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  1. nas vs black: hip-hop, best - Music
  2. Official Tool: favorite band, metal, album, song - Music
  3. This is The Best Band in America. Period.: album - Music
  4. Is It Just Me or Is Steel Panther's Music Really Really Good??: lyrics, metal
  5. MJ Collaborations (Lyrically): singing, 1970's, song, good - Music
  6. If you could select one song from Earth throughout history to be archived eternally: album, top - Music
  7. Lennon vs McCartney: song, better, musical, breakup
  8. ode to Billie joe: lyrics, country, genre, artist - Music
  9. People Leaving Bands: lead singer, favorite band, player, album - Music
  10. Successful career first, and then became singers: country, albums, artist - Music
  11. Jonathan Antoine: listen, amazing - Music
  12. Alicia Keys vs. Adele: lyric, lead singer, classics, genre - Music
  13. How classical is the song Baby you're so classic ?: lyric, 2pac - Music
  14. 90's alternative song: lyrics, chorus, sounds - Music
  15. Who is your favorite singer in We Are the World video?: singers, Springsteen - Music
  16. christian music: gospel, amazing
  17. Bruno Mars or Pharell Williams - Music
  18. Songs that are but hurt: good, listen - Music
  19. help me figure out this song in my HEAD!: lyrics, rock - Music
  20. What is the song in this YT video?: good, listen - Music
  21. DJ EZ Rock - RIP - Music
  22. in to this 90sishPost-Hardcore Punk thing?: band, player, guitar - Music
  23. Prince the Artist is the most prolific musician in 2014 why is that?: song, singles
  24. Doors fans: which era did you prefer?: blues, player, albums - Music
  25. does running a song through your head compare to hearing it?: Beatles, best - Music
  26. Best songs off each of The Beatles albums: rock, money, guitar - Music
  27. Interesting Pink Floyd interview from 1970: album, song, original, records - Music
  28. Sum yourself up in 5 song lyrics: singing, blues, Beatles, better - Music
  29. An amazing site: concerts, listen - Music
  30. I like Bon Jovi's music: favorite band, punk, cds, albums
  31. What is the difference between mixes?: cd, song, radio - Music
  32. List your favorite Power Pop albums: house, genre, song, top - Music
  33. Songs that would be better if you cut out a part them: lyrics, rap - Music
  34. Would know who did this song???: song lyrics, pop, artist - Music
  35. Best Laptops for Music Production?: dance, money, hear, cover
  36. for the drummers: drum, instruments, lessons, guitar - Music
  37. Sun Ra-Jazz: lyrics, song, radio - Music
  38. What is the name of this 80's song and who was the artist?: lyrics, lead singer - Music
  39. Beyonce and J-Z Should Showcase Marriage More To Youth: single, influence - Music
  40. what piece of music is this?: classic, classical
  41. Which Version Sounds Best to You?: dance, 2000s, contemporary, original - Music
  42. do you know this album?do you like it?: jazz, guitar - Music
  43. What kind of music do they play in public spaces in your city/town?: classic, 60s
  44. Do You Like Lyric Videos?: lyrics, singer, punk, album - Music
  45. why did Madonna go to New York City rather than LA: dance, money - Music
  46. Who Wrote For Who?: great song, classic, Madonna, song - Music
  47. Belinda Carlisle frenzy on YouTube ???: lyrics, videos, classic, artists - Music
  48. Ranking The Beatles albums: lyric, soundtrack, favorite song, band - Music
  49. Casey Kasem King of Top 40 Countdown has died.: famous, song, radio - Music
  50. Musicians/Singers where did they start?: band, classic, album, Rolling Stones
  51. Dreaming songs...: best, western, female, chorus - Music
  52. Will someone give a brief telling about the history of Jazz?: band, blues - Music
  53. Best album by The Police ?: favorite songs, band, albums - Music
  54. Had my first old guy moment thanks to Eminem: album, song - Music
  55. Going to see a REALLY old singer...: singing, country, Rolling Stones - Music
  56. Martin Smith (gospel singer): singers, bands, pop, genre - Music
  57. The Stone Roses' debut album, best debut of all time?: bands, mp3 - Music
  58. Best albums by The Residents for a beginner?: videos, favorite song, band - Music
  59. Outkast Hey Ya! vs. Pharrell Williams Happy: lyric, videos - Music
  60. AC/DC retirement rumors.: lead singer, band, hard rock, radio - Music
  61. Alice In Chains --- Unplugged DVD: lead singer, favorite band, good, concert - Music
  62. does remember this obscure 80's song?: listen, popular - Music
  63. Trying to Remember a singer: singers, country, ballad, genre - Music
  64. What 80's song does this sound like? (We Are Young): band, hard rock - Music
  65. Soul Legend Bobby Womack Dead at Age 70: singer, song, American - Music
  66. Borknagar: metal - Music
  67. Best Christian songs: lyrics, singing, band, metal - Music
  68. Guitar Collectors...: single, money, range - Music
  69. What do you think about this song and this band?: videoclip, favorite song - Music
  70. Lap steel guitar vanishing from Country music?: music video, bands, player
  71. Wrestling Music (Themes, Tributes, CDs, ): rock, 2000's, song
  72. Music Censorship: albums, 50s, movies, record
  73. Me dancing ariana grande hip hop: dance, cover - Music
  74. Personality traits of people and their music...: genre, genres, listen
  75. Why do radio stations keep certain older songs that used to be popular off of the current playlists?: band, classic - Music
  76. Is the Country music genre the best for longevity of an artist career?: singer, bands
  77. I did a song that deals with abortion..: good, Chicago - Music
  78. Songs that make you lose it.: lyrics, music video, rock, ballad
  79. Drive guitar for your enjoyment: videos, alternative, song, better - Music
  80. I'll Get By singer ID?: song, good, cover - Music
  81. Thoughts on the Jay Z and Drake beef?: lyric, top, rappers - Music
  82. House music on the rise?: videos, techno, genre, artist
  83. Is rap behind modern misogyny?: lyrics, singing, videos, hardcore - Music
  84. Afro-Cuban at It's Best . . . - Music
  85. Would have idea the name of this song??: lyrics, dance - Music
  86. Mardi Gras Songs (Fat Tuesday): band, jazz, New Orleans - Music
  87. Favorite British Indie albums: alternative, cd, song, good - Music
  88. Sports Rap: Dallas - Music
  89. Maze/Frankie Beverley Appreciation: radio, California, underrated - Music
  90. Help me discover new and emerging Rock bands: singers, alternative, album - Music
  91. Obscure Super Groups: band - Music
  92. Do you see Taylor Swift as a good role model?: singer, country - Music
  93. Your Favorite Riot Grrrls Songs: lead singer, fan, Mobile, Columbus - Music
  94. The ONE band that I wished I had seen.: dance, Beatles, gogo - Music
  95. The ultimate sexy play list: player, song, good, listen - Music
  96. Bands/artists that suck: singers, band, blues, Bon Jovi - Music
  97. Ringo is an underrated drummer: band, drum, player, Beatles - Music
  98. The Most Talented Female Group Ever?????: lead singer, band, dance, 1990s - Music
  99. America's DJ is gone: dance, 70's, top, radio - Music
  100. Do white people promote heroin use in music? (Not all white musicians, obviously.): lyrics, pop
  101. Synthpop: videos, genre, 70's, genres - Music
  102. Best Beach Boys album with the exception of Pet Sounds?: bootleg, classic - Music
  103. could of today's artist perform on MTV's Unplugged?: singers, electronic, cds - Music
  104. Def Leppard - 1982 Vs 1984 ( Bringin' on the Heartbreak ): band, classic - Music
  105. Do you care if your favorite arist writes their own songs?: lyric, singers - Music
  106. Hurt by Johnny Cash: The Most Powerful Song Ever: singing, music video
  107. Best Psychedelic Pop albums???: blues, debut album, sounds - Music
  108. Favorite musician autobiographies: band, dance, miles davis, 2010
  109. Most Profound Interviews with Musicians/Singers: music and lyrics, rap, album, song
  110. Trying Hard To Remember A Song......: lyrics, singer, music video, great songs
  111. What instrumental song are you listening to RIGHT NOW?: singers, classic, instrumentals - Music
  112. What Pops Into Your Head When You Listen To Classical Music?: videos, concert
  113. What Are Your Favorite Albums?: soundtrack, band, blues, audio cd - Music
  114. Musicians unite: What instrument(s) do you play?: band, electronic, player
  115. Happy Father's Day !: lyrics, singing, music video, dance
  116. What band can bring you to tears: singer, rock, album - Music
  117. Rate the song above you genre): lyrics, band, blues - Music
  118. Paul or John, who dominated The White Album?: singing, favorite songs, rock - Music
  119. Frank Sinatra: singing, favorite songs, dance, cd - Music
  120. Singers/musicians i wish we had back.: country, 1980's, top
  121. New Wave Artists Aging Gracefully (photos): bands, rock, better, musician
  122. Songs with passages that give you the chills: classic, Doors - Music
  123. Most underrated Top 10 hit song of the 1980's?: lyrics, dance, 1980s - Music
  124. What Country song was #1 on the day you were born: great song, cover - Music
  125. Keith Moon was the greatest Rock Drummer: videos, blues, album - Music
  126. Albums and CD's overlooked or unknown gems: lead singer, band, blues - Music
  127. Modern Classics (2000-onwards): lyrics, band, White Stripes, song - Music
  128. Family Acts, Brothers, Sisters?!: videos, rock, album - Music
  129. Similar artists to XTC?: lyrics, band, albums, Beatles - Music
  130. The Kinks vs The Who: favorite song, band, blues, albums - Music
  131. Do many women really get into music or bands other than what is popular at the moment?: band, classic
  132. Is Motown dead?: classics, album, 2000's, best - Music
  133. Songs with Occupations in the Title: funk, Beatles, best, original - Music
  134. How do YOU find new music?: singer, music video, favorite bands, electronic
  135. Is metal better than the other genres when it comes to love songs?!: great song, band - Music
  136. Post New Music: blues, albums, Metallica, song
  137. Steel PEDAL / SLIDE Guitars - genre: sang, videos, band - Music
  138. Most underrated Deep Purple song of all time?: lyrics, sang, great song - Music
  139. Best 1960's band?: sing, punk, albums, Beatles - Music
  140. Why do you feel that music isn't good nowadays?: lyrics, band, house
  141. was Jimi Hendrix the greatest guitarist in history?: bands, classic, player - Music
  142. Best New Wave albums?: lyrics, band, funk, Depeche Mode - Music
  143. How about 'sexiest' music video?: dance, song
  144. John Bonamassa: blues, ballad, albums, 2009 - Music
  145. Is EDM taking over mainstream?: bands, techno, genre, albums - Music
  146. U2 - too religious?: lyrics, band, album, famous - Music
  147. Tonight, April 8, PBS, The Dave Clark Five Special: bands, Beatles, group - Music
  148. Whats the last FULL ALBUM you listenend to?: country, Pink Floyd, vinyl - Music
  149. Amazing Interactive Chart: Vocal Range of Best Singers in Pop.: jazz, debut album - Music
  150. This is The Greatest Album Of All Time.: band, albums, Beatles - Music
  151. I've never understood the hate people have for rap: singers, classic, genre - Music
  152. do you think listening to the same song all day is weird?: sing, house - Music
  153. McCartney and Lennon's finest individual moments, with The Beatles or solo: band, country - Music
  154. Sgt. Peppers vs Pet Sounds: great song, rock, album, Beatles - Music
  155. When modern covers ruin legendary songs: lyrics, singer, band, techno - Music
  156. Need Music Recommendations for My Trip to Mexico: country, artists, song
  157. Best Unknown Guitarists: band, blues, player, famous - Music
  158. Modern electronic music: soundtrack, cd, genre, artist
  159. What is the scariest music genre you ever listened to?: music video, ambient
  160. Post your favorite songs as sung by Andy Willliams: lyrics, videos, best - Music
  161. The Amazing Alison Kraus: lead singer, favorite song, band, rock - Music
  162. Chvrches: singer, band, techno, album - Music
  163. Has used craigslist to find a concert mate?: genre, artist, song - Music
  164. Rubber Soul vs Revolver: lyrics, singing, favorite song, blues - Music
  165. Contemporary Pop Music: alternative, song, better
  166. Questions for people who have recorded and released their own music (originals and covers): cd, album
  167. Music Destination Vacations: reggae, greatest, range, musical
  168. Palladia playlists?: music video
  169. People without fear: best - Music
  170. The Music
  171. Malcolm Young very ill; can't perform anymore: band, best, guitarist - Music
  172. Casey Kasem's Final AT-20 on WCTW's The Cat - 7/5/09: better - Music
  173. Classic Hip Hop (1986 to 1994) - Music
  174. Jim Wilke (Jazz After Hours) is Retiring: good, radio, American - Music
  175. about this song: lyrics, good, radio, chorus - Music
  176. Justin Timberlake's Not A Bad Thing true story?: cd, song, best - Music
  177. NO TOMORROW FESTIVAL 2014 - Appleton, WI - 6/13-15: album, Doors, tickets - Music
  178. News, New cassette tape could hold 47 million songs: used - Music
  179. Opinions of Vietnamese music: lyric, singer, great song, ballads
  180. for progresive trance lovers: singer - Music
  181. Does remember Natural Selection's Do Anything 1991: song, radio - Music
  182. Recognizing mucial talent in children: sing, single, lessons - Music
  183. New Queen Album: song, release date - Music
  184. Video, Teen Channels Michael Jackson at Talent Show.: dance, money, California - Music
  185. Trance songs that you presently like? - Music
  186. Is Country The Pop Vehicle For Singers?: genre, artist, single - Music
  187. A ? // CD: Jump the Blues Away - 1989 CD Verve / 841287-2 (Albert Collins): videos, player - Music
  188. Ranking the Blur albums: song, top - Music
  189. What do you think of this Maui reggae song?: better - Music
  190. Fresh, unique, original gospel/dance music!: lyrics, electronic, itunes, best
  191. Savatage: song, good - Music
  192. Japanese Bands and Merchandise: metal, concert - Music
  193. The Walker - Music
  194. Black Sabbath - Germany 1970 new footage - Music
  195. What does everyone think of Ariana Grande's new song 'Problem'?: listen, performance - Music
  196. Music Routines: mp3 player, player, radio, listen
  197. What do you think about BABYMETAL?: band - Music
  198. mp3 download apps on droids?: good - Music
  199. ride-sennen: videos, better - Music
  200. Check this out. She is really good. - Music