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  1. Keep your Powder Dry lyric: lyrics, country, 70's - Music
  2. macbook air song ???: singer, videoclip, alternative, better - Music
  3. Kenny Chesney Leads ACM Nominees With 11: country, top, Nashville - Music
  4. Digging artist Saith!!: rock, album, Phoenix - Music
  5. News, Hells Angels Tried to Kill Mick Jagger: BBC Report.: singer, band - Music
  6. News, 'Angel Eyes' singer Healey dead at 41.: jazz, song, musician
  7. Whats your take on Ryan farish?: favorite song, song, fan, listen - Music
  8. Listened to a song supposedly performed by Rammstein, though it's not. Who is it than?: band, albums - Music
  9. Nick Lowe: Jesus of Cool: band, pop, album, 1980's - Music
  10. News, Madonna, Mellencamp head to rock hall.: pop, genre, artist - Music
  11. 1987 R&B CHAD Needed: lyrics, one-hit wonder, classic - Music
  12. Norman (Hurricane) Smith - RIP: pop, albums, Pink Floyd, group - Music
  13. Robert Cray!: singer, blues, cds, player - Music
  14. News: Dave Clark Five singer Smith dies: pop, Beatles, saxophone - Music
  15. Converting WMA to MP3: mp3 player, player, listen - Music
  16. Nas lost his mind: hear - Music
  17. Tesla Fans: singer, favorite songs, band, metal - Music
  18. Incubus fans?: favorite band, rock, song, Las Cruces - Music
  19. News, Dolly Parton delays U.S. concert tour.: singers, country, artist - Music
  20. worst. music. video. EVER!: singing, videos, punk, genre
  21. Oasis Top Poll: sang, albums, song, radio - Music
  22. Who teaches music for a living?: singing, used
  23. I Don't Usually Do This Sort Of Thing, But...: house, song, good - Music
  24. on bidding?: greatest, records - Music
  25. Are you a music addict?: house, artists, good, iPod
  26. News, Pink, Husband Separate, Say 'Marriage Is Over': best - Music
  27. Who sings the song on the MacBook commercial?: lyrics, singer, itunes - Music
  28. One of the best songs I've heard in a long time: cd, concert - Music
  29. Velcro Pygmies: metal, album, Kentucky, Louisville - Music
  30. Light music lovers?: soundtracks, jazz, albums, artists
  31. News, Madonna's Hometown Reaches Out With Key to City.: singer, Michigan - Music
  32. Basshunter: Does like this group?: dance, player, good, single - Music
  33. who likes requiems?: singing, best, solo, listen - Music
  34. hysterical video: sing, music video, band, song
  35. Songs That Change From Minor To Major Keys: good, listen, Springfield - Music
  36. Spooky - Classics IV: band, player, genre, albums - Music
  37. New Band climbing the charts: sang, metal, album, Florida - Music
  38. So what do you guys think of Tay Zonday?: lyrics - Music
  39. Music scene in Phoenix?: band, pop, artist, better
  40. Good Duran^2 Songs That Were Never Hits: cd, albums, Depeche Mode - Music
  41. Taylor Dayne: singer, pop, albums, artists - Music
  42. Indie-rap/Hip-hop: lyrics, country, genre, artists - Music
  43. Iron Solomon Freestyler CRAZY LISTEN: best - Music
  44. George Michael To Tour North America: sang, classic, 80's, song - Music
  45. News, ABBA drummer dies in apparent accident.: pop, group - Music
  46. house music: classic, album, 2009, song
  47. I need on Itunes: cd, song - Music
  48. Demo Version for Catch My Fall: alternative, albums, song, good - Music
  49. They Might Be Giants: videos, band, house, albums - Music
  50. Derek Parra medal in 2002: bands, Bon Jovi, Utah - Music
  51. Genesis fans-pre Phill Collins: lead singer, band, albums, 70s - Music
  52. News, Jackson 'Dive': Once-Mighty Music Family Goes From Riches to Rags.: Maine
  53. VG Music of the Week: Sonic the Hedgehog (next-gen)-Flame Core: jazz, vinyl
  54. Need help with identifying something...: player, song, good, influences - Music
  55. The Bargain Bin: blues, albums, artists, 2009 - Music
  56. Cuban Bassist Cachao Dies; Mambo Pioneer: musician, American, musical, performing
  57. Alicia Keys: singing, band, better, hear - Music
  58. Band Name Origins: hard rock, group, 70's, cassette - Music
  59. Daughtry to Perfom on PBS Soundstage: performance, history - Music
  60. That song is old.. so?: classic, genre, artist, good - Music
  61. And the Hip-Hop Album of the Year Award Goes To...: artist, cover - Music
  62. News, 2 police fired over incident with country singer.: Dallas - Music
  63. Middle School Mix Tape: classic, mp3, Beatles, 60s - Music
  64. The Energy Rocks!!: band, house, group, 60s - Music
  65. REM news: favorite band, dance, album, song - Music
  66. Deluxe CD edition....I feel cheated!: videos, itunes, albums, artists - Music
  67. Is the What song you're listening to right now too long? - Music
  68. Lyle Lovitt fans out there?: singer, favorite song, house, albums - Music
  69. Hannah Montana Caught Using Body Double: best, performers - Music
  70. Squirrel Nut Zippers: lead singer, band, dance, genre - Music
  71. News, Blues Musician Dies In Fire.: singer, Boston
  72. Don`t miss it!!: lead singer, band, 2000's, good - Music
  73. how has music changed your life?: singers, great songs, bands, classic
  74. The Tragically Hip: band, blues, 80's, song - Music
  75. French Group Indochine: singers, videos, band, dance - Music
  76. Blue Man Group in Concert! WOW!: artist, Chicago, Boston, talented - Music
  77. WC - Why Did Everyone Sleep on His Newest Joint?: hip-hop, song - Music
  78. A New country star!!: music videos, song, amazing
  79. is Otep on tour right now? or are they going on tour soon?: album, best - Music
  80. U2-3d: good, concert, movies, Montana - Music
  81. The Music died 49 years ago today.: drum, 50's, song, good
  82. What Genre is The Beatles Tomorrow Never Knows: classic, cd, album - Music
  83. The Big 90's!: one-hit wonder, favorite songs, classic, Depeche Mode - Music
  84. What were your best discoveries of 2007?: band, metal, cd, debut album - Music
  85. One Hell of a Rock Album From the Late 1980s...: band, heavy metal - Music
  86. Rock& Roll 50s&60s: soundtrack, band, dance, song - Music
  87. The Motels: lead singer, one-hit, band, punk - Music
  88. The Most Innovative Track of songs.: lyrics, bands, classic - Music
  89. What kind of music makes you want to dance?: lyrics, band, 80's
  90. Kanye West, Amy Winehouse Early Winners: lyric, genre, artists, best - Music
  91. Good jazz music??: singer, band, instrumental, cd
  92. If you think Lil' Wayne is the Best Rapper Ever ...: lyrics, singer - Music
  93. Album Covers: good, guitar - Music
  94. Remember Stryper?: singing, band, heavy metal, ballads - Music
  95. I need this is cool. I want to know it is title or attacked: singer, band
  96. How do you organize your ipod?: classic, itunes, genre, albums - Music
  97. Your favorite gangsta rap album?: classics, albums, best - Music
  98. Who digs on Morrissey: band, alternative, album, 90s - Music
  99. Weird Tastes in music,: singer, bands, blues, mp3 player
  100. Weren't the Grammys just awesome?: lyrics, sing, house, famous - Music
  101. Tell me lil wayne isn't a beast: lyric, hip-hop, song - Music
  102. Your favorite songs of the 90's: bands, blues, album, neil young - Music
  103. Favorite Cheesy Lyrics: great song, band, rock, albums - Music
  104. Modern Indie Band Recommendations: Pink Floyd, good, influence, musical
  105. into punk/hardcore?: band, best, meaning, listen - Music
  106. Greatest One Hit Wonder of the 80s: funk, song, top - Music
  107. Hair metal or grunge: singer, music videos, band, alternative
  108. The Beatles Magical Myster Tour Underrated?: lyrics, soundtrack, great song, band - Music
  109. Instruments and artists: band, country, cd, player - Music
  110. I Hate the 80s: pop, Bon Jovi, eighties, song - Music
  111. What's your favorite music of today and past: sing, classic, albums
  112. Your five top guitarrists?: White Stripes, cover - Music
  113. Film Portrayals: soundtrack, singing, cd, album - Music
  114. Who's Your Favorite Beatle?: lyrics, singer, great songs, band - Music
  115. Weird band names: house, player, Pink Floyd, 80's - Music
  116. Did songs scare you as a kid?: song lyrics, classic, album - Music
  117. Miss American Pie: singing, band, classic, Beatles - Music
  118. George Strait Fans..your top 10 favorite songs: singer, country, famous - Music
  119. I can't stand Paramore...why does alternative music have a facination with them?: favorite band, cd
  120. New Wave Foundations ??: bands, punk, albums, 60s - Music
  121. All you New Kids on The Block fans...: 80's, good, dancing - Music
  122. The Bee Gees - what do you think?: singing, great songs, band - Music
  123. Play Loud!: classic, player, album, Beatles - Music
  124. a good name: band, classic, song, history - Music
  125. Cheesiest music videos of all times?!: great song, bands, classic, U2
  126. The Doors: lyrics, music videos, fav song, band
  127. Record Industry Goes After Personal Use: bands, cds, mp3 player, player - Music
  128. Best 80's rock intro's!: lyrics, heavy metal, song, top - Music
  129. Top 5 favorite rappers: house, albums, song, solo - Music
  130. Current Teen Music (Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers, ): singers, bands, country
  131. Funniest song titles/lyrics: classic, album, good, radio - Music
  132. Your Top Five Drummers: lyrics, jazz, Doors, group - Music
  133. What type of music is popular where you live?: soundtracks, singer, bands
  134. Copying music CD to 'puter a BOO-BOO NO-NO??: favorite song, electronic, song
  135. FLOYDIANS Out There?????: favorite song, band, classic, cd - Music
  136. your favorite songwriter?: lyrics, classic, genre, albums - Music
  137. (You ) Fight For Your Right (To Party): funk, Beastie Boys, song - Music
  138. Frank Sinatra and Monterrey: lyrics, singer, classic, cds - Music
  139. what is your favorite dance music artist or song: singing, videos, favorite song
  140. Guitar Players That You Instantly Recognize: blues, song, greatest, solo - Music
  141. Best LOVE SONGS ever: cd, genre, 80's, listen - Music
  142. **What's on your PLAY LIST Ipod, M3Player ?!? **: country, Depeche Mode, artists - Music
  143. Extreme Metal Fans, come on in!: sing, favorite bands, heavy metal, genre - Music
  144. Do You Listen To Albums All The Way Through?: cds, cd player, Pink Floyd - Music
  145. If I were to listen to your iPod/ MP3 player right now...: bootleg, house - Music
  146. Why is all Country music about the south?: singing, blues, gospel
  147. Guitar For Arthritics???: bands, country, gospel, top - Music
  148. Musical Comebacks: country, cd, player, genre
  149. Acquired Taste: band, hardcore, albums, Depeche Mode - Music
  150. Best and Worst Cover Versions: band, blues, genre, Rolling Stones - Music
  151. Songs with the performing band's name in the title: country - Music
  152. know who wrote this?: lyrics, singing, group, 70's - Music
  153. They Wrote That?: singer, albums, Rolling Stones, artists - Music
  154. Favorite 1980s bands: lyrics, favorite bands, dance, Metallica - Music
  155. Is America Ready for a Gay 'Idol'?: lead singer, country, genre - Music
  156. Songs/music that represent your city.: classic, sinatra, famous, 70s
  157. *Offical Beatles: lyrics, singing, bands, classic - Music
  158. Bands that make you say what the hell happened?: lyrics, soundtrack, lead singer - Music
  159. Top 5 studio albums of all time: great songs, blues, Beatles, song - Music
  160. If your a fan of the band Chicago: favorite bands, jazz, ballads - Music
  161. Albums that let you down: band, classics, cd, genre - Music
  162. For all you metal fans!: band, blues, cd, genre - Music
  163. What concerts have you been to?: lyrics, lead singer, favorite bands, house - Music
  164. Tom Petty, Best Halftime Show Ever?: lyrics, Madonna, song, top - Music
  165. SEARCH B4 U TYPE- NO BACK2BACK - No DUPLICATE topics-(search) Only1-3 Utubes per post.. Stay on topic: song lyrics, country - Music
  166. What instument do you play and why?: sing, bands, blues - Music
  167. Video News, From LPs to CDs.: videos, vinyl, records - Music
  168. Hilarious Kris Kross conspiracy theory: 90's - Music
  169. Ipod headphones??: mp3 player, player - Music
  170. News, NASA Launching Beatles Tune Into Space.: song, radio, Washington - Music
  171. Does miss Pavarotti?: hear, Soul - Music
  172. Frank Sinatra Jr. to Play Upstate NY - Music
  173. Clint Brown Music: album, song, listen
  174. best 80s album on itunes: pop - Music
  175. have the Dedication 2: good - Music
  176. Cute Kids Cover Don't Stop Believin': videos, covers - Music
  177. Producer Mark Ronson Signs Label Deal - Music
  178. Deep Voiced Micheal Jackson.: listen, Texas, Houston, sounds - Music
  179. News, When Bad Meth Trips Never End. - Music
  180. Underground Music Nite Club Web Videos ?: lead singer, rock, genre, albums
  181. News, Former Lennon hangout closing its doors.: New York - Music
  182. Oakley Thumps: iPod - Music
  183. Early 70s News Open - Music
  184. Hueys album notebook paper: artist, song, listen, Soul - Music
  185. Making April fans!!!!: song, record - Music
  186. News, Tentative $30 million deal in R. I. nightclub fire.: concert, camera - Music
  187. Baby Got Book - Music
  188. Mums the word: singers, bands, used - Music
  189. What is this theme music?: listen, England
  190. Jabula: Baile-They Are Gone: favorite songs, song - Music
  191. about MP3 audio tours: mp3 player, player, iPod, hear - Music
  192. relax with hearing - Music
  193. Light music lovers?
  194. Best Performance While Towed On a Light Trailer On an Open Road - Music
  195. Starting a controversy: song, good, female, listen - Music
  196. Making Tha Band 4: albums, single - Music
  197. Release of Tapes in Beatles Suit on Hold - Music
  198. News, Greatest Songs Of The 80s.: Oklahoma, Oklahoma City - Music
  199. Otep.: song, listen - Music
  200. News, Buddy Holly's widow may sue over 'Peggy Sue' memoirs.: rock, famous - Music