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  1. Betty And Barbara And Jeannie And Janie...: bass, song, better - Music
  2. identify this song?: lyrics, genre, 2010, release date - Music
  3. Love Guys ........: song - Music
  4. What Have You Listened to Today?: album, song - Music
  5. frequent RateYourMusic?: used
  6. Disney Frozen OST: soundtrack, singer, videos, punk - Music
  7. List your favorite songs: dance, top, radio, chorus - Music
  8. Just curious, what exactly made Let It Go so highly-regarded, that it was able to win the Best Original Song ?: lyric, soundtrack - Music
  9. MMLP2 thoughts?: album, song, best, radio - Music
  10. Townes Van Zandt?: lyrics, singer, country, song - Music
  11. Daughter's first rock concert: band, Doors, good, concerts - Music
  12. Love Songs?: videos, neil young, best, cover - Music
  13. Nice vid on The Origins of the word Funk in Funky Music: song, good
  14. Who does the backup for vocals One More Night ? - Music
  15. best and worst songs on Albums: lyrics, bands, classic, cd - Music
  16. Mickey Newbury:An American Trilogy: singer, song, better, musical
  17. Trivia: ballad, famous, song, good - Music
  18. House Music Pioneer and DJ Frankie Knuckles Dies: band, Depeche Mode, artists
  19. Chinese Music: classic, 2010, popular, classical
  20. Elevator music?: classic, good, instrumentals, instrument
  21. EDM Production for Begginers: techno - Music
  22. How do you feel about the EDM scene nowadays?: lyrics, sing, band - Music
  23. Mötley Crüe band members take legal steps to plan tidy end to group's long run: rock, albums - Music
  24. Top Car Songs: heavy metal, neil young, stations, radio - Music
  25. 1950s/1960s Folk Scene ( Inside Llewyn Davis ): soundtrack, classic - Music
  26. Two great bands Americans just don't get, why?: lyrics, band, classic - Music
  27. Is Pharrell Williams our modern day Stevie Wonder?: singer, pop - Music
  28. When did you start letting your sons listen to Eminem?: cd, money - Music
  29. How broad are your musical interests?: lyric, classic, player, genre
  30. We will always be Devo...: guitarist, Ohio, Akron - Music
  31. Alan Parsons with orchestra in Tampa: band, albums, Beatles, artists - Music
  32. XTC vs Elvis Costello?: band, alternative, albums, artists - Music
  33. Singing nun wows judges on 'Voice of Italy'.: song - Music
  34. Blur underrated compared to Radiohead and Oasis.: band, hardcore, albums - Music
  35. Celebrating Singer/Songwriter Paul Williams: lyrics, 60s song, punk, cd - Music
  36. Robert Plant's solo career is as good as Zepellin to me: metal, albums - Music
  37. SKrillex: electronic, album, top, listen - Music
  38. Which version of Smooth Criminal do you prefer? - Music
  39. What genre is this?: pop, artists, song, American - Music
  40. I'll miss you, Scott Asheton, of the Stooges.: drummer, original - Music
  41. Thirty two years ago today, the world lost Randy Rhoads: heavy metal, album - Music
  42. Have you heard of Paolo Nutrini?: lyrics, singer, funk, song - Music
  43. recognize this music (classical-ish)?: best, amazing
  44. Jimi postage stamps!! - Music
  45. News, By NANCY SHUTE, Strange But True: Music Doesn't Make People Happy.: Beatles, 2010
  46. Hello, seeking help: lyrics, singer, famous, saxophone - Music
  47. The time of your life, and the songs that define it in your memory.: lyrics, classic - Music
  48. Need new music recommendations: lyrics, singer, great song, favorite bands
  49. Which jazzmucisians are considered to have the best memory?: miles davis, musician, listen
  50. GNR Appetite for Destruction Vs. Def Leppard's Hysteria Vs. Bon Jovi's Slippery When Wet?: albums, greatest - Music
  51. Can't Find Merle Haggard CD I'm Always On a Mountain When I Fall: mp3, album - Music
  52. What was the best Porcupine Tree album?: band, albums, group - Music
  53. Need help finding a country song!: lyrics, great song, classic, artist - Music
  54. Favorite Jazz Songs?: listen - Music
  55. Favorite Instrument?: bass, guitar, listen, drummer - Music
  56. Do you like Spaghetti Western music?: psychedelic, greatest, instruments
  57. Do you love or hate DISCO?: country, player, song, good - Music
  58. True Detective theme song: what genre is it?: country, artist, radio - Music
  59. Songs about weather: range, listen, Georgia, Ohio - Music
  60. Do you remember the Hanson brothers? - Music
  61. Beautiful and Sad Piano Music
  62. Rainbow In The Dark: The Autobiography Of Ronnie James Dio: heavy metal, genre - Music
  63. The oldest rock group??: lead singer, bass, player, albums - Music
  64. Tritonal & Paris Blohm – Colors: song, best - Music
  65. Laurel Canyon Mafia: house, Beatles, song, single - Music
  66. Europop: pop, American, cover, sounds - Music
  67. Linkin Park Fans? Help: bootleg, itunes, albums, song - Music
  68. Can't evict me out of my house!! - Music
  69. Less African-American musical superstars now than ever before?: singers, bands, blues
  70. Favorite Madonna Era: music video, dance, ballads, cd
  71. listening to Daft Punk?: band, classic, cd, album - Music
  72. Listening to music in public: great song, song, good
  73. Best site for meeting fellow musicians: used
  74. Devotional songs: favorite songs, artists - Music
  75. New Zealand pop artists that became big in America: lyrics, classic, famous - Music
  76. Are Juggalos a gang?: Houston, sounds - Music
  77. Which version of Toad The Wet Sprocket's Walk On The Ocean is better?: album, song - Music
  78. Concerts on Blu Ray DVD: techno, top, movies, Texas - Music
  79. Moody music: lyrics, indie, artists, song
  80. Old School raps: classic, genre, albums, Beastie Boys - Music
  81. Which Doors period did you prefer?: blues, debut album, albums, song - Music
  82. Blur's Parklife vs Oasis' Definitely uot;: band, classics - Music
  83. Unplugged: singers, bands, classic, artist - Music
  84. There's no country: singers, genre, song, good - Music
  85. What are your favorite songs by the band UFO?: lyrics, electronic, cd - Music
  86. Worlds largest record!: lyrics, albums, vinyl, better - Music
  87. Do you write the music or verse first?: lyrics, great song, pop
  88. Captain And Tennille File For Divorce After 39 Years Of Marriage: house, albums - Music
  89. comparing rock/metal to EDM or R&B to Soulful house: lyrics, singers - Music
  90. Just walked by TV and was transfixed by the Annie Moses Band: instruments, instrument - Music
  91. Songs about hope: lyrics, sing, gospel, Pink Floyd - Music
  92. Thoughts on Kanye West: lyric, classics, genre, albums - Music
  93. How Do You Feel About Concerts That Don't Start On Time?: singer, favorite songs - Music
  94. Songs related to astronomy: lyrics, rock, Beatles, good - Music
  95. Need help with song lyrics..... All right...Take it easy: rock, artist - Music
  96. GWAR singer has died.: soundtracks, videos, favorite band, country - Music
  97. Create a New Forum for Musicians?: rock, cd, player, famous
  98. Will you spend $300 to see a ROCK concert if the headliners are the following artists?: bands, Bon Jovi - Music
  99. Women's musical tastes: lyrics, band, classic, player
  100. Worst remakes you have ever heard??: lyrics, singing, 80s song, drum - Music
  101. Beatles in genres : blues,reggae,country,folk: artist, good, covers - Music
  102. Music from Anime and Video games: soundtracks, country, cd, player
  103. Music Discussion: Why Is Rock Divided?: lyrics, band, hardcore, genre
  104. Where does music take you?: lyrics, favorite songs, country, cd
  105. Concerts and hearing loss: band, metal, genre, fan - Music
  106. For songs you may have dedicated to people, in the past: do you feel sad/nostalgic, when they are played?: sing, band - Music
  107. Obscure Hits of the 2000's: rock, Bon Jovi, song, good - Music
  108. RnR Hall of fame...yawn: lyrics, singer, band, jazz - Music
  109. Classic rock radio listeners: Who makes you change the station?: band, albums - Music
  110. Is EDM sustainable in the mainstream?: lyrics, classic, genre, eighties - Music
  111. Female names on the title: lyrics, Beatles, song, cover - Music
  112. We lost Phil Everly of the Everly Brothers Today: singing, favorite songs, country - Music
  113. ASAP Mob: rap, artists, good, radio - Music
  114. Largest Bands...Most Members...Wall Of Sound: lyrics, singers, band - Music
  115. think that Drake is just not good.: rap, song, rapper - Music
  116. D-Beat/Crust Punk: bands, hardcore, genre, album - Music
  117. Songs with birds name: funk, player, Beatles - Music
  118. songs about devils,ghosts: band, blues, Rolling Stones, top - Music
  119. Tribute songs for John Lennon: band, Pink Floyd, guitar, listen - Music
  120. Do you like Exotica Music?: singing, band, dance, genre
  121. OPM (Original Pilipino Music): 70s song, band, alternative, ballad
  122. Songs about food and drinks: lyrics, rock, Beatles, top - Music
  123. 37 too old to be listening to rap music?: house, Beastie Boys, song
  124. The Beatles in the U.S., 50 years on: soundtrack, house, albums - Music
  125. Current state of popular music: lyrics, singers, videos, bands
  126. The Other Topics music sharing ..: lead singer, videos, favorite songs, vinyl
  127. Metal Covers:: Metallica, artists, song, good - Music
  128. The Greatness of CREAM: lyrics, band, blues, cd - Music
  129. Rock n' Roll Hall Of Fame: videos, great songs, favorite band, heavy metal - Music
  130. Top 10 Artists With The Strongest Fanbases (modern): videos, pop, genre - Music
  131. Tenors and Sopranos.: sing, house, greatest - Music
  132. Top 10 Most Hated Artist (modern): music and lyrics, singing, band, country
  133. Jazz-Blues? Slow blues with piano? What's the genre?: singing, classics, gospel - Music
  134. Folk Singer/Activist Pete Seger dies in NY: singers, band, house - Music
  135. How to break into the music business as an unusual artist...: lyrics, lead singer
  136. Best female leads in metalcore/hard rock?: band, genre, song - Music
  137. Favorite Hallelujah Version: lyrics, singing, videos, metal - Music
  138. The Beatles 50th Celebration Show on CBS Feb 9th SET LIST (SPOILER): sing, song - Music
  139. Need help finding song name and artist: lyrics, singing, top - Music
  140. Most underrated #1 hit singles of all time?: lyrics, singing, band - Music
  141. Songs about father,mother,son and daughter: lyrics, Pink Floyd - Music
  142. Your Favorite Tunes From Stevie Wonder???: lyrics, reggae, album, top - Music
  143. Beatles Songs by other artists: cover - Music
  144. Bruce Springsteen by other artists: band, cover - Music
  145. Who's Your Vote For The Greatest Musical Group In American Music History: singers, band
  146. Songs about Presidents: music video, house, ballad, performance
  147. Is Nirvana dated?: lyrics, great songs, favorite bands, classics - Music
  148. George Harrison songs by other artists: band, sinatra, concert, guitar - Music
  149. Two songs with lyrics about people with the same name: sang, classic - Music
  150. SXSW 2014 Line-up: lead singer, music video, bands, electronic
  151. Duets and Trios: blues, 2010, radio - Music
  152. Who on Earth listens to Justin Bieber?: singer, song, performance - Music
  153. How Do People Learn To Play By Ear?: sing, classic, player - Music
  154. What is your favorite Prog Rock, Art Rock, Psychedelic Rock band?: lead singer, bass - Music
  155. Never cared much for the Beatles, much prefer the Stones: sing, band - Music
  156. Female Vocal Dubstep & Trance (ambient, melodic): electronic, song, best - Music
  157. R.E.M. vs The Smiths: lyrics, soundtrack, singing, band - Music
  158. MONGO SANTAMARIA (RIP) - My Percussionist Idol - Music
  159. Two classic rock groups that used to never tour...: 70s, selling, sounds - Music
  160. Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross and Sarah Vaughan birthdays back-to-back-to-back......! - Music
  161. A.V.-The Great UniversE - Music
  162. House Music pioneer Frankie Knuckles dead: dance, song, Chicago
  163. Pandora vs. Sirius for mobile audio: better, iPod - Music
  164. New tonearm by Touraj Moghaddam: good - Music
  165. Taylor Swift's Song 22: good - Music
  166. Friends Of Distinction: favorite song, 60s, song, cover - Music
  167. 'Til Tuesday -Aimee Mann...Still Talented Performer: videos, band, artists - Music
  168. My new song 'Life'. feedback would be greatly - Music
  169. The Soft Parade: album, Beatles - Music
  170. Vocalists, Do You Understand Compressors?: good, popular - Music
  171. Buying remastered cds: itunes, debut album, album, original - Music
  172. What is your favorite REAL rap song? - Music
  173. All My Idols - Music
  174. Old Crow Medicine Show: country, Doors, better, radio - Music
  175. Media Executive Quits Job to Write Christmas Music!: singing, player, song
  176. bad album covers - Music
  177. top 10 songs - Music
  178. Violin tuner for a tone deaf parent: instrument - Music
  179. Nirvana-Never Mind: album, cover - Music
  180. Out There That's In The Music Audio Engineering Field
  181. Graham Parker: Squeezing Out The Sparks Genius: classic, albums, Springsteen - Music
  182. What's this instrument called?: song - Music
  183. What have you bought the most copies of (different formats, or not): Rolling Stones, song - Music
  184. Music video A (BEN SENMEDO rock music group): song, best
  185. Favorite song off of MMLP2 - Music
  186. Noah Knew [a new song inspired by and old legend]: lyrics - Music
  187. Singer Songwriter / Adult contemporary: lyrics, videos - Music
  188. You Must Love Me by Madonna in Evita: itunes - Music
  189. A cool video jukebox.40`s-50`s- 60`s: 50s, song - Music
  190. LP label protector cheap made with HD items.: album, female, covers - Music
  191. Justin Bieber, a Bad Boy. - Music
  192. Longest time you have listened to a CD after you got it?: pop, cds - Music
  193. Tenor, pleasant female vocalists?: singers, artists - Music
  194. Can someone explain Drake's appeal to me.: sing, videos, song - Music
  195. Boom Boom Out Go The Lights!!!: band, greatest, guitarists, history - Music
  196. CBS Beatles Anniversary Live Stream 6:30pm: videos - Music
  197. Fresh club sounds: house, DJ, hear - Music
  198. Vocalists: Do You Use an Exciter?: good, vocal - Music
  199. Big news in the world of GWAR: metal, group, top - Music
  200. Favorite song off of MMLP2?: better - Music