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  1. tell me what you think of this cover??: White Stripes, song, good - Music
  2. KHJ Top Thirty Weekly Lists: great songs, blues, ballad, genre - Music
  3. Lee Dorman 70, Bassist for Iron Butterfly Passes: band, album, good - Music
  4. Which of the two is the better music app?: song, radio, listen
  5. Christmas Music - Favorites?: lyrics, singers, classics, sinatra
  6. Amazing grace ~ sung in cherokee: American, listen - Music
  7. Favorite work out songs to put you in the mood?: favorite song, metal - Music
  8. What country do you think that makes the best music?: heavy metal, Beatles
  9. Misogyny in Hip Hop Culture...not cool: lyrics, singing, hip-hop - Music
  10. TV vs. Movies: music video, rock, 1980's, song
  11. CDs Nowadays: lyrics, bootleg, music cd, mp3 player
  12. So I just heard European rap.....: 90s, song, good - Music
  13. Time to Say Good Bye to 2012: song - Music
  14. got a Friend vote: singer, classic, cd - Music
  15. Cole Porter, George Gershwin, Irving Berlin: soundtracks, singers, song, good - Music
  16. wood vs. modern synthetics.: house, player, saxophone, best - Music
  17. Looking for Blackened Thrash/D Beat, Crossover Type Bands: album, Soul - Music
  18. Look for something different and weird to listen to?!: lyrics, band - Music
  19. Ravi Shankar has died...: videos, rock, album, Rolling Stones - Music
  20. folk music festivals 2013: tickets
  21. Brian Setzer Orchestra tour: artist, concert, Phoenix, Los Angeles - Music
  22. Video, Child joins street singer, steals the show: good, performer - Music
  23. Nobody Musicians Who Could Be Somebody That Found.: indie, player, Beatles
  24. Rolling Stones Live: sang, band, blues, 70's - Music
  25. Heavy Metal Television: videos, band, cd, album - Music
  26. Try this one ...: song, fan, drummer - Music
  27. The Official Supermarket Music: singing, Beatles, 60's, song
  28. Iron Maiden tourning: bands, classic, album, 2010 - Music
  29. old farts (50+) starting to play music again or for the first time?: singer, band
  30. r & B, or is thissomething: genre, song, RnB - Music
  31. Tupac or Not?: lyrics, artists, 90's, song - Music
  32. Choral music: singers, Utah
  33. Guilty pleasures: lyrics, itunes - Music
  34. That's All: lyrics, classic, fan, cover - Music
  35. Bee Gees, let's play with your toys,..: song, greatest, hear - Music
  36. 'Hall's House', know about it?: song - Music
  37. BONE tHUGS + TWISTA: album, Rush - Music
  38. Sigur Růs: albums, song, listen, cover - Music
  39. We'll get there faster then we'll take it slow...: singing, house, song - Music
  40. Best limp bizkit song and album: Iowa - Music
  41. Without Love, It ain't much...She want's to lead, She don't Need a Man's Touch...: top - Music
  42. Confirmed Beyonce lip sync at the inauguration: singing, band, pop - Music
  43. Admit it, the Blues is pretty boring sometimes!: lyrics, singers, band - Music
  44. Throat Singing: singers, band, rock, cds - Music
  45. Kelly Clarkson: singer, song, good, performance - Music
  46. Moments in Love Version 2: classic, song, good, hear - Music
  47. iTunes- sorting drives me crazy: artist, song, top - Music
  48. Many years they tried to break tha code: sing, videos - Music
  49. like this song?, Version 1 - Music
  50. Can someone tell me what instrument this is?: single, instruments, guitar - Music
  51. What analogue music are you hearing right now??: classic, Pink Floyd, song
  52. How to banish ear worms.: lyrics, singing, house, album - Music
  53. What is your list of the best romantic songs?: lyrics, singer, dance - Music
  54. Why does it embarass you to play music that used to embarass you?: band, heavy metal
  55. Daryl's House..what do you know? - Music
  56. Moments in Love... - Music
  57. Favorite Captured Tracks: bands, best, record - Music
  58. What's the most romantic love song that someone who loves you has dedicated to you?: band, player - Music
  59. Doug Stone - I don't know how I didn't know this guy.: favorite song, classic - Music
  60. Freestyle: good, used - Music
  61. Looking For a Song (Cover of Lord Buckley's The Nazz): lyrics, singers - Music
  62. 2 Guitarists lost this week.: guitarist - Music
  63. I wish we could see artists like this on the big screen: singers, song - Music
  64. Favorite 5 instruments in modern music: soundtrack, bass, saxophone, guitar
  65. The current WHO tour: favorite bands, 1980s, greatest, hear - Music
  66. What do 4 album titles have in common?: song, fan - Music
  67. Artists you would turn out to be one-hit wonders, but didn't: Madonna, 2010 - Music
  68. Experimental/Abstract hip-hop: favorite songs, electronic, genre, artist - Music
  69. Timeless Music?: techno, genre, 80's, song
  70. what do you honestly think of my song: lyrics, techno, best - Music
  71. Erica Wexler: performance, vocal, used - Music
  72. Native American Heritage Month - November: dance, DJ, history - Music
  73. Age and creativity: singers, classics, albums, Rolling Stones - Music
  74. Do you think this is genuine beauty or calculated schmaltz?: soundtrack, instrumental - Music
  75. Happy 30th Anniversary THRILLER by Michael Jackson: albums, song, best - Music
  76. Black Metal: song, good, Soul - Music
  77. Live - In Concert - Music
  78. The blues around the world: lyrics, singers, band, cd - Music
  79. What Song?: song lyrics, singing, best - Music
  80. On Hold ...: instrumental, song, hear, listen - Music
  81. tai murray: this instrument.: player, Eugene - Music
  82. Youtuber Covers Of Classic Songs: band, player, good, musician
  83. to instrumental/backing tracks of original artistís original hits?: lyrics, videos - Music
  84. The of brazilian funk: good - Music
  85. What if Jesus comes back like that? - Music
  86. Music Sharing Websites.....: cds, album, song, best
  87. Was this guy ever popular: song, hits, Texas, Australia - Music
  88. What's my piano level?: song, range - Music
  89. Mokiki's new dance, the sloppy swish, is taking the US by storm.: player, good - Music
  90. Kesha/Illuminati connection or something: rock, player, fan, talented - Music
  91. Was ABBA popular in the States?: bands, pop, genre, top - Music
  92. Artists/Bands A-Z: lyrics, band, song, better - Music
  93. Who is the greatest composer in modern times?: jazz, miles davis, contemporary - Music
  94. Best Beatles Album in your Opinion: albums, song, musical, cover
  95. The WORST Christmas songs!: lyrics, singing, christmas music, alternative
  96. My top albums of 2012.: band, house, song, stations - Music
  97. born before 1987 like today's music?: soundtracks, singer, band, classic
  98. What were you and your friends listening to in high school?: bands, heavy metal - Music
  99. into Tom Jones?: singing, classic, artist, vinyl - Music
  100. Guess this song: lyrics, singer, band, cd - Music
  101. Who heard cover versions before the original song?: singers, classic, Beatles - Music
  102. Queensryche-One of the messiest split-ups in rock.: singer, band, metal - Music
  103. Lets talk Alternative/Indie (Music Enthusiasts): lyrics, videos, band, genre
  104. Why aren't there stations playing 50s/60s music?: band, classic, mp3
  105. Would you consider all-female bands 'girl groups'?: singing, band, dance - Music
  106. Songs that make your ears bleed ('cause they are horrible): alternative, player - Music
  107. Why is 90% of songs about love/sex? Can't ppl sing about anything: lyrics, country - Music
  108. How many songs do you have in your iTunes?: classic, cds, albums - Music
  109. Favorite parody, comedy, nerdy, or just plain weird music: lyrics, metal, Metallica
  110. Did Ireland give America country music?: singer, blues, gospel, album
  111. Music of American poverty: lyrics, blues, song, chords
  112. Live performance bucket list.: favorite bands, rock, albums, famous - Music
  113. Music You Should Know?: band, player, album, song
  114. Cover versions or remakes that were better than the original song: sing, band - Music
  115. Reckless Kelly: sang, bands, country, artists - Music
  116. Christmas music 2012: lyrics, song, better
  117. When music makes you feel sad/depressed...: lyrics, singer, videos
  118. Idm: electronic, genre, famous, song - Music
  119. Last CD You Bought: band, house, albums, Beastie Boys - Music
  120. 12/21/12: videos, blues, artists, cover - Music
  121. Maintaining Humidity-Guitarists?: better, instruments, children, Baltimore - Music
  122. What Makes a Good DJ?: country, genre, song, genres - Music
  123. 12/12/12 Concert for Sandy Victims: lyric, singing, classic, genre - Music
  124. Led Zeppelin vs The Who: favorite bands, blues, player, album - Music
  125. Let's Talk Romani Music: singing, videos, bands, classic
  126. Carbon Fiber Guitars - will they ever catch on?: techno, player, 70s - Music
  127. Music Firsts: lyrics, hardcore, Beatles, song
  128. Dave Brubeck has died.: classic, player, albums, artists - Music
  129. country songs for which you make an EXCEPTION?: lyrics, singer, great song - Music
  130. Your Local Bands: singer, band, funk, artist - Music
  131. Why are old people so cynical about mainstream music?: lyrics, singers, bands
  132. What's your favorite Dionne Warwick song?: 60s song, album, 60s, better - Music
  133. Rock N Roll w/flutes: band, classic, player, album - Music
  134. Beatles vs The Rolling Stones.: band, pop, genre, group - Music
  135. What sound defines 90s pop music?: lyrics, band, electronic, ballad
  136. Old School Rap: great songs, house, artists, 90's - Music
  137. ~~> traditional folk songs? All nationalities?: lyrics, singers, dance, ballads - Music
  138. Black and white musical genres: videos, blues, gospel, albums
  139. Pitbull?? Why the hell is this guy so popular??: music videos, Pink Floyd, famous
  140. Guitar Collecting: bands, classic, cd, player - Music
  141. Multi Taskers: lyrics, singer, band, bass - Music
  142. What were the best/worst Billboard hit songs of 2012?: dance, top, stations - Music
  143. Christmas music - Smooth/contemporary style: instrumental, artist, best, record
  144. Phil said, let's play with toys..: hits - Music
  145. Pimp Yannic - Music
  146. Kurt Cobain's 50 Favorite Albums - Music
  147. Faith No More - Poker Face: 2009, better, fan, musician
  148. Gregory Porter.......: singing, player, albums, sinatra - Music
  149. 32 years ago: top - Music
  150. So, I'm teaching my young one how to play piano, s on chord sites?: house, player - Music
  151. I told u I wasn't going away, you call yourself a fighter, prove it now..: rock - Music
  152. Why MTV does not play music videos anymore
  153. I don't think Kyung Wha Chung can be matched.: artist, concert, amazing - Music
  154. Mexican American singer Jenni Rivera dies in plane crash: genre, genres, musician
  155. I Want you, yeah I want your soul, but we can't let Go... - Music
  156. Anything you want me to do, don't let it slip away.... - Music
  157. Everybody should hear this, in Spanish and English... - Music
  158. Post-Techno - Music
  159. Diva Devotee: sang, top, female, range - Music
  160. Kinda faded but I feel alright...: better, Soul - Music
  161. Teena Marie May be Dead, but her Daughter did Something in her Honor Quite Beautiful: lyric, ballads - Music
  162. The Day is Coming - Music
  163. Be - Music
  164. What is your interpretation of Rare Bird Beautiful Scarlet ?: singing, used - Music
  165. So much for your promises, they died the day you let me go: jazz - Music
  166. Tagalog song by Indian - Music
  167. Online Help For Learning Basic Music Theory?: good
  168. What happened to Corey Hart, and did you like his music?
  169. Twinkies-They Will Forever Be Remembered in Song - Music
  170. Recently finished my song Aira' and I would love if you guys gave it a listen - Music
  171. Everything your Heart Desires...Daryl Hall vs. Keb Mo: house - Music
  172. Liquor, weed, pistols, pills. @NiTE - Music
  173. How To Play Funk & Reggae: bass, player - Music
  174. They Still want to do tha same ole thangz - Music
  175. Ray Collins, 72, of the Mothers Of Invention passes. - Music
  176. Which of the three are the better music app?: used
  177. Originals vs. Covers: band, song, better - Music
  178. Who likes The Golden Throats ?: listen - Music
  179. Closer Than Close: better - Music
  180. Kerfuffle over Elvis's All Shook Up in Utah high school musical: song
  181. AllMusic : Music Search, Recommendations, Videos and Reviews: song
  182. Bow to the Queen: dance, itunes, album, Madonna - Music
  183. I can't believe the same person wrote [Song A] and [Song B] !: lyric - Music
  184. New Mad Season Album (Layne Staley): Above Extended Edition + DVD & Extras: lyrics, bootleg - Music
  185. Vicious Circle, is that a rock song?: single - Music
  186. Miami Music, now share yours..
  187. Ein Dealer Zahlt Bar - Music
  188. Waylon Jennings ... on the Second Coming: song - Music
  189. Mayan Calender Cycle Ends Themed Music!!Have Fun!!: videos, song
  190. Opa Locka: blues - Music
  191. Metallica meets Trick Daddy...: money - Music
  192. Genius Behind Pink Floyd: Waters, Gilmour, or Wright?: lyrics, group, vocals - Music
  193. Buckethead: rock, best, guitarist - Music
  194. Nothing left for u to do...: Depeche Mode, artist - Music
  195. Class or 99 Wear Sunscreen: song, best - Music
  196. Wu-Tang 2013 - Music
  197. Developer of LP Dies: vinyl, best - Music
  198. New musician supergroup (Dead,Dan,Panic): Georgia, North Carolina
  199. School bands: band - Music
  200. Another day off in this ****, Rainb rain Go Away, Makin pain go away - Music