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  1. Carlos Santana: lyrics, bands, guitarists - Music
  2. Has Heard of Frank Ocean?: singer, song, good - Music
  3. Name the American cities with the most influence on the music industry from the '60s to now?: bands, country
  4. Music from the Caribbean: singers, favorite song, band, dance
  5. From a Metallica Monster to a Gaga Monster ?: albums, song, good - Music
  6. What is your favorite music group of all time?: bands, metal, albums
  7. Freddie Mercury: player, best, radio, concert - Music
  8. Top 10 favorite albums of ALL TIME?: dance, genre, Depeche Mode, selling - Music
  9. The Alarm: lyrics, sing, classics, albums - Music
  10. Enrique Iglesias: lyrics, sang, song, best - Music
  11. can someone explain I-Tunes gift cards?: itunes, good, money, original - Music
  12. Trivia: band - Music
  13. Music Videos with Twin Towers (World Trade Center): Depeche Mode, song, best
  14. Where is that cover song by that girl who does foster the people?: good - Music
  15. What are your favorite cover songs?: dance, Metallica, good - Music
  16. Robert Johnson: The Complete Recordings: A+: lyrics, singers, bands, techno - Music
  17. New to The Black Keys: album, best, solo - Music
  18. Christmas Tunes....: albums, song, best - Music
  19. What is your favorite kind of music?: singing, heavy metal, genre
  20. Fred Milano...The Belmonts: dance, group, 50's, song - Music
  21. Who's more unluckier?: bands, Beatles, famous, group - Music
  22. Srange, weird and bad: Las Vegas - Music
  23. Daniel Powter - Bad Day - 2005: sing, music video, cd, player
  24. Who is the best guitar player of all time?: guitarist - Music
  25. Breathtaking song and video: player - Music
  26. Uncle Jay explains 2011 in Music: singing
  27. Akon in bollywood: lyrics, singing, song - Music
  28. Tupac Shakur's Lost Prison Interview: 2pac - Music
  29. VHS or Beta: band, cd, itunes, genre - Music
  30. 3-year-old violinist: good, concert - Music
  31. Pennsylvania 6-5000 [HD Sound]: great song, house, song, hear - Music
  32. another lousy night: band, better - Music
  33. The Pandora Whirlwind: jazz, listen - Music
  34. Iced Earth -- Very Hot!: lyrics, band, metal, good - Music
  35. Looking for music or similar: lyrics, commercial, American
  36. Best ukulele for less than 150--concert size preferrable: top, concerts, musician
  37. The internet is a great place....: classic, best, guitar, covers - Music
  38. The Adios Lounge: lyrics, singing, music video, alternative
  39. We Need More Country Music Awards Shows: group, song, listen
  40. Cesaria Evora dead at 70: singer, artist - Music
  41. DC5 overrated: singer, great songs, band, classic - Music
  42. The CMAs: singing, country, artists, best - Music
  43. Do You Own Downloaded Songs You Heard The First Time on A Movie Soundtrack?: lyrics, music video
  44. Help ID this song with 'Florida' in the lyrics.: radio, original, vocals - Music
  45. For the Beloved: song - Music
  46. Underrated Composers: classic, good, classical - Music
  47. Grammy noms announced: band, indie - Music
  48. Help Me Name This Song!!!!!!!: great song, U2 - Music
  49. Drum set suggestions... - Music
  50. House will never die!: funk, song, top, original - Music
  51. lady gaga's epic new video: marry the night: singer, dance, player - Music
  52. Oddities!: band, metal, player, Beatles - Music
  53. Bands/singers you used to like when younger but no longer now.: band, heavy metal - Music
  54. Help with song i heard in Miami last month - Music
  55. Tribute to Change: top - Music
  56. Miranda Lambert is the new Loretta Lynn!: singers, band, country - Music
  57. British or America Psychedelic Scene: lyrics, bands, alternative, debut album - Music
  58. Powerful Musical-Listening Experiences: album, Doors, song, iPod
  59. 2012 Super Bowl: sing, album, Madonna, famous - Music
  60. Remixes Only....: cd, Beatles, famous, artist - Music
  61. Which songs from the 1970s do you wish you would hear more often on the radio?: singers, funk - Music
  62. Name of song and artist?: lyrics, singers, radio, guitar - Music
  63. What is your favorite online music service? ie:pandora, spotify, rdio: bands, indie
  64. Na Na Na Na. Na Na Na Na. Hey Hey Hey. Goodbye. - RIP: song, top - Music
  65. The Black Keys new video. No way can you be a Lonely Boy with moves like this.: band, rock - Music
  66. Wink? Can you Identify the Group and Track?: lyrics, singer, dance - Music
  67. I didn't know her.. !: artist, good, Soul, sounds - Music
  68. Emo Music: singer, favorite songs, bands, classic
  69. Your favorite and least favorite songs of 2011: blues, album, rapper - Music
  70. Halloween Music Events: bands, dance, best, DJ
  71. Sha Na Na: videos, song, good, performance - Music
  72. Epic Rap Battles of History - Music
  73. Smooth jazz tune last heard about 20 years ago: lyric, house, cd - Music
  74. Royalty Rates For TV Theme Songs: country, group, artist, royalties - Music
  75. Drake!!! Damn you!!: singing, hardcore, album, 2010 - Music
  76. RIP Jimmy Castor - Music
  77. TV Theme Songs: soundtrack, house, meaning, listen - Music
  78. Yahoo news article on Lady Gaga: country, song, listen - Music
  79. Oct 20 1977 - The real day the music died: favorite bands, rock, albums
  80. News, Miss the Hiss? Fanatics Flip For Tunes on Cassette Tapes.: techno, good - Music
  81. Hockey Game Songs: lyric, classic, good, original - Music
  82. Can someone identify this soft rock song?: lyrics, top, DJ - Music
  83. A topic without e.: lyrics, song, top, musician
  84. Compare 2 prog/rock albums: band, pop, genre, Beatles - Music
  85. 10 songs for a deserted island: lyrics, Springsteen, radio, listen - Music
  86. For the guitarists and music fanatics..: band, albums, solo, guitarist
  87. Tokyo Jihen 2004-2012: jazz, song - Music
  88. best albums of the 80's pt 1: lyrics, singing, great songs, band - Music
  89. Remember Cool Theme Songs? - Music
  90. Andy Williams battles cancer: best, hear, performance, covers - Music
  91. Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi diagnosed with Cancer.: metal, 70s, best - Music
  92. Van Halen announces tour dates: lyrics, lead singer, band, player - Music
  93. Am gold:1967: lead singer, country, cd, genre - Music
  94. Tribute to Syreeta!: top - Music
  95. At the drive in reunion: favorite band - Music
  96. GWAR guitarist Cory Smoot found dead on tour bus as band prepared to cross into Canada: singer, heavy metal - Music
  97. Mountain Goats: song, children - Music
  98. Primal Fear: soundtrack, classic, itunes, album - Music
  99. disappointing show: band, famous, musician, guitar
  100. The best music video ever seen.: classic, song
  101. buying a new fender mustang 4: good - Music
  102. of my favorite violinists: jazz, player, genre, greatest - Music
  103. Livin' out in the Country: lyrics, band, blues, album - Music
  104. The harpsichord in music: lyrics, classic, player, Beatles
  105. Best of British: music video, player, artists, song
  106. The Music Game................: lyrics, country, group, song
  107. Anything Goes, part IV: lyrics, band, song, top - Music
  108. Chasing Jimi's Trademark Tone: lyrics, band, classic, player - Music
  109. Favorite song you often play over and over.: lyrics, favorite songs, metal - Music
  110. Dire Straits fans: lyrics, great songs, player, group - Music
  111. Who are the Hottest / Sexiest / Most Beautiful Singers?: Soul, Houston - Music
  112. Are rock music fans the least tolerant of other musical styles?: singers, bands
  113. Catchy Tunes From Commercials?: singing, band, rock, song - Music
  114. Song(s) you are listening to currently/ recently w/feeling! 5 *: lyrics, blues - Music
  115. Childhood Music: lyrics, bands, dance, genre
  116. Superhits of The 70s:Have a Nice Day 10: Various artists: videos, favorite songs - Music
  117. Do you remember the very first song that you heard as a child?: lyrics, singing - Music
  118. Music from Brazil: lyric, band, instrumental, genre
  119. Songs you drive to....: lyrics, band, country, neil young - Music
  120. Bring on your favorite Dean Martin tune: band, sinatra, song - Music
  121. Top 5 Rappers from different Areas of the U.S.: classic, listen, popular - Music
  122. How much time do you spend listening to music per day?: blues, cd
  123. AM Gold: The Early 70's: lyrics, favorite song, country, cds - Music
  124. Which songs from the 1980s do you wish you would hear more often on the radio?: lyrics, 80s song - Music
  125. Before they became famous...Different styles: lyrics, singers, band, blues - Music
  126. Your best track of Tupac: lyrics, 2pac, DJ, California - Music
  127. For the love of House :2: Bring that beat back!: techno, genre, Beatles - Music
  128. Is Britney Spears losing relevance?: pop, albums, neil young, artist - Music
  129. Pumped up Kicks: lyrics, techno, 90's, song - Music
  130. What is your favorite song of all time?: singers, country, Metallica - Music
  131. American Music Awards, -I Just Don't Get It !!!!: sang, dance, sinatra
  132. People who claim they like 80's.: music video, favorite band, hardcore, ballads
  133. Love Revolution! Balancing the Hate with Wisdom: lyrics, singers, great songs - Music
  134. 1960s garage rock: band, alternative, album, REM - Music
  135. What song gets you crying?: song lyrics, singing, country, player - Music
  136. A little something different: Wrestling Themes: song lyrics, great, rock, player - Music
  137. Songs AND Artists that start with A-Z: lyrics, Chicago - Music
  138. I listen to all types of music: soundtrack, singing, bands
  139. Unexpected Thrills: soundtracks, singer, music video, great songs
  140. Why do a lot of people hate country music?: singing, classic, genre
  141. Christmas Albums or Song: lyrics, christmas music, jazz, best
  142. Why do Musicans lose the Quality as they get Older?: lyrics, singers
  143. artists similar to Michael Buble?: lyric, singing, jazz, ballads - Music
  144. Your best live: genre, album, genres, emotional - Music
  145. Stairway To Heaven......... Happpy Birthday: favorite song, classic, player, album - Music
  146. Dance & FigureSkating Performances: song, good, dancing, listen - Music
  147. Sade :great artist !!: good - Music
  148. Heavy D Dead at 44: good, rapper - Music
  149. A Musical Illness!: singer, bands, classic, cds
  150. Dubstep: music video, classic, famous, artists
  151. Are you embarassed to admit what is on your MP3 player?: lyrics, soundtrack - Music
  152. I hate the holidays and I hate the music!: country, pogues, song
  153. John Lennon was shot on this day in history: rock, albums, song - Music
  154. Favorite Bassists: lyrics, sing, band, bass - Music
  155. It is just not neccessary: lyrics, classics, genre, Beatles - Music
  156. Music About Horses, One Way or the Other . . .: dance, Rolling Stones, top
  157. Congratulations to Sinead O' Connor: singing, artist, song, best - Music
  158. Best singer from this list: lyrics, singers, classic, song - Music
  159. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame-now a joke!: bands, jazz, Beastie Boys - Music
  160. finds Adele annoying?: singer, artists, song, top - Music
  161. I want to dedicate this song to my wonderful father: lyrics, band - Music
  162. What New Band, Song or Piece Would You Want to Share?: lyrics, videos - Music
  163. Why Don't I Like The Beatles Anymore?: singers, bands, blues - Music
  164. Song(s) you are listening to currently/ recently w/feeling! 4*: lyrics, singing - Music
  165. Your favorite Willie Nelson songs, anecdotes,: singers, favorite songs, classic - Music
  166. Whole Albums On YouTube.: jazz, player, Beatles, song - Music
  167. What Song Are You Listening To RIGHT NOW? (Part 5): blues, better, sounds - Music
  168. Is synthpop soulless??: lyrics, bands, electronic, Depeche Mode - Music
  169. 70 yr old rockers still performing?: singing, blues, Metallica, song - Music
  170. Madonna Performing at Halftime of This Year's Superbowl: pop, albums, song - Music
  171. know a good place/website to buy a vocal/soundproof booth?: singing, Nashville - Music
  172. Not Another Lady Gaga Video-But Not Quite How Seen: song, iPod - Music
  173. Hillary: at point I toyed with the idea of being President.: concert - Music
  174. Why must monkey kill monkey???????: lyrics - Music
  175. Way Down South: player, artist, original - Music
  176. sarah chang is the greatest of all time: concert - Music
  177. The Sensational Alex Harvey Band: pop, iggy pop, cover, camera - Music
  178. iPhone Music Apps
  179. seeing Kid Rock on his small venue tour?: fan, tickets - Music
  180. Musicians at the Occupy Wall Street movement: great song, song, best
  181. dehumanization in music: lyrics, 80s
  182. 10000+ Record Labels! - Music
  183. Need help with the Insensible lyrics by Mandalay: song, meaning, cover - Music
  184. Simon Collins - continuing the Collins legacy: electronic, album, artists - Music
  185. Sarah Chang, American jewel.: concert, performance - Music
  186. Sammy Davis Jr The Candy man: song - Music
  187. Guided By Voices in the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame - Music
  188. I Liked Greendale: neil young, performance - Music
  189. I pad music at a Christmas talent show
  190. My version of the iPod shuffle: album, song, good, sounds - Music
  191. New Rocking Music - Wanted To Share: videos, good
  192. The Rubberbandits - Black Man (Funny New Song) - Music
  193. Epic Violin Girl...Lindsey Stirling...AMAZING !: player - Music
  194. found something and I don't know what: electronic, albums, concert - Music
  195. Last Friday Night - Music
  196. Amelia Vega (Bachata): singles, solo - Music
  197. Free stuff!!: good - Music
  198. R.I.P. Disco Queen - Andrea True More More More: player - Music
  199. Today is the One Year Anniversary of Teena Marie's Death: singers, pop - Music
  200. Foo Fighters.....WHEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! - Music