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  85. X-Files: I dont want to believe What a pice of **** it was: film, vhs - Movies
  86. Transporter 3 or Quantum of Solace: films, action, war, a must see - Movies
  87. Help! What's the name of this movie??: Tony Curtis, Bobby Darin, Jack Lemmon - Movies
  88. North and South: Netflix, watched, character, book - Movies
  89. Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian!!!: film, 20th Century, Fox - Movies
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  93. The Onion News: comedy, watch, Steven Seagal, songs - Movies
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  98. Cooking movies foodie movies: watch, character
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  100. Doubt: film, scenes, cast, actor - Movies
  101. Milk: film, scenes, cast, actors - Movies
  102. Where have all the tough guys gone?: action, western, music - Movies
  103. A few that I enjoyed, that you may have missed: cinema, films - Movies
  104. Car Chase: scenes, vhs, watch, The Matrix - Movies
  105. the incredible hulk is not so incredible?: cinema, film, scenes - Movies
  106. Most Romantic movies?: romance, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sophie Marceau, Titanic
  107. Best and Worst Playing Parts of Children/Teens: films, family, actors - Movies
  108. Seven Pounds Review. *******Poss. Spoilers********: film, comedy, watched, Will Smith - Movies
  109. Actresses that I think are babes but no one does: watch, Sam Elliott - Movies
  110. What movie makes you cry every time?: filmed, scenes, music - Movies
  111. 10 Greatest Movie Themes O.A.T.: best film, adventure, romance, music - Movies
  112. Hotel Rwanda (Rwandan genocide): films, dvd, history, war - Movies
  113. What's the name of this 1950's scary movie??: movie theater, scene, family - Movies
  114. Marley & Me: cinema, film, theater, family - Movies
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  117. watched 1408?: film, actor, watching, John Cusack - Movies
  118. Revolutionary Road: cast, watch, best movie, character - Movies
  119. Favorite/least favorite Stephen King movie(s): film, scenes, disturbing - Movies
  120. Who was your favorite brat packer from the 80's?: films, Emilio Estevez - Movies
  121. Worst recent film i saw...: worst film, scene, disturbing, horror - Movies
  122. Battle Royale: films, cast, Netflix, watching - Movies
  123. Fantasy movies with puppets: films, adventure, animation, comedy
  124. What Do You Think Of Parents Who Take Their Little Kids To The Theaters To Watch Very Violent Movies ?: horror, musical
  125. Final Destination: filmed, scenes, dvd, actors - Movies
  126. Your favorite Random movies: watch, Goodfellas, Psycho, Vertigo
  127. What do you think is the best movie of 2008??: films, theater, Slumdog Millionaire - Movies
  128. Your Favorite Dresses in the Movies: film, scene, actresses, 60s
  129. What movie/movies still gives you that warm fuzzy feeling?: romance, actors
  130. Bad accents in movies: films, western, actors, directors
  131. The bette davis: films, scene, actors, biography - Movies
  132. Which movie have you been tempted to stay and watch a second time?: theater, Star Wars - Movies
  133. Has seen Waitress?: film, Hollywood, director, watching - Movies
  134. Valkyrie vs. Defiance, which Jewish revenge fantasy movie is better?: films, Hollywood - Movies
  135. Lakeview terrace,has seen this movie?: movie theater, Michael Douglas, Samuel L. Jackson - Movies
  136. What's your all-time favorite movie quote?: film, Samuel L. Jackson, James Earl Jones, Eddie Murphy - Movies
  137. Top Five Comedies of all time: films, family, Alan Alda, music - Movies
  138. Why does Hollywood have to ruin everything?: cinema, films, Dreamworks - Movies
  139. On the movie Die Hard did feel bad for Thornburg when Holly punched him?: actor, picture - Movies
  140. Reservoir Dogs: cinema, bad film, Hollywood, scene - Movies
  141. Uplifting family movies for the Holidays: film, scenes, action, comedies
  142. How do you like Twilight ?: theater, scenes, action - Movies
  143. Best and worst Adam Sandler movies?: scene, comedy, music, Don Cheadle
  144. Your favorite documenatries?: films, disturbing, horror, documentary - Movies
  145. What movies have you seen lately?: good film, theater, scenes, cast
  146. I need to make a list of movies with Scottish accents: film, scene
  147. A Great Movie? Why?: film, drama, oscar, musical - Movies
  148. Why do many Die Hard movie fans prefer Die Hard 3 over Die Hard 2?: watching, classic - Movies
  149. New Mickey Rourke Movie - The Wrestler: films, Hollywood, scenes - Movies
  150. Favorite Holiday Movies: vhs, family, war, music
  151. Action martial arts movies: films, scenes, watching, Jackie Chan
  152. What is your guilty pleasure movie(s)? ssshhhh don't tell: family, horror - Movies
  153. News, Get your glasses: 3D poised to take over movies.: film, theater
  154. Fast and the Furious Part 4: cast, watched, Paul Walker, characters - Movies
  155. What movies can u watch over and over: film, history, watched
  156. Is it just me, or........: family, watching, showing, buy - Movies
  157. Tyler Perry & Black Movies: films, theater, scenes, dvd
  158. Your Ten Favorite Actors...: action, western, watch, Humphrey Bogart - Movies
  159. Slumdog Millionaire: cinema, film, Hollywood, Bollywood - Movies
  160. First Look at Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter: film, action, history - Movies
  161. recommend classic B&W films to rent!: scene, comedy, Netflix - Movies
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  163. Grown women saying Daddy: Hollywood, comedy, family, horror - Movies
  164. Things That Make You Cringe: scene, horror, actors, watch - Movies
  165. Are Disney Movies anti-family?: films, history, war, Fox
  166. Am I the only one SICK of the Twilight hoopla??: film, Hollywood - Movies
  167. Access your inner kid - What's your favorite Disney movie?: films, scene - Movies
  168. Australia: cinema, film, 20th Century, Hollywood - Movies
  169. Clive Owen as James Bond?: films, actors, watching, Daniel Craig - Movies
  170. Batman's Next Villains...: film, crime, actors, Johnny Depp - Movies
  171. Do you have an irrational fear that was instilled in you by a movie?: scene, horror - Movies
  172. Humphrey Bogart vs. Clark Gable: best film, scripts, comedy, cast - Movies
  173. The Dark Knight: filmed, scenes, action, drama - Movies
  174. Favorite movie from actors:: history, war, watched, Russell Crowe - Movies
  175. So, I just saw 'The Dark Knight'...: film, theaters, script - Movies
  176. best Marvel Movie?: films, scenes, accuracy, action - Movies
  177. Best Classics?: western, watched, Lionel Barrymore, Cary Grant - Movies
  178. Impossible & Stupid Movie Plots...: film, watched, John Travolta, plot - Movies
  179. News, We like our Christmas films wrapped in dysfunction.: Hollywood, family, actors - Movies
  180. News, For actor Roger Moore his word is his Bond.: New York, acting - Movies
  181. News, Chicago museum conjures 'Potter' exhibit.: sci-fi, online - Movies
  182. new paltlz - Movies
  183. For Mr. Maxwell Maclaine - Movies
  184. My best friend's girl - Movies
  185. Conspiracy , a must see: Kenneth Branagh - Movies
  186. Creepy Shakespeare: horror, flick - Movies
  187. attan .... Dr. Andy Archer - Movies
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  189. On the Web and Beauty Path with Spider Woman: tapes, picture, language - Movies
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  192. Tom Conti Live Interview - Movies
  193. Reg Varney: 1916 - 2008: comedy, actor - Movies
  194. 9 the movie: watch, cartoon - Movies
  195. Marley and Me!: cast, Owen Wilson, best, character - Movies
  196. The trailer for Angels and Demons - Movies
  197. Totally Awesome (2006): film, watch - Movies
  198. What Will Be Top Grossing Holiday Movies of '08?
  199. The Greatest Game Ever Played-not just for sports fans: Netflix, drama, family - Movies
  200. The Tale of Despereaux: scenes, based, place - Movies