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  1. why mp3???: better, listen - Music
  2. Your favorite Humble Pie tune: band, blues, debut album, genre - Music
  3. Robin Trower vs. Pat Travers - Music
  4. Top 10 Pop/Rock Music Acts Ever and Their Ranked Top Songs: dance, albums
  5. Are there songs that bring you to tears?: neil young, artist - Music
  6. Happy Birthday Mick Jagger !: sang - Music
  7. My Sons Music Video Offensive?: talented
  8. Top 10 hated pop songs: dance, 2010, radio, American - Music
  9. Singers that have breathed new life into POP MUSIC...: bands, country, genre
  10. Now s a song from a band that people dismiss but if you listen to it, it to be meaningful: rock, Rolling Stones - Music
  11. Guitarist producing hip hop: blues, player, album, greatest - Music
  12. I know I'm going to get tired of this song, but right now I'm having so much fun!: good, listen - Music
  13. Songs that are funny or witty: lyrics, country, best, listen - Music
  14. Argentine rock star Gustavo Cerati dies: lead singer, band, punk, genre - Music
  15. Need help with the title of a song from the 70's?: player - Music
  16. What favorite song could be the basis for a movie?: song lyric, instrumental - Music
  17. Hip Hop DJs: song, money, DJ - Music
  18. Last Dance With Mary Jane is Tom Petty's Tumblin' Dice: lyrics, song - Music
  19. 'Wishing on a Star' by Rose Royce, one of the great works of art of the 20th century. Why doesn't it get more love?: band, song - Music
  20. Your Latest Musical Discovery: singer, country, listen, Ohio
  21. The vocal tracks from Abbey Road seperate from master tapes(as good as the Beach Boys): classic, Beatles - Music
  22. The Aging Hip Hop Generation: band, classics, seventies, song - Music
  23. Aphex Twin just released a new album.: good - Music
  24. News, There are people who think Elvis Presley is still alive. In a way, they are right.: rock, best - Music
  25. Who remembers Marcus: band, country - Music
  26. You Really Got Me: 60s, song, top, concert - Music
  27. What do you think Michael Jackson was thinking about when he was dancing?: dance, concert - Music
  28. Anybode able to identify this song?: lyrics, soundtracks, dance, better - Music
  29. Alice DJ: favorite song, Beatles, song, popular - Music
  30. Need help finding this song title / artist: singing, 70s song, itunes - Music
  31. I'm falling in love with Charli XCX: singing, blues, album - Music
  32. Progressive rock: band, blues, albums, Pink Floyd - Music
  33. Untimely Decline of Stars......: favorite songs, cds, Madonna, artists - Music
  34. YES concert tour 2014: singer, bootlegs, favorite band, classic - Music
  35. What u think of this song? - Music
  36. Favourite Boston Albums: lyrics, band, rock, player - Music
  37. Favourite AC/DC albums??: bands, rock, song, best - Music
  38. Your 80's Music Video?: dance, group, better
  39. CMA Music Festival: what a waste: country
  40. The Secret Meeting that Changed Rap Music and Destroyed a Generation: good, meaning
  41. The James Brown Movie: blues, 80's - Music
  42. w0w check this out!!!!!!: sounds - Music
  43. Amazing Street Musicians: sing, videos, band, player
  44. more beatles stuff: song, record - Music
  45. The death of fidelity: albums, 50s, vinyl, good - Music
  46. Happy Freedom Weekend!: classic, elvis presley, song, American - Music
  47. drum and bass fans: electronic, artists, 2009, top - Music
  48. Ladies and Gentlemen, Iggy Pop.: drummer - Music
  49. Rock and Football=): group, good, Los Angeles - Music
  50. Aretha!: lyrics, rock, album, good - Music
  51. Recommended Rory Gallager CDs?: top, recommendation - Music
  52. R.I.P. Ramones: band, country, song, greatest - Music
  53. Parody songs? Mindless? Or Clever?: music videos, band, rock, player
  54. Are Rap, Hip Hop, And The Other New Styles Considered Rock 'N' Roll?: heavy metal, genre - Music
  55. Sirius XM Channel 34 plays too much Soundgarden: band, alternative, song - Music
  56. Telling Duane Allman's and Dickey Betts' guitar parts apart: blues, listen, influenced - Music
  57. New Talented Artist: lyrics, music video, genre, good
  58. Music for the Ages: Songs from our lifetimes that could stand the test of time: classic, player
  59. Does have a gay musical weekness?: music video, bands, classic
  60. the beatles songs: good, record, sounds - Music
  61. Flat Duo Jets: bands, bass, player, greatest - Music
  62. Choirs from around the world (Chapel choirs, symphony choruses, four-part ensembles,children,youth ...): sang - Music
  63. Check out this new country song !: singer, radio - Music
  64. My singing voice: American, listen, cover - Music
  65. Was Patsy Cline music considered radical in its day?: country, gospel
  66. Christian metal: bands, Soul - Music
  67. Need Pre-Amp for Turntable: bass, radio, hear, recommendation - Music
  68. My cover in french: singing, lessons - Music
  69. For You Funky Drummers: videos, song, influential, Houston - Music
  70. Song/artist/year?: lyrics, dance, album, 80's - Music
  71. What happened to R&B music?: great song, band, rap
  72. British Singer Sam Smith is Amazing: singers, song, Soul - Music
  73. Video killed the radio star: singer, music video, great song, song
  74. Selena Quintanilla Pérez: sing, albums, concert, fan - Music
  75. BABY METAL ??? wtf!!!: lyrics, song, fan, listen - Music
  76. Stand Up Chuck: band, rock, albums, group - Music
  77. More fun with misheard lyrics: song lyrics, singing, player - Music
  78. play instruments (or sing really well)?: band, punk, albums - Music
  79. Florida Georgia Line: bands, country, Bon Jovi, group - Music
  80. Classic rock band: player, Rolling Stones, 2010, song - Music
  81. The greatest voice of the 90s: lead singer, country, albums, song - Music
  82. Why is it that on the Internet...: 2010, musical
  83. post your favorite Gospel Blues music!: lyrics, band, classic, ballad
  84. 100 albums we should remove from our collection??: soundtrack, band, classics - Music
  85. Geddy Lee vs Sting: singing, classic, genre, 70's - Music
  86. It's Only Rock & Roll but I Like it ! Favorite Stones Song: singing, great songs - Music
  87. Who was number 1 on the day you joined City Data: singer, album - Music
  88. Songs with dreams in the title: California - Music
  89. Did have new U2 songs appear on your ITunes without ordering?: bands, pop - Music
  90. Originals vs Covers.: lyrics, song, best, sounds - Music
  91. Is Rock music dead?: bands, dance, debut album, genre
  92. Songs that can't help but put you in a happy mood!: singing, videos - Music
  93. What Songs Do You Like Which Makes You Neither Sad Nor Happy But Instead Just Provides Relaxation And Relief Of Stress?: lyrics, videos - Music
  94. What songs are you sick and tired of hearing?: song lyrics, ambient, better - Music
  95. Contradictory Songs: Can You Name Songs Whose Melody Does NOT Match The Lyrics?: soundtracks, singing - Music
  96. Cowboy Junkies: lyrics, singers, band, electronic - Music
  97. All American songs: player, albums - Music
  98. Concerts!: singing, band, dance, player - Music
  99. The VMAs are a joke.: singing, music video, bands, pop
  100. Beyonce makes me sick: sing, house, album, artists - Music
  101. Best rock organ solos?: song - Music
  102. The Engines are Running Wild........: lyrics, dance, player, Metallica - Music
  103. Mash-Ups in Music: lyrics, bootleg, classic, album
  104. Fleetwood Mac: Favorite lead vocals?: singers, bootleg, blues, albums - Music
  105. Southern bands better than...: band, dance, genre, best - Music
  106. Best Chicano songs.: lead singer, classics, player, genre - Music
  107. Your 3 fav genres of music?: classic, Pink Floyd, top, stations
  108. Whats your favourite Motley Crue Album?: classic, player, albums, song - Music
  109. good metal bands?: band, alternative, player, genre - Music
  110. Magnum: band, bass, player, album - Music
  111. 36 Things Vinyl Collectors Love: itunes, albums, Springsteen, song - Music
  112. Songs That Never Sound Old: lyrics, videos, classics, Pearl Jam - Music
  113. What the LAST concert you saw?: lead singer, Rolling Stones, artist, 90's - Music
  114. Songs that make you want to drive this car:: metal, 80's, American - Music
  115. Soft Rock: lyrics, player, listen - Music
  116. What was the First Record or CD you bought: sang, band, blues - Music
  117. HQ Audio of Live Emotional Songs - Music
  118. Pink Floyd vs Beatles: bands, classics, ballad, group - Music
  119. Carly talented was she?: lyrics, singer, house, Doors - Music
  120. Why do Genesis' two albums from the early 80's, still sound fresh as ever?: lyrics, great song - Music
  121. Your top 5 most annoying songs ever: sing, country, player, genre - Music
  122. How is your taste in music influenced by that of the general public: pop, player
  123. Johnny Winters dead at 70: lyrics, blues, album, best - Music
  124. Favourite Songs From 1976: band, rock, albums, 70s - Music
  125. Original Vs. Remix Era, Genre): electronic, song, hear - Music
  126. Rock Bands Lasting Forever?: lead singer, band, classics, player - Music
  127. Neil Young: lyrics, band, psychedelic, cd - Music
  128. Most annoying music production gimmicks: singing, bands, instrumental, Beastie Boys
  129. Mp3 Player Suggestions: videos, electronic, itunes, albums - Music
  130. What Will Be The Next Big Rock / Pop Genre / Musical Style?: bands, heavy metal
  131. Greatest music concerts of alltime: band, pop, Depeche Mode, tickets
  132. This is the REAL Huey Lewis: sing, pop, album, Springsteen - Music
  133. What Is The Most Influential Decade Of Music?: videos, band, classic
  134. Has that worshipping women is a strong theme in this newest generation of country music: lyrics, singing
  135. Songs that can bring tears to your eyes...: lyrics, band, metal - Music
  136. My ex is getting married songs: lyrics, singer, music video
  137. Favorite U2 Songs, Albums?: band, country, best - Music
  138. So bad it's good songs and videos: music videos, rock, radio
  139. Led Zeppelin reunion tour: singing, bands, classics, Beatles - Music
  140. Your Favorite Performances - Idol, X Factor, Voice,: blues, best, American - Music
  141. This is what Martha Quinn from early MTV looks like now...: famous, better - Music
  142. Jazz Rap: classic, classical - Music
  143. Have you heard of Muscle Shoals, Alabama?: lyrics, rock, artists - Music
  144. What Are Your Favorite Elton John Songs?: lyrics, soundtrack, singing - Music
  145. Most Beautiful Song you Have ever Heard: best, Alabama, records - Music
  146. Name a song with a 'planet' in the title!: lyrics, house, Soul - Music
  147. 1990s was a golden age for music.: lyrics, videos, band
  148. your top 5 bands/singers?: funk, Beatles, solo, fan - Music
  149. Song(s) dedicated to you or by you: lyrics, music video, blues
  150. Proof of Rednecks in Europe: band, drum, sounds - Music
  151. help me figure out who this band is: metal, artist, 2000s - Music
  152. What do you think of this audition video?: videos - Music
  153. Chasson 'Poeme' scrubbed from amazing - Music
  154. STEELY DAN concert tour 2014: ticket - Music
  155. Young Elvis from Quebec - Music
  156. Make your own clarinet- from a carrot - Music
  157. Video:watch new song - Music
  158. Singers' whose voices changed a lot: American, sounds - Music
  159. 27 Club: house, concert, musician
  160. What songs do you remember in order to sing them for an audience?: Arizona - Music
  161. Songs That Grow On You♫♪ - Music
  162. The Scientist-Coldplay Cover by MarK&Simon: Beatles, guitar - Music
  163. Madilyn Bailey: singer, pop, song, musician
  164. The better song of Michael Jackson---You Are Not Alone.mp3 Direct Download - Music
  165. The Rainbow Connection & Benson Arizona ....same theme songs?: sing, listen - Music
  166. Whats up with Canada ? Chris Hadfield.: lyrics, country, song - Music
  167. Amazing talented people - Music
  168. exquisite rendition of 'Poeme] by a beutifull girl and two nerdy guys.: player, amazing - Music
  169. My Music Covers: bass, instruments, guitar, instrument
  170. The Twang's The Thang: guitar, record - Music
  171. Songs that get you hype like this......: bass - Music
  172. New Idea TVC - Music
  173. Nostalgic music presentations
  174. Spike Lee Hosts a Party for King of Pop in Brooklyn: country, artists - Music
  175. Our cover of Chandelier - Sia - Music
  176. SACD's - Your Thoughts?: compact disc, vinyl, best, iPod - Music
  177. How Long Do CDs Last? It Depends, But Definitely Not Forever: country, compact disc - Music
  178. Lil Wayne – Tha Carter V [Artwork x Release Date] - Music
  179. Great Beastie Boys-Beatles Mash-up(who would think this would actually work/sound good)?: album - Music
  180. Beatles Radio: good, listen, records - Music
  181. Guess the year of the song above - Music
  182. Kesha.: good - Music
  183. rare video: Ginette Neveu plays Poeme by Chausson. - Music
  184. Ex Girlfriend's Perfume - Street 65 - Music
  185. Name that song -- Christian Music Department: singing, radio, DJ
  186. [Yahoo! Article]: The Silliest Metal Album Covers of All Time: bands, record - Music
  187. South African Pop Singers: country, song, performance - Music
  188. The Most Innovative Rock Groups Ever, In Your Opinion: band, techno, albums - Music
  189. The Doors - Did you see their concert ?: rock, good, concerts - Music
  190. I am an up and comer!: artist - Music
  191. My Man Was Feelin It! - Music
  192. News, Brooklyn Eighth-Graders Get Sony Record Deal: band, heavy metal, guitarist - Music
  193. Would you rather be making records TODAY or in the 80s??: good - Music
  194. Ah this is nice......... - Music
  195. a different mix of get back - Music
  196. Hugo Valentine: singer, album, song, musician
  197. Turntables - Music
  198. Can you buy MP3 from if you live in US?: country - Music
  199. Jazz fans: Carlton vs. Ritenour - Music
  200. New Camera == New Music Cover