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  1. Bohemian Rhapsody fans?: lyrics, song, radio - Music
  2. a video parody of Lady Gaga's hit Bad Romance: better - Music
  3. Conductor: band, drum, player, top - Music
  4. The year's best Late Night TV appearances: band, 2009, vinyl - Music
  5. The Battle of the R&B Groups RD 2....: lyrics, soundtrack, classics - Music
  6. Eric Woolfson, Co-Founder of Alan Parsons Project, Dies at 64: music and lyrics, singer, favorite songs
  7. British R and B! - Music
  8. VERY Funny song on NPR ------ MINNESOTA --------: rock, radio, American - Music
  9. Great Songs Of Yester Year - Music
  10. 1992 Rap Song Casualties of War by Rakim predicts 9/11: lyrics, punk - Music
  11. Black Eyed Peas on Oprah: group, song, good, female - Music
  12. Metallica vs. mainstream airplay: band, heavy metal, albums, song - Music
  13. Bootsy Collins & Zapp - Music
  14. RIP Vic Chesnutt: singer, REM, artists, song - Music
  15. Does notice that: dance, song, sounds - Music
  16. Kellie Pickler : Best Days of Your Life (feat. Taylor Swift): videos, song - Music
  17. Your Playlist for Tonight? Christmas Eve09: christmas music, classic, gospel, cd
  18. I Love the 90's - Dr. Alban and Haddaway: singer, dance - Music
  19. A Christmas gift from the Little DrummerBoy!!: song - Music
  20. What is the best song ever created: classic, genre, genres - Music
  21. Top 20 Albums of 2009: lead singer, band, psychedelic, ballad - Music
  22. I miss Dan Fogelberg - Music
  23. Billy Joe Roy-Cherry Hill Park-1969: song, top - Music
  24. Need song title and band for this song...: song lyrics, dance, guitar - Music
  25. Do you know who your favorite artist's favorite artists are?: singers, bands - Music
  26. Happy Quanza: best, American, New Jersey - Music
  27. Certain Song: listen - Music
  28. Al Stewart-Time Passages-1978: lyrics, great song, albums, Springsteen - Music
  29. classic rock on vinyl: cds, albums, Beatles, song - Music
  30. 2 80's hits--guess 'em!!!: lyrics, albums, Pink Floyd, artists - Music
  31. Sampling: band, rock, famous, artists - Music
  32. Hall & Oates - Bigger Than Both Of Us - 1976: favorite songs, cd - Music
  33. Jeff Bridges Sings...: great song, song, performance - Music
  34. United Kingdom versus Spain(which country has a larger following of heavy metal fans): band, better - Music
  35. King's X: singer, band, itunes, albums - Music
  36. Mastodon: band, metal, song, fan - Music
  37. What's the message?: lyrics, great song, band, country - Music
  38. Experiemental bands but esp ones that play 'eclectic' songs??: good, American, influences - Music
  39. General Larry Platt - Pants On The Ground (American Idol): itunes, player - Music
  40. Rick Rubin should be nominated for RRHOF.... thoughts?: album, Beastie Boys, greatest - Music
  41. Funniest Karaoke song?: lead singer, best, hear, Orlando - Music
  42. Black Sabbath: Ozzy vs Dio: lyric, singing, band, rock - Music
  43. Conan Plays Free Bird Farewell: lyrics, singing, videos, player - Music
  44. How to use the MULTI-QUOTE function: videos - Music
  45. News, 5-Year-Old Drummer Wows YouTube.: videos, rock - Music
  46. Isaac Hayes: top, Soul - Music
  47. News, Get ready to re-experience Jimi Hendrix with new album.: rock, albums - Music
  48. Shinedown and Alice in Chains: lyrics, singer, classics, albums - Music
  49. New Patriotic Song: good - Music
  50. artist and song title: singer, band, rock, 1980s - Music
  51. Weekly top 40 song charts for years past: funk, American, instruments - Music
  52. Everyday People's I Like What I Like from 1971: favorite songs, band - Music
  53. hit song writer died in Louisiana- Walking To New Orleans: singer, band - Music
  54. I this music gadget was cool...
  55. The Skull Snaps (Rap): band, player, famous, group - Music
  56. Does this rapper remind you of Lupe Fiasco? - Music
  57. Black music touches everyone!: classic, elvis presley, influenced, original
  58. Heartless Bastards: cd, debut cd, listen, vocals - Music
  59. The replacements: great song, favorite bands, blues, 1980s - Music
  60. Christmas Songs: singing - Music
  61. Help, Who sang Angie originally by the Rolling Stones?: band, country - Music
  62. Elvis Presley Records Universe: cds - Music
  63. Satirical Music
  64. Sharing Our Concert Pics and Videos and Memories: singers, band, country - Music
  65. Has heard this hybrid song?: lyrics, fav song, Doors, artists - Music
  66. John Frusciante quits RHCP (again) - who should replace him?: bass, artist - Music
  67. Bands?: band, electronic, albums, group - Music
  68. Empire State of Mind - Stephen Colbert Style: videos, band, 2009 - Music
  69. Song of the Week #1: Master Blaster Everywhere: best - Music
  70. A for singers: videos, band, artist, song - Music
  71. HBO Legends of Rock and Roll 1 & 2: fav song, funk, Beatles - Music
  72. Technique in Bookends Theme by Simon and Garfunkel: song, best, lessons - Music
  73. Cascada's: albums, song - Music
  74. There's Hope For The Future: classics, dvd player, Beatles, 2009 - Music
  75. News, Did Loud Music Kill British Teen?: bass, concerts
  76. How To Dance To Funk: funky - Music
  77. Guess this song: rock, Springsteen, famous, record - Music
  78. Forum for REAL musicians??: bands, rock, song, good
  79. The Michael Stanley Band: sing, bass, albums, famous - Music
  80. OC Music Awards: band, artist, 2010, tickets
  81. greatest artist(s) of the decade(2000's): genre, best, genres - Music
  82. T Graham Brown Fans?: singers, great song, country, 50's - Music
  83. Joe Cocker Fans Out There?: singing, videos, favorite songs, classic - Music
  84. Albums your anticipating that haven't come out .: cd, Soul - Music
  85. If they were still alive...: singer, great songs, artist, song - Music
  86. NO BACK2BACK postings! Only 1 -3 Utubes per post = ALL THREADS: top - Music
  87. Nirvana: lyrics, band, classics, player - Music
  88. Sade is back!!!: hip-hop, cd, debut album, album - Music
  89. Your opinion on The Cars: videos, favorite songs, band, dance - Music
  90. Your favorite old school R&B songs.: rock, artists, 80s - Music
  91. Happy Birthday Elvis Presley: rock, compact disc, albums, Beatles - Music
  92. Favorite Divorce Songs: country, record - Music
  93. RIP Teddy Pendergrass 1950-2010: singers, grammy award, top, singles - Music
  94. Vinyl's Resurgence: electronic, cd, player, album - Music
  95. Coolest Basslines: classic, Pink Floyd, song, best - Music
  96. What type/s of music do you like?: classic, genre, 70's
  97. Little Classics by Big Stars: lyrics, videos, great song, album - Music
  98. A telling quote about music today: singers, band, classics, cds
  99. Black music infects everything!!: rock, best, Soul
  100. Greatful Dead: bootlegs, favorite band, albums, group - Music
  101. Influence of black music around the world: blues, gospel, cd
  102. Is today's mainstream rap farther away from true Urban life as ever?: band, bass - Music
  103. Funky People: lead singer, favorite song, song, fan - Music
  104. 2010s music trends?: band, blues, gospel, player
  105. Songs that make you miss the South: bands, blues, best - Music
  106. Who would you like to do a Bond theme...: hardcore, album, Rolling Stones - Music
  107. Share your FIRST concert experience with us...: band, classic, album - Music
  108. Strangest music on a date?: blues, player, Pink Floyd, song
  109. It Might Get Loud: Jimmy Page, the Edge, Jack White: artists, better - Music
  110. Concerts Concerts Concerts: singers, favorite band, classic, player - Music
  111. Motorhead is really is an odd band: dance, best, fan - Music
  112. Wind Song - Wind in the title - Music
  113. how i feel my generation will shape music: singers, videos, bands
  114. ** Metal Music For All **: genre, 80's, genres
  115. Songs With Guts: bands, heavy metal, player, albums - Music
  116. Favorite Christmas songs on video: hear - Music
  117. Vampire Weekend at #1!!!!: lyrics, band, country, genre - Music
  118. David Bowie: dance, album, artists, song - Music
  119. Bands that give you hope for the future of music: lyrics, singer
  120. random music questions...: lyrics, singers, favorite songs, band
  121. Luher Vandross: singer, videos, great song, albums - Music
  122. Miss Horns?: soundtrack, band, funk, album - Music
  123. The Politics of Performers: classic, neil young, artists, song - Music
  124. Learning how to play guitar: favorite songs, band, player, Beatles - Music
  125. Long Live neo-Soul!: funk, artist, 2000's, listen - Music
  126. Most Underrated Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Bands: band, albums, good - Music
  127. News, Wis. man cited for 'rocking out' to John Denver.: country, 2010 - Music
  128. Famous Instrumentals: 1960s, original - Music
  129. Was Paul McCartney better as a solo artist or when he was with the Wings?: singing, albums - Music
  130. Trivia: singers, genre, albums, group - Music
  131. Classic Soul Train: good, dancing - Music
  132. Introduce the most representative song of your fave musician: videos, band, hardcore
  133. Are the 80's making a comeback???: bands, blues, album, Pearl Jam - Music
  134. Is Journey's Don't Stop Believing the best song ever created?: lyrics, band - Music
  135. Your favorite Motown song!: classics, Soul, Las Vegas - Music
  136. Let's talk about singing Voices: singers, classic, musical genre, sinatra
  137. 25 favorite songs of the 2000s decade: band, alternative, genre, albums - Music
  138. The Best Albums of the Decade!: sing, favorite bands, dance, itunes - Music
  139. What's The Name Of Songs(Funk)?: lyrics, band, dance - Music
  140. Favorite era of music?: music videos, band, classic, cd
  141. Why does a certain kind of music make me feel this way?: ambient, player
  142. Courtney Love: 2010, better, radio, royalties - Music
  143. Manhattan Transfer fans: singers, band, instrumental, debut album - Music
  144. When did Music End?: bands, techno, genre, 1980s
  145. Pointer Sisters tune: soundtracks, dance, 80's, song - Music
  146. Underrated/Overrated artists: favorite songs, band, blues, albums - Music
  147. Why is Bon Jovi so popular (but Dio and Queensryche aren't)?: lyrics, band - Music
  148. McGuinn, Clarke, Hillmen, Clark, and Crosby-the BYRDS!: sang, favorite song, bands - Music
  149. Couldnt Sing: lyrics, singers, classic, cds - Music
  150. The 10 Song Shuffle: country, Beatles, iPod, radio - Music
  151. is music rotting or is the next generation of music so fundamentally different: lyrics, singing
  152. Your favorite top 5 Music Producers of all time.: metal, Rolling Stones, records
  153. Do you like the music they play at the grocery stores?: sing, music videos
  154. Your opinion on Foreigner: favorite songs, band, blues, album - Music
  155. Movie Or TV Tunes 2.: videos, instrumental, song, single - Music
  156. didn't Styx's Babe sound similar to Billy Joel's Just the Way You Are: rock, song - Music
  157. Got Van Halen?: classic, album - Music
  158. Psychedelic / Hippie MusicThread: country, genre, song, good
  159. What's your favorite band that never made it big?: rock, ballad, albums - Music
  160. 8 track tapes: house, mp3, player, album - Music
  161. Why Do We Not See More Mozarts or Beethovens?: singing, classic - Music
  162. Who will still be a star 20 years from now?: artist, good, money - Music
  163. Anything goes!!!: lyrics, soundtrack, videos, christmas music
  164. Is being profiled on NPR the Kiss of Death for a band?: singer, classic - Music
  165. like Yodeling?: blues, song, good, radio - Music
  166. Is Booker T & The MG'S Green Onions the best song ever created?: lyrics, sing - Music
  167. Hip Hop - Kiddie game or Grown Folks business: lyric, country, genre - Music
  168. Where Are You Jamming?: band, country, 1960s, song - Music
  169. A Cappella performances: classic, song, best - Music
  170. Rate the #1 song in the USA -> Ke$ha - Tik Tok: country, artist - Music
  171. Is beyonce just stupid or what??: singer, dance, 2010, song - Music
  172. Greatest Song Writers Ever...Lennon/Mccartney: great songs, jazz, album, Beatles - Music
  173. What song are you living right now?: lyrics, hardcore, genre - Music
  174. Baby Making Music!!: classics, good
  175. New Album by George Winston: soundtracks, dance, itunes, albums - Music
  176. New Boyz II Men Album!!!: ballads, Beatles, group, song - Music
  177. The Stephanie Mills' fans: it's - Music
  178. Morning Passages from The Hours by Philp Glass: American - Music
  179. The Strange Story of Joe Meek Part 1 - Music
  180. Congress of Wonders - Revolting album: good - Music
  181. funk remix: good - Music
  182. Hale Smith 1925-2009: classic, performer, Cleveland, classical - Music
  183. unusual Pink Floyd poster?: artist, record, Virginia - Music
  184. Chris Botti rocks at trupmpet... and i know something about the trumpet!!!! - Music
  185. Eurodance from the 90's - Music
  186. Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro: funk - Music
  187. 90+ Strange Christmas Album Covers - Music
  188. Would You Like Lettuce(funk)?: band, samples - Music
  189. Pop Country Music: group, artists, cover
  190. Rihanna on SNL 12/5/09 ...: band, rock, guitar - Music
  191. New New Music project for tonight: album, artist, 2009, money
  192. I feel weird about this: lyrics, singing, band, albums - Music
  193. Global Soul: Soul Music around the World: musician, influence
  194. anthem for the year 2010?: best - Music
  195. looking for 1979 contry song from chicago area..HELP!!: singing, country, artist - Music
  196. Kris Allen: singer, albums, artist, song - Music
  197. Midem 2010 - Music
  198. Song of the Week #3: Gabry Ponte f/ Little Tony Figli di Pitagora: rock, 60's - Music
  199. Viva Las Vegas! Elvis Presley Rules in Sin City, Impersonators of All Shapes, Sizes and Colors Channel the King of......: rock - Music
  200. Wolf Song - Music