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  1. Best Metal band of the 80s: classic, Metallica, song, concert - Music
  2. Eurovision 2009.: lyrics, singing, videos, band - Music
  3. Greenday: Washington - Music
  4. Sgt. Pepper vs. Pet Sounds: bands, albums, Beatles, song - Music
  5. I've grown to hate Coldplay: U2, song, better, radio - Music
  6. Jeff Beck Live at Ronnie Scotts: blues, cd, group, top - Music
  7. Bagdad Café Calling You The Story of the Song: meaning, listen - Music
  8. What kind of songs would you rather hear on a soft rock station?: group, stations - Music
  9. Tomorrow 5/25: song, radio, Chicago, New York - Music
  10. Godsmack: great songs, band, punk, debut album - Music
  11. Trance Music: techno, genre, albums, group
  12. listen to this guitarist!!: good - Music
  13. which tour would you pick?: metal, Metallica, best, concert - Music
  14. Take a walk: song - Music
  15. Old School Pop and Rap-Anything old school welcome.: music video, favorite songs
  16. You owe me a cup of Brugal - Translated: lyrics, country, song - Music
  17. News, Tearful Yoko Ono talks about Lennon exhibit: guitar, emotional, New York - Music
  18. Louis Armstrong - Saint Louis Blues: vinyl, top, American, cassette - Music
  19. Your favorite youtube producer/beatmaker?: good, sounds - Music
  20. Yanni fans?: albums, artists, song, concert - Music
  21. Help my dreams: singing, gospel, albums, song - Music
  22. Best songs on the album that never got played.......: blues, single, radio - Music
  23. Help, can you name the song?: music lyrics, singing, pop
  24. Who Likes Music With Strange/Creative Lyrics?: favorite songs, rock, song
  25. Lady Ga Ga music videos: dance, song, fan
  26. All you have to do is write i need your help: lyrics, sing - Music
  27. News, Eminem Brushes His Teeth With Pesticide.: 2009, song, rapper - Music
  28. Green Day 21st Century Breakdown: song, better, concert, American - Music
  29. help!!!: singing, song, good, radio - Music
  30. Who is into Pheidippides songs?: classic, album, Pink Floyd, artists - Music
  31. Name Four 21st Century Songs That Are Equal To The Late Great 70's: lyrics, band - Music
  32. The Rainmakers: group, song, listen - Music
  33. Do people still listen to that Jam Band crap?: classic, album, top - Music
  34. Chickenfoot released June 5 Rocks: band, blues, cd, album - Music
  35. Best online music service???: indie, mp3 player, player, song
  36. Teena Marie has a New CD: singers, classic, ballad, famous - Music
  37. Green Day Holiday video: singer, music videos, dance, song
  38. rockn Mos Def: album, artist - Music
  39. Lists of great music from the 1920s-1990s: pop, 1980s, song
  40. Huey Long, Jazz Guitarist 1904-2009: good - Music
  41. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds Is Gravely Ill: Beatles, good - Music
  42. 'OFF THE WALL' or 'THRILLER': dance, albums, song, better - Music
  43. Your oldest recordings?: band, blues, albums, group - Music
  44. Koko Taylor died today: blues, hear, performer, Chicago - Music
  45. A band that has been around since the 80's and came out with new stuff.: metal, Metallica - Music
  46. Video, The Next Mozart? 6-Year Old Piano Prodigy Wows All.: house, cover - Music
  47. New Music you like!: alternative, artist, song, radio
  48. Eva Cassidy: classic, song, musician, listen
  49. Video, 11 years old singing like INSANE. - Music
  50. U2--Ridiculous concert seating/Vegas show: band, album, top - Music
  51. Does remember this 80's band?: albums, 2000s, song, top - Music
  52. Most meaningful Atmosphere songs?: album, rapper, musician
  53. New song help me figure it out!: lyrics, pop, itunes - Music
  54. can someone help me identify an 80s new wave song?: lead singer, cd - Music
  55. 90's Rock: favorite bands, blues, albums, Pearl Jam - Music
  56. 9th Wonder. The best hip-hop producer you never heard?: videos, drum, top - Music
  57. of the jazzgreats in the sixties: band, player, album - Music
  58. Big Whiskey and the GrooGruxxKing: concert - Music
  59. Concert Contract Riders-Backstage demands of your favorite artists: iggy pop, good - Music
  60. Wedding songs?: lyrics, sing a song, classic, good - Music
  61. Seeing The Dead tonight- see this tour?: singer, band, classic - Music
  62. News, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp to tour.: singer, country - Music
  63. Great Live Performances.: blues, good, guitar, record - Music
  64. Jack Jackson, Jack Hylton, Bert Ralston old recordings: classic, album, radio - Music
  65. new music genres since the 1980's?: band, classic, gospel
  66. what do yall think of asher roth?: lyric, albums, artist - Music
  67. Singing clubs/interested bands/places to stay in l.a.: band, house - Music
  68. Musical Diversity: Blue October: band, rock, albums, song
  69. Do you find this?: sing, 80's, song, hear - Music
  70. The most beautiful Ukulele playing you'll ever hear - Music
  71. The better of West Coast - Music
  72. Idol Followers in the house? and if so....: sing, albums, famous - Music
  73. Musical polygamy or serial monogamy?: soundtrack, bands, country, player
  74. News, Dave Matthews Fans Sue Town, Cops After Post-Gazette Pavilion Concert.: band, pop - Music
  75. Kid Rock fans: country, song, Alabama - Music
  76. What is the name of the song?: soundtrack, singing, good - Music
  77. Name the album!: soundtrack, jazz, cd, albums - Music
  78. Need help! Whos sings this song???: singing, artist - Music
  79. Whatever happened to kINGDOM COME?: bands, metal - Music
  80. Local, less-popular bands?: favorite band, blues, song, good - Music
  81. Speaking of the Stones: rock, best, fan, Maine - Music
  82. Ann Marie Calhoun (violinist): videos, band, song, good - Music
  83. Is your computer connected to your entertainment system for music videos?: techno, cd
  84. Favorite Western-Themed Music & Songs: soundtrack, blues, ballads, genre
  85. Who remembers Force MD's?.......: lyrics, sing, favorite song, funk - Music
  86. Great Keyboardists?: singer, band, house, albums - Music
  87. Top 10 Guitarist of all Time!!: blues, artist, song, hear - Music
  88. What song makes you or puts you in the mood (wink): lyrics, sing - Music
  89. Best Bass Guitar Player ever!!!: singer, band, cd, Beatles - Music
  90. Do You STEAL Or BUY Your Music?: band, indie, cd
  91. First 45 RPM Record You Owned: singing, blues, Beatles, vinyl - Music
  92. Indie Music in Commercials: band, classic, cd, artists
  93. Japanese Music Video: 2009, song, good, guitar
  94. Music you Secretly Like: jazz, artists, 70's, good
  95. Best Male Singers?: lead singer, band, sinatra, song - Music
  96. An artist's most popular song isn't always MY favorite!: bootleg, favorite song, house - Music
  97. Do You Like Polka Music: band, dance, group, good
  98. The Beatles: lyrics, group, song, popular - Music
  99. More Cowbell!: videos, band, classic, group - Music
  100. French Music, Part Deux.: lyrics, singing, country, song
  101. What do you think about my Rap verse?: lyrics, song, better - Music
  102. Best Hip Hop DJ's: funk, radio, money, history - Music
  103. hip hop instrumentals: player, artists, song, better - Music
  104. Video Game music: soundtracks, classic, song, top
  105. movie scores: soundtracks, instrumental, group, song - Music
  106. Depeche Mode: band, mp3 player, player, album - Music
  107. Name 4 songs from the 70's that can beat song that is currently played on the radio?: lyrics, singer - Music
  108. Virtually Unknown Musicians, undiscovered talent.: singing, videos, great song, band
  109. In Praise Of Tape: Cassettes And Reel To Reel: bands, techno, cds - Music
  110. Unusual Songs of the 80s: hear, listen - Music
  111. have a favorite song for years now that you never tire of hearing?: bootleg, classic - Music
  112. Songs about crack cocaine?: blues, good, DJ, NYC - Music
  113. Is going to concerts this year?: bands, jazz, Rolling Stones - Music
  114. Poetry In Song (All Genres): lyrics, rock, best, dancing - Music
  115. Jazz And Text: band, classic, player, miles davis - Music
  116. Dance music with clean lyrics for 2-10 yr old kids?: classics, music cd
  117. What Kind of music do you like?: singers, bands, hardcore
  118. Best headphones: iPod, radio, money, range - Music
  119. Bruno lands on Eminem at the MTV Awards: album, record - Music
  120. For Fans Of Barry White, The Maestro Of Love;: duets, song, good - Music
  121. Do you know German Band/Musician: singing, favorite bands, heavy metal, scorpions
  122. Late great musicians: lead singer, classic, Doors, 70's
  123. All-time best guitar licks/riffs?: singing, blues, Beatles, song - Music
  124. Genre: Truckin' Music: great song, band, classic, cd
  125. Best/worst concerts went to?: sang, band, funk, White Stripes - Music
  126. Who created Rock and Roll?: blues, elvis presley, western, musician
  127. Do you think you were born in the wrong decade?: singing, bands - Music
  128. Thin Lizzy fans?: favorite songs, classic, albums, seventies - Music
  129. Your Listening Tastes/Habits: singers, favorite band, classic, ballad - Music
  130. iPod FM Transmitter---Which one is the best?: cd player, single, radio - Music
  131. Post your favorite Youtube music vids: music video, blues, song
  132. Hot song? Yea or Nay?: music video, hip-hop, genre, good
  133. What are your favorite 80 song(s): 80s song, dance, Bon Jovi, artists - Music
  134. Most overrated singer/artist/band.: pop, player, Beatles, 90's - Music
  135. remember the 80s big hit--Lovergirl by Teena Marie?: singer, dance, ballad - Music
  136. Who sang this 80s song?: lyrics, soundtracks, favorite songs, artist - Music
  137. Folk Rock: favorite songs, blues, neil young, song - Music
  138. Did the 1960s British Invasion change rock 'n roll for the better?: bands, blues - Music
  139. Live or Studio?: band, albums, song, radio - Music
  140. Rowdy Beer Joint Juke Box: sing, dance, player, song - Music
  141. First 45/album you ever bought: band, classic, player, Beatles - Music
  142. What TV and Movie stars have tried to make a name in the music industry?: singing, rock
  143. Ungerground Rap!!: lyric, alternative, cd, mp3 - Music
  144. Kd Lang: singer, metal, albums, Metallica - Music
  145. forgotten bands and songs: great song, band, classic, Bon Jovi - Music
  146. Country Music Lovers/Haters? Interesting.: lyrics, singers, blues, musical genre
  147. Classic Rock: band, Rolling Stones, artist, song - Music
  148. Honky Tonk Women by the Rolling Stones: sing, favorite band, country - Music
  149. Small Faces Fans?: band, country, cd, albums - Music
  150. Arab Songs!!: singer, videos, house, album - Music
  151. Britpop fans???: videos, favorite songs, bands, classic - Music
  152. Has eminem gone too far?: lyrics, cd, albums, artists - Music
  153. A Matter Of Taste?: singer, band, house, player - Music
  154. Slacker or Pandora?: alternative, player, artists, song - Music
  155. Trailer-Park rock bands: band, country, genre, album - Music
  156. Indie Rock: lyrics, band, electronic, album - Music
  157. Creepy 80s video: lyrics, band, dance, artist - Music
  158. What do you think of this set list?: sing, band, dance - Music
  159. Gospel Music: lyrics, rap, genre, song
  160. Most beautiful love ballad ever heard?: lyrics, classic, song - Music
  161. How did you like the group Foreigner?: lead singer, band, rock - Music
  162. Worlds Largest Record Collection, How Big Is Yours?: country, cds, Doors - Music
  163. Source 5 Mic Albums: classic, Beastie Boys, famous, better - Music
  164. Lyrics that make you go, ?: classic, Rolling Stones, song - Music
  165. you're the DJ, what you gonna play?: lyrics, classic, genre - Music
  166. Songs that remind you of the East Coast?: classics, Bon Jovi, artists - Music
  167. **Favourite songs of the 50s**: dance, elvis presley, good, radio - Music
  168. Why are people so against Country Music?: lyrics, bands, classic
  169. Exceptional song openings: lyrics, favorite song, blues, Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Music
  170. Native American singers/musicians/artists/groups: bands, blues, player, 60's
  171. What song(s) just automatically put you in a good mood? (relaxing, hyped up,: pop, ballad - Music
  172. Girl-Power Songs: lyrics, sinatra, best, female - Music
  173. Children's Smile - Music
  174. How To Make a website dedicated to Rap Beats: good - Music
  175. Music video, The Phantom of the Opera - Michael Crawford, Sarah Brightman.: original, record
  176. News, Leonardo DiCaprio Taking Singing Lessons To Sound Like Frank Sinatra.: 2009, vocal - Music
  177. On the radio or in the clubs...: hear - Music
  178. The history of modern day Hip Hop!: classic, album, song - Music
  179. What is your favorite local band: favorite song, song, best - Music
  180. VH1 Classic's Metal Mania: bands, 2000s, cover - Music
  181. Online Music channels in PC: radio
  182. Tre' Duece - Two Thousand Hate (Hosted by DJ Meggett) - Free Album Download: funk, 2010 - Music
  183. Video, worlds most talented child-singers. - Music
  184. SoulSpeak by DJ Eric Rosen: psychedelic, albums, greatest - Music
  185. Favorite musician/painter/writer/book
  186. News, Susan Boyle loses Britain’s Got Talent crown to Diversity dancers.: radio - Music
  187. Art Brut New Album: hear - Music
  188. Name the artist and song: jazz, genre, album, 60's - Music
  189. WoW can't believe this happened: 2009, movies - Music
  190. songs and artists from the '60s still influencing today - Music
  191. Sound boosting speakers?: cassette, original - Music
  192. Are you supposed do music like this??: classic, classical
  193. Band called the.... SPROCKETS ...... ROCKS .......................: song, good - Music
  194. News, Music lovers mark 40 years of Jazz Fest.: singer, band, gospel
  195. Avett Brothers: band, concert - Music
  196. Thinking of archiving my entire CD collection...: itunes, better - Music
  197. Are the Chipmonks the greatest cover band of all time?: albums, Beatles - Music
  198. News, Enrique Iglesias Sued For Allegedly Running Over A Girl's Foot With Car.: singer, 2009 - Music
  199. Who likes Uffie?: lyrics, electronic, American, original - Music
  200. Speedoo by The Cadillacs: sing, original - Music