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  85. favorite car themed movies: scene, actor, Jeff Bridges, James Brolin
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  105. seen Public Enemies: film, scene, action, Christian Bale - Movies
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  109. Food, Inc.: film, theater, scenes, Netflix - Movies
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  123. movies that helped to define a decade.: films, war, documentary
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  125. Moon.: film, Hollywood, actors, sci-fi - Movies
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  142. Seven Samurai or The Magnificent Seven?: films, western, watching, Yul Brynner - Movies
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  147. drive-in theater website: cinema, The Departed, Alien, theatre - Movies
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  156. Benjamin Button: cinema, actors, music, watching - Movies
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  168. STATE OF PLAY staring Russell Crow: films, script, Hollywood, scenes - Movies
  169. Actors/Actresses that are still hunks/hotties, well into middle age.: George Clooney, Harrison Ford - Movies
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