas for a true life movie: short, New York, online - Movies
  188. soundtrack used for American Indians in old Westerns?: musical, soundtracks, terrible - Movies
  189. Stranger Things trailer.: thriller, sci-fi, watch - Movies
  190. J-Horror fans, who are you for? #TeamSadako or #TeamKayako!: vs, western, theatre - Movies
  191. The Courtship of Eddies Father: watched, classic - Movies
  192. Hector and the Search for Happiness: comedy, drama, watch, character - Movies
  193. Death Wish II Special Edition Blu-ray: films, Bluray - Movies
  194. Wizard of oz from 1910: music, watch, made - Movies
  195. Best girl fails 2016| Funny fails videos ever try not to laugh 2016|Top vines fails compilation 2016: Fox, watching - Movies
  196. On this day...May 15, 1928: Mickey Mouse!: film, short, watch, screen - Movies
  197. Orson Welles centenary: 2015, New York - Movies
  198. is a good 80's movie. That Was Then, This Is Now. Enjoy: watch, Emilio Estevez - Movies
  199. Spartacus/Hearst Castle: watch, ending, San Diego, Francisco - Movies
  200. Dark Horse: film, Hollywood, documentary, based - Movies