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  1. 100 rock riffs - who would you add?: band, blues, player - Music
  2. Most Inspirational Song or Video: lyrics, videos, country, gospel - Music
  3. If You Enjoy Latin Music: blues, good, cover
  4. Harlem Shake now # 1 song in US thanks to new Billboard rules: history, original - Music
  5. Smokey Robinson/Hall n Oates: band, house, good - Music
  6. My cousin would really like to become a singer.. help her How can she realize her dream?: singing, band - Music
  7. TSA security guards smash Alban Gerhardt $20,000 19th century bow in half: instruments, musical
  8. Interesting article on Male groupies: bands, indie, Beatles, artists - Music
  9. Blues man: singer, artists, 2010, best - Music
  10. More new David Bowie: blues, artist, guitar - Music
  11. Musical stereotypes: funk, 80's, song, good
  12. The Hives: live versus studio: band, famous, better, listen - Music
  13. Do Or Die: Favorite Twista/Do Or Die songs: lyrics, rap, performer - Music
  14. British Music: lyrics, sing, bands, classic
  15. 80s, 90s alternative(ish) female singers ?: genre, albums, artists, genres - Music
  16. 49 years ago tonight-The Beatles 1st appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show 1964: player, performance - Music
  17. Looking for my own Shovels and Rope...: band, group, artists - Music
  18. Who did the score of this movie? - Music
  19. Donald Byrd R.I.P.: rock - Music
  20. A song about the modern Southern man?: great song, good - Music
  21. Help!.. was it a Springsteen song?: album, artist, money, ticket - Music
  22. What do three Albums have in Common?: lyrics, musician, cover
  23. Tim Timebomb: genre, song, good, genres - Music
  24. Dave Clark Five co-founder dies at 72: classic, player, group, sixties - Music
  25. Get a dose of her in jackboots and kilt: Beatles, song, best - Music
  26. Tupac listening to Lil' Wayne for the first time... - Music
  27. Fun trivia: band, albums, popular - Music
  28. Oh, no! One of my true heroes, Van Cliburn, has died: videos, classic - Music
  29. Lupe Fiasco - Jonylah Forever: song, popular, Chicago - Music
  30. Lil Wayne In Critical Condition After Seizures: fan, cover - Music
  31. Clive Burr 1957-2013: lyrics, drum, vinyl, solo - Music
  32. Im a teenager who makes dubstep, feedback?: soundtracks, band, techno - Music
  33. Captain Of Her Heart: song, good, iPod, listen - Music
  34. Stereo equalizers: band, electronic, Pink Floyd, artist - Music
  35. Wildfire - Michael Martin Murphey: country, 70s, song, better - Music
  36. Aaron Neville Don't Know Much: lyrics, album, song - Music
  37. Glen Frey: They Lost U: lyrics, song, good - Music
  38. The Bar Kays, remember?: singers, band, dance, genre - Music
  39. R. Kelly. Which song was your favorite?: best, hear, cassette - Music
  40. You Can Do Magic - America: lyrics, lead singer, favorite song, player - Music
  41. Parking cars at Woodstock: pop, song, concerts, listen - Music
  42. Celtic Woman concert on PBS---pretty schmaltzy!!: dance, song, better, fan - Music
  43. Post your favorite lyrics: dance, good, Indiana - Music
  44. Making audio sound BETTER??: player, 2009, concert, hear - Music
  45. Was at Woodstock? Or Monterey Pop?: 60s, concert, fan - Music
  46. Epic Rap Battles of history LMAO: punk, player, good - Music
  47. Why do all black radio stations play hip hop and r&b?: bands, electronic - Music
  48. Live from Daryl's House: Spit Truth: dance, song, emotional - Music
  49. Covers youtube: good, style - Music
  50. 1970's Disco VS New Millenium Music: dance, song, good, listen
  51. Finding The Funk: classic - Music
  52. Carly Rae Jepsen cancels Boy Scout concert: singers, pop, song - Music
  53. Bryan Adams to tour this year: rock, player, albums, song - Music
  54. Spinal Tap vs. Steel Panther: lyrics, hard rock, Beatles, best - Music
  55. Bon Sinclar: song, DJ - Music
  56. A legendary old Swedish song..: videos - Music
  57. fans of Norsepop ?: singers, bands, pop, 1970's - Music
  58. Flash Mob in the Unemployment Office: dance, Beatles, 2010, song - Music
  59. Cover music on Youtube?: artists, good, guitar
  60. Whole Concerts on Youtube - Genre: radio - Music
  61. 'Wild Thing' singer Reg Presley of The Troggs dies at 71: band, country - Music
  62. My Bloody Valentine-New Album: band, classic, albums, song - Music
  63. Guitar: house, top, hear, cover - Music
  64. Difference between Pop, Soft AC, and Rock music genres?: electronic, song, meaning
  65. Music epiphanies: bands, heavy metal, genre, Metallica
  66. For interested in the origins of Rock and Roll.: player, song - Music
  67. A cute little Valentine's Day song I wrote. it can put a smile on your face, if I'd be so lucky. :): lyrics, original - Music
  68. How do we sleep when our beds r burnin?...: rock, song, original - Music
  69. A perfect love song, 10/10 on the emotion scale this relatively new? (Stumbled on it by pure chance, online?): lyrics, singing - Music
  70. ?, on this crack in guitar: top, money, musician
  71. Does know more about how radio stations determine their playlists?: genre, artists - Music
  72. Would Kurt Cobain make it today's music industry?: classics, Beatles, better
  73. This is my song 'Aira'. I would love if you guys gave it a listen!: sounds - Music
  74. My Music Channel...: sang, Nashville
  75. Fantastic trombone quartet: good, covers - Music
  76. The FIXX...30 yrs later, CBS news article today: bands, underrated - Music
  77. That May be, All there is to know: lyrics - Music
  78. Linkin park, I built you up now I take my time...: lyrics - Music
  79. Old style headphones: come back: electronic, cd player, better, iPod - Music
  80. Greatest year for rock and roll. 1969?: band, blues, debut album, albums - Music
  81. Advice on the fine art of listening to a song together, with someone ..: cd, mp3 - Music
  82. All Time Favorites: Beatles, famous, song, best - Music
  83. Songs you want at your funeral service/celebration: house, Doors, good - Music
  84. Thrash: lyrics, music video, metal, player
  85. Doo-wop (preferably overlooked doo-wop): lyrics, classics, artists, song - Music
  86. Best Use of A Gospel Choir By A Pop Artist.: singers, videos - Music
  87. Acoustic or Electric? Best to learn Guitar on!: classic, song, chords - Music
  88. TV and Movie Cameos by musicians: country, Bon Jovi, famous, good
  89. The 90s...: lyrics, music video, band, rock
  91. COLOR MY WORLD WITH MUSIC TITLES! (songs & instrumentals): lyrics, band, blues
  92. TIME IS ESSENTIAL! What timeless classics (or otherwise) can you recall?: lyrics, player - Music
  93. NAME THAT TUNE! What are of your favorite name-in-title melodies?: dance, sixties - Music
  94. Most surreal music videos: music video, country, Pink Floyd, top
  95. What do you think about christian rap?: lyrics, sing, bands - Music
  96. Scott Weiland fired from Stone temple pilots.: band, classic, album - Music
  97. What bands/artists do you hate?: singers, band, blues, Pink Floyd - Music
  98. What is it with British people and crossdressing?: singing, band, classic - Music
  99. Is it just me getting old, or does dubstep suck?: lyrics, sing - Music
  100. Namedroppers: Famous names that show up in titles & in lyrics: song, top - Music
  101. Name band from the 80's that doesn't sound dated?: favorite band, metal, debut album - Music
  102. Many song lyrics begin ...I am ________ . Who are you?: rock, Rolling Stones, artist - Music
  103. What is your attitude towards street musicians?: lyrics, singing, trance
  104. Songs about Winter (not Christmas): lyrics, videos, genre, album - Music
  105. What do you guys think of Linkin Park?: lyrics, techno, album - Music
  106. Chevelle becoming Nickleback: rock, player, song, top - Music
  107. Bands people love or hate: singers, band, classic, player - Music
  108. It's A Jungle Out There!: lyrics, music video, player, Beatles
  109. Hank Huggins and his Double H Ranch Show (Lufkin, TX): videos, country - Music
  110. What was the last musical artist you *really* got excited about?: singer, music video
  111. Children music, songs, you or your kids grew up with...: sang, music video
  112. Guitar music - genre. Post them: soundtrack, band, dance
  113. Violent songs that aren't rap or metal: lyrics, singing, band - Music
  114. Lesser-Known But Somewhat-Famous Relatives: lyrics, singers, band, house - Music
  115. Depeche Mode, like them, or not?: lyrics, bands, pop - Music
  116. Alvin Lee has died....: lyrics, band, blues, albums - Music
  117. Good sulking music: blues, vinyl, song, listen
  118. Lana Del Rey. What do you think of her?: lyrics, singer, band - Music
  119. Another trivia: lyrics, band, dance, genre - Music
  120. In quest of questions: Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?: lyrics, sing - Music
  121. Black History Month: lyrics, singers, band, dance - Music
  122. Songs to sing when broke as fuc...k: lyrics, blues, money - Music
  123. I love America..: funk, good, American, Soul - Music
  124. RIP Mindy McCready 1975-2013 - Music
  125. Songs that remind you of your hometown/growing up: lyrics, band, country - Music
  126. Marching Bands: videos, band, 2010, best - Music
  127. Best double album ever?: band, heavy metal, cds, albums - Music
  128. What does indie rock SOUND like?: singers, band, techno, genre - Music
  129. Spooky/Creepy Songs!: lyrics, blues, famous, group - Music
  130. Does Beyonce's popularity now rivals Micheal Jackson?: lead singer, techno, itunes - Music
  131. recently released Hendrix music: lyric, bands, album, artists
  132. H-town beyonce vs atlanta ciara: singers, genre, albums, famous - Music
  133. Alabama Shakes: lead singer, videos, band, player - Music
  134. Looking for a song: lyrics, genre, top, musical
  135. Gangnam Style, Grammies, getting old: lyrics, singer, band, country - Music
  136. Your favorite misheard lyrics: singing, classics, Pearl Jam, song - Music
  137. french music
  138. Are Jazz Festivals Dying/Changing?: classic, player, Doors, artists - Music
  139. Comes The Rain: house, song, original - Music
  140. Daryl Hall vs, Train: house, best - Music
  141. Michael Tomlinson, hear his music..?
  142. Kate Ryan and her personal life...: singer, techno, genre, artist - Music
  143. Best hair metal that didn't go mainstream: lyrics - Music
  144. Stan Bush: Was he a movie/musical genius?: influence
  145. Beyonce reps Houston in new song: lyrics - Music
  146. Desert sounds Kalahari metalheads pursue a dream: bands, heavy metal, artist - Music
  147. Happy 311 Day! - Music
  148. Corey Taylor VS Slipknot..: band - Music
  149. Coachella 2013: favorite bands, player, listen - Music
  150. The Duo: cover - Music
  151. Survivor, You think you know them?: rock - Music
  152. Morrissey hospitalized.: rock - Music
  153. What album should the Flaming Lips cover next?: 2010 - Music
  154. Family n' Pride - Music
  155. Daryl's House: Featuring...Smokey Robinson - Music
  156. Running for so long, This beat up heart paid the price... - Music
  157. Don't think you can't find what u been looking for... - Music
  158. Tupac vs. Mr. Mister: 2pac - Music
  159. Best Run, Don't want noNe - Music
  160. Various - 20 Top Star Festival Dynamic Hits Volume Two (Vinyl, LP): album, record - Music
  161. They Don't live that long...: 2pac - Music
  162. Philadelphia came to me...Not that way bruh: musical, Miami, Nashville
  163. Wish u were ...: good - Music
  164. The Artist Pays The Price, So We don't have to pay...: listen - Music
  165. Which was more lyrical:Classic Rap or Modern Rap - Music
  166. One More Try - Music
  167. R.I.P...Nobody Does it better.. - Music
  168. Music: lyrics, electronic, song
  169. WHich Sister Sledge song do you like better?: dance, greatest, commercial - Music
  170. Rolling Stones free app: itunes - Music
  171. Too much time away, Too much Time Alone... - Music
  172. memories from a song: hear - Music
  173. Happy 50th. Birthday Seal! - Music
  174. Gregg Rolie or Jonathan Cain (keyboardist of Journey)?: better, style - Music
  175. If You Don't Feel This, You Aint Got This.......: Soul - Music
  176. Jazz vs. Harlem Shake: listen, FL - Music
  177. I've had enough of Danger... - Music
  178. Does the Harlem Shake contain the most meaningful and deepest lyrics in music's history?
  179. Backstreet ****... - Music
  180. Dream on, Dream Away... - Music
  181. If it isn't Love... - Music
  182. My Bloody Valentine MBV: album, listen - Music
  183. Sara Smile/Ooh Baby...Daryl Hall meets Smokey Robinson for the most important time... - Music
  184. Blink 182's Australian Tour - No Travis Barker! - Music
  185. hadow Morton, Songwriter and Producer, Dies at 71: 1960s, original - Music
  186. Streets Of Siam - Music
  187. Top Secret Drum Corps - Music
  188. Friday: music video, song
  189. The Gift - Music
  190. Is Electro Pop dying out?: artist, song, top, radio - Music
  191. DJ need your advice: record - Music
  192. No Ordinary Love - Music
  193. lesser known Elton John songs: great songs, musician
  194. Faith No More... - Music
  195. My Body - LSG - Music
  196. Burning Heart...: rock - Music
  197. Brittany Smooch: electronic - Music
  198. Similar bands to Alabama 3/A3?: listen - Music
  199. Important Trombone Information: bass, player, single, children - Music
  200. Lenny Kravitz crashes choir session: artist - Music