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  1. What is the make and model of this vehicle? - Music
  2. Los Lonely Boys...: musician, Austin
  3. John Denver: country, 80's, song, stations - Music
  4. One or two of your favorite songs involving or including...: classic, 1970's - Music
  5. Everyday is Halloween: good - Music
  6. The Roots!! What's your favorite album?: soundtrack, favorite songs, trance, mp3 - Music
  7. Acapella groups are still around?: sing, band, itunes, album - Music
  8. Help identifying heavy metal song - Music
  9. I can never tell my friends..: singing, heavy metal, cd, genre - Music
  10. Deconstructing a Song: favorite song, bands, rock, player - Music
  11. Back Up Singers: videos, listen, performances, vocals - Music
  12. dirty rap fans indahouse?: song, hear - Music
  13. For with home studios: house, instruments, performer, record - Music
  14. Thoughts on Concept Albums: band, pop, artist, 2009 - Music
  15. Once fans?: lyric, country, cds, itunes - Music
  16. The Top 5 .......: favorite bands, bass, player, albums - Music
  17. New Taylor Swift Album!!: lyrics, mp3, song, better - Music
  18. Billy Fury....The great 50's Brit rocker that the Beatles copped their moves from: videos, band - Music
  19. Trivia: album, artist, song, best - Music
  20. Don Kirshner....the King(and jerk) of 60's Top 40 music: lead singer, bands
  21. Timi Yuro: singer, 1960s, song, best - Music
  22. Indian Reservation: hear, listen - Music
  23. Pretty easy guitar tabs?: player, genre, song, popular - Music
  24. Who likes Phil Collins Music and video's?: song, better
  25. OOH have i got a great brain teaser for you!!!: lyric, singing - Music
  26. Musicians/singers on reality TV: rock, good
  27. London Homesick Blues: song, Denver, Texas - Music
  28. What would you request as the Last Song of an evening by a band or DJ - Music
  29. Alice's Restaurant?: 60's, song, hear, listen - Music
  30. New Album Review: lyrics, bands, metal, genre - Music
  31. Chris Botti Fans....: instrumental, cd, itunes, genre - Music
  32. Name the album: favorite songs, band, pop, albums - Music
  33. T.I.- Do You Potna (ft.Young Jeezy, Big Kuntry, Gorilla Zoe) - Music
  34. The Almighty Kingdom of METAL!!!!! (cuz the other is too hard to find) - Music
  35. Cool video and great meaning: player - Music
  36. Thanksgiving - Music
  37. MegaDiva Smackdown 2: Britney vs Madonna: talented - Music
  38. Bobby Darrin a great, unheralded COUNTRY singer? You betcha!: singers, album, group - Music
  39. The DrummerBoy Live--along with dude named Eddie...: music video, neil young, song
  40. What are words do you hate in Rap Music?: good, used
  41. How to become a music producer???: electronic, cd, albums, 2010
  42. Keri Hilson's Pretty Girl ROck (PS it's free on itunes!): song, single - Music
  43. Your opinion about Neil Young and Lynyrd Skynyrd: lyrics, videos, band - Music
  44. Help identifying an alternative metal song - Music
  45. Mega Diva Smackdown 1: Gloria vs Sade: cd - Music
  46. Are you tired of the word Hate or You're just a Hater in Hip Hop/Rap especially in rap songs?: lyrics, hip-hop - Music
  47. BBC Music Documentaries: rock, genre, Depeche Mode, famous
  48. The Great American Songbook - Then and now: lyric, singers - Music
  49. Kate Bush: lyrics, classic, genre, albums - Music
  50. Gerry Goffin, one of the least known forces in Top 40/pop: lyric, singers - Music
  51. The Best Beatles Cover Band?: bootleg, country, song, guitarist - Music
  52. who might be hurting a bit now, or just need to hear a life-affirming song, should listen to this: sing, great song - Music
  53. Christ, I I heard everything till I heard this..she gives Janis Joplin a run for her money!: singers, country - Music
  54. Video, Jackie Evancho sings Silent Night: videos, sounds - Music
  55. Foreigner's 4 or Journey's Escape album?: bands, classic, albums - Music
  56. Love the new R Kelly song - Music
  57. Into the Houston Metal Scene in Early 2000's?: band, albums, song - Music
  58. 6 minutes of musical bliss on Letterman one night(and Steve Martin too!): good, musician
  59. Bloodrock: band, jazz, album, 60s - Music
  60. This is why I love Brandy!!!: singer, good, listen, vocals - Music
  61. Why do most rap fans who are superficial like rappers because of how much money they got?: lyrics, videos - Music
  62. The most pioneering band days?: song, best, stations, radio - Music
  63. Whip My Hair--Willow Smith: lyrics, house, song, good - Music
  64. 10 minutes of musical bliss...: classic, neil young, 70's, listen
  65. i want classic songs: 70's, listen - Music
  66. Why R&B Artists talk about love in most of their songs same artist talk about lusts?: lyrics, singing - Music
  67. Three $ix Mafia vs. Bone Thugs~n~Harmony: rap, famous, group - Music
  68. Lightnin' Strikes by Lou Christie - 1966: lyrics, great song, albums, Springsteen - Music
  69. Guess this song!!: lyrics, singer, country, duets - Music
  70. Is this the first rockabilly song?(1953).....I would have to say so(and female vocals!): singing, blues - Music
  71. CD turntable died, need to upgrade system. Help!: cds, cd player, 2000's - Music
  72. Heart-warming version of I will Always love you - Dolly sings to the guy whose break-up with her inspired the song: singing, videos - Music
  73. Grind metal: hardcore, song, good, musician
  74. Willie matches, outdoes, Gabriel on Don't give up , and sinead O'conner does the same per Kate Bush: sang, song - Music
  75. The Sony Walkman Laid To Rest: Phoenix - Music
  76. Blink 182 vs. Fallout Boys: punk, song, good, listen - Music
  77. If Wagner were alive he'd work with King Crimson: band, blues - Music
  78. Whip my hair: classic, style - Music
  79. Can/have blacks charted with country songs? You bet they have!: singers, videos - Music
  80. Hot Stuff - Music
  81. The New Official HIPSTER HOP (Chill Music Only): alternative, genre, artists
  82. 1971 ('70's most popular album): favorite band, classic, ballad, genre - Music
  83. Wolf Song: music video, artist
  84. Trivia questions-: band, drum, album, song - Music
  85. Nicki Minaj is horrible!!: lyrics, better, iPod, listen - Music
  86. Trans-Siberian Orchestra...what a fail: singers, band, heavy metal, album - Music
  87. Its cold in - Music
  88. Jungle/DNB: techno, guitar, listen - Music
  89. Good Covers by Small (no name) Bands: videos, classic, player - Music
  90. Guess the song!: lyrics, player, album, best - Music
  91. Black Friday: good - Music
  92. Recommend music for me (Blues Rock style): bands, artists, song
  93. Your favorite Alternative Rock, past or present: band, classic, Depeche Mode - Music
  94. Holiday Cheers 2010: elvis presley, song, good, Sarasota - Music
  95. Rolling Stone's top albums and singles of 2010: classics, White Stripes, song - Music
  96. Shape Note Singing - Sacred Harp: classic, cd, genre, best - Music
  97. Name the disco/dance funk band from early 80's: group, better, popular - Music
  98. The Grammys: band, alternative, genre, album - Music
  99. Words that I hate in rap that are used so much.: singers, song - Music
  100. How many concerts have YOU seen?: bootlegs, band, funk, sinatra - Music
  101. Can't ever get this one outta my head...: great song, classic, player - Music
  102. Good songs about space(The Universe)...from the mindblowing to the surreal to the simple...and all parts in-between: great song, rock - Music
  103. Are there violin players on the forum? (or who plays other acoustic instruments): band, classic - Music
  104. Songs About Or That Include: Trees, Plants, Flowers, Etcetera.: classic, best - Music
  105. Michael Jackson VS The Beatles: great song, band, classic, albums - Music
  106. Accents or delivery you dislike: singers, band, classics, player - Music
  107. bluegrass music: country, best, musician, amazing
  108. What Music Was Popular During Your Military Years?: metal, cd, cd player
  109. Cool to hate Creed: lyrics, singing, bands, hardcore - Music
  110. New music genres.: bands, hardcore, eighties, song
  111. Intriguing about CCR: band, blues, player, group - Music
  112. Identify the artist and song: one-hit wonder, drum, Madonna, famous - Music
  113. What decade had the best Christmas music? (Since the 1940s): soundtrack, singing
  114. Which musical instrument is the sexiest in your view?: bass, player, song
  115. Guess the song!: artist, best, sounds, instrument - Music
  116. Best place for beats: lyrics, drum, Beastie Boys, 1960s - Music
  117. Color My World: Beatles, song - Music
  118. Coachella 2011: band, electronic, Beastie Boys, artists - Music
  119. Alternative metal: lyrics, favorite songs, bands, group - Music
  120. Christian metal: lyrics, top, single, Soul - Music
  121. Proof the Beatles didn't start UK rock and roll: singer, videos, band - Music
  122. Don't you think this guy sounds like Roy Orbison?: rock, song, good - Music
  123. Anything Goes! Part 2: song, best, listen, influence - Music
  124. Greatest Drummer: metal, Rolling Stones, best, musician
  125. Guitar Players! Pickup advice needed.: lead singer, hardcore, 90's, song - Music
  126. Erotic Songs and/or Music Video's
  127. 60/70's love songs for tape: blues, Beatles, best, movies - Music
  128. New music: lead singer, player, album, artists
  129. Frat House Rock(Not to be confused with Schoolhouse Rock): lyrics, music video
  130. Jim Morrison predicts the future of music: techno, cd, albums
  131. I country music songs were supposed to be lame, then I hear this!: lyrics, singing
  132. A for the Gothic/Industrial music fans: singer, bands, metal
  133. Hits from the past....: cd, song, good, listen - Music
  134. Artists or bands who you own every studio album: metal, albums, Depeche Mode - Music
  135. The Agony and the Ecstasy...Two sides of Bruce Springsteen: lyrics, sang - Music
  136. John Mellencamp's gh Water mark - songs from his classic 1983-1987 period: lyrics, albums - Music
  137. Male singers with strange voices..or,Geddy Lee as Donald Duck on Helium - Music
  138. Neil Young -A country singer after all is said(and done)?: lyrics, classic - Music
  139. What is the worst Kenny Rogers song?(I know, hard choice!): singers, country - Music
  140. Obscure 70's Southern Rock.....rarities and verities: singer, classic, ballad - Music
  141. Spanish Language Rock and Pop Music: lyrics, bands, alternative, cd
  142. Best use of auto-tune: singer, dance, artists, song - Music
  143. Let's Get Unconventional.: lyrics, band, electronic, player - Music
  144. Do you think that Music Videos such as Rap Videos today are stupid(no offense)?: music video, classic
  145. Rock Music Today...: band, blues, player, Metallica
  146. You're Beavis or Butthead.....uuuh...does this suck or rock?: heavy metal, song - Music
  147. Chill, Down Tempo, Groove: classic, player, genre, song - Music
  148. Crime and Punishment, Law and Order.: great song, song, good - Music
  149. One of the music renaissance men of the 60's-70's - Glen Campbell!: lyrics, soundtrack
  150. What's your all-time favorite band and song?: favorite song, instrumental, album - Music
  151. The official nod to the Hammond B-3: band, dance, player - Music
  152. Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy: itunes, genre, album - Music
  153. The Manly Voice: Extinct??????: singers, metal, cd, song - Music
  154. Who has the ultimate voice in American Music?: singing, country, elvis presley
  155. Adult Alt/Indie Rock: great song, artist, song, good - Music
  156. Songs that seem to lift you up in the clouds, in a strong, almost spiritual sense..: great songs, classic - Music
  157. Top 10 iPod Shuffle: dance, itunes, Beatles, eighties - Music
  158. Songs with wiew of Us City: rock, good, original, Los Angeles - Music
  159. Happy Veteran's Day, Music Lovers!: lyrics, song, concert, Soul
  160. Lousiana - The birth of jazz, blues, and, yes, ROCK! least quite a bit of it..: sing, videos - Music
  161. Hot Danceable Salsa Music Clips. . .: lyrics, band, blues, player
  162. Best lines in lyrics: great song, rock, albums, Rolling Stones - Music
  163. Is it me or do a lot of the music today suck????: 90s song, bands
  164. Sad Songs: listen - Music
  165. Whacky, Wild, Weird Cover Versions: singer, classic, cd, Beatles - Music
  166. Bon Jovi nominated to Rock n Roll Hall of Fame: band, blues - Music
  167. One of the great lost voices, Maria might check her out!: ballads, song - Music
  168. Cover version orgy....covers of tunes written by Bruce Springsteen..: singing, classic - Music
  169. Guitar-based rock wasn't all stolen from black blues and R & B players!: artists, western - Music
  170. When country went uptown pop - The 70's phenonenon that was Charlie Rich..: sang, classics - Music
  171. Free Christmas song by The Temptations :): itunes, artists, single - Music
  172. The Twelve Days Of Christmas - with a message - Music
  173. heard of Lylit ?: song, musician, hear, amazing
  174. know who did this song? - Music
  175. Perfect albums Complied Live.(PACL)....a game(of sorts): better, concert - Music
  176. Edith Piaf: singer, sounds - Music
  177. soothing avant for the good lovin ;): listen - Music
  178. Jack White on Conan O'Brien: rock, good, cover - Music
  179. Discovered the earliest rock and roll(late 40's) - Wynonie Harris: good, sounds - Music
  180. IPOD makes bubbling sound & switches songs in the middle - Music
  181. You guys have to check out LYLIT!: jazz, itunes, Soul - Music
  182. Who sings the CMT Artists of the year song: videos, country - Music
  183. Ne-Yo Fans!!: album - Music
  184. Ne-yo Libra Scale: itunes - Music
  185. Joan Baez injured: house, 2010, concert - Music
  186. Rosewood Bitters: best - Music
  187. California gurls parody hilarious !!! - Music
  188. Petula Clark/Tony Hatch..the UK's answer to Dionne Warwick/Bacharach: singers, 60's - Music
  189. Adam Faith..the first white R & B(Blue-eyed soul) singer from the UK(early 60's): hard rock, single - Music
  190. Jewish Band's Take on Taio Cruz, A Smash Hit! - Music
  191. World is Mine HD - Music
  192. In memory of Darby Crash - Music
  193. What is your favorite Genre!?: favorite songs, artist, song - Music
  194. Willie Nelson does Paul Simon - really beautiful duets - Graceland, American Tune, and Homeward Bound: singer, great song - Music
  195. New single from: lyrics, bands, dance, 2010 - Music
  196. Steve Perry: album, song, stations, radio - Music
  197. Found a great unsung vocalist that will go right to your heart, and grip it tight: country, performance - Music
  198. like Gino Vannelli?: cd, 70's, best - Music
  199. Hey, got Country on my R & B! A Reeses chocolate cup mix...: hear - Music
  200. New Mariah Carey Merry Christmas II you hype: classic, album - Music