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  1. HELP!!!! Reggae Fans!: dance, song, good, chorus - Music
  2. Whatever happened to Western music?: singer, country, genre, radio
  3. Back AGAIN- THE Gin Blossoms!: lead singer, bands, rock, cd - Music
  4. The Gap Band: Brother Dies...: house, gospel, group, 2010 - Music
  5. Using song lyrics: group, records - Music
  6. Do you follow of your favorite artists on twitter?: good, industry - Music
  7. Were The Beatles...gulp...the First Boy Band?: blues, genre, group - Music
  8. Homage To The Musically Passed On: blues, neil young, 2010, good
  9. Offbeat News, Riot Breaks Out ... After Earth, Wind & Fire Concert.: musician, Colorado
  10. Lady Godiva by Peter and Gordon - 1966: great song, hardcore, album - Music
  11. News, Founding member of ELO killed in freak accident as giant runaway hay bale smashes into his van: 2009 - Music
  12. Blues Songs That Need to Be Temporarily Retired . . . For Their Own Sake . . .: lyrics, singer - Music
  13. Sing karaoke in free time: house - Music
  14. Video, Furious Fans Force Guns N' Roses Off Stage, Late start to concert irks Irish audience.: band, metal - Music
  15. Lady Marmalade ...flashback - Music
  16. MP3, CD or Vinyl?: band, hardcore, compact disc, mp3 player - Music
  17. BEST place for live MUSIC/musician ROCK BAND??: blues, cd, genre
  18. Richie Hayward of Little Feat dies: group, good, concerts, drummer - Music
  19. Charles Hardin Buddy Holly- Rock and Roll's True Pioneer!: singer, bands - Music
  20. Singing: singers, band, group, song - Music
  21. Who do you prefer? Queen or Aerosmith?: singer, favorite bands, blues - Music
  22. Cardboard/Plastic CD Cases: electronic, cds, top, listen - Music
  23. Top 10 greatest guitarists of all time..: metal, Beatles, song, meaning - Music
  24. In The Mood for an Instrumental Genre: lyrics, musical, record
  25. Your favorite Radiohead album?: favorite songs, band, rock, albums - Music
  26. Piano school recommendation?: lessons, California - Music
  27. Cost of violin lessons: range - Music
  28. News Video, Jackie Evancho, 10, wows with opera voice.: sing, rock, albums - Music
  29. Have you ever bought a song after hearing it in a store or business?: lyrics, singing - Music
  30. I would put them on stage together.: player, artists, good - Music
  31. Internet jams: singer, song, concerts, musician
  32. God's Toybox / Will Dockery & The Shadowville All-Stars (video): singing, song, good - Music
  33. Song not on album of same name: house, albums, Doors - Music
  34. Washington, D.C. Go-Go - documentary: genre, good - Music
  35. Spanish Language Ballads - Music
  36. Last 5 songs you listened to.. and rate the songs of the person above: lyrics, sing - Music
  37. Tribute to Earths wind and fire: good - Music
  38. Odd time signatures: band, classic, famous, song - Music
  39. Who sings this song: lyrics, country, listen - Music
  40. Solomon Burke dies: singers, blues, song, better - Music
  41. Surprising #1 song in the country right now: Far East Movement: itunes, group - Music
  42. Trivia Name the album, song from it and group: singer, band, pop - Music
  43. Rolling Stone's Keith Richards calls Mick Jagger unbearable: Rolling Stones, 2010, guitarist - Music
  44. AND, Bill haley's first rock song was not Rock around the clock..: blues, artists - Music
  45. General Norman Johnson passes away: lead singer, group, artist, 2010 - Music
  46. Historical Story Songs....late 50's/early 60's...a fad, but a great one!: singing, country - Music
  47. Buddy Holly a little harder rocking than you would think...: classic - Music
  48. Oh my God, how can I forget the FEMALE founders of rock?: singing, classic - Music
  49. Is George Jones the original Hillbilly Cat before Elvis layed down his Sun Sessions?: singing, classic - Music
  50. ANOTHER great lost early rock and roller, Roy Hall..: country, Beatles - Music
  51. Music tone test: albums, guitar, musical
  52. Discovering Moondog - Enlighten me: classic, cd, song - Music
  53. Favorite song to Karaoke to!: lyrics, singing, blues, Metallica - Music
  54. Is Taylor Swift still country????: cd - Music
  55. Seals and Crofts: band, rock - Music
  56. Melancholic POST PUNK with soft FEMALE VOCALS: singing, band, blues - Music
  57. Liberace Museum Going Out of Business: classics, 2010, fan, cover - Music
  58. Stereo vs Mono: song, good, solo, hear - Music
  59. Sara Bareilles Sheet Music: bass, cd, song, chords
  60. Zac Brown Band: hardcore, album, iPod, radio - Music
  61. Lynyrd Skynyrd Leonard Skinner died: band, rock, song, radio - Music
  62. News, Friend Says Janis Joplin's Spirit Visits the Hotel Room Where She Died.: singer, blues - Music
  63. Favorite Concerts you been to?: metal, cd, Metallica, top - Music
  64. First Vinyl Now Cassettes See Resurgence: mp3 player, player, 1980s, iPod - Music
  65. Favorite Video Game Music: lyrics, house
  66. I Want to Share ........: song, good, listen - Music
  67. Wacky cover of A-Ha's Take On Me: song, sounds - Music
  68. FM-Rock - Music
  69. Name the singer/songwriter and their 4 songs: wedding, hits, Kentucky - Music
  70. Mountain Goats: lyrics, band, metal, album - Music
  71. Hip-Hop in its Essence is Real: classic, song, good, used - Music
  72. Best Bluegrass Clog Dancing Video Ever Made: dance, used - Music
  73. What are your favorite 1980's alternative/ college rock songs?: favorite bands, classic, ballads - Music
  74. Larry Graham Bass lessons: sing, song - Music
  75. Did Dave Mathews ever make a studio album: song, radio, hear - Music
  76. Mod music (Northern Soul, Powerpop, Rocksteady, ): reggae, good
  77. All post a song threads leave no room for DISCUSSION. How about...: videos, blues - Music
  78. Your least favorite type of music???: heavy metal, top, fan, listen
  79. Need Help On Identifying Model of Fender Mexican Stratocaster!: classic, player, 60s - Music
  80. Breakdancing tunes: soundtrack, dance, 1980s, song - Music
  81. 90s = classic rock?: bands, Beatles, 60s, song - Music
  82. New Ozzy album: metal, Metallica, song, good - Music
  83. The Official R.I.P.: videos, artists, song - Music
  84. 80's Rap Music: classic, song, radio
  85. Song lyrics: sang, 1970's, chorus, used - Music
  86. Album sales. Key statistic.: singer, band, itunes, albums - Music
  87. let me know who does songs!!: lyrics, funk, artist - Music
  88. Music Videos From Sports Teams or Athletes!!!!!!!: player, song, money
  89. Trivia Stevie Wonder fans: singer, country, genre, album - Music
  90. Old School Coming Back!: funk, album, artist, grammy award - Music
  91. music and music video content today: has it gone too far?: lyrics, singing
  92. American Top 40....6/23/1973: lyrics, fav song, instrumental, Beatles - Music
  93. Check This Kid Out - Music
  94. Are Music Videos Still Popular?: country, 80's, better, musician
  95. Warped Tour: punk, used - Music
  96. RIP Pete Quaife - Music
  97. Joe Meek: electronic, best, instruments, listen - Music
  98. What is Reis?: cd, albums - Music
  99. going to the HullabaLOU Music Festival?: Louisville
  100. Hip-hop covers of 80's / 90's songs: good, original - Music
  101. News, Judge cuts $675,000 penalty in song-sharing case to $67,500.: indie, itunes, 2010 - Music
  102. Disabled embedding. What's the reason to do so?: videos, techno, artists - Music
  103. El Paso music scene...: bands, rock, Texas
  104. 80's Music Video Cliches....: lead singer, band, dancing, guitarist
  105. Marvin Isley, R.I.P.: bass, artist, 2010, song - Music
  106. LOVE Porcupine Tree? - Music
  107. Does find Nickleback extremely irritating?: lyrics, lead singer, great song - Music
  108. MTV video from the 1980's, starts with Wind Chimes: videos, rock, Bon Jovi - Music
  109. What Song Are You Listening To RIGHT NOW? (Part Four): sing, classic - Music
  110. Who is the father of rock n roll?: lyrics, singer, classic - Music
  111. The best albums of 2010: soundtrack, band, classics, group - Music
  112. songs for fans of the drums: lyrics, favorite band, classic, album - Music
  113. The New Metal Kingdom or Part 4: lyrics, band, hardcore, cd - Music
  114. Vinyl Records: bass, cd, cd player, song - Music
  115. Let's choose a best rocking country: favorite band, Beatles, famous, top - Music
  116. Most famous music acts from each European country?: band, Beatles, song
  117. The New Official Rap/Hip-Hop: lyrics, listen - Music
  118. Metal Kingdom... ALL Metal Welcome (can include feelings) PART 3...: lyrics, album, song - Music
  119. Poll Music Forum DISCUSSION ONLY threads vote: music videos, favorite songs, bands
  120. Ex Fug, Tuli Kupferberg, dies at 86: sing, band, punk, ballads - Music
  121. Time To Explore, 60YO Tired Of Old 60's/70's Bands, Where To Next?: band, classic - Music
  122. Trivia Name the album: singer, dance, Springsteen, group - Music
  123. Why Is The Music Business So Shady?: albums, artists, song
  124. Rock: 70's vs 90's: Pink Floyd, seventies, song, top - Music
  125. African Music: lyrics, videos, country, album
  126. Is this the best song in the history of music?: lyrics, favorite song
  127. June Is Black Music Month: singers, classic, gospel, genre
  128. Songs that talk about GOD ... ...: Chicago - Music
  129. Why are women underrepresented on certain instruments?: singing, band, classic - Music
  130. Song titles with Big Words (4 syllables or more): great song, blues, listen - Music
  131. Songs That Could Never Come Out Today.....: lyrics, singing, classic - Music
  132. Songs that are so bad they're good: band, top, radio - Music
  133. The Music Of Joni Mitchell: lyrics, singers, great songs, rock
  134. Who Better than STEVIE WONDER: sing, rock, albums, artist - Music
  135. Your official opinion of Beyonce: videos, pop, artist - Music
  136. Americana: blues, cd, song, guitar - Music
  137. Songs that conjour up happy/strong memories of past encounters...: videos, rock - Music
  138. John Lennon: lyrics, good, guitar, original - Music
  139. Political and Protest Songs: lyrics, singer, great song, country - Music
  140. Cover Songs: lyrics, classic, player, elvis presley - Music
  141. Songs Using Astrology In Title or Within Song: blues, albums, good - Music
  142. What songs you love singing to?: videos, original - Music
  143. What makes music classic vs. dated?: 60s song, great
  144. If you could just pick one song to listen to every day, which one would that be?: jazz, Pink Floyd - Music
  145. Band nicknames, contractions & modifiers: funk, Beatles, artist, 2000's - Music
  146. Mother/Son song for wedding --------- Recommendations?: lyric, dance, good - Music
  147. What's your favorite song to be calmed and chilled out to?: lyrics, 2010 - Music
  148. Dirty Songs With ''Dirty'' In The Title: better - Music
  149. Looking for a unique band to cover tribute band: lyrics, singing - Music
  150. Man is it Hard to Start a Band, Let Alone Keep One 2gether!: lead singer, blues - Music
  151. What Is Your Favorite Musical Decade OR The Decade You Came Of Age AND Post/Share A Song From It????: singing, bands
  152. Birthdays(Musicians, Singers, Songwriters): lyrics, classic, genre, album
  153. The Kinks: lyrics, dance, album, famous - Music
  154. New Jack Swing........Can You Swing It?: dance, 80's, RnB - Music
  155. The Hollies!: lyrics, lead singer, videos, favorite song - Music
  156. Tribute to Marvin Gaye: favorite songs, classic, song, good - Music
  157. The 70s and 80s concert experience: singing, videos, great song, band - Music
  158. GOSPEL Music Discussion: singers, videos, blues, albums
  159. Will the thumping bass trend ever die?: great song, blues, 90's - Music
  160. Amy Adams to play Janis Joplin...: singing, pop, 2010, song - Music
  161. FavoriteTop selling albums of all-time (Discussion: lyrics, singing, videos - Music
  162. opinions on the rock and roll hall of fame and such: singers, bands - Music
  163. Mungo Jerry - In The Summertime - 1970: singing, music video, classic
  164. is this the best music video of all time?: singing, top
  165. The Official Music Forum Chat: lyrics, band, blues, artists
  166. Do the 2010's have a different style from the 2000's: electronic, stations - Music
  167. IT'S RHYME TIME: Rhyme Words From The Song Title Of The Previous Post With The Song Title In Your Post.: lyrics, band - Music
  168. Hey you in the Zeppelin shirt, have you heard the whole album?: soundtracks, band - Music
  169. Songs With Numbers In Their Titles/ OR Bands With Numbers In Their Names.: lyrics, singing - Music
  170. Best song lyrics ever: music song, blues, American, Soul
  171. 10 questions with a catch......: singing, videos, great song, band - Music
  172. What song describes you and where you live?: lyrics, band, country - Music
  173. Reminiscing by Little River Band - 1978: favorite songs, bass, mp3, album - Music
  174. This song was banned from the Country charts, though it was distributed as Country..: popular - Music
  175. Do you like Eminem's new album Recovery ?: famous - Music
  176. The Collins Kids..the coolest teens of the mid 50's?: singer, bands - Music
  177. Car song Triple Progression thangs ain't never change): blues, American - Music
  178. Taraf de Haïdouks... lautari Gypsy music: artist, musician, range
  179. Country in early rock...a study of Eddie Cochran from Hillbilly country to Rock..: singers, hear - Music
  180. Just when I I knew all about Johnny Cash's greatness, I hear this..: country, ballads - Music
  181. Concert & tours tracking: bands, artists, song, best - Music
  182. Sept. 17, 1967: The Doors and The Who make TV history: rock, performances - Music
  183. News Video, Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler Bumped Off Stage by Bandmate.: guitarist, performing - Music
  184. When is it Too Much???: singers, videos, female - Music
  185. Is Taylor Swift really country?: song, good, stations, radio - Music
  186. The Most Ridiculous Record Covers Of All Time (VOTE): bands, album - Music
  187. Billboard 'Hot 100' #1 Songs (1970 - 1979): 70s, best, cassette, original - Music
  188. The inventor of the Hagström guitar has passed away.: player, 2010 - Music
  189. Fred Hammond fans???: singer, gospel, mp3 player, player - Music
  190. Video, Janey Cutler (80) - Singing Sensation - Britain's Got Talent: 2010, performance - Music
  191. Songs that move u. Hit ya just there. :) - Music
  192. Becoming a studio/soundtrack musician?: soundtracks, classic, famous, good
  193. Zydeco: 70s, Louisiana, used - Music
  194. Music I just need to share: great song, band, rock, album
  195. Toby Keith in da trailerhood: country, album, good, single - Music
  196. List of favorite music: singer, classic, ballads, cds
  197. How legitimately country is Lady Antebellum?: stations, radio, influenced, musical
  198. Has heard: radio - Music
  199. for all the techno/ house music lovers !!
  200. Famous rappers children! Willow Smith vs Diggy Simmons: records, talented - Music