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  1. Home of underground Hip-Hop: classic, rappers, radio, record - Music
  2. If you dislike Kings of Leon and are of facebook you should see this: rock, cd - Music
  3. help me figure out the title/artist to lyrics!: great song, bands - Music
  4. DECENT COVER needed: lyrics, lead singer, music video, band
  5. Asia Fans - Incredible New Song/Album: group, good, commercial - Music
  6. Gene Simmons: Engalond Better Than the U.S. Because It Gave the World Music and Not Atomic Weapons: country, 60's
  7. Best comeback albums: favorite bands, classic, genre, neil young - Music
  8. So anyways this has been making the rounds (yawn) enjoy! - Music
  9. Does like: lyrics, country, song, lessons - Music
  10. News, Two killed in crash with Adkins tour bus.: singer, country, 2010 - Music
  11. Huey Lewis/News: singing, band, rock, debut album - Music
  12. U2 - No Line on the Horizon: song, best - Music
  13. Robin Trower/Pat Travers/Frank Marino: band, player, album, song - Music
  14. Top 50 Songs in the U.S. This Week: alternative, 2010, radio - Music
  15. A tribute song to loved one's passed on: lyrics, singing, favorite song - Music
  16. I just discovered Lyfe Jennings: singer, albums, song, good - Music
  17. Nora Jones: song - Music
  18. Make Out Mix: cd, song - Music
  19. Music expert needed to answer this: soundtrack, band, classic, genre
  20. What is the name of the song: dance, 2010, listen - Music
  21. Beats!!!: videos, drum, itunes, player - Music
  22. What 90s music/bands have you listened to today?: 90s song, itunes, song
  23. Cool Bass Solos: classic, solo, guitar - Music
  24. The Greatest Living Englishman - Martin Newell: lyrics, bands, pop - Music
  25. Hearts of Space: ambient, artists, good, radio - Music
  26. RIP Doug Fieger!: sang, band, 2010, song - Music
  27. RIP Dale Hawkins (Suzie: rock, artist, 50's, song - Music
  28. new Joan Armatrading album: indie, 2010, best, concert - Music
  29. Check this out about Men At Work - Music
  30. Best song ever!!!: 80's, top, listen - Music
  31. RIP Tom T-Bone Wolk, bass guitarist for Hall & Oates: band, player - Music
  32. having an issue with YouTube?: top - Music
  33. Rate the #1 song in the USA -> Black Eyed Peas - Imma Be: country, group - Music
  34. Time for a new jazz ballad: cd, best, musician
  35. News, Can Lil Wayne Bring His Teeth to Prison?: singer, rapper - Music
  36. Looking for songs: blues - Music
  37. Immortal Technique vs Lil Wayne! (Offical poll): lyrics, better, money - Music
  38. What is the best site to download music legally?: bands, mp3 player, player
  39. Advice for buying a Violin: Brands, construction: musical
  40. Television Marquee Moon: band, classic, albums, 70's - Music
  41. Who sings more in key live? Randy Watson or Taylor Swift: sing - Music
  42. What's this song called?: lyrics, singing, artist, best - Music
  43. Finding the music artist: song lyrics, singer, country, cds
  44. does still: rock, song, dancing, commercial - Music
  45. deadheads, post your best memories: band, blues, famous, song - Music
  46. I just read this article about the revivial of Ethiopian jazz: funk, cd - Music
  47. Abbey Road studios being sold by EMI: musician, used
  48. Excellent Rock Doc: guitar - Music
  49. What's your take on the New wave of Gospel music??: funk, song
  50. Who is the West Coast rap representitive?: rapper, NYC - Music
  51. Touching video - Music
  52. for long time Wilson Phillips Fans: song, top, radio - Music
  53. Pink's performance at 2010 Grammys - A Must See Video!!!: singing, best, performers - Music
  54. We Are The World: instrumental, song, greatest, single - Music
  55. Ticketmaster: good, Denver, Missouri, Milwaukee - Music
  56. Who sings this song??: lyrics, chorus, sounds - Music
  57. Boyce avenue?: itunes, song, good, hear - Music
  58. Has ever heard of the space/rock group Hawkwind?: singing, metal - Music
  59. Joe Jackson Song: lyrics, classic, cd, radio - Music
  60. Who Sampled: song, cover, samples - Music
  61. know the last line to this country song.: lyrics, artist, Oklahoma - Music
  62. Name that tune! (cuz it's driving me crazy!): music and lyrics, singer, famous
  63. Of Your Favorite Songs On This Questionable List?: stations, radio, industry - Music
  64. Which Lady is the better singer?: singers, videos, country - Music
  65. RIP Willy deVille, August 9, 2009: good, NYC - Music
  66. Suede reunites for one more show: great song, albums, famous, 90's - Music
  67. Got Into Sirius!: singer, bands, classic, genre - Music
  68. Song that makes you feel like you're (insert age)?: trance, Pink Floyd, 80s - Music
  69. are there: great songs, band, classic, albums - Music
  70. Rate the #1 song in the USA -> Taio Cruz Featuring Ludacris - Break Your Heart: country - Music
  71. Bop: jazz, song, style - Music
  72. what's the music scene in chicago like?: band, classic, genre
  73. The Greening - Music
  74. Abba induction into Rock & Roll Hall of Fame: band, classic, genre - Music
  75. Humming Right Along: The Kazoo Marks 160th Birthday.: singing, blues, artists - Music
  76. Why Did Rock Music Change?: lyrics, bands, classic, Beatles
  77. How much music do you listen to in a typical day/week?: cds, albums
  78. Rick Astley: dance, albums, artist, song - Music
  79. Your Towns best Local band...: blues, cd, player - Music
  80. to fellow janis joplin fans........: better, concert, Chicago, Milwaukee - Music
  81. What's the music scene in Bug Tussle, Alabama like?: country, song, better
  82. Audioslave: great songs, band, pop, song - Music
  83. Your preference in music?: blues
  84. Iggy Pop: no longer 'the world's forgotten boy': band, alternative, group - Music
  85. Favorite Amateur Covers on YouTube: favorite songs, song, money, guitar - Music
  86. Brand *New* Music: lyrics, electronic, cd, album
  87. The Poker Game: I See Your Song And Raise You With My Song Music: band, jazz
  88. Torch songs...: singers, blues, genre, sinatra - Music
  89. Poker Game I See your song and Raise you with mine part 2: lyrics, band - Music
  90. Ratt' Is Back With 80's Metal Sound New Album: lead singer, classics, 2010 - Music
  91. Let's spread a little Sabbath... Black that is. There's plenty to go around. Are you with me? I hope so.: videoclip, great song - Music
  92. into Eurodance?: singers, techno, genre, artists - Music
  93. Rate the #1 song in the USA -> Rihanna - Rude Boy: lyrics, country - Music
  94. Songs of Love -- (LOVE in title): lyrics, Beatles, Soul - Music
  95. Renaissance: other Fans (early to mid 70's Prog with chick vocals): singing, favorite band - Music
  96. Who do you prefer? -Hannah Monatana or Billy Ray Cyrus: singers, classic - Music
  97. top 10 from every 10(years that is): band, funk, Depeche Mode, artists - Music
  98. Need help ~ Popular music with tweens?: lyrics, singers, classic, song
  99. Forgotten Classic Rock Songs (real music buffs needed): ballad, album, Pink Floyd
  100. Song or Song Title About A Country or Countries: lyrics, Beatles, American - Music
  101. James Brown: singers, dance, song, good - Music
  102. Tunes for St. Patrick's Day: band, blues, pogues, song - Music
  103. Who started the Trololo meme?: singing, techno, song, children - Music
  104. How do you stay on top of the music scene?: band, hardcore
  105. Great musical talents who - sooner or later - took an unexpected major nosedive: band, classic
  106. I Hear Dead People!: drum, Doors, better, solo - Music
  107. Music wars.: funk, Beatles, group, artists
  108. What's with Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees refusing to reunite one last time?: sing, band - Music
  109. One song that represents each decade to you: sing, country, Beatles - Music
  110. The Like It Hard Like Soft Rock Post The Opposite Genre Of The Previous Post! PART II: lyrics, music video
  111. The Like It Hard Like Soft Rock Post The Opposite Genre Of The Previous Post!: lyrics, music video
  112. What's the song called where the chorus goes Change Change Change ?: singers, band - Music
  113. Stevie Wonder: reggae, duets, artists, 70's - Music
  114. who's your biggest musical influence?: lyrics, singers, bands, classic
  115. Alex Chilton dies: pop, player, albums, 2010 - Music
  116. 90s revival in 2010...: bands, classic, cds, genre - Music
  117. To ALL Eminem Fans Black and White: lyrics, funk, player - Music
  118. Can of today's musicians actually sing?: singing, blues, White Stripes
  119. Canada Rockers-The Guess Who: lyrics, sang, favorite bands, classics - Music
  120. Music That Surprised You: country, genre, albums, group
  121. Songs everyone likes, but that you don't: bands, hardcore, genre - Music
  122. I am a Man of Constant Sorrow...: soundtrack, great songs, cd - Music
  123. How do you feel about Britney Spearsí hugely successful comeback last year?: sing a song, dance - Music
  124. Taylor Swift can't sing - people just figured that out???: lyrics, singers - Music
  125. Beautiful piano playing.: soundtracks, singing, bass, player - Music
  126. Request: I need good end of the world music: singing, bands
  127. Grammy awards: dance, top, listen, performance - Music
  128. Indie is dead.: lead singer, band, techno, itunes - Music
  129. Shortest tv theme?: good, commercial - Music
  130. Coud someone analyze my musical tastes and preferences: soundtrack, bands, classic
  131. News, Neil Young, still 'Rockin' ' the world.: singing, great song, albums - Music
  132. Is Tired of The Robot Voice Crutch of Today's Singers?: band, funk - Music
  133. News, Kenny Rogers to mark 50 years in music with TV special.: singing, favorite songs
  134. Your thoughts on Electric Light Orchestra: favorite songs, bands, pop, album - Music
  135. Favorite Album Titles: player, albums, Rolling Stones, listen - Music
  136. The WAR and MUSIC / Veterens /Memorial Day Weekend (combined): singers, bands, country
  137. Ian Anderson/Jethro Tull: lyrics, favorite songs, band, house - Music
  138. I want my MTV: music videos, song, used
  139. I can't believe they played this song on the Radio..XXX, drugs .: lyrics, Beatles - Music
  140. Favorite performances at the Grammy's: singing, band, jazz, artist - Music
  141. Sense of Humor in Musicians: lyrics, singers, videos, band
  142. Oddest/Worst Musical Concert Pairings?: sing, band, metal, genre
  143. Props due for the Who...: band, classic, player, neil young - Music
  144. Does remember The Knack's: lyrics, lead singer, 1980s, song - Music
  145. That song poker face sucks.: lyrics, music video, pop
  146. If you were in a band (or are) who would your musical influences be?: funk, Beatles
  147. Romantic Songs for Valentine's Night: lyrics, favorite band, blues, genre - Music
  148. Lady Gaga to collaborate with Britney Spears: lyrics, singing, dance - Music
  149. summer songs: classic, cd, album, better - Music
  150. what music did your parents listen to?: singer, videos, classic
  151. woodstock 09?: bands, house, Metallica, 2009 - Music
  152. What are the successful rock bands from your city?: singer, hardcore, genre - Music
  153. John Mayer fans: What do you think of him now?: sing, country - Music
  154. Songs that teach you to spell and count: lyrics, music video, country
  155. Worst rock song of the 1980's??: heavy metal, scorpions, artist - Music
  156. who's been in a band: sing, drum, cd, Pearl Jam - Music
  157. Favorite Doobie Brothers songs?: favorite songs, bands, classic, top - Music
  158. Great Forgotten Bands of the Past: lyrics, lead singer, favorite bands, classic - Music
  159. The Man In Black: sing, videos, blues, song - Music
  160. Strong Albums: singer, bands, classic, compact disc - Music
  161. have you experienced crunkcore?: videos, hardcore, genre, famous - Music
  162. Horrible Celebrity Songs: ballad, album, 70's, greatest - Music
  163. Black musicians in rock/rock&roll: metal, albums, group
  164. Rhapsody in Blue ~ Premiered 86 Years Ago Today: videos, classic, song - Music
  165. The More Obscure Beatles' Stuff: lyric, album, song, better - Music
  166. British Music?: singing, band, pop, album
  167. because janis joplin is my girlfriend.....: lyrics, singing, band, classics - Music
  168. Aretha Franklin-The Queen Of Soul: favorite song, jazz, song, best - Music
  169. Cowboy songs: jazz, 50's, greatest, concert - Music
  170. (good) Tea Party music?: lyrics, singers, bands, hardcore
  171. What is your favourite jazz genre?: bands, classic, good, genres - Music
  172. We Are The World 25 for Haiti (Warning PC incorrect): sing, rap, artists - Music
  173. It's time to rock!!!: classic, song, better, New Mexico - Music
  174. Song/artist?: song lyrics, pop, popular, hits - Music
  175. What is your favourite metal genre?: bands, classic, genres - Music
  176. Your favorite musician singalong with the muppets?: singing, classic, song
  177. Susan Enan: lyric, song, concert, listen - Music
  178. Bob Dylan and Me in '62: sixties, song, good, themes - Music
  179. Big Star: bands, classic, ballad, albums - Music
  180. My newest single titled Jalisco: song, California - Music
  181. Video, A keyless keyboard. - Music
  182. Does know: singer, song, original - Music
  183. WHo's better: song, sounds - Music
  184. The New Beyonce out of Houston: gospel, song, performing - Music
  185. Smashing Pumpkins - New songs!!!: album, amazing - Music
  186. Houston vs Atlanta : Hardcore,Metal, Electro, Indie music scene: genre, better, genres
  187. Dr dre - Music
  188. questions for experienced singers: band, rock, better, sounds - Music
  189. Hair!: favorite songs, song, good, covers - Music
  190. Looking for an old song title: sounds - Music
  191. Pearl Jam on SNL: bands, song, performance, amazing - Music
  192. Ke$ha is officially the worst pop artist ever! - Music
  193. Slideshows: The Stupidest Country/Pop/Rap Lyrics of All Time: 2010, song - Music
  194. Nikki Yanofsky and Her Littlest Fan!: artists, listen, talented - Music
  195. where can I get The Kry New York album.: song - Music
  196. Elvis Costello on Prairie Home Companion: sang, song - Music
  197. How do you like the new version of We Are the World ?: song, original - Music
  198. Buffy the Vampire Slayer the Musical episode: singing
  199. Does like: American, guitar - Music
  200. Taps, Complete - Music