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  29. News, ‘Pink Panther 2’ is a total waste of time.: MGM, watch, Roberto Benigni - Movies
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  53. Miracle at St. Anna: film, theater, scenes, Netflix - Movies
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  81. about a new program i have found online: watch, videos, reviews - Movies
  82. OLIVER STONE doing ESCOBAR .: Columbia, made - Movies
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  86. Yes, another Friday the 13th...: cinema, horror, watching, rent - Movies
  87. Michael York Film: family, 80s, character, looking - Movies
  88. Hugh Jackman IS Clint Eastwood in Australia !!!: scenes, cast, actors - Movies
  89. 2012: Science or Superstition- A fact or a fiction? - Movies
  90. Remake of Crazy Mary & Dirty Larry By Walter Hill??: action, cast - Movies
  91. last chance harvey: film, theater, script, short - Movies
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  95. moonlite run: Randy Quaid, character - Movies
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  100. My Bloody Valentine: watch, character, storyline, 3D - Movies
  101. Kids Mobsters Kill People With Pies?: actors, soundtrack, teenagers - Movies
  102. We all love Audrey Tatou---right?: best, characters, romantic, looking - Movies
  103. W: good film, theaters, scenes, comedy - Movies
  104. What's Your Favorite Old Black & White Movie?: films, Twentieth Century, Netflix - Movies
  105. Actors/actresses who should have won oscars but didn't?: adventure, mystery, director - Movies
  106. things hollywood gets wrong with your line of work: English, Indiana, place - Movies
  107. Best & Worst Actors for Accents!: films, Christian Bale, Sean Connery, Tom Cruise - Movies
  108. Ten Best Movies Ever Made: filmed, scenes, comedies, drama
  109. Knowing ...........decent movie.: films, scenes, action, thriller - Movies
  110. Who is your favorite film composer?: cinema, films, 20th Century, history - Movies
  111. How often do you go to the movies?: cinema, films, movie theater
  112. What's the best James Bond movie theme song ever?: watch - Movies
  113. What was the last movie you saw in a theater?: films, watching - Movies
  114. Revenge of the Ninja: film, theater, scenes, action - Movies
  115. 17 Again? Would you...: short, watching, review, place - Movies
  116. Let The Right One In: filmed, theater, scene, action - Movies
  117. Favorite Movie From Actors 2:: films, war, Jim Carrey, John Cusack - Movies
  118. Funniest Movie Scene Video Clips: scenes, adventure, comedies, watching - Movies
  119. Am I the only one who thinks I can write a better script?: movie theater, comedies - Movies
  120. News, ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’: July 17.: filmed, actor, watching - Movies
  121. was just a ok movie.: director, sci-fi, buy - Movies
  122. Heath Ledger's portrayal of the Joker: films, theater, script, scenes - Movies
  123. Favorite Movie From Actors 3:: film, scene, action, adventure - Movies
  124. Who enjoyed Valkyrie?: film, theaters, dvd, drama - Movies
  125. Remakes: scenes, horror, war, actor - Movies
  126. 2008, A P*ss Poor Year in Cinema: films, theaters, scripts - Movies
  127. Netflicks: dvd, Netflix, family, actor - Movies
  128. Taken: scenes, dvd, action, family - Movies
  129. First Disney Movie you remember watching: theater, dvd, family, scary - Movies
  130. Casting - How important is it for movie success ?: film, script - Movies
  131. the Green Hornet 2010: theater, action, adventure, comedy - Movies
  132. Has Kevin Smith blown his wad?: film, script, comedy - Movies
  133. Gran Torino: film, theaters, Hollywood, versus - Movies
  134. What's Of Your Favorite GIANT Monster Movies: films, theater, scenes
  135. What's Your Favorite Vampire Movie?: film, Netflix, family, Frank Langella - Movies
  136. Watched Ben-hur?: film, scenes, war, documentaries - Movies
  137. He's Just Not That Into You: film, scene, comedy, cast - Movies
  138. News, What was the worst movie of the year?: film, theater, scripts - Movies
  139. Boyz n the hood or Menace 2 Society: film, comedy, drama - Movies
  140. Oscar Nominees Announced: Netflix, actor, director, picture - Movies
  141. need movie suggestions for military care pkgs.: scenes, action, comedy - Movies
  142. I love Harold and Kumar!!: films, comedies, watching, best movie - Movies
  143. In praise of Judi Dench: film, scene, director, watching - Movies
  144. Movies that you think could have a sequel: films, Hollywood, Titanic
  145. see Coraline?: theaters, price, showing, 3D - Movies
  146. Worst movies you ever saw...: films, family, oscar, Eddie Murphy
  147. Bad movies you like: film, tapes, horror, war
  148. Will CGI take over live-action movies?: films, animation, actors, watch
  149. M. Night Shyamalan vs. Steven King: films, script, horror, actress - Movies
  150. The Wrestler: filmed, theater, scenes, actor - Movies
  151. What is so great about Quentin Tarantino?: films, western, director - Movies
  152. Top Ten of the Past Decade: films, history, Fight Club, The Matrix - Movies
  153. Legends of the fall: filmed, Columbia, scene, actors - Movies
  154. What is your fave Kurt Russell movie?: films - Movies
  155. Help me remember the title of this movie: films, scene, family - Movies
  156. Star Trek Movie- Can't wait!!!!: film, theaters, director, Eric Bana - Movies
  157. WORST BEST Picture Winners: best film, scene, dvd, action - Movies
  158. Cheesy 80's horror movies: theater, scenes, Psycho, scary
  159. Need help on a movie title,: films, actors, watch - Movies
  160. Memorable American Movie Characters: cinema, film, heartbreak, watch - Movies
  161. What is your favorite self indulgent movie?: films, dvd, adventure - Movies
  162. Did you like Slumdog Millionaire?: filmed, theater, Hollywood, cast - Movies
  163. Who would play YOU?: cast, Eric Bana, watch, Jack Nicholson - Movies
  164. What/Where was the last Drive-In Movie you saw? Year?: film, scenes - Movies
  165. Top Scariest Horror Movies of 60's & 70's. What's yours?: best film, theaters
  166. Top 15 Most Overlooked Movies of 2008: film, Hollywood, comedy, drama
  167. Name that movie........: cast, Bryan Brown, Tom Cruise, Matt Dillon - Movies
  168. Come in and discuss Notorious: theater, cast, actors - Movies
  169. What annoys you the most about what the people sitting around you do in the theatre?: cinemas, film - Movies
  170. Drinking in the movie theater: film, comedies, watch, terrible - Movies
  171. 1940-50's Trucking Genre Movies: Netflix, watching, Humphrey Bogart, Brian Keith
  172. WILL BLU-RAY PLAYERS WORK WITH 1080i: film, vs, drama, picture - Movies
  173. Movies Walked Out On?: bad film, theater, comedy, romance
  174. Favorite escape movies?: film, comedy, fantasy, The Shawshank Redemption
  175. Parents bringing kids to Adult movies: theaters, dvd, watching
  176. Who would you like as a new James Bond??: films, cast, actress - Movies
  177. Top Five sports movies:: sport, short, watch, Adam Sandler
  178. Sexy Kung Fu Girl: watch - Movies
  179. Inside: horror - Movies
  180. Quantum of Solice Poster - Movies
  181. Passengers: watching, ending, book - Movies
  182. Oscar Shorts: review - Movies
  183. For of you who collect DVD's - Movies
  184. Cary Grant - Man In Motion: films, vs, thriller, North by Northwest - Movies
  185. 2012: Science or Superstition- A fact or a fiction? - Movies
  186. help on finding a movie: scenes, comedy, actress, watched - Movies
  187. Homoeroticism in 80's films: action, 80s, reviews, language - Movies
  188. Hammer Film fan enthusiasts out there?: best, coming, Michigan - Movies
  189. News, Philadelphia museum receives 'Big' musical gift.: film, Tom Hanks, children - Movies
  190. American parkour movies: films, action
  191. Wolverine Hoodie from X-Men 1: Hugh Jackman - Movies
  192. Sundance 2009: films, action, adventure, Netflix - Movies
  193. Eric Bana - Love The Beast: documentary, watch, life - Movies
  194. Hamlet II: theatre - Movies
  195. Short Film Contests - Call for entries: animation, comedy, thriller - Movies
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  200. Let the Right on In .... or Out - Movies