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  1. Festival season: 2010, best, ticket - Music
  2. Understanding rock and pop rock: lyrics, guitar, popular, chorus - Music
  3. Introducing the Rai N'B genre: singers, band, techno, cd - Music
  4. Kings X: band, rock, album, song - Music
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  6. Classic rock, modern rock: player, genre, Springsteen - Music
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  9. Indian / South Asian music: lyrics, famous, song, best
  10. Frank Zappa at the Roxy: group, musician, Los Angeles, talented
  11. What did Freddie say?: lyrics, band, concert - Music
  12. KISS & Motley Crue Tour -- ?? Opening Acts?: band, rock, best - Music
  13. Linda Clifford !: singer, great song, song, good - Music
  14. Jimmy Ellis, 'Disco Inferno' singer, dies: dance, song, good, listen - Music
  15. can help me with the name and composer of a classical composition?: genre, famous - Music
  16. Fifty years of folk music-Judy Collins: singing, classic, albums, artists
  17. Banjo music: lyrics, OST, sing, music videos
  18. Windows Media Player, Internet Radio: videos, jazz, genre, stations - Music
  19. little Niki Minaj girls: singing, listen, performer, cover - Music
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  21. Stop with the iBuds - Upgrade for God sakes!!!!!!: electronic, mp3 player, player - Music
  22. I remember...... - Music
  23. San Francisco: lyrics, sixties, song, radio - Music
  24. I love Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue!: jazz, better, listen - Music
  25. American Indigenous or First Nations music: dance, genre, song, good
  26. If your life had a soundtrack, what songs would be on it?: lyrics, soundtracks - Music
  27. What? No threads about Davy Jones - Music
  28. My Top 5 Salsa Singers of All Time: lyrics, genre, album - Music
  29. one know the name of this song ?: lyric, hear - Music
  30. Dub: band, instrumental, group, 70s - Music
  31. Favorite songs in Spanish - Music
  32. Peter Frampton: lyrics, sang, great song, albums - Music
  33. Popular culture / music and older adults: bands, pop, artists, 1980s
  34. You want to put a smile on your face? Watch this boy play. You will not regret it.: videos, player - Music
  35. Help ID Music: player, artist
  36. REGGAETON music: lyrics, hardcore, player, genre
  37. Is there newer Jazz Rock/Jazz Fusion bands?: favorite band, funk, genre - Music
  38. Is Death Cab for Cutie still popular?: favorite band, alternative, genre - Music
  39. Who remembers the name of the high school where Jerry Lee Lewis appeared?: singing, 1980's - Music
  40. Trivia !: funk, albums, group - Music
  41. Adam Yauch, Beastie Boys, dead: videos, rock, best - Music
  42. Really Need Feedback On My Latest Song: 60's, radio, guitarist - Music
  43. How many songs do you have on your iPod?: itunes, player, album - Music
  44. Reggae/Dancehall with a Message: genre, 2010, song, good - Music
  45. Disco trivia: dance, artists, song, female - Music
  46. What genre of music is this?: band, dance, 70s, best
  47. Julian Lennon Everyhting Changes Surprisingly Good: classic, album, 1990s - Music
  48. The Wu Tang Clan: classic, album, artist, song - Music
  49. Help Finding an Awesome Song: lyrics, pop, album, artist - Music
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  51. name this piece for me!: classic, song, radio, listen - Music
  52. =) Name this song for me: lyrics, soundtrack, good - Music
  53. Sad news: Levon Helm in final stages of cancer battle: lyrics, singing - Music
  54. Song: singers, music video, band, classic
  55. What Is Jay-Z's best Album?: albums, song - Music
  56. Tupac's Back?: techno, player, good, rappers - Music
  57. Your Favorite Gospel Quartets: lyrics, rock, Chattanooga - Music
  58. Why play cover?: lyrics, famous, artists, song - Music
  59. if Buddy Holly would have lived how would his music have evolved?: singers, hard rock
  60. Would love feedback!: singing, best, listen, covers - Music
  61. The Cranberries' New Album - Music
  62. 53 years ago today: singers, great songs, bass, player - Music
  63. Keyboard effects - Music
  64. New Singer-Songwriters: country, genre, guitar - Music
  65. Grammys Memorial Tribute Missed the Mark!!: better, Soul - Music
  66. Deadmau5 live in Scotland - Music
  67. The Prodigy Rock Am Ring Germany: band, 2009, best, concert - Music
  68. On my outboard hard drive are 74 songs beginning with the: blues, Pearl Jam - Music
  69. song for funeral: videos, mp3 - Music
  70. Who do you consider the true pioneer of smooth jazz?: genre, album - Music
  71. The color pink best represents what genre of music?: jazz, genres, listen
  72. Understand what is being sung....: lyrics, sing, instrumental, song - Music
  73. Is this the greatest ever?: sing, bass, Beatles, concert - Music
  74. 8 year old guitarist: videos - Music
  75. Belmondo - english/french/spanish: dance, artist, top, radio - Music
  76. The kazoo in music: blues, Pink Floyd, saxophone, song
  77. Does this LRB song still get airplay today?: band, cd, 70's - Music
  78. post a song about.... - Music
  79. Can you suggest a song for this?: top, commercials - Music
  80. hip hop must haves music for my ipod??: alternative, albums, artists
  81. [Cover by Me] - Run Away With Me: singers, artist, better - Music
  82. Is there something wrong with: classic, artists, good, concerts - Music
  83. George Jones or Conway Twitty?: singers, favorite songs, country, duets - Music
  84. Elvis Costello: lyrics, band, player, album - Music
  85. Rank the music of each decade: electronic, Beatles, 1970's, song
  86. 80's hip hop verses 90's hip hop which was better?: classic, group - Music
  87. Somebody That I Used To Know - Gotye (feat. Kimbra): artist, 1980's - Music
  88. Poll: What is Your Favorite African American Male Singer: lyrics, favorite song, song - Music
  89. Madonna says to save your pennies for her high concert ticket prices: singer, bands - Music
  90. Trumpets and who play them: band, classic, player, genre - Music
  91. Who Would Have Better Sung The National Anthem Last Night?: alternative, player - Music
  92. Michael Jackson or Madonna: singing, dance, genre, sinatra - Music
  93. ALL the reasons why people hate rap music in this one video...: lyrics, artists
  94. Can you give your opinion about this rock band from my city?: sing, song - Music
  95. Another Susan Boyles type star is born: pop, cd, better - Music
  96. Free For All: lyrics, player, genre, elvis presley - Music
  97. Earl Scruggs dead at 88: lyric, band, classic, ballad - Music
  98. musicians that were so awesome, people it was studio tricks until they saw them live: country, player
  99. Norah Jones (Fiona Apple too): lyrics, classic, album, artists - Music
  100. Led Zeppelin vs. Pink Floyd: band, blues, albums, Beatles - Music
  101. Lets discuss Fresh New Music that was just released.: lyrics, singing, videos
  102. Sarah vs. Hillary--who would get your vote?: best, concert, amazing - Music
  103. chat about 2 Dan Fogelberg songs: sang, classic, best - Music
  104. Greatest Concept Albums. . . .: classic, Pink Floyd, best, money - Music
  105. Will Jack White be remembered as a great song writer for our time?: lyrics, player - Music
  106. Levon Helm is gone: band, player, neil young, group - Music
  107. What decade has the worst music?: singer, band, funk, genre
  108. What's the best version of I Will Always Love You?: sang, music video
  109. Your favorite female singer?: singing, jazz, gospel, Madonna - Music
  110. poll: What is your favorite African american woman singer: singers, best, movies - Music
  111. Harp Instrumententals or with vocals: dance, Beatles, concert, Soul - Music
  112. What happened to the guitar in mainstream rock music?: bands, blues, player
  113. Last Song you listened to that you haven't listened to in a LONG time: indie, good - Music
  114. What was the best concert been too?: band, house, player - Music
  115. Do you like DISCO?: soundtrack, band, dance, genre - Music
  116. HARDCORE -- BLACK Hole DESPAIR, Depress Beyond SAD Songs!: lyrics, singers, music video
  117. Songs with spoken words?: music video, blues, cd, best
  118. Prince or Michael Jackson? If you had to choose?: singer, funk, albums - Music
  119. What if a musical genius is never exposed to music?: classic, song
  120. Musical Debate: Why don't they produce rock legends anymore?: lyrics, singers, music videos
  121. Pat Benatar or Joan Jett - 1980's - who do you like better?: lyrics, blues - Music
  122. Rest in Peace, Dick Clark: bands, classic, artists, song - Music
  123. Just saw Guns and Roses last night: bands, rock, mp3 player - Music
  124. Guys who were around in the 80s: Debbie, or Tiffany?: metal, Madonna - Music
  125. Favorite Love Song for Valentine Day: lyrics, dance, player, Madonna - Music
  126. R.I.P. - MCA (Adam Yauch) - Beastie Boys frontman.: videos, 2009 - Music
  127. Women and Instrumental music: soundtrack, band, classic, player
  128. Can recommend a good AC album/CD/: lyrics, singer, bands - Music
  129. GRAMMMYS Worth the Hype???: singing, classic, genre, artists - Music
  130. Great violin performances--post them: heavy metal, player, 1980s, song - Music
  131. Debbie Gibson or Tiffany?: singers, techno, albums, Beatles - Music
  132. Artist: You like ALL of their songs?: singers, bands, albums - Music
  133. Son of Anything Goes: blues, player, Pink Floyd, original - Music
  134. At Last... Etta James her memory: singing, great songs, blues - Music
  135. Favorite songs during 1996: music video, dance, cd, best
  136. The Velvet Underground - official: lyrics, great song, band, classic - Music
  137. Ronnie Montrose has passed away: singing, rock, album, artist - Music
  138. Niki Minaj -what a performance!: sing, famous, artist, song - Music
  139. Favorite Song By Whitney Houston: lyrics, soundtrack, sang, 1970's - Music
  140. Great use of symphonies in pop/rock music: lyrics, blues, cover
  141. Flavor of the month grammy fizzles: lead singer, classic, albums, artist - Music
  142. Tonight, I met a dude who hated Adele: singer, rap, artist - Music
  143. How about oboes in rock music???: lyrics, music video, debut album, song
  144. Post Music that has a Message: lyrics, itunes, Detroit
  145. Why do people hate nickelback?: lyrics, great song, band, rock - Music
  146. Canadian 80's music: band, pop, 90s, radio
  147. Whitney Houston's selfish family: good, single, radio, concert - Music
  148. Coachella 2012: lyrics, bands, house, group - Music
  149. Music of the depressed...: lyrics, soundtrack, music video, house
  150. Metal fan... finding new interest in complete opposite music: band, classic, itunes
  151. Same title different songs: lyrics, videos, band, genre - Music
  152. Are you tired of Autotune?: sing, music video, r'n'b, artists
  153. When did you start to develop your own taste in music?: soundtracks, sing
  154. Happy 90's Pop: lyrics, favorite songs, house, album - Music
  155. Why is Rick Ross hot?: lyric, group, artists, 2009 - Music
  156. Albums/songs you hate from artists you love: lyrics, singer, music video
  157. Musical pairings or collaborations (not duets): soundtracks, band, player, albums
  158. SuperBowl halftime - lip synching vs. real musicians: singing, band, drum
  159. Is this song punk rock or pop rock: lyric, band, hardcore - Music
  160. Forgotten Hits / Summer Songs: blues, best, covers, Minneapolis - Music
  161. The Jerky Boys!: rock, best, listen, used - Music
  162. I Will Always Love You remembrance of Whitney Houston: lyrics, classic - Music
  163. Would Someone Explain To Me The Deification of Steve Ray Vaughn?: electronic, player - Music
  164. Why are home stereo systems so unpopular now?: techno, cd, mp3 player - Music
  165. Best single lyric-line ever written?: band, blues, Rolling Stones, money - Music
  166. How did dubstep get so popular?: lyrics, electronic, genre, albums - Music
  167. WHich version do you like better?: rock, album, song, commercial - Music
  168. It's All Rock & Roll To Me.: band, heavy metal, genre - Music
  169. 3D Song Videos - Music
  170. need your mics: country, single - Music
  171. Artist and Band Tiers Based On Notoriety/Influence: Beatles, artists - Music
  172. Violinist in fine fiddle despite ringtone intrusion: classic, player, concert - Music
  173. Good House Party Music: song
  174. Arcade Fire Set: 2010 - Music
  175. Your best track of RAP ( only one choice !) - Music
  176. Meatloaf's new album - Heck in a Handbasket: good, listen - Music
  177. Billy Strange passes at 81: instrumental, sinatra, group, 50's - Music
  178. Your favorite wailers: singers, metal, genre, song - Music
  179. why is hans zimmer jealous of james horner?: guitar, talented - Music
  180. Song Finder Apps-SoundHound: DJ, cover, history, used - Music
  181. Synesthesia: bass - Music
  182. A tale of two eras.... - Music
  183. Yehudi Menuhin--greatest of all time.: concert - Music
  184. Notre Dame de Paris - Vietnam got's talent - Music
  185. Adele - Rumor Has It /Live At The Royal Albert Hall - Music
  186. Songs for another generation: classic, group, best, listen - Music
  187. Check out my friend's cover of Coldplay: listen - Music
  188. Bad personnel moves: band - Music
  189. 1 Hits: Best of 60s Rock Radio: Various Artists (2006): classic, cd, original - Music
  190. The power of editing. - Music
  191. Kurdish music and Kurdish musicians: best
  192. First Single! Check it out! - Music
  193. I Fink U Freeky ---catchy song! {from Letterman show 2/6/12} - Music
  194. Best Bridges in Rock Music: genre, Weezer
  195. Wish: player - Music
  196. Help me i.d. the name of this song/band: singer, metal - Music
  197. Like My Dog: lyrics, player - Music
  198. D. Fagen-M.McDonald-BozSkaggs as...: good - Music
  199. Life of agony.: singer, album, female, listen - Music
  200. Alabama - Feels So Right: song - Music