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  153. Do You Like Movies Set In The Early 1900's: bad film, 20th Century, scene
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  156. Best classic horror movies: film, watching, Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee
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  160. AMC Fearfest 08 Horror Movies Marathon: John Travolta, classic, flicks, life
  161. Blindness: bad film, watching, worst movie, terrible - Movies
  162. I've had a few, and regardless, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is rubbish -- rubbish I say!: film, theaters - Movies
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  177. Who is the most beautifull actress?: Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz, Charlize Theron, Gillian Anderson - Movies
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  180. Would you consider The Strangers a horror or suspense movie? - Movies
  181. Studio employee records - Movies
  182. My Bloody Valentine 3D: film, horror - Movies
  183. Knightley's 'Duchess' Treat: drama, popular, English, Mobile - Movies
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  188. Rene' clair: English - Movies
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