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  14. recommendations for metronome?: hear - Music
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  29. Last day to vote! help the Ryan Montbleau Band get on JamCruise!: 2010 - Music
  30. News, Conductor breaks back in orchestra pit fall.: singer, best, cover - Music
  31. Song title: lyrics, Doors - Music
  32. News, Lucy of `Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds' Fame Dies.: Beatles, 2009 - Music
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  40. Unlimited Possibilities tonight: country, REM, artist, song - Music
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  42. help: lyrics, sang, artist, song - Music
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  44. Chastain Park tour stop... what should I expect from Loggins and Messina?: best, western - Music
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  47. Andrea Bocelli: singing, artists, female, performers - Music
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  50. Alan Greenspan: lyrics, REM, song, record - Music
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  52. Have you ever gone to a show and the opener blew you away?: band, blues - Music
  53. Which Was the Beyonce Video and Which Was the One by Taylor Swift?: music video, song
  54. Mariah Carey's cover......: song - Music
  55. How good was Lou Gramm's solo material?: singing, ballad, albums - Music
  56. Lucie Evans You Tube: dance, genre, Rolling Stones, song - Music
  57. Girlschool vs Runaways: band, metal, best, female - Music
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  59. Tears for Fears/Roland Orzabal: favorite bands, albums, 1980's, best - Music
  60. Different demographics crossing over to other genres.: lyrics, singers, classic - Music
  61. Jamiroquai is from outer space!: group, 70's, England - Music
  62. Remember Woodstock 1994?: band, classic, Metallica, song - Music
  63. There's more to teh Violent Femmes than Blister In The Sun: band, country - Music
  64. Smokey Robinson: singer, favorite song, house, albums - Music
  65. Live From Daryl's House: singer, band, techno, Doors - Music
  66. Travis - The Man Who: favorite songs, band, albums, nineties - Music
  67. WGPA right now 8-15: 50's - Music
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  69. Hardcore Folks!: bands, fan - Music
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  71. Electronic Dance Music!!!: techno, genre
  72. Neil Diamond: Madonna, 70s, song, best - Music
  73. Psychedelic Soul: dance, mp3 player, player, song - Music
  74. Allen Shellenberger dies at 39: band, album, 2009, song - Music
  75. Best Minor hit Country band: fan - Music
  76. Parliament and the Funkadelics.: great song, dance, player, album - Music
  77. Suggest Country Artists: lyrics, band, gospel, player - Music
  78. Was Paul Simon better solo or with Art Garfunkel?: singing, duets, artist - Music
  79. The Beatles Vs. Eminem: country, albums, group, artist - Music
  80. Favorite/Framing album cover art, what would you pick?: lyrics, blues, player - Music
  81. Country Rock - Poco, Pure Prairie League, and Firefall style...: lyrics, sing - Music
  82. Mel Torme and Good Time Charlie's Got the Blues: song, original - Music
  83. Is the Guitar Hero toy helping to bring back real music?: singing, band
  84. Earth, Wind and Fire!: band, funk, gospel, albums - Music
  85. Show me your favorite Whitney Houston Songs!: soundtrack, singing, dance - Music
  86. What is your fav. type of music?: heavy metal, genre, good
  87. Rock songs with a prominent sax sound: instrumental, Pink Floyd, saxophone - Music
  88. Watched the MTV Video Music Awards last night....: classic, good, influence
  89. Ok guys.... Michael Jackson or Prince?: soundtrack, funk, better, stations - Music
  90. Huey Lewis and the News: lead singer, favorite song, band, classic - Music
  91. *MTV*Remember the old MTV? Whats your favorite?: music video, band, rock
  92. official Reggae/dancehall: classic, listen, RnB - Music
  93. Best Piano Player.: famous, song, listen - Music
  94. Best Gay artist!: bands, hardcore, albums, eighties - Music
  95. What Is That Song?: genre, good, hear - Music
  96. Steely Dan: band, classic, album, group - Music
  97. 2010 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Nominees: band, blues, player - Music
  98. Bon Jovi ?: lyrics, favorite songs, band, rock - Music
  99. Ever sing in a store to get the name of a song or what length have you gone through to find one?: lyrics, singing - Music
  100. Who sucks more: Nickelback or Theory of a Deadman?: lyrics, band, classics - Music
  101. Songs about money: lyrics, cd, Beatles, top - Music
  102. The Kinks Give The People What They Want: lyrics, bootleg, favorite songs - Music
  103. Songs you never get tired of!: rock, album, listen, record - Music
  104. What is pop music??: lyrics, country, Beatles, artist
  105. artists/bands you can think of who dont' have bad songs?: house, albums - Music
  106. Electronic Dance Music!!!! (The Actual Music): videos, band, album, 2009
  107. 70s/80s/90s Punk Rock/Hardcore/Garage: iggy pop, Soul, Austin - Music
  108. One hit wonder country artists: singer, great songs, 60s, song - Music
  109. RIP Les Paul: lead singer, bootleg, band, jazz - Music
  110. good original Christian bands?: lyrics, lead singer, fav song, favorite bands - Music
  111. Am I the only one who thinks that The Killers are the next U2?: lyrics, band - Music
  112. Help - Name and singer for this song: lyrics, mp3, 80's - Music
  113. What song should I listen to and why?: videos, favorite song, band - Music
  114. Hot Rod Lincoln: lyrics, sang, band, classics - Music
  115. The Velvet Underground: favorite bands, rock, album, 70's - Music
  116. Elton John vs. Billy Joel: group, artists, song, better - Music
  117. can current group stack up to jefferson airplane?: band, jazz, albums - Music
  118. Favorite songs by the group Styx?: lyrics, heavy metal, ballad, best - Music
  119. From each of their albums, your favorite Led Zeppelin song: lyrics, great song - Music
  120. Woodstock overrated: videos, band, classic, player - Music
  121. New York City or Los Angeles for music marketing?: singing, techno, song
  122. Two songs with something in common!: lyrics, sang, better, radio - Music
  123. What 90s song are you listening to now?: album, 1990s, best - Music
  124. Alternative/Progressive/Electronica Rock: fav song, band, player, albums - Music
  125. I love this forum...: great songs, country, group, song - Music
  126. *BEST ROCK ALBUM* What Are Of Your Favorite Albums And/Or CD's Of All Time?: soundtrack, singer - Music
  127. Favorite era of Madonna's music?: lyrics, favorite song, pop, ballad
  128. Phil Collins May Be Done As a Drummer: sing, favorite band, rock - Music
  129. TV Theme Songs you like: 1970's, good, radio, themes - Music
  130. Whats your favorite song from bands?: blues, Beatles, greatest - Music
  131. The late Jim Croce deserves a (enjoy): singer, house, song - Music
  132. Best songs of Infidelity - Cheatin Songs: favorite songs, country, 80s - Music
  133. What Group Or Band Do You Love; But Never Got To See Live In Concert?: hardcore, Beatles - Music
  134. Which was the best concert you ever went to so far?: favorite band, blues - Music
  135. Harmonica Players: videos, band, blues, Rolling Stones - Music
  136. TSO- East and West. Post about your experiences, past or present, but NO COMPARING BETWEEN EAST and WEST!: music and lyrics, videos
  137. ? of your favorite tunes with a good jam or bridge?: band, blues - Music
  138. The Shrine of Music...Memories of the pre-CD Family Stereo Console: sang, band
  139. Which era of Elton John's music did you like the best?: soundtrack, music videos
  140. Your favorite smooth jazz artists: videos, classic, sinatra, song - Music
  141. Hottest Songs To Strip-Tease To?: dance, top, cover - Music
  142. Your Favorite Rap Groups/ duo: 70s, best, western, female - Music
  143. Electropop: alternative, song, best, listen - Music
  144. Bizarre Instruments: electronic, song, best, chords - Music
  145. Actor to Singer. - Singer to Actor.: singers, house, albums - Music
  146. is a WONDERFUL MUSIC site because it takes you down a musical memory lane: artists, better
  147. Who likes Eurodisco?: soundtrack, punk, musical genre, song
  148. Do you like Michael Bolton ??: singer, videos, rock, artists - Music
  149. Who Like The Old School Retro Sound Have You Found Song(s) You Like From This 2000 Decade: singer, favorite song - Music
  150. How many live concerts have you seen?: bands, country, Doors - Music
  151. Energetic Energy Music That Pumps You Up With Energy.: favorite songs, classic, album
  152. Are there modern metal bands that sound like old metal bands?: classic, cd - Music
  153. Shoegaze , Shoegazing , Early 90's Alternative & songs about shoes.: videos, favorite bands, electronic - Music
  154. Rockabilly!: lyrics, player, elvis presley, guitar - Music
  155. Progressive Rock Appreciation: favorite band, classics, song, good - Music
  156. Elton John Or Billy Joel?: lyrics, 1980s, song, best - Music
  157. Take me to the river!: singing, great song, Springsteen, song - Music
  158. Horrible Albums by Great Bands...???: metal, Metallica, good, stations - Music
  159. Favorite ELO (Electric Light Orchestra) songs?: soundtrack, favorite songs, band, blues - Music
  160. Record companies sue 'Ellen' show over copyrights: dance, cd, artist - Music
  161. One hit wonders!!: one-hit wonder, blues, mp3, top - Music
  162. Does Like Herbie Hancock?: lyrics, videos, electronic, album - Music
  163. Whitney Houston: singing, album, 80s, best - Music
  164. Musical duets: song, best, dancing, drummer
  165. Horror Jazz / Ambient / Drone: band, classic, album, song - Music
  166. For Rush fans only: favorite songs, band, bass, albums - Music
  167. Who's the coolest artist in music and why?: videos, song, good
  168. Latin Music (Latin Jazz, Salsa, Bachata ): amazing
  169. Beatles: band, rock, albums, song - Music
  170. One song that sends you!: videos, band, country, cd - Music
  171. Kiss: lyrics, band, album, song - Music
  172. Post your favorite redo, or cover of a song.: favorite songs, blues, Doors - Music
  173. Original Beatles Studio Albums Streamed on 9/09/09: lyrics, videos, band, rock - Music
  174. Your Favorite Swedish Music?: heavy metal, 60's, song, good
  175. Favorite Wu-Tang Clan Member?: classic, albums, song, Charlotte - Music
  176. Creed Overcome: lyrics, band, rock, Doors - Music
  177. Bob Mould- Workbook: band, heavy metal, albums, song - Music
  178. Angela Winbush: sang, good - Music
  179. Who is the artist of this melody?: instrumental, instrument - Music
  180. Video, Perpetuum Jazzile - Africa (live, HQ) - Music
  181. ..Yacht Rock Series (and music): classic, fan, history
  182. Autobiography by Musician-Their Words
  183. Im on again - Music
  184. Band - Seventh Void - see them live?: song, listen - Music
  185. Has heard Danyl Johnson: 2009, best - Music
  186. Do you l♥ve the Death Proof soundtrack?: listen - Music
  187. Kid Cudi - Man On the Moon: cd - Music
  188. Warped- RHCP: favorite song, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, song - Music
  189. The California Bear - Music
  190. Where's Elton John - Music
  191. Infected Mushroom tells the Legend Of The Black Shawarma: band, psychedelic, album - Music
  192. New York City or California for music marketing?
  193. Song you have on your alarm clock? Songs to wake up to?: funk, funky - Music
  194. The “o.m.g. Win a wii” contest: lyrics, dance, itunes - Music
  195. Best summer tune this year?: player, listen - Music
  196. Post a song that relates to the song above it.. play? - Music
  197. Goose-bump songs: amazing - Music
  198. What do you think about the new Nas song?: album, good - Music
  199. Danyl Johnson X Factor audition: song, talented - Music
  200. Terry Kirkman Or Jules Alexander?: song - Music