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  1. Does remember P.O.D.?: metal, album, Pearl Jam, song - Music
  2. Does Play A Xylaphone,Marimba Or Balafon?: bands, jazz, 1970's - Music
  3. Inexpensive speakers for at-home DJ controller use?: electronic, best, female - Music
  4. Are songs similar: lyrics, musical, used
  5. Punk Rock from the past...: best, original, New York - Music
  6. Who remembers this tune?: blues, song, money - Music
  7. The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band: albums, group, 60's - Music
  8. Who likes 70s British pop?: song, dancing, listen - Music
  9. Name this instrumental song: dance, group, commercial, movies - Music
  10. Een beetje (A little) Nederpop: singers, favorite songs, country, genre - Music
  11. Ringo's All-Star Band 2012: rock, good, money, guitar - Music
  12. Albert Lee's 70th Birthday Celebration: singer, videos, country, player - Music
  13. Am I the only one who misses the musical creativity of the 1970s?: singers, favorite bands
  14. Sweet music: 1970's, song, top, listen
  15. Why has almost every popular genre of the past 200 years originated in the United States?: band, classic - Music
  16. guitar lessonss: blues, cd, cd player, famous - Music
  17. The music industry and the Illuminati. Really????: singers, music video, pop
  18. Drum Corps International Fans?: videos, 2010, meaning, solo - Music
  19. how popular were the Beatles in England?: lyrics, band, meaning - Music
  20. Bands like UmphreyMcGee, Moe.,: bass, player, good, popular - Music
  21. Good entry-level electric piano?: instruments, musical, sounds, instrument
  22. The Twisted Lyric: lyrics, singing, player, Pearl Jam - Music
  23. Songs you wish she'd listen to: Springsteen - Music
  24. guilty pleasures on your iPod: lyrics - Music
  25. Trini Lopez: singing, classic, debut album, albums - Music
  26. Sly & The Family Stone Unsung: band, song - Music
  27. Robert Plant U.S. tour - 1 city: blues, gospel, group - Music
  28. Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons: jazz, cd, album, 60s - Music
  29. Just for fun: For who have not seen this.: neil young, better - Music
  30. Audition song for boy's choir: singing, good, recommendation - Music
  31. Do you listen to classical music on the radio?: good, concerts, commercials
  32. Where Are My Liner Notes!!!: lyrics, techno, cd, genre - Music
  33. Good current music for stuck in the past...: band, indie, album
  34. Hal Ketchum - Small Town Saturday Night (forgotten): great song, song, better - Music
  35. Today's great synthesizer players: jazz, instrument - Music
  36. help with song title: lyrics, singing, female, cassette - Music
  37. Chi Coltrane: singer, country, genre, albums - Music
  38. Great Music Video, Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon: classic
  39. Somebody That I Used to Know - 5 Peeps 1 Guitar: singing, cover - Music
  40. Do you consider Jay-Z cool?: lyrics, techno, used - Music
  41. Who's heard of Suzi Quatro?: one-hit wonder, funk, famous, artists - Music
  42. Where the hell is Matt ?: music video, player, song, good
  43. 70's style Country-Rock/Americana: cds, neil young, 60's, song - Music
  44. Is it weird to be fascinated by elevator music?: lyrics, band, instrumental
  45. Would You Call This an Instrument?: player, fan, listen, musical
  46. It's a crime they're not famous: band, country, album, best - Music
  47. Getting a grip on a drum stick: artists, better, single - Music
  48. Cities of Scandinavia. - Music
  49. Most socially accepted grunge (besides Nirvana): lyrics, singers, band, jazz - Music
  50. Hiphop From its Early Days(1977): funk, DJ, records - Music
  51. Ex Guns N Roses guitarist Slash gets a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame: best - Music
  52. Who remembers the Clavinet?: reggae, Rolling Stones, song, popular - Music
  53. Cases of mistaken identity: lyrics, lead singer, duets, album - Music
  54. A Hard Day's Night (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack U.S. Release): electronic, compact disc - Music
  55. The Jacksons Minus The Gloved One: singers, great songs, group, 90s - Music
  56. Jeff Buckley, thoughts?: classic, albums, song, better - Music
  57. RIP Jon Lord: rock, top, solo, cover - Music
  58. about 70's Bette Midler, Manhattan Transfer and Pointer Sisters: group, 70s - Music
  59. Who remembers Dean Reed?: singer, song, American, listen - Music
  60. I love Steve Morse!!!: band, good, Kansas, Nashville - Music
  61. opinion on my Singing: videos, good, lessons, guitar - Music
  62. RIP Bob Babbitt: bass, artists, song, top - Music
  63. Frank Ocean - Channel Orange [2012]: lyrics, singing, great songs, itunes - Music
  64. how do i find a song?: lyrics, good - Music
  65. ***Rufus Wainwright ***: indie, concert, cover, popular - Music
  66. Happy Birthday Bob Dylan: house, player - Music
  67. re this Geo Benson song: lead singer, band, jazz, ballad - Music
  68. early Styx was so great!: band, albums, 70's, best - Music
  69. Help me find country song about checking for ticks. - Music
  70. Hauntingly beautiful piece: classic, album, song, musical
  71. Thank You For The Music: favorite songs, rock, artists, 70's
  72. Somebody That I Used to Know: player, song, cover, original - Music
  73. The Pussycat Dolls..................: lead singer, dance, artist, solo - Music
  74. Andre 3000 as Jimi Hendrix: videos, song, cover, style - Music
  75. Eurovision Song Contest 2012 - Sweden winner!: good - Music
  76. Are The Shins getting popular?: soundtrack, band, indie, song - Music
  77. Peter Gabriel tour: concert, hits, tickets, Atlanta - Music
  78. Remember when Bob Dylan and his music was so reviled in this country?: music video, best
  79. Henry Saint Clair Fredericks Taj Mahal , A National Treasure.: blues, artist - Music
  80. Vic McKenzie was really a great singer. Love that guy!: singers, song - Music
  81. Looking for title of this song: lyrics, artist, 90's - Music
  82. Pitbull - Back In Time: lyrics, hip-hop, song, female - Music
  83. Going to Roger Waters The Wall concert tonight: band, rock, Pink Floyd - Music
  84. what is the name of this american patriotic song (i think its patriotic): instrumental, instrument - Music
  85. Patty Griffin: player, genre, American, amazing - Music
  86. Just Discovered Brandi Carlile: album, artist, song, better - Music
  87. When The Blues Dies...: singer, band, player, genre - Music
  88. SHIRLEY BASSEY and ME: singers, country, player, famous - Music
  89. Rest in Peace Duck Dunn: bands, classic, player, neil young - Music
  90. What song from your high school days are you listening to?: lyrics, favorite band - Music
  91. The Beatles Infamous Butcher Cover Photo Session And Alternate Shots: band, rock - Music
  92. RIP Kitty Wells: singing, country, artist, song - Music
  93. New Van Halen Album: blues, albums, song, solo - Music
  94. What is your favorite Tom Petty song?: lyrics, dance, 80s - Music
  95. Metal divas metal queens: lyrics, heavy metal - Music
  96. I prefer to hear black women sing: singers, house, gospel - Music
  97. Does find this about the Eagles?: lyrics, alternative, albums - Music
  98. Willie Nelson as a Young Man-: lyrics, singing, videos, great songs - Music
  99. What song sounds like it was written by an 8 year old?: lyrics, band - Music
  100. England has better music than America: lyrics, singers, videos, band
  101. What is your all-time favorite bar-band rock song?: music video, blues, player
  102. Rock and Roll around the world: singers, band, metal, U2 - Music
  103. Slide Guitar: lyrics, music video, band, blues
  104. Rap Music is dead: lyrics, country, group, better
  105. Opinion list: The 10 saddest songs you know: classic, ballad, Beatles - Music
  106. RIP - Queen of Disco - Donna Summer: singer, dance, artists - Music
  107. Did Punk Fans Listen to Soul And Funk?: bands, heavy metal, player - Music
  108. What was your favorite DONNA SUMMER song?: sing, player, best - Music
  109. Song(s) you think people have forgotten about that you really like...: house, player - Music
  110. Queen vs. Led Zeppelin (Who do you prefer and why): singers, favorite songs - Music
  111. Do you like pop/rock music older than you?: band, classic, Beatles
  112. How About A for Odd/Unique Bands: band, blues, genre - Music
  113. Why don't British singers sound British when they sing?: country, player, Beatles - Music
  114. 2000's music appreciation: bands, electronic, good, original
  115. Pop music too loud and all sounds the same: official: lyrics, sing a song
  116. Songs That Sound Alike: lyrics, classic, Rolling Stones, hear - Music
  117. what do you think of this statement made by Keith Richards: singers, band - Music
  118. I love Van Canto: lyrics, Soul, records - Music
  119. East Coast Rock vs West Coast Rock: band, funk, Beatles - Music
  120. The Beatles vs. The Doors: band, blues, song, best - Music
  121. Another speaker/monitor: electronic, top, iPod, money - Music
  122. Areas where people DO care about MUSIC and DON'T care about SPORTS: singers, band
  123. Describe your current relationship (or lack thereof) with a song title: better, iPod - Music
  124. Smooth Electronica: good - Music
  125. Need Help Finding The Name/Artist of a Smooth Jazz Song...: lyrics, house - Music
  126. The Blues: In Black and White.: lyrics, soundtrack, sang, band - Music
  127. Learning to play the Guitar..........thougths?: lyrics, favorite songs, classic, player - Music
  128. What happens if you play a country record backwards?: singing, hits, Reno - Music
  129. Do you find people's musical preferences often reflect their personalities?: lyric, singers
  130. Grindcore, noisecore and machine noise: song - Music
  131. Best DJ headphones?: electronic, player, 80's, top - Music
  132. Most Overrated Musical Talent: lyrics, singing, band, classic
  133. Music that gets you emotional or moves you.: lyrics, music video, great song
  134. When was pop music at its peak?: lyrics, bands, heavy metal
  135. Has band blended alternative/indie rock with jazz?: singers, classic - Music
  136. We can all agree that.....: lyrics, classic, genre, Doors - Music
  137. What was your reaction when Kiss did disco?: singing, band, country - Music
  138. Singers/groups that deserve to be better known: rock, group, song - Music
  139. Gotye - how big is this artist getting?: singing, great songs, house - Music
  140. Favorite Michael Jackson song(s)?: lyrics, rock, good, original - Music
  141. Songs that represent your relationship at the moment.: music video, band, metal
  142. RUSH Clockwork Angels: band, heavy metal, cd, albums - Music
  143. Simon and Garfunkel Bridge Over Troubled Water: favorite song, hardcore, albums - Music
  144. Call Me What is the big deal?: lyrics, singer, pop - Music
  145. An awesome guy!: favorite song, classic, Rolling Stones, song - Music
  146. Super Bands: singers, great songs, band, jazz - Music
  147. Odd Non Vocal or Intrumental Sounds That Are Music to You: drum, cd
  148. Are there good singers left?: lead singer, band, blues, duets - Music
  149. The Quiet Storm: dance, song, Soul, instrument - Music
  150. Why are so many new songs about sex?: funk, 70's, radio - Music
  151. Beatles-Sgt Pepper's, other Beatle lp's, and the hobby!: band, albums, vinyl - Music
  152. Now that we know Frank Ocean is Gay...: country, itunes, genre - Music
  153. Artists who died and what could have been: bootleg, fav song, band - Music
  154. What is prog rock and why do you like it? Or hate it?: lyrics, soundtrack - Music
  155. Who is a musician?: sang, band, hardcore, player
  156. Albums: lyrics, band, classic, debut album - Music
  157. Why Did People Hate Disco?: lyrics, bands, heavy metal, genre - Music
  158. Songs Evoking Specific Memories: lyrics, sang, band, house - Music
  159. Help me explain to my kids how a blind musician can play an instrument: singing, videos
  160. Doc Watson: house, album, artist, sixties - Music
  161. The most senseless songs: lyrics, singing, bands, hip-hop - Music
  162. What are your favorite Kenny Loggins songs?: lyrics, classic, player - Music
  163. Alternative Rock music VS. Hip Hop, Rap music?: lyrics, favorite bands, genre
  164. Russian music. What do you prefer?: classic, Beatles, song, instrument
  165. Best guitar anthems EVER?!: band, seventies, song - Music
  166. Best Duran Duran song?: lyrics, favorite song, band, album - Music
  167. Rediscovering Great Old Tunes: lyrics, singer, classic, player - Music
  168. What's top on your 'sexy time' playlist??: house, Beatles, hear - Music
  169. Best computer mic for recording music?: song, sounds
  170. Reading Rainbow rock balad. - Music
  171. Music, Olympics Theme Song
  172. Petition to have Party Like a Mormon as Romney's offical intro song at the RNC convention - Music
  173. Check This Out: song - Music
  174. Rare pop music styles: famous, performance, record
  175. Get Your Take On Lyrics... Help Me Out: better, original - Music
  176. What Genres of Music Today Still Use Studio Orchestration?: instrumental, instrumentals, record
  177. Best love song/theme in a movie? Post it and/or name it. - Music
  178. Songs That Cheer You Up!: good - Music
  179. Manhattan Transfer from the 70's--jazz fans: albums, song, hear, listen - Music
  180. Earliest Musical Instruments Found
  181. Dark Tales-Music Legends and Mysteries: band, rock, Rolling Stones, musician
  182. L7 - Music
  183. How will the anti-semitic Wall concert go over in NYC?: Pink Floyd, New Jersey - Music
  184. sayaka shoji--simply amazing: concert - Music
  185. Did Kool Herc Really Start Hip-Hop? - Music
  186. John Lennon and Paul McCartney Met 55 Years Ago Today: Beatles, song - Music
  187. How did you like the music that was popular during your high school years?: country, 70's
  188. love jam band music, but don't fit the stereotype?: favorite bands, dance
  189. Soundtrack for the past 100 years...: lyrics, song, single, used - Music
  190. Metal and Hard Rock Musicians' Yearbook Photos
  191. Autographed Guy Mitchell Greatest Hits Album 1983: vinyl, best, selling, cover - Music
  192. TomorrowLand Festival: player - Music
  193. Blues Traveler concert? - Music
  194. Displeased with the Roger Waters concert: Pink Floyd, 1970's, top, concerts - Music
  195. Cool band i found. Blackberry Smoke: singer, country, good, musician
  196. was the theme song of 'Last Exit to Brooklyn' created just for that movie? - Music
  197. Who's song is played on National Geographic in the Mystery Manhunt promo?: famous - Music
  198. Could someone help me form an understanding of this?: good, amazing - Music
  199. Uncle Sam Blues: best, listen - Music
  200. Will you help me find this recording online?: best - Music