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  1. American Violet: must-see, watched, scary, good movie - Movies
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  3. Snacks: watching - Movies
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  13. Judith anderson: actress, best movie, made - Movies
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  17. Paranormal Activity....let me save you time and $$: scary, Cary - Movies
  18. about the movie Planes, Trains & Automobiles?: price, looking, book - Movies
  19. Favorite character on Paul Blart: Mall Cop?: scene, actor, picture - Movies
  20. BSG: The Plan: film, watching, spoiler, terrible - Movies
  21. Actors/Actresses that should've won/been nominated for Oscar.: Russell Crowe, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks - Movies
  22. What does it mean to be musically well-rounded or know allot about music ?: scene, 80s - Movies
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  24. Movie serial cliffhangers: watch - Movies
  25. On a scale of 0-10 how did you like the movie Wedding Crashers?: actor, character - Movies
  26. Moe Norman Movie - Movies
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  28. 100 Movie Quotes (musical montage): watching - Movies
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  30. Barry Lyndon (by Stanley Kubrick): cinema, film, movie theater, Hollywood - Movies
  31. Fourth Kind?: film, history, biography, Alien - Movies
  32. New Moon Comming Dialogue: theater, watched, review, book - Movies
  33. what frame rate will Avatar be presented in?: cinema, film, movie theater - Movies
  34. Does know what this movies name is?: films, sci-fi, Star Wars
  35. A older movie I haven't seen mentioned: film, dvd, watched - Movies
  36. Justine Bateman - needed on early career (before Family Ties): film, script - Movies
  37. Do most movies go on sale for cheap the day after Christmas?: theme
  38. brothers: films, best movie, ending, acting - Movies
  39. Old Christmas movie: scene, vhs, Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye - Movies
  40. Golden Globe Awards - 2010: best film, comedy, Netflix, drama - Movies
  41. Good write up Gone With the Wind, 70th Anniversary: filmed, cast, watch - Movies
  42. Avatar.: films, theater, action, showing - Movies
  43. Which actress played in no other woman' Shearer or irene dunne?: actor, character - Movies
  44. The INVICTUS: actors, picture, watch, Matt Damon - Movies
  45. WHERE can I go to see MOVIES!!??: films, theaters, Hollywood
  46. Extraordinary Measures: films, dvd, Harrison Ford, videos - Movies
  47. Taking Chance, a little movie that can, and does: films, scene - Movies
  48. Talk to the director of Blindside today---: buy, character - Movies
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  50. Twilight Fans Get Punked: watch - Movies
  51. Dead Poets Society: short, Ethan Hawke, Robin Williams, message - Movies
  52. The 40 year old virgin: scene, Netflix, Redbox, watching - Movies
  53. Did see Old Dogs? What did you think?: cast, Ray Romano, John Travolta - Movies
  54. The Taking of Pelham 123: film, Robert Shaw, good movie, stars - Movies
  55. The Chipmunks: coming, animated - Movies
  56. Blue Sky by Tony Richardson: soundtrack, made - Movies
  57. Movies That Are Supposed To Make You Cry-But You Didn't: film, documentary
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  59. Have you got Harry Potters new movie: theater, Warner - Movies
  60. Son in Law - Movies
  61. help find title of movie: watch, videos, propaganda, online - Movies
  62. Miriam Margolyes: actress, biography, life - Movies
  63. Jake Gyllenhall, Toby McGuire, movie Brothers: oscar, watching, Clint Eastwood, showing - Movies
  64. Meg Ryan films: comedy, actor, Sandra Bullock, romantic - Movies
  65. Black suit worn by Phil: film, dvd, review - Movies
  66. Searching for hard to find movies of spanish child actor joselito.: watch, videos
  67. saw 2: vhs, horror, sci-fi, watching - Movies
  68. Who was let down by Transformers: film, scenes, Citizen Kane - Movies
  69. XIII:The Conspiracy Val Kilmer, Steven Dorff: dvd - Movies
  70. Watched Mildred Pierce: film, actress, screen, best - Movies
  71. Slumdog Millionaire--If I skip the beginning will I like it better?: film, scenes - Movies
  72. 9 Songs: scenes, music, made - Movies
  73. I cannot wait for Where the Wild Things Are .: filmed, watching - Movies
  74. New movie: film, short, spoilers, coming - Movies
  75. looking for the name of a classic movie.......: films, drama, watching - Movies
  76. Whip It: film, director, Drew Barrymore, rent - Movies
  77. Ninja Assasin: film, action, watched, flicks - Movies
  78. need help finding this movie !!!: watched, alternate, life - Movies
  79. help me find that movie.: family, watch, Christina Ricci - Movies
  80. IMSDB draft scripts: filmed - Movies
  81. Bad Lieutenant (original): scene, drama, horror, watch - Movies
  82. Trick r Treat: dvd, Netflix, watch, best - Movies
  83. Lewis Black's Stark Raving Black: theater, comedy, showing - Movies
  84. 5 heroes to save the world: The Matrix, songs, Terminator, theme - Movies
  85. Mr. Motto: watched, Sydney Greenstreet, Peter Lorre, Casablanca - Movies
  86. see Sunshine Cleaning Company?: cast, watched, nice movie, Montana - Movies
  87. plan on going to see This is it?: film, theaters, dvd - Movies
  88. Step Dad: family, actor, Psycho, spoilers - Movies
  89. Good Hair-Chris Brown: film, comedy, Netflix, mystery - Movies
  90. Russian Mob Movie: film, script, Hollywood, crime - Movies
  91. SPOILER(S) ALERT!! 100 Spoilers in 5 minutes: watch, flicks, ending - Movies
  92. Marley: actors, watching, Owen Wilson, good movie - Movies
  93. Military movies. What are your favorites?: filmed, scene, war, fantasy
  94. The Best and Weirdest Movies Ever Seen?: film, scene, dvd
  95. The movie The Road: filmed, theaters, dvd, oscar - Movies
  96. about a Movie: filmed, documentary, best, coming - Movies
  97. Worst movies ever...: scene, crime, drama, Fox
  98. Are Classic Movies Becoming More Popular ?: films, theater, Hollywood, scene
  99. Does notice that almost every movie has love plot taking place?: watch, The Shawshank Redemption - Movies
  100. Captain america: The first avenger: action, cast, actor, director - Movies
  101. Movies you just saw that you want to recommend.: film, dvd, cast
  102. The Mighty Thor!: filming, theaters, Paramount, adventure - Movies
  103. Who's the greatest classic everyman?: films, actors, William Bendix - Movies
  104. '2012': film, scenes, watch, John Cusack - Movies
  105. The Road: Where Is It?: films, theaters, scene, watch - Movies
  106. Will Eddie Murphy ever make another good film?: script, Hollywood, watch - Movies
  107. Red Dawn II: film, Hollywood, war, reviews - Movies
  108. YOUR #1 Movie of the Decade (2000-2009): cinema, Hollywood, Daniel Day-Lewis, Clint Eastwood - Movies
  109. Wizard of Oz hanging: films, scene, vhs, watching - Movies
  110. What movies stick in your mind?: film, scenes, watched, Albert Brooks
  111. Books that were made into movies, for better or worse: film, action
  112. What Are The Absolute Worst Movie(s); That You Have Ever Seen?: best film, theater - Movies
  113. Things I learned from the movies......: scene, drama, documentary, watch
  114. Terminator Salvation: film, theater, scenes, action - Movies
  115. Would you have a problem watching film with graphic homosexual sex?: scenes, screen - Movies
  116. A-Team Movie (2010): film, scenes, action, cast - Movies
  117. The Human Centipede - I'm starting to see buzz about this film.: films, horror - Movies
  118. The Book of Eli: filmed, script, watched, screen - Movies
  119. What Is The Most Unknown/Obscure Movie That You Have Seen And/Or Liked?: film, disturbing - Movies
  120. Un-Happy Endings: films, war, western, The Godfather - Movies
  121. Precious: best film, theaters, Hollywood, scene - Movies
  122. Happy Endings: theater, Hollywood, western, watching - Movies
  123. Have you ever seen a film that moved you to tears??: script, Fox - Movies
  124. Zombieland - seen it?: film, action, comedy, Bill Murray - Movies
  125. Movies that SHINE on widescreen?: cinema, filmed, scenes, Bluray
  126. Who Is Your Favorite Movie Monster And Why???: film, vs - Movies
  127. Best Actor Ever? agree?: scripts, western, Vincent Cassel, George Clooney - Movies
  128. Ever see a movie SO bad that it was good?: filming, comedy - Movies
  129. What is on your Netflix queu? (What movie do you want to see?): cinema, films - Movies
  130. Holding pistols sideways in the movies: Hollywood, watch, videos, showing
  131. Rambo: First Blood: rent, looking, place - Movies
  132. Worst Movie Viewing Experience?: cinema, films, theater, scenes - Movies
  133. Enter if you dare, the World of HORROR!: films, theaters, Hollywood - Movies
  134. I haven't seen a movie since December of 2006- recommendations?: films, Hollywood - Movies
  135. What makes a good movie in you opinion?: cinema, filmed, scenes - Movies
  136. Actors/Actresses you can't stand to watch: movie quotes, action, Orlando Bloom - Movies
  137. Rachael McAdams vs. Elizabeth Banks: film, Hollywood, scene, family - Movies
  138. Who is the most beautiful Actress ?: cinemas, film, Hollywood, picture - Movies
  139. best actor of our time: cast, actors, Vincent Cassel, Tom Cruise - Movies
  140. The Fourth Kind!: filmed, disturbing, document, watched - Movies
  141. Who is the most handsome movie actor?: motion picture, Antonio Banderas, watch - Movies
  142. Old Dogs (John Travolta and Robin Williams): films, scripts, tapes - Movies
  143. The Thin Man Movies Starring Myrna Loy And William Powell.: films, scene
  144. movies you're supposed to like but dont: films, scene, action
  145. People No Spoilers!!!!: films, theaters, message, ending - Movies
  146. Men Who Stare At Goats: film, script, Hollywood, scenes - Movies
  147. Most and least favorite James Bond films?: script, scene, comedy - Movies
  148. Movies for Halloween: film, scene, vs, horror
  149. What movie are you watching right now?: good film, theater, action - Movies
  150. Blind Side: film, theaters, Hollywood, dvd - Movies
  151. Bollywood: films, scene, action, history - Movies
  152. New feature: spoiler tag: screen - Movies
  153. The Greatest Movies of the 1970'S: films, comedy, western, actors
  154. Went to michael jackson's this is it premiere last night!!!: film, dvd - Movies
  155. movies that you seem to like A LOT more than everyone: dvd, action
  156. Scary movie fans...: film, Netflix, horror, watched - Movies
  157. What are really good indie movies?: Ben Affleck, watching, Ed Harris
  158. What movie have you seen the most times???: comedies, horror, picture - Movies
  159. Moon vs. Fight Club: film, dvd, actors, watching - Movies
  160. Billy Jack-Born Losers-1967: filmed, adventure, towns, family - Movies
  161. Saw VI has been rated X in Spain...: film, movie theater, scenes - Movies
  162. Do you consider Vince Vaughn a serious, talented actor as well as a great comedic actor?: Hollywood, comedies - Movies
  163. TEEN SEX COMEDIES AND B MOVIES 1970s and 1980s: films, Hollywood, action
  164. Law Abiding Citizen: scene, action, family, romance - Movies
  165. Twilight: New Moon: film, scenes, Redbox, watching - Movies
  166. Favorite Martin Scorsese movie: Nick Nolte, Joe Pesci, Goodfellas, Taxi Driver - Movies
  167. 2d vs 3d: filming, theaters, Hollywood, scene - Movies
  168. National Lampoon's Vacation: cinema, theater, scenes, comedy - Movies
  169. seen Couples Retreat?: theater, cast, actors, picture - Movies
  170. Remember/Like The Old Ma And Pa Kettle Movies?: films, Warner
  171. Hilarious review of New Moon.: film, movie theater, scene, romance - Movies
  172. Angels and Demons!!!! What do you think?: Hollywood, watched, rent - Movies
  173. Tron Legacy: film, music, watch, score - Movies
  174. Best movie alcoholics: actors, Nicolas Cage, Dennis Hopper, Val Kilmer - Movies
  175. What's the best movie of the 2000's decade (2000-2009): scenes, watch, The Departed - Movies
  176. So Sick of Horror Re-Makes *Rant Warning*: films, Hollywood, actors - Movies
  177. Clash of the Titans: filming, theater, action, watch - Movies
  178. How many of you frequent IMDB?: horror, actors, watching, message - Movies
  179. Black male actors with white female actresses: Hollywood, scenes, interracial - Movies
  180. Best romantic movie: films, Hollywood, scenes, versus - Movies
  181. Has watched that Paranormal Activity movie?: cast, scary, best - Movies
  182. Orphan = Best movie of 2009: cinemas, horror, actresses, watched - Movies
  183. good comedy movies!!: Woody Allen, watch, Steve Martin, rental
  184. Dear John: film, book - Movies
  185. Away We Go: scene, watched, character - Movies
  186. Palestinian in the Movie Bruno Sues NBC, Baron Cohen - Movies
  187. help find title of film for me: script - Movies
  188. Turning.Point.2009 1: action, crime, drama, subtitles - Movies
  189. The Boys & Girls Guide to Getting Down: family, life - Movies
  190. Couples Retreat: Vince Vaughn - Movies
  191. Sorry messed up - Movies
  192. Stag Night: horror - Movies
  193. The Terminator Series DVDs: scenes, dvd, director - Movies
  194. I need help this movie!!! help: watched, 90s, looking - Movies
  195. 1950s and 1960s Exploitation Movies: adventure, directors, classic
  196. about the Wedding Singer: scene - Movies
  197. 9: matinee, theatre, good movie - Movies
  198. know this movie ??: family, watch, looking, life - Movies
  199. Video, 'Harry Potter' stars look back on nine years of magic.: filming, cast - Movies
  200. Looking for a Movie: A Scene with a Virtual Tennis Game - Movies