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  1. Who's a better Vocalist? Dee Snider or Jon Bon Jovi: singers, rock - Music
  2. Do you like Indian music?: music videos, dance, artist, song
  3. R.I.P Lena Horne-The Stormy Weather's Cleared: singers, jazz, best - Music
  4. Shoegaze! I miss the Sundays, Slowdive, Ride and Chapterhouse!: bands, amazing - Music
  5. What is the Song & Band name to Lyrics? I get next 2 u.: song lyrics, sing - Music
  6. Looks like Limewire is no longer Free: artists, best, iPod - Music
  7. James Taylor-The Walking Man: singer, favorite song, 70's, song - Music
  8. Boogie Woogie: dance, better - Music
  9. Does know whos music is in this video: singing, artist, song
  10. This is funny: album, covers - Music
  11. Top 10 best drummers in rock history: singer, metal, genre, Beatles - Music
  12. Top 10 guitar players in rock history: bands, blues, Beatles, solo - Music
  13. A Letter from Jim Morrison's Father (now deceased): singing, rock, Doors - Music
  14. Remember bad folk/pop songs back in the day?: singers, cd, listen - Music
  15. Best singer: Julio Iglesias vr's otis redding - Music
  16. Reggaeton...,: singing, dance, artists, song - Music
  17. How old is this album is a time when Madonna released?: classic, audio cd - Music
  18. News, Rapper MC Guru dead at 43.: classics, group, 2010, best - Music
  19. Leona Lewis & Scorpions - still bleeding love you: videos, classics, artist - Music
  20. Hey Hey, My My...: house, elvis presley - Music
  21. NEW Rolling Stones song from Exile sessions: mp3, 70's, best - Music
  22. Bands that sound like Kings of Leon?: DJ - Music
  23. Doobie Brothers: soundtracks, albums, best, hear - Music
  24. Eurobeat: dance, genre, hear, listen - Music
  25. Search before you start a new - Music
  26. Eagles Concert: great songs, classic, album, song - Music
  27. Idol Gives Back - Joss Stone & Jeff Beck - I Put A Spell On You: videos, band - Music
  28. Best Movie Music!: soundtracks, Pink Floyd, song, musical
  29. Artists that have the same style as Timbaland?: hip-hop, cds, song - Music
  30. Electronica Music 2002-now: techno
  31. Generational popular music tastes: videos, bands, hip-hop, genre
  32. if you like blues-orientated/garage rock ....: bands, album, White Stripes, good - Music
  33. Rolling Stones 1972 Exile On Main Street Unreleased Film: rock, album, vinyl - Music
  34. Connie Codarini of The Four Lads, 80 passed away: singer, bass, 2010 - Music
  35. New Neil Young: rock, 2010, song, concert - Music
  36. Detroit jittin...(modern jitterbug): rap, player, dancing - Music
  37. The new Black Eyed Peas Song: dance, group, listen, amazing - Music
  38. European Song Contest: lyrics, singers, alternative, artists - Music
  39. Europe vrs Asia: bands - Music
  40. Musical artists' yearbook photos - hilarious!: rock, Florida, Ohio, Canton
  41. Avett Brothers: lyrics, album, song - Music
  42. Metal concert tour: Metallica - Music
  43. michael buble concert....WHAT TO WEAR??!?!?!?!?: fan, tickets - Music
  44. How do you like Straight No Chaser's version of You're My Best Friend ?: classic, song - Music
  45. Depeche Mode: band, house, albums, 80s - Music
  46. Looking for Music Download website: itunes, albums, artist, song
  47. How do you feel about Drake's new album Thank Me Later ?: hip-hop, albums - Music
  48. Kanye west vs. Drake(smackdown): lyrics, singing, album, artists - Music
  49. Rolling Stones on Bio Channel: band, classic, song, top - Music
  50. Unbelievably Bad Song Performed in Whitehouse - Music
  51. Does like Travis Tritt?: country, 80's, song, best - Music
  52. Musicians: Do you have original stuff you can post?: lyrics, videos
  53. ronnie DIO appreciation R.I.P and rock on dude: lyrics, 2010 - Music
  54. All That Jazz: videos, band, blues, genre - Music
  55. Where can I go to get this?: mp3, song, best - Music
  56. Jazzlegend Hank Jones has passed away: record - Music
  57. Kindle Commercial Song ( Stole My Heart ): 2010, radio - Music
  58. Which is better - live or album version?: band, song, radio - Music
  59. Liza Minnelli - Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It): player, song - Music
  60. Jeff Healey: soundtrack, band, blues, song - Music
  61. great concerts coming up this year?: house, U2, eighties - Music
  62. Work Out Playlist (Need Your Music!): techno, player, song, top
  63. Janelle Monae = best R&B artist of this generation: singer, hip-hop - Music
  64. What is the best song in a tv ad/series promo?: player, commercials - Music
  65. Vintage guitar amp help!! Rare and little to be found on it help!!: albums, history - Music
  66. are they running out of ideas: singing, country, cd, artist - Music
  67. I'm looking for the name of groups ( rap music): song, West Palm Beach
  68. Slash ft. Fergie - Beautiful Dangerous: rock, 80's, song, concert - Music
  69. sexy songs: singer, favorite songs, classic, Madonna - Music
  70. The Loudness War: lyric, techno, album, artists - Music
  71. Where do live our music' stars: pop
  72. recording their own music?: band, house, song
  73. Christina Aguilera's new single Not Myself Tonight - available for download on iTunes TODAY!: song, top - Music
  74. Opinions on Timbaland?: lyrics, rock, cds, song - Music
  75. Malcolm McLaren dead at 64: punk, album, famous, artist - Music
  76. International Music. Post Something: 2009, better, hear, original
  77. england does it again: lyrics, country, Beatles, song - Music
  78. Your CD Collection.: soundtrack, band, classics, albums - Music
  79. Amatuer on youtube!!: videos, ballads, song, good - Music
  80. Lyrics Help, i know lyrics but i dont know the name of the song can U help: dance, artist - Music
  81. Anita Baker: 2010, money, performances - Music
  82. Sun Ra Fans?: alternative, albums, Pink Floyd, artist - Music
  83. where could I download (the kry-new york) song ?: guitar, record - Music
  84. has: singer, gospel, album, artist - Music
  85. Drive By Truckers: band, country, albums, best - Music
  86. News, Member of '70s pop band arrested on sex charge.: house, group - Music
  87. Chart-topping Hits that were Traditional or Public Domain Songs: lyrics, house, Beatles - Music
  88. Singer and Trombone Player?!?: singing, blues, album, influenced - Music
  89. Hits in Canada Only: singer, favorite bands, house, artists - Music
  90. Enya & South Park: cds, famous, listen - Music
  91. Keith Emerson-Greg Lake cancel packed Cleveland show: 2010 - Music
  92. Arash - Dasa Bala (Officlal Video): videos - Music
  93. like the greatness of Eddie Money?: sang, classic, song - Music
  94. GAME: Rate the song above you: singer, instrumental, pogues, best - Music
  95. Share A Song That Tells a Story: lyrics, band, house - Music
  96. Rest in Peace Mr. Dio: metal, genre, 2010, best - Music
  97. 15th Anniversary of Selena's death (1971-1995): singer, favorite song, cds, genre - Music
  98. Greatist rock keyboardists?: blues, Doors, 60s, song - Music
  99. Living In The USA-Steve Miller!: sing, favorite song, band, classics - Music
  100. Why is the Fender Bass so dominant?: bands, player, genre - Music
  101. Greatest American Song Ever: lyrics, singing, blues, gospel - Music
  102. All You Guitar Players Out There---What Are You Playing?: classic, Pearl Jam, song - Music
  103. Deserted for a year, what five bands' music would you listen to?: band, metal
  104. Duplicated threads NOT allowed: jazz, Beatles, good, concerts - Music
  105. your top 5 bands from the 2000's: lyrics, singer, videos, band - Music
  106. Happy (Belated) Birthday Eric Clapton!: classic, best, musician, record
  107. Female names in music: lyrics, singers, bands, blues
  108. On this day in music history: singer, band, classic, album
  109. Should Old Bands Reunite?: sing, band, drum, neil young - Music
  110. Who likes (love) Charlie Daniels Band?: favorite song, classic, cd, album - Music
  111. Artists Still Touring after Six Decades: sing, videos, bands, classic - Music
  112. Roy Orbison: singer, favorite song, classic, Springsteen - Music
  113. lady rockers: lyrics, blues, Doors, song - Music
  114. Who's better - America or Bread?: lyrics, band, metal, albums - Music
  115. Is It Weird For A Guy To Listen to R&B/Old Pop Music?: sing, bands
  116. Greatest Metal Singer Ever?: singing, song, fan, listen - Music
  117. Performers you love unconditionally: singers, band, classics, cds - Music
  118. Girl bands: *BEFORE* the Runaways, the Go Gos, there was:: singing, band - Music
  119. Lyrical references that no longer make sense: singer, videos, blues - Music
  120. Who better than Michael Jackson?: singing, videos, bands, classics - Music
  121. How to get concert tickets?: favorite bands, blues, cd, Rolling Stones - Music
  122. What are your TWO most favorite songs? Due to the LYRICS. and all music very welcome.: music video, blues
  123. Old, International, Unexpected. Post It!: singing, rock, sixties, song - Music
  124. Musical threads -: lyric, classic, 1960s, song
  125. 80s music era and why i think it is THE BEST of ALL TIME!: music videos, 70s song
  126. How much money do bands make?: videos, band, blues, cd - Music
  127. Kool and the gang.: lyrics, jazz, albums, song - Music
  128. Guitar riff or Bass riff?: lyrics, videos, classic, player - Music
  129. Foreign language versions of songs by US/UK artists: Beatles, American, California - Music
  130. Cultural Music: singers, blues, gospel, cd
  131. Rock Bands that have gone belly up.: band, dance, ballad - Music
  132. What songs do you enjoy working out to??: lyrics, hip-hop, cd - Music
  133. Songs/Albums by Singers Out of Character: bands, blues, genre - Music
  134. Is blues influenced rock becoming trendy again?: sing, band, good - Music
  135. Travelling songs & moving songs: classic, good, Mobile - Music
  136. What music group do you think did best with vocal harmonization?: song, listen
  137. Bret Michaels: rock, best, drummer, record - Music
  138. Best Songwriters~ Genre: lyrics, singers, great song, heavy metal - Music
  139. Supergroups: singer, bands, rock, White Stripes - Music
  140. Songs in honor of Earth Day: blues, neil young, cover, Kansas - Music
  141. Soul Music: singers, blues, gospel, genre
  142. Game: Which version do you prefer?: lyrics, singers, classic, Rolling Stones - Music
  143. Been To Imitation Band Concerts?: singing, classic, player, albums - Music
  144. Name/artist/year of song?: lyrics, funk, top, radio - Music
  145. All In The Family---Households with Hits: favorite song, song, better, guitar - Music
  146. Songs about the weather: band, concert, New York, Texas - Music
  147. Imitation - The Sincerest Form Of Flattery: singers, band, blues - Music
  148. Today music sucks yes or no?: favorite band, alternative, itunes, albums
  149. Live songs that are better than the studio: band, blues, cd - Music
  150. Rep your country!: singers, videos, great song, bands - Music
  151. Mixed CD: lyrics, house, neil young, artists - Music
  152. Songs about pets: house, album, Beatles, greatest - Music
  153. Noise Music and Music/Songs made with non-musical items: favorite songs, bands, mp3
  154. Music for a road trip: bands, classic, cds, genre
  155. RIP - Peter Steele, Type O Negative: lead singer, band, heavy metal - Music
  156. VIVA Santana!: singing, favorite songs, band, classic - Music
  157. favorite live youtube videos: lyrics, sing, favorite bands, house - Music
  158. What are your most inspirational Song?: lyrics, sing, music video, rock
  159. Donovan - Wear Your Love Like Heaven - 1967: lyrics, favorite songs, classic - Music
  160. Does your family fight over what music to listen to?: lyrics, classic
  161. a band I recommend to everyone who likes blues and rock: favorite band, itunes - Music
  162. Drinking Songs: lyrics, genre, sinatra, Washington - Music
  163. It's the year 2020. Let's save the world from the rap and pop music.: lyrics, sang
  164. have you ever gotten artists really mixed up?: sing, bands, hardcore - Music
  165. Live music; do you care if bands use prerecorded tracks?: singing, band
  166. Least used/popular subject for pop songs: lyrics, singing, bands - Music
  167. VAN THE MAN!!- Van Morrison: lyrics, dance, album, group - Music
  168. Songs In Drop D Tuning: metal, player, Metallica, top - Music
  169. Who is better Freddie Mercury or David Bowie?: singers, favorite song, bands - Music
  170. Lifelong Love Affair With Music Ends At Age 35: Why Do People Grow Out of Music?: lyrics, soundtrack
  171. Ten Years After: lyrics, videos, favorite songs, band - Music
  172. Songs about the government......: blues, Beatles - Music
  173. John Lee Hooker: blues, album, Doors, famous - Music
  174. A - Z (game) Band / Singer Names: music video, album, performer
  175. top 20 lists: favorite bands, classics, genre, album - Music
  176. Hear N Aid: singing - Music
  177. Colorado; Midwestern, Western or unique hip-hop style? - Music
  178. Tal Wilkenfeld Bass Phenom...: 2009, top, New York - Music
  179. Guess the songs!!: lyrics, singer, Beatles, artist - Music
  180. Virtual Choir performs exquisite choral work over the Internet: singers - Music
  181. National Sing out day 5/25/2010: song - Music
  182. who sings?: singing, band, song, good - Music
  183. News Video, After the Flood, Grand Ole Opry goes on.: videos - Music
  184. Tony Levin and Stick Men: Cleveland - Music
  185. Home Studio... - Music
  186. Jerald Daemyon: concert - Music
  187. Melanie Fiona-It Kills Me: lyrics, song, good, popular - Music
  188. Music CANNOT get more EPIC than this: listen
  189. Tool - 2010 Tour Dates Announced!: money, San Francisco, Kansas, New Orleans - Music
  190. Most Pop Songs The Past 40 Yrs All Use The Same 4 Chords - Music
  191. Jason Castro's CD Being Released: better, iPod, American, listen - Music
  192. jose james & jef nev: jazz, itunes, album, song - Music
  193. News Video, Lin Yu Chin, latest YouTube sensation.: player - Music
  194. online music panel: itunes, better
  195. Which cities are rapidly emerging in the hip-hop world: artists, rappers, popular - Music
  196. 1986 Billy Joel song: greatest, hits - Music
  197. The Greening - Music
  198. What's with all the remix's?: song, musician
  199. Free karaoke songs? - Music
  200. This kid is a trip - Music