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  102. Premonition , with Sandra Bullock * SPOILERS in this *: action, family - Movies
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  105. The Host: best film, theater, scene, dvd - Movies
  106. Favorite John Wayne movie and why: action, family, watched, Robert Mitchum - Movies
  107. Ok woman stupid poll time!!!!: Matthew McConaughey, Brad Pitt, looking, accent - Movies
  108. Lots of Movies: action, comedy, watching, John Malkovich
  109. What 70s movies are due for re-hashes?: film, watch, buy
  110. YOUR LIFE PARALLELED BY A MOVIE or MOVIES: drama, watch, songs
  111. Movies (New releases): film, theater, family, watched
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  113. Favorite movies?: films, comedy, drama, history
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  123. Indie, Dark Humor, Comedy Flicks: best film, scene, dvd, family - Movies
  124. Movies not available on DVD: good film, oscar, picture, classic
  125. Your Favorite Movie: films, history, heartbreak, Goodfellas - Movies
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  128. Da Vinci Code: script, history, document, watched - Movies
  129. Movies - which do you recommend?: films, theaters, script, comedy
  130. MASH, the movie.: film, theater, crime, Netflix - Movies
  131. Your Favorite Actor of All Time and Why...: films, Hollywood, scenes - Movies
  132. Funniest movie scenes ever: film, comedies, history, Jason Biggs - Movies
  133. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End!!!!: theaters, scenes, action - Movies
  134. Star Trek XI (Release 12/25/08): Warner Bros, actors, director, watching - Movies
  135. Paul Newman to Retire: Hollywood, actor, kitchen, Dayton - Movies
  136. Movies You'd Like To See: cinema, filmed, history, director
  137. Best Movie Scores: good film, Hollywood, scenes, dvd - Movies
  138. Hostel Part Two: films, comedy, horror, sci-fi - Movies
  139. The Incomparable Vincent Price: films, Hollywood, family, horror - Movies
  140. What films have you rented recently?: cinema, scenes, dvd, Netflix - Movies
  141. Dances with Wolves fans?: film, scenes, watched, good movie - Movies
  142. Poll, Voldemort Vs Darth Vader: watch, features, place - Movies
  143. Favorate Movie(s) Filming Location: filmed, Warner, Hollywood, scenes - Movies
  144. add a movie quote you like: Warner Bros, scene, history - Movies
  145. Favorite Movie Phrase of AllTime: script, heartbreak, music, Jack Nicholson - Movies
  146. Old movies... so BAD they are still GOOD: film, sci-fi, watching
  147. Do you like movies? What about the movie called It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World?: films, theater
  148. Favorite Movie Soundtracks: Hollywood, Harrison Ford, Forrest Gump, Reservoir Dogs - Movies
  149. Spider-man 3 - When will you go watch it?: cinema, theater, dvd - Movies
  150. Clean movies???: films, theaters, scene, dvd
  151. The movie Judgement at Nuremberg-: film, cast, history, war - Movies
  152. Favorite Movie Villain: films, actor, Jack Nicholson, Alan Rickman - Movies
  153. Movies that you wished had a sequel!: scenes, Danny Aiello, Matt Dillon
  154. The Breakfast Club part 2: scenes, comedy, drama, director - Movies
  155. Which James Bond movies is your favorite?: films, scripts, actors
  156. Who likes Napoleon Dynamite?: scenes, watched, 80s, characters - Movies
  157. Absolute the worst movie that you secretly love to watch over and over: scenes, adventure - Movies
  158. What is your fave Inspirational Movies?: film, watched, The Shawshank Redemption, It's a Wonderful Life
  159. Favorite Opening Movie Scenes: horror, The Godfather, Star Wars, Goodfellas - Movies
  160. Rebel Without a Cause - what is your opinion?: films, Hollywood - Movies
  161. What was your favorite Rocky Fight ?: films, directors, watch, worst movie - Movies
  162. Purple Rain Movie (Prince): filming, theater, scene, history - Movies
  163. Who Are The Most Over Rated Actor(s) In Hollywood?: actors, Jeff Bridges - Movies
  164. Transformers: film, theater, script, scene - Movies
  165. I'm done going to the movies.: cinema, movie theater, dvd, watching
  166. Best Horror Movies: adventure, Anthony Hopkins, Psycho, The Silence of the Lambs
  167. Monster Movies Godzilla/Gamera .: films, theater, dvd, vs
  168. Grindhouse: films, scene, romance, director - Movies
  169. Favorite Pot Moive: film, script, scene, comedy - Movies
  170. Worst Actor/ Wrost Actress ?: scenes, Ben Affleck, watch, Hugh Grant - Movies
  171. Bad Modern Movie Cliches: films, Hollywood, scenes, actors - Movies
  172. Movies you would recommend that did not have critical acclaim: cinema, films
  173. Movies filmed in your area: scenes, dvd, adventure, crime
  174. John Ritter was one the great comedic actors of our time.: comedy, drama - Movies
  175. Worst Movies?: scene, versus, comedy, actor
  176. how Hollywood alienates viewers: films, scenes, dvd, versus - Movies
  177. Pan's Labyrinth: film, script, scenes, animation - Movies
  178. Spiderman 3: theaters, action, watch, Adam West - Movies
  179. Favorite Movies/Actors?????: filmed, movie theater, cast, watching
  180. Movies you you'd hate, but ended up liking: films, theaters, action
  181. Favorite Movies from Waaaaaay back: films, script, action, comedy
  182. Germany Kills Filming of Tom Cruise Movie: Hollywood, action, adventure - Movies
  183. Worst movie you have seen recently: scenes, Nicolas Cage - Movies
  184. Another cult classic- Pink Flamingos: filming, script, music, watching - Movies
  185. Is the movie 300 racist?: cinema, films, Hollywood, editor - Movies
  186. Who is your favorite actor and actress?: Jackie Chan, George Clooney, Sean Connery - Movies
  187. Which StarTrek Movie do you like?: film, 20th Century, scenes, action - Movies
  188. Stanley Kubrick films?: cinema, best film, scenes, disturbing - Movies
  189. Bridge to Tarabitha - Movies
  190. Bad News, ABC movie critic Joel Siegel dead at 63. - Movies
  191. Soundtrack for Movie G: music - Movies
  192. If you have never seen this: watched - Movies
  193. The Trilogy Triplets: looking - Movies
  194. Sex and the City movie... for real? - Movies
  195. The Monster Squad (1987): scenes, dvd, 80s, language - Movies
  196. News, De Vito almost drowns during family vacation.: actor, Sylvester Stallone, setting - Movies
  197. Who wins in a fight between Jason Bourne and 24s Jack Bauer - Movies
  198. Gunsmoke or Bonanza,fighting for truth and justice!: western - Movies
  199. Sundance FilmFestival Picks?: adventure, crime, foreign, character - Movies
  200. The Most Underappreciated Movie of 2006.: movie theater, coming - Movies