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  138. My Bodyguard —1980 (Matt Dillon): cinema, film, scene, Adam Baldwin - Movies
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  140. How was Marilyn Monroe suppose to be attractive back then?: Hollywood, action - Movies
  141. A Quiet Place: actors, watch, Alien, matinee - Movies
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  145. Gone with the Wind: films, action, drama, family - Movies
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  149. Why so many bad movies?: films, script, Hollywood, history
  150. The meg: cinema, films, Hollywood, action - Movies
  151. Do audiences prefer Arc-less villains in movies?: cinema, crime, John Wayne
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  153. Come to think of it, is Spider-Man the most localized superhero ever?: Sony, 60s - Movies
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  163. this movie though - Movies
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  175. Suspiria (2018 remake): film - Movies
  176. Single word impressions of 'Disobedience'? - Movies
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  181. Halloween (2018), David Gordon Green (directed Joe (2013)) IMDB: 19 October 2018 U.S. release - Movies
  182. Psycho Ex-Girlfriend - Movies
  183. for liking lesser known quirky movies?: cinema, films, editor
  184. Alden Ehrenreich and Donald Glover: Star Wars, made - Movies
  185. Love, Simon: family, acting - Movies
  186. Jackie Chan vs. Goth Cyborg Zombie Mutants: watch - Movies
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  189. Drone: actor, watched - Movies
  190. i remember the movie: popular - Movies
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  198. Margin Call: watching, Kevin Spacey - Movies
  199. Imagine Sets Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Helming Debut: ‘Rent’ Creator Jonathan Larson’s ‘Tick, Tick…Boom!’; ‘Evan Hansen’s Ste: musical - Movies
  200. What's so bad about The Crow: City of Angels (1996): film, action, fantasy - Movies